Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 143 – Crazy Race (I)

Chapter 142 – Demigod Rank Armament Planar Astrolabe

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Rimonts eyes flashed with a touch of despondency: “Yang Feng, were at the Fiery Dragon Race Track. The way the grudges are settle here is by racing with magic chariots. Do you dare to have a bet with us? If you dont even dare to have a bet, then be a good boy and get the fuck out of St. Rose City.”

The storage ring of Yang Fengs hand flashed and a chest immediately fell on the ground. He opened it and revealed top grade magic stones: “A bet you say? Interesting. Im only worried about one thing, that is, that youre not able to call my stake! This is a chest with top grade magic stones. You both should know about the worth of top grade magic stones. You good-for-nothing paupers, if you cant call my stake, then be good boys and get the fuck out of St. Rose City!”

“Those are the legendary top grade magic stones!”

“They contain the purest magic energy. If the magic energy contained in one top grade magic stone were to absorbed, then it would be enough to promote a level-2 Warlock to a level-3 Warlock.”

“Its the first time for me to see them. Only Great Warlocks are qualified to use such a treasure!”

“One top grade magic stone is worth more than 2 million low grade magic stones. This chest is worth more than 2 billion low grade magic stones! Hes so damn rich. The Steel Lord spoils his nephew too much, he even gave him such a treasure.”


Frightened, greedy, jealous and envious gazes moved back a forth between the chest with top grade magic stones and Yang Feng.

Even Angelina, when she looked at the chest with top grade magic stones, her beautiful eyes unconsciously flashed with a touch of absent-mindedness.

Top grade magic stones contained the purest and easiest to absorb magic energy. In a battle, one top grade magic stone was equivalent to a charger; it could continuously recover a Warlocks spirit force and physical strength. One top grade magic stone was equivalent to a vial of a terrifying alchemical elixir capable of steadily recovering a given amount of spirit force and physical strength.

Top grade magic stones were extremely valuable. Generally, every single one of them would go to Great Warlocks to be used in their practice of cultivation. Ordinary Warlocks couldnt even catch the sight of one.

Most of the youngsters at the Fiery Dragon Race Track were extremely rich princeling Warlocks, but there werent many among them that have seen top grade magic stones. Many young beauties had their eyes light up when they looked at Yang Feng, as if seeing a frog turning into a prince.

The complexions of Cookson and Rimont became exceedingly unsightly. That chest with top grade magic stones was worth more than 2 billion low grade magic stones. Although the two were top-notch geniuses from the younger generation – from Savage Claw and White Elephant Ivory respectively – who have promoted to level-2 Warlocks before the age of 50, but they still couldnt come up with such an exorbitant amount.

Yang Feng ridiculed with a cold smile: “You two good-for-nothing paupers, if you cant come up with the corresponding amount, then get the fuck out of St. Rose City.”

The pitying and ridiculing gazes gathering on Cookson and Rimont were as painful as being pricked by swords.

Yang Feng observed the two as if watching two clowns. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a trace of delight. The feeling of taking out magic stones and smashing people with them was quite refreshing.

With his eyes bloodshot, Cookson flipped his hand and a palm-sized bronze disc with sun, moon and star engravings appeared in his hand. He clamored: “Who said I cant call your stake?! This is a Planar Astrolabe. A level-5 secret treasure. In the different planes, level-5 secret treasures are called demigod rank armaments. The worth of this demigod armament is no lower than that of your top grade magic stones!”

“A level-5 secret treasure!”

“Demigod rank armament!!”

“He actually has an demigod rank armament!!”


Voices of astonishment sounded, as practically everyones gazes were firmly attracted to the bronze disk in Cooksons hand.

In Turandot Subcontinent, secret treasures higher than level-3 were very rare, with some Great Warlock rank experts not even having a single level-4 secret treasure. As for level-5, demigod rank secret treasures, even Great Warlocks from the six great Warlock groups might not have one.

Cookson actually had a level-5 secret treasure, naturally it caused a huge sensation and attracted countless gazes. Even the always apathetic Dephilia, her pretty complexion also changed slightly as she unwaveringly stared at the Planar Astrolabe.

Eunice sent mentally: “Planar Astrolabes are essential items for Great Warlock rank experts or higher to carry out planar travels. Without Planar Astrolabes, once their bodies leave this world, if theyre the slightest bit inattentive, then even Great Warlock rank experts might get lost in the boundless depths of the ocean of stars. If you leave for the Astral Boundary that connects countless planes without a Planar Astrolabe; if youre the slightest bit inattentive, you might get lost in the Astral Boundary. Apart from this, the Planar Astrolabe has another use, that is, it can be used to stabilize the planar passageway. With a Planar Astrolabe, a planar passageway can have more stability, allowing for stronger beings to cross it.”

With regards to Warlocks, planar travel was the most dangerous but also the most profitable adventure. Once a mighty human Warlock descended on a plane and successfully became said planes ruler, then theyd gain exceedingly terrifying benefits.

As a part of the World of Warlocks, it was forbidden to carryout wicked large scale human experiments in Turandot Subcontinent. But there was no such restriction in the other planes. Some powerful wicked human Warlocks would seize a plane; regarding it as their base, they would rear humans for the purpose of carrying out wicked experiments.

There were basically three methods for Warlocks to leave with their bodies for other planes. The first was to fly with their bodies into the boundless Starry Sky and leave for other planes via the Starry Sky plane coordinates. The second was to enter the Astral Boundary that connects countless planes with their bodies, search for other planes coordinates in the Astral Boundary and then enter those other planes trough the Astral Boundary. The third was to set up a planar passageway and then leave with their bodies for other planes trough the planar passageway. Apart from those three methods, the other methods for entering an other world with their bodies contained great dangers. As for entering other planes with projections, avatars, incarnations and other methods, they all were unable to express the terrifying strength of their true bodies.

In order to carry out planar travels, merely a planar passageway wasnt enough, it still required all kinds of treasures to stabilize the planar passageway. Otherwise, powerful Warlocks were unable of crossing planar passageways, with only a few weak beings being capable of doing so. Planar Astrolabe was a treasure that could stabilize a planar passageway, it was extremely important to Yang Feng.

Once Cookson took out the demigod rank armament Planar Astrolabe, he took pleasure in the several envious gazes, but then he felt regretful inside: “Shit. Now that the Planar Astrolabe was exposed, it will be very difficult to keep it.”

Cooksons regret was fleeting. His gaze fell on the chest with top grade magic stones, his eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar glint: “However, as long as I win that chest with top grade magic stones, then even if I offer the Planar Astrolabe to the organization, they wont treat me unjustly. For the current me, a chest with top grade magic stones and the reward from the organization would be more useful than this Planar Astrolabe,”

A demigod rank armament like the Planar Astrolabe, that was only useful in planar travels, was of great use to experts higher than Great Warlock rank. To Great Warlock experts or lower, the Planar Astrolabe wouldnt be the least bit useful. With regards to Cookson, the worth of the Planar Astrolabe was by far lower than that of the chest with top grade magic stones.

Cookson said coldly: “How about my treasure, its worth is no lower than 2 billion magic stones, right?”

With a cold smile, Yang Feng played down the worth of the Planar Astrolabe until it seamed worthless: “Planar Astrolabe, although this treasure is a demigod rank armament, but the scope of its use is too limited. Only experts higher than Great Warlock rank can use it. In the main continent, this treasure would be worth more than 2 billion magic stones. But in Turandot Subcontinent, to auction it for 1 billion magic stones would already be amazing.”

Cooksons complexion became unsightly. He couldnt refute Yang Fengs statement. If it was in the main continent, than a demigod rank armament like Planar Astrolabe would definitely be priceless, attracting countless experts to vie over it. But in Turandot Subcontinent, it was of little worth. It wasnt that the Planar Astrolabe wasnt good, but it was rather too high-end, to the point that no one in Turandot Subcontinent could use it. With regards to Warlocks, secret treasures that couldnt be used were akin to rubbish.

“Thats right, this Planar Astrolabe is useless!”

“Yeah, although this Planar Astrolabe is a demigod rank armament, but without any additional offensive nor defensive spells, apart from localization in the Starry Sky and stabilizing the planar passageway, it isnt the slightest bit useful. In Turandot Subcontinent, as there are no planar passageways nor Starry Sky Warlock rank experts, this Planar Astrolabe isnt the list bit useful.”

“I reckon that the most useless demigod rank armament in Turandot Subcontinent is this Planar Astrolabe.”



Laughter came from those youngsters. As soon as they recovered from the shock of it being a demigod rank armament, they realized the worth of this Planar Astrolabe.

One of the reasons why Cookson had the Planar Astrolabe catch dust was because he wouldnt be able to fetch a good price for it in Turandot Subcontinent.

Yang Fengs words took a turn: “But Im a magnanimous individual. Additionally, Im sure to promote higher than the Starry Sky Warlock rank. Im slightly interested in this Planar Astrolabe, Ill reluctantly let you use it as a stake. In order to ensure fairness, lets ask Angelina to act as a notary, lets place our stakes with her.”

Cookson heaved a sigh of relief and handed Angelina the Planar Astrolabe: “Alright!”

Yang Feng also handed Angelina the chest with top grade magic stones worth 2 billion magic stones.

Angelina was Rose Empires first successor. As Rose Gardens representative in St. Rose City, she naturally wouldnt embezzle the stakes of Yang Feng and Cookson. The trifling chest with top grade magic stones and the rubbish-like Planar Astrolabe werent enough for Rose Garden to be willing to loose face.

Yang Feng waved his hand, 10 chests with high grade magic stones appeared on the ground. He sneered: “Rimont, these are 10 chests with high grade magic stones! Theyre roughly worth 1.5 billion low grade magic stones. If you want to have a bet with me, then come up with the appropriate amount in treasures. Otherwise, please get out of St. Rose City and dont embarrass yourself anymