Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1416: Entering the Greater Universe

Chapter 1415: Eternal Grade Secret Treasure Xi Shen Armor

“Although I got the dimensional coordinates of the greater universe from Ling Saisi. But in the greater universe, there are countless powerhouses. It wont be easy to survive there.”

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows and sank into his thoughts.

In the different dimensions of the universe sea, there are countless universes. The coordinates of the universes are constantly changing along with the rise and fall of the universe energy level.

Only the dimensional coordinates of the greater universe are forever unchanging. The greater universe is the core of the universe sea as well as the stage for Eternal Sovereign realm powerhouses and above.

Only in the Greater Universe, only there are all kinds of Eternal grade treasures of heaven and earth. The Universe Fruit is a treasure Ling Saisi obtained in the greater universe during an adventure.

However, there are countless powerhouses in the greater universe, including Eternal Sovereign Kings. Eternal Sovereign Kings can trace back to the origin and damage the Eternal imprint of an Eternal Sovereign.

The Eternal Sovereigns of the world of Warlocks were seriously wounded by Eternal Sovereign Kings in the greater universe. In the end, their Eternal imprints collapsed, and they died.

Ling Saisi had adventured in the greater universe and witnessed the scene of Eternal Sovereigns dying. As a result, he holed himself up in his universe, not daring to come out.

A burning color flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “Eternal Sovereign King, a terrible existence that can trace back to the origin and damage the Eternal imprint of an Eternal Sovereign!”

Eternal Sovereigns are fearsome beings that engrave their Eternal imprint in their universe. As long as their universe doesnt cease to exist, they wont perish.

Although Yang Feng devoured Ling Saisis true spirit and body. But in fact, Ling Saisi hasnt died. In just tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, he will be able to revive in Duyun Universe.

No matter how many times Ling Saisi dies in the outside world, as long as his Eternal imprint in Duyun Universe isnt destroyed, he can revive an unlimited number of times. This is the terror of an Eternal Sovereign.

Yang Feng analyzed quietly: “The Eternal realm has nine layers! With my current strength, I should be a 2nd layer Eternal Sovereign. I wont be considered as a weakling in the greater universe. I have the qualification to fight over some resources.”

In the greater universe, Eternal Sovereigns are divided into nine layers. Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign of Gumana Universe was a 1st layer Eternal Sovereign.

Ling Saisi was a 2nd layer Eternal Sovereign. After Yang Feng devoured his true spirit and Eternal origin, not only did he recover from his injuries, but also stepped into the 2nd layer Eternal realm.

“Before entering the greater universe, I must upgrade my strength and increase my reserves. Otherwise, if I make a misstep, I will die in the greater universe.”

Yang Fengs figure fluttered, and he came to the edge of the world of Demongods, changed into the Demongod Emperor body, and then stepped into the world of Demongods with his Eternal Sovereign body in tow.

As soon as Yang Fengs Eternal Sovereign true body entered the world of Demongods, terrible rejection force rose at once.

The universe crystal wall is extremely firm, to the point that even Eternal Sovereign King realm powerhouses cant destroy it. In order to completely destroy the universe crystal wall, terrifying beings who have surpassed Eternal Sovereign Kings of the greater universe will have to step in.

Yang Fengs Demongod Emperor body distorted and turned into Demongod patterns that flowed into his Eternal Sovereign body.

Fearsome devour force broke out at once and frantically devoured the universe origin force of the world of Demongods.

The rejection force that shrouded Yang Fengs true body disappeared at once, allowing him to step into the world of Demongods with his true body.

“Greetings, lord!”

Ziji stepped out of the void and saluted Yang Feng respectfully.

Yang Feng nodded with satisfaction and uttered, “Protect this universe for me!”

Even if its a 9th layer Eternal Sovereign, if they enter the world of Demongods, they will be suppressed by Ziji. As for Eternal Sovereign King realm powerhouses, Yang Feng doesnt have much information on them at present and cant make any deductions.

Ziji responded with a sweet smiled, “Yes! Lord!”

Yang Feng took a step and disappeared from this place.

The Realm of Demongods, in the center of the City of Miracles.

Yang Feng looked at the blue crystal in the center of the City of Miracles with a resplendent gleam in his eyes, “This treasure is of really great benefit to the Xi She Armor!”

The Xi Shen Armor is an Empyrean grade secret treasure Yang Feng refined back in the day using top technology of several universes and it possesses extraordinary power. With the help of this secret treasure, Yang Feng has suppressed many powerful enemies.

However, after Yang Feng advanced to an Eternal Sovereign, the effect the Xi Shen Armor has on him became small. There are not enough resources in the world of Warlocks to upgrade the Xi Shen Armor into an Eternal grade secret treasure.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and the Xi Shen Armor flew out, opened, and wrapped around the blue crystal.

Countless devour runes appeared and began to devour the blue crystal.

