Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1420: Feng Juechen and Mother of Myriad Lotuses

Chapter 1419: Entering the Eternal Relic Site

Green Roc Crown Prince hesitated for a while, and then asked cautiously, “Sir Yang Feng, are you an Empyrean?”

Green Roc Crown Prince cant perceive Yang Fengs cultivation base. He already has made a guess, but he hasnt confirmed it yet. If Fei Yang Crown Prince used a mortal without cultivation base and successfully deceived them, they will become a laughingstock.

Yang Feng glanced at Green Roc Crown Prince, and unequaled overlord-level Empyrean might diffused from him and surged towards Green Roc Crown Prince and Scarlet Lotus Princess.

Scarlet Lotus Princesss expression flickered: “What terrible Empyrean might! It has even surpassed the Empyrean might of my royal father!”

Green Roc Crown Princes expression changed, and he bowed to Yang Feng in salute and uttered, “Sir, I have offended you greatly. Please forgive me.”

Yang Feng looked at Green Roc Crown Prince with an enigmatic smile and uttered coldly, “You dare question me? You think that a mere apology will erase everything?”

Green Roc Crown Prince broke out in a cold sweat from his back at once and trembled.

If an unequaled overlord-level Empyrean goes mad, they can slay everyone in this place. As long as they escape to another domain before Tian Jue Domains domain master finds out what happened, Tian Jue Domains domain master wont be able to do anything about it. After all, Tian Jue Domains domain master cant break into another domain for such a trivial matter.

In general, Empyreans coming from other domains wont lightly kill the people and offend the domain masters of other domains. But there are always exceptions. Green Roc Crown Prince doesnt want to die here.

Fei Yang Crown Prince looked at the trembling Green Roc Crown Prince with pity his eyes. But t the same time, a smile of schadenfreude appeared on his lips.

Yang Feng uttered with a faint smile: “I came to Tian Jue Domain from another domain in search of knowledge, secret methods, and resources. As long as you fork out knowledge and resources that satisfy me, this matter will be put to rest.”

“Yes! Sir!”

Green Roc Crown Prince heaved a sigh of relief and extended his hand. Countless lights shone, and a green crystal flew towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng crushed the green crystal, and a large amount of bodies of knowledge entered his database.

Yang Feng looked at the numerous secret methods and sighed lightly: “The secret methods of Green Roc Stare are also pretty good. Its a pity, but they dont have much effect on my Eternal path.”

Eternal Sovereigns are the strongest beings in the world of Warlocks. Yang Feng has no knowledge regarding the Eternal path. Only by devouring an Eternal Sovereign, only then was he able to advance to a 2nd layer Eternal Sovereign and gain formidable strength. It was all thanks to Ling Saisis Eternal origin, not because he cultivated some secret method, that he was able to forcefully attack the 2nd layer Eternal realm. If will be very hard to continue to make progress this way.

In order to get a secret method that Eternal Sovereigns can cultivate, Yang Feng can only make deductions. He has been collecting all kinds of secret methods in order to analyze the laws of the greater universe and create a secret method that Eternal Sovereigns can cultivate.

Yang Feng mused, “If I could get my hands on a secret method that Eternal Sovereigns can cultivate, that would be great! In this universe, powerhouses are as common as cabbage. Even terrifying beings such as Eternal Sovereign Kings, who must possess Eternal grade secret methods, also exist in this world.”

Scarlet Lotus Princess hesitated for a moment, and then gritted her teeth and asked, “Sir Yang Feng, can we enter the Eternal relic site?”

Many Eternal relic sites contain treasures that Eternal Sovereigns would want. Generally speaking, if an Empyrean finds an Eternal relic site, they will choose to monopolize the Eternal relic site. They wont allow others get a share of the pie. Unless there are other Empyreans to restrain them, Empyreans wont let others explore Eternal relic sites they have set their eyes on.

Yang Feng smiled and said, “If you hand over enough resources, then Ill let you in.”


Scarlet Lotus Princess waved her hand decisively, and a spatial sphere flew into Yang Fengs hand.

Green Roc Crown Prince also silently handed a palm-sized silver spatial sphere to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng swept the spatial spheres with his tremendous soul force, revealed a satisfied smile, and uttered, “You can go in with us. But you will be responsible for your own safety.”

Scarlet Lotus Princess and Green Roc Crown Prince looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

At noon.

Above the grudge swamp, a sun appeared directly and radiated sunfire.

Burned by the sunfire, the grudge swamp turned into a lake of fire in an instant.

If subjected to the sunfire, any being at the Glorious Sun Warlock realm and below would be burned to ashes.

Strange shields emerged, shrouded the powerhouses, and resisted the sunfire.

In the center of the sun, stars appeared strangely and changed into a flight of stairs leading to the deepest part of the sun.

