Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1421: Devouring an Eternal Sovereign

Chapter 1420: Feng Juechen and Mother of Myriad Lotuses

After wiping out the dragon-winged fire ants, Yang Feng went to their nest and extended his hand, and a large hand stabbed into the earth and dug out a huge scarlet stone.

With a flash of black light, the scarlet stone had its layers stripped off one by one, revealing a piece of ore resembling a small sun.

“Dragon Flame Sun Stone! After a sun extinguishes and fuses together with a true dragon, and countless years pass, such a gemstone will be formed. With this ore, Lings injuries can be healed completely. Just this piece of Dragon Flame Sun Stone made this trip worthwhile. As expected of Eternal World, there are so many treasures here.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with admiration. He touched the Dragon Flame Sun Stone. Ripples surged, and the stone was teleported into Lings hand.

In the world of Warlocks, treasures such as the Dragon Flame Sun Stone have completely disappeared. Even if there are any, they are hidden in the depths of the universe. They will only appear during a universe devour war to create another universe child.

Only in Eternal World, which is located in the center of the greater universe, only here can there be so many treasures.

Not to mention the strength, just the wealth of an Eternal Sovereign who has taken root in the greater universe will be far greater than that of other Eternal Sovereigns.

“They have already reached the core area. Have it started yet?”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered, and he surged with ripples and disappeared.

In the core area of the Eternal relic site world, there is a towering and majestic mountain.

The towering and majestic mountain is shrouded in a dense haze, emitting a mysterious and dangerous aura.

With a flash of green light, Green Roc Crown Prince appeared at the foot of the towering mountain and gazed at the peak of the mountain with a scorching shade in his eyes.

“So this is the Eternal relic site of the great Eternal Sovereign Ge Taili of legend that contains Ge Tailis inheritance. Ge Taili was a 7th layer Eternal Sovereign big shot. Even Tian Jue Domains domain master wasnt his match. If I can get his inheritance, I may be able to surpass Tian Jue Domains domain master and become the new domain master one day!”

Green Roc Crown Princes eyes glimmered, his thoughts revolved, and he headed towards the peak of the mountain.

Green Roc Crown Prince just set foot on the mountain, when a terrible haze surged over. Green Roc Crown Princes complexion changed slightly. All of a sudden, an ancient shield emerged from him and radiated dazzling light.

When the terrible haze swept the ancient shield, the ancient shield dimmed, its barrier collapsed, and then the shield itself turned into dust and disappeared.

Green Roc Crown Prince waved his hand, and a mirror, a jade bowl, and a belt flew out and formed defensive barriers one after another.

The gray haze surged, and the barriers set up by the three treasures collapsed, and then the treasures themselves turned into powder.

“This Eternal relic site is really formidable! With my power, although I can destroy this mountain! But it wont be that easy to get the inheritance!”

While hiding in the void, Yang Feng quietly watched this scene and sank into his thoughts.

Ge Taili was a 7th layer Eternal realm peerless powerhouse. If he were here, he would be able to quell the current Yang Feng. But he has already died. The Eternal relic site he left behind cant quell a Eternal Sovereign such as Yang Feng.

Although it is easy for Yang Feng to destroy this mountain. But at the same time, it is very difficult to obtain the inheritance on the mountain. After all, Ge Taili was a 7th layer Eternal realm powerhouse. The barriers he set up have integrated with his inheritance. If the mountain is destroyed, the inheritance will be destroyed, as well.

A flame flew over from afar and descended here. Inside the flame, a burning scarlet lotus opened, and a person walked out. That person is Scarlet Lotus Princess.

Scarlet Lotus Princess glanced at Green Roc Crown Prince, smiled coldly, took out a jade scepter, and walked towards the mountain.

Dense haze churned on the mountain and surged towards Scarlet Lotus Princess.

The jade scepter broke out with mysterious runes and radiated dim green light that dispelled the haze coming from the mountain.

Scarlet Lotus Princess climbed the mountain.

Green Roc Crown Princes eyes flickered. He hesitated for a while, and then took out an ancient bronze lamp and lit it, a glimmer of pain in his eyes.

When the ancient lamp ignited, the oil inside it crackled, and exotic fragrances emanated, surround Green Roc Crown Prince, and formed a transparent barrier.

A huge amount of haze surged towards Green Roc Crown Prince, and then was immediately blocked by the transparent body protection barrier.

Green Roc Crown Prince climbed the mountain.

