Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1418: Eternal Relic Site

Chapter 1417: Defeating Fei Yang Crown Prince

“The Crocodile God was actually killed.”

Die Zhen drew in a sharp breath, looked at Yang Feng in fear, and said decisively, “Okay! Ill take you to the elder.”

The Crocodile God was the patron saint of the blue butterfly clan. He was extremely powerful. Yet such a fearsome figure was easily killed by Yang Feng. Yang Fengs strength is evident.

If a terrifying powerhouse like Yang Feng is angered, the blue butterfly clan wont be able to handle the consequences. Die Zhen naturally doesnt dare to offend him.

“I am Die Huo, the elder of the blue butterfly clan. Greetings, sir. What brings you here?”

In the center of Blue Butterfly City, in the city masters residence, a tall, dashing middle-aged saluted Yang Feng and spoke respectfully.

“My name is Yang Feng! I killed the Crocodile God you worshiped!”

Yang Feng looked at the Die Huo, who has Bright World Warlock realm cultivation base, showed an enigmatic smile, and emanated Holy realm fluctuations of power.

“Thank you for helping us eradicate that evil god and saving our clan. Our clan is willing to do everything to serve you. Please become our new patron saint, sir.”

Die Huo kowtowed repeatedly and spoke respectfully.

“Please become the patron saint of our blue butterfly clan!”

In the city masters residence, everyone present knelt on the ground and spoke respectfully.

In the greater universe, experts are as common as cabbage. At the same time, there are countless direbeasts, variant beasts, and spirit beasts here.

True dragon, phoenix, qilin, black tortoise, and other true spirit level spirit beasts are very common in the greater universe.

The blue butterfly clan, whose strongest powerhouse is only at the Bright World Warlock realm, is just a minor clan. If it doesnt have a strong being standing guard, the clans end will be miserable.

For a weak clan like the blue butterfly clan, survival is the first priority. Only after survival is guaranteed, only then can struggles for power and profit be considered.

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “Give me access to your clans treasury and ancient texts. Ill consider your request after I have seen them.”

Die Huo replied respectfully, “Yes! Sir!”

The treasury of the blue butterfly clan was opened to Yang Feng and various ancient texts were sent to him.

Although the blue butterfly clan is just a minor clan, but its forefathers have experienced a period of glory. The strongest powerhouse the clan has ever produced was a Warlock Monarch realm powerhouse.

Eternal World is divided into domains. The master of every domain is an Eternal Sovereign realm powerhouse. Yang Feng is currently located in Tian Jue Domain. The strongest powerhouse of Tian Jue Domain is its domain master.

Below the domain master, there are Empyreans in control of countries.

Tian Jue Domain has 33 countries, which are presided over by 33 Empyreans.

The Warlock Monarch realm ancestor of the blue butterfly clan worked for the ruler of Tian Jue Domains Fei Yang State. Later, the blue butterfly clan offended a bigwig of Fei Yang State and was exiled to this wilderness.

The blue butterfly clan is located far away from the center of Fei Yang State. With a lack of cultivation resources, it weakened over time, until the strongest powerhouse of the clan was only a Bright World Warlock realm powerhouse.

“The beautiful women of the blue butterfly clan are heaven and earth variants and possess variant force that can increase the chances of a powerhouse setting foot in the Empyrean realm. No wonder the Crocodile God asked for beautiful women of blue butterfly clan.”

In a beautiful rear garden, Yang Feng is sitting on a sofa. The beautiful Die Yun is kneel sitting next to him.

Dressed in a black and white lace maid outfit, kneel sitting on the other side of Yang Feng, Die Li is peeling fruit, a happy smile on her face. If Yang Feng hadnt stepped in, the mother-daughter pair would have died tragically in the Crocodile Gods mouth.

After Yang Feng got access to the treasury of the blue butterfly clan, he was surprised to find many good treasures. In this barren land, there are some precious resources that can even increase the chances of Holies and Empyreans breaking through bottlenecks.

The beautiful women of the blue butterfly clan are also a kind of precious resource. Whether one copulates with them or uses a secret method to devour their life origin, one can absorb the variant force inside them to improve ones strength.

Of course, even with Crocodile Gods strength, devouring one or two beauties of the blue butterfly clan every year was already his limit. It was useless to consume more.

“Fei Yang States crown prince has come!”

A voice like a thunderbolt exploded in the void and swept in all directions.

“Fei Yang States crown prince! How come such a big shot has come here?”

Die Huo, the elder of the blue butterfly clan, was both surprised and happy, complicated look on his eyes.

Fei Yang States crown prince is a big shot. If they can curry favor with him, the blue butterfly clan will be able to rise again, leave this barren land, and regain its former glory.

No matter how powerful the talent and the secret methods are. But without resources, you wont be able to cultivate and make progress. In this barren land, the blue butterfly clan will only grow weaker, and eventually be destroyed.