In the deepest part of the sun, there is a distorted black hole, from which distorted and chaotic spatial fluctuations emanate.

“So this is the Eternal relic site! Its really extraordinary! Green Roc Crown Prince, you guys go in first!”

Yang Feng glanced at the distorted and chaotic spatial fluctuations with an enigmatic flash in his eyes and gave an order to Green Roc Crown Prince.

“Yes! Sir!”

Green Roc Crown Prince smiled helplessly and waved his hand.

A Holy Spirit Warlock realm powerhouse stepped on the flight of stairs and entered the distorted black hole.

A quarter of an hour passed, yet the Holy Spirit Warlock realm powerhouse hasnt returned to give a report yet. This made Green Roc Crown Princes expression turn gloomy. He wanted to continue to have people examine that place.

“Theres no need to probe anymore. This is a spatial gate that teleports people at random!”

With an enigmatic flash in his eyes, Yang Feng stepped into the distorted black hole.

A terrifying spatial force enveloped Yang Feng and teleported him away.

Green Roc Crown Prince, Scarlet Lotus Princess, and Fei Yang Crown Prince looked at each other, and then turned into streamers of light and disappeared into the black hole.

Along with a flash of ripples, Yang Feng appeared in a wide and boundless world filled with powerful energy.

“Is this life magic energy? No, this is what people in Eternal Realm call life origin energy. Its of a much higher level than life magic energy. This Eternal relic site doesnt seem to be simple!”

Yang Feng took a deep breath and analyzed the energy contained in the air in an instant.

Life origin energy is a kind of energy unique to Eternal World. In the Eternal World, except for some barren places, as long as a place is shrouded in life origin energy, even if they dont practice cultivation, life forms living in that place will possess level-1 Warlock realm strength upon reaching adulthood.

If a human was born in Eternal World, nurtured by the life origin energy, their soul aptitude would be at level-4 at the least.

In Eternal World, powerhouses are as common as cabbage, and Eternal Sovereigns can even cultivate into Eternal Sovereign Kings. This is all thanks to the support of large amounts of life origin energy.

All of a sudden, the earth cracked, and a giant earthworm 10,000 meter long, inscribed with strange patterns appeared, opened its mouthpart, and shot towards Yang Feng.

Fearsome devour force transmitted from the giant earthworm and swept towards Yang Feng.

“What a fool!”

Yang Feng pointed at the giant earthworm, and gray light surged towards the giant earthworm.

Shrouded by the gray light, the giant earthworm trembled and turned into ashes, all its vitality devoured and absorbed by Yang Feng.

With a flash of ripples, Ling walked out from behind Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled and said, “Ling, Ill leave this place to you!”

When Yang Feng had the battle with the three Eternal Sovereigns of Gumana Universe, Ling was severely injured. After taking control of the World of Fiendgods, Yang Feng used many rare resources of the World of Demongods to repair Ling, allowing her to recover more than 70% of her combat power.

“Yes! Lord!”

Ling saluted Yang Feng. All of a sudden, a damaged level-8 stronghold the size of a star appeared behind Ling and landed in the Eternal relic site.

Countless mechanical spheres flew out of the level-8 stronghold, landed on the ground, and formed mechanical towers.

Strange ripples transmitted from the level-8 stronghold and spread in all directions. Even if its an Eternal Sovereign, if they come near this place, they wont be able to discover whats going on here.

“Next, lets go to the center of the relic site! I hope this Eternal relic site wont disappoint me!”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly, and he disappeared along with a flash of ripples.

A few days later.

In the Eternal relic site, Yang Feng walked leisurely in the middle of a desert.

In the desert, countless fist sized dragon-winged fire ants pounced on Yang Feng.

The dragon-winged fire ants possessed a trace of true dragon bloodline and are comparable to Infinity Warlock realm powerhouses. The tens of millions of dragon-winged fire ants led by five Great Holy realm dragon-winged fire ants can devour even a quasi-Empyrean realm powerhouse.

When the dragon-winged fire ants approached Yang Feng, they strangely turned into ashes.

The swarm of dragon-winged fire ants gathered together and formed a true dragon radiating Empyrean realm fluctuations of power.

“These dragon-winged fire ants can surprisingly unite to form an Empyrean realm creature! Eternal World is really something else!”

When Yang Feng saw this scene, his eyes glimmered with the shade of praise.

In the world of Warlocks, there are no extraordinary life forms that can unite and display Empyrean realm power. Only in Eternal World can such a powerful and strange species be born.

“But its still too weak!”

Yang Feng pointed with a finger, and a devour black hole emerged, surged towards the true dragon formed by dragon-winged fire ants, and drew it inside.

After more than a dozen breaths of time, dust flew out of the devour black hole and drifted away with a gust of wind.

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