On the tenth breath when Green Roc Crown Prince started climbing the mountain, the void cracked, and a dashing man with long, green hair, dressed in graceful green clothing with feathers walked out of the void, emanated Eternal realm fluctuations of power, and climbed the mountain.

A haze thousands of times more terrifying than the one that assaulted Green Roc Crown Prince welled up and surged towards the dashing man.

“Ge Taili, even though you were a 7th layer Eternal realm powerhouse. But since I already had my person enter and analyze your secret method, theres no way this barrier can stop me.”

The dashing man smiled coldly, surged with countless mysterious runes in his eyes, and pointed at the mountain.

Jade-like green light entered the mountain peak. In the wake of the green light, the terrifying haze broke down.

On the mountain, a feather emerged out of Green Roc Crown Princes clothes.

Under Green Roc Crown Princes astonished gaze, the feather burst out with Eternal light that entered the mountain.

The whole mountain trembled slightly. The terrifying haze that shrouded the mountain collapsed at once, exposing the whole mountain.

The mountain is thousands of kilometers tall, is made from White Xuan Jade, and is engraved with countless mysterious runes. On the peak of the mountain, there is a sphere with countless mysterious runes, emitting vast Eternal might.

“Mother of Myriad Lotuses, come out! I know youre here. If you dont come out, I will kill your protégé! Scarlet Lotus Princess has the potential to attack the Empyrean realm. She is one of the best among your protégés. If she dies, wont you feel a little heartache?”

The dashing man looked at the void and spoke with a smile.

Scarlet Lotus Princess turned pale in the face and trembled. Even though she is a quasi-Empyrean realm powerhouse. But in front of an Eternal Sovereign, she is just a slightly stronger ant.

“Feng Juechen, if you attack my protégé, Ill kill all your protégés!”

A lotus full of sacred aura emerged from the void. In the lotus, there sits a peerless beauty dressed in black, with black hair cascading over the shoulders, a curvaceous figure, and a sacred aura.

Feng Juechen uttered with a light smile, “Mother of Myriad Lotuses, this inheritance of Ge Taili is a secret method fragment left by the Eternal Sovereign King — King Beijiang. I am determined to get it. If you leave, I will open Feng Jue Domains treasury and let you choose 10 treasures. What do you think?”

Mother of Myriad Lotuses responded lightly: “This inheritance of Ge Taili can allow us to cultivate the 7th layer Eternal realm. In addition to it, only in the universe devour war, only then will we be able to find the opportunity to advance. I am also determined to obtain this inheritance. Feng Juechen, if you let me have it, I will owe you a favor. In the future, as long as it doesnt endanger my life and is within my capability, I will help you once!”

Eternal Sovereigns are also powerhouses and have to practice cultivation. Eternal grade cultivation secret methods are secrets of Eternal Sovereigns arent willing to divulge to others. As such, they are extremely precious and hard to come by.

Most Eternal Sovereigns accumulate resources and rely to make incremental progress.

If Eternal Sovereigns want to make rapid progress, their best bet is to win the favor of the universe will during a universe devour war, have a fateful encounter, or cultivate Eternal grade cultivation secret methods. The most inefficient way to make progress is to rely on resources and time.

The inheritance secret method of Ge Taili can be cultivated to the 7th layer Eternal realm. This secret method is enough to make Eternal Sovereigns to crazy over it.

“In that case, we can only fight it out! The winner will be able to get Ge Tailis inheritance!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Feng Juechen took a step forward and surged with violent winds.

The law of wind surged and formed a storm roc as big as the sky, emitting Eternal aura, which sent its talons clawing at Mother of Myriad Lotuses.

“Id like to see who is more formidable, your storm roc or my sky lotus!”

Mother of Myriad Lotuses snorted coldly and broke out with countless runes, and mysterious lotuses appeared.

Countless lotuses integrated into one and formed a sky lotus as big as the sky.

In the center of the sky lotus, lightning emitting terrifying aura gathered.

Lightning ejected out of the sky lotus and shot towards the storm roc.

Apprehensive of the lightning, the storm roc unleashed countless violent gusts of wind that formed wind blades slashing towards the lightning.

In the wake of the lightning, the wind blades were crushed.

The terrible storm and lightning intertwined on the mountain and blasted the void full of large holes.

If it had not been for the Eternal realm power contained within it, the mountain would have been destroyed by the aftermath of the battle already.

Whether it is Feng Juechen or Mother of Myriad Lotuses, none of them can deal with the other party in a short time.

Green Roc Crown Prince and Scarlet Lotus Princes exchanged a look, and then blurred into motion and shot towards the peak.

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