The blue crystal appears to be integrated with the whole City of Miracles. No matter how the Xi Shen Armor tries, it cant devour it.

“What a powerful crystal! It cant be devoured! It is truly a wonder of the universe. However, since it can be refined into an Eternal grade treasure, it cant resist the means of Eternal Sovereigns!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with his hand, and formidable Eternal force gushed out and flowed into the Xi Shen Armor.

After getting the support of Yang Fengs Eternal force, the Xi Shen Armors devour force soared by 100 times and gradually devoured the blue crystal.

After it devoured the blue crystal, the Xi Shen Armor continued to extend towards the entire City of Miracles.

Time elapsed and 10 years passed in a flash.

On this day, the whole Realm of Demongods trembled, and tremendous Demongod force converged on the City of Miracles from all directions.

The tremendous Demongod force roiled in the void and formed dark clouds that shrouded practically the whole Realm of Demongods.

In the dark clouds, lightning thundered and countless dangers brewed.

“Whats going on?”

“This is Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation! Its a lightning tribulation that can slay Demongod Emperors!”

“His majesty Demongod Emperor has angered the heavens!”

“The heavens are furious! Hes done for!”


When they saw the dark clouds formed from an enormous amount of Demongod force, the eyes of many Demongods flashed with enigmatic color. Some are worried about Yang Feng, while others are full of excitement, hoping to see Yang Feng perish in the lightning tribulation.

In a shrine, there are three people sitting, namely Sun, Moonlight, and Star Demongods.

The three Demongods gazed at the dark clouds in the void and sensed despairing power contained within them. Even if its a Demongod Emperor, if they are hit by this lightning tribulation, they will be turned into dust.

Sun Demongods eyes flickered with the shade of anxiety, “Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation! How could this be! His majesty Demongod Emperor has surprisingly infuriated the heavens!”

Moonlight Demongod turned pale and said with a wry smile: “Our soul brands are in the hands of his majesty! If his majesty falls, we are finished!”

Star Demongods eyes shimmered with an enigmatic light, and she said firmly: “His majesty will be fine!”

Moonlight Demongod uttered with a miserable smile: “Younger sister, thats the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation. In ancient times, no Demongod Emperor who triggered the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation was able to survive. Although his majesty is incomparably powerful. But he may not be a match for the Demongod Emperors from ancient times. Since the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation has descended, he is toast. We are finished.”

Star Demongod secretly clenched her pearl-white teeth and remained silent.

“Not bad. So this is the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation? Its pretty powerful! It can become nutrients for my treasure!”

The sound of light laughter came from the void and echoed throughout the Realm of Demongods.

An incredible scene took place for everyone in the Realm of Demongods to see. A huge hand as large as the sky emerged from the City of Miracles and extended towards the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation in the void.

Lightning in the form of humans, beasts, and monsters, which is capable of slaying Demongod Emperors, emerged from the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation and slammed into the huge hand.

Devour black holes appeared one after another and swallowed the fearsome lightning, and then Demongod patterns surged and suppressed the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation.

The Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation that shrouded the entire Realm of Demongods shrank into a ball, entered the huge hand, and disappeared.

“The Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation was quelled?”

“How is that possible?”

“Thats a terrifying lightning tribulation that can slay Demongod Emperors!”

“How could the Demongod Emperor be so powerful?”


When the Demongods in the Realm of Demongods saw this scene, their eyes flashed with disbelief. The Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation is the most terrifying lightning tribulation in the Realm of Demongods. Even if its a Demongod Emperor, if they encounter the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation, only death will await them. Yet now the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation was crushed by Yang Feng. This is simply preposterous.

Sun Demongod was dumbfounded: “It was actually crushed!”

Moonlight Demongod has a look of disbelief on his face, “Isnt this impossible? Thats the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation. No one has ever survived the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation!”

Star Demongods beautiful shone with a dazzling splendor, “As expected of the lord!”

In the area where the Demongod palace is located, Yang Feng waved his hand, and the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation flowed into the Xi Shen Armor.”

After the Xi Shen Armor absorbed the Divine Extinction Lightning Tribulation, it began to transform again. It broke out with countless runes and Demongod patterns and emanated Eternal aura.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile, “Its finally succeeded! I finally have an Eternal grade body protection secret treasure!”

When the Xi She Armor was successfully refined, Yang Fengs strength was once more improved by a large fraction.

At this time, if a 1st layer Eternal Sovereign were to ignite his origin and attack Yang Feng, they wouldnt be able to deal him nearly irreparable Eternal injuries.

With the Eternal grade Xi Shen Armor, even if Divine Eyes Eternal Sovereign and the other two Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe joined forces, they would be no match for the 2nd layer Eternal Sovereign realm Yang Feng.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a smile: “Its very difficult and dangerous to infiltrate a universe. However, once successful, youll be able to net great benefits. Im now strong enough to go to the greater universe.”

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