A golden chariot flew over from afar. In the golden chariot, there sits a handsome young man with a mysterious brand on the forehead and waist length black hair.

The golden chariot is being pulled by nine dragons, with each dragon being a pure blood true dragon and emitting Great Holy fluctuations of power.

Next to the golden chariot, there stand four devastatingly beautiful young women. The four devastatingly beautiful young women exude Holy Spirit Warlock realm fluctuations of power.

Behind the golden chariot, there is an elite troop composed of 500 people. Within the elite troop, the weakest are Warlock Monarch realm powerhouses. While the commander of the troops is a pinnacle Great Holy.

“I, Die Huo, the elder of blue butterfly clan, greet Fei Yang Crown Prince!”

Die Huo led the top figures of the blue butterfly clan to kneel on the ground and bow to Fei Yang Crown Prince.

Among the top figures of the blue butterfly clan, there are many beautiful women, each of which is exceptionally beautiful.

Standing beside the golden chariot, a female Holy with short hair and a capable demeanor scanned the blue butterfly clans beauties, and her beautiful eyes flashed with the shade of derision: “Theyre merely women of some inferior clan, yet they still want to catch the eyes of his highness the crown prince. Theyre overestimating themselves.”

“How bold. With his highness the crown prince before you, why havent you knelt down yet?”

A gorgeous female Holy in a golden battlegear, with blond hair and a heroic temperament, pointed at Yang Feng with the golden spear in her hands and barked coldly.

When he saw Yang Feng standing proudly, Die Huo was scared out of his wits at once. He clenched his teeth and said, “Your highness the crown prince, this is sir yang Feng, the patron saint of our clan. He is a mighty Holy!”

Fei Yang Crown Princes eyes surged with the shade of surprise, and he spoke in an aloof tone: “Holy? I didnt expect to meet a Holy in this desolate place. Yang Feng, I think highly of you. Would you like to serve me?”

Fei Yang Crown Prince is the successor of Fei Yang State. When he sets foot in the Empyrean realm in the future, he will become the ruler of Fei Yang State. As such many Holies in Fei Yang State have sworn allegiance to him.

Yang Feng replied with a faint smile, “In Eternal World, there might be people who can make me serve them. But you arent one of them!”

If an Eternal Sovereign King appeared in front of Yang Feng and asked him to serve them, Yang Feng might have chosen to serve them. After all, at this time, if its an Eternal Sovereign King, its entirely possible to severely damage his Eternal imprint located in the world of Warlocks.

“How bold! Let me teach you a lesson!”

The beautiful eyes of the female Holy with blonde hair flashed icily, and she crossed the void, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and stabbed at him with the golden spear in he hands.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and flicked the golden spear of the female Holy with his finger.

Along with a loud blast, the female Holy was blow thousands of kilometers away as if struck by lightning.

“So strong!”

The eyes of the spectating powerhouses constricted when they saw this.

“Amazing! Yang Feng, it turns out that youre a Great Holy! Let me have a taste of your skill!”

With an enigmatic glimmer in his eyes, Fei Yang Crown Prince stood up from the golden chariot, and quasi-Empyrean realm fluctuations of power emanated from him.

“Long live his highness the crown prince!”

“Long live his highness the crown prince!”


The soldiers of Fei Yang Crown Princes personal guard burst into cheers.

“Yang Feng, this is one of the strongest secret methods of Fei Yang State — Fei Yang Voidstab! Be careful!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Fei Yang Crown Prince broke out with strange light, and the golden spear in his hands emanated immortal Empyrean might.

In an instant, Fei Yang Crown Prince turned into a golden spear shrouded in terrifying sunfire that stabbed towards Yang Feng.

“Its over!”

When Die Huo and the other top figures of the blue butterfly clan saw this, theyre eyes flashed with despair.

The power of Fei Yang Crown Princes strike is earth shaking. If Yang Feng dodges, the terrible strike will wipe out the top figures of the blue butterfly clan. Even if Yang Feng doesnt dodge, the aftermath of the battle between the two peerless powerhouses will be enough to kill the top figures of the blue butterfly clan.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and swatted with his hand, and a large hand appeared and slammed into Fei Yang Crown Prince.


Along with a blare, the arrogant Fei Yang Crown Prince was blown tens of thousands of kilometers away, and spewed out a big mouthful of blood. Cracks appeared on his golden battlegear.

“Empyrean! Youre an Empyrean! I, Fei Yang Crown Prince, greet you, sir!”

Fei Yang Crown Princes expression flickered. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and then blurred into motion, came to in front of Yang Feng, and saluted respectfully.

“Greetings, sir!”

The subordinates of Fei Yang Crown Prince turned pale, and then bowed to Yang Feng in salute.

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