Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1414: Devouring an Eternal Sovereign

sea, he could kill Ziji at will. If it were in Duyun Universe, he could mobilize the power of the universe and kill Yang Feng, who is also an Eternal Sovereign.

However, in the world of Demongods, where he couldnt bring his body with him, Ling Saisi basically is not a match for an Empyrean. He is a wily old fox and threw in the towel immediately.

Zijis beautiful eyes turned, and she asked with a sweet smile, exuding endless charm, “What price are you willing to pay?”

Ling Saisi smiled and spoke with a tone full of enticement, “I am willing to pay with knowledge on how to advance to the Eternal realm! In every universe, all living creatures have a limited lifespan. Once the lifespan runs out, no matter how powerful a being is, their soul will decay, and they will turn into a pile of withered bones. Only by advancing to the Eternal realm, only then can one exist together with the universe forever. As long as the universe exists, an Eternal Sovereign will never perish!”

“What a great idea!”

With a charming smile on her face, Ziji broke out with countless Demongod patterns, and a Demongod Sword formed and slashed down.

In an instant, the will of the entire world of Demongods blessed the sword.

The void vibrated, the heaven and earth collapsed, and the world faded away. The sword erupted with a variety of strange visions and, together with certain hit karma, slashed towards Ling Saisi.

“Damn it! If it were not for the fact that my physical body cant enter this universe, I would be able to smash even the universe will with one blow!”

When he saw this, Ling Saisis eyes flashed with the flames of anger, and he roared. Countless silver streams of light shone and formed a silver light screen.

The silver light screen twisted strangely and blocked the sword.

The silver light screen was surprisingly able to block the sword containing the universe will.

A terrible force erupted and blasted Ling Saisi tens of thousands of kilometers away, and his body collapsed inch by inch.

After all, Ling Saisi entered the world of Demongods with a true spirit. Even though he blocked Zijis all-out attack with his Eternal force, but the consumption of power was still astonishing and had harmed his origin.

“Amazing! As expected of an Eternal Sovereign! Its a shame, but this is my territory. This is the battlefield I chose. Ling Saisi, you will have to die here once!”

A cold voice sounded abruptly. Yang Feng walked out of the void and extended his hand towards the heavily injured Ling Saisi, and terrifying devour force broke out and suppressed the other party.

“Who are you? You dare plot against me! After Im reborn, I will make you pay for this!”

With a flash of anger in his eyes, Ling Saisi roared and struggled madly.

Shrouded by terrifying devour force, no matter how Ling Saisi struggled, his true spirit still collapsed inch by inch and turned into pure force that flowed into Yang Feng.

Yang Feng spoke with a light smile, “Its a shame, but once I devour you, I will only become stronger! You will never get a chance to take revenge!”

“Curses! Damn you! You…”

Ling Saisi roared furiously, and then died, a flash of despair in his eyes.

Yang Feng closed his eyes and clearly felt the universe will of the world of Demongods around him brim with joy. A tremendous amount of Demongod force flowed into his body unhurriedly.

Regarding the universe will of the world of Demongods, the true spirit of an alien Eternal Sovereign is a great enemy. Since Yang Feng killed the great enemy of it, he naturally won the favor of the universe will and thus was able to make his strength progress further.

“The true spirit has fallen already! Now its time to seize his body!”

With a cold glimmer in his eyes, Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he arrived at the weak point of the universe crystal wall and, while following the hole opened by the silver snake, quickly flew towards the outside of the universe.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped out of the universe crystal wall, he was met with a terrible cosmic storm, and his body nearly disintegrated.

Along with a flash of light, Yang Fengs Eternal Sovereign body from the world of Warlocks appeared.

Yang Fengs true spirit flew out directly and merged with his Eternal Sovereign body, and powerful Eternal Sovereign might diffused form his Eternal Sovereign body.

“Its here!”

With an icy glimmer in his eyes, Yang Feng extended his hand and tore the void, exposing Ling Saisis Eternal Sovereign body hidden outside of the world of Demongods.

When an Eternal Sovereign infiltrates an alien universe, they take great risks. After all, once the true spirit is caught, the Eternal body hidden outside the alien universe will also fall into the hands of another powerhouse.

Yang Feng grabbed Ling Saisis body, broke out with terrifying devour force, and devoured the other partys Eternal origin.

Nourished by the powerful Eternal origin, Yang Fengs origin injuries healed quickly.

“Fully recovered at last! Now my strength has finally progressed further!”

After seven days and seven nights, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes revealed the shade of elation. He has finally fully recovered from his injuries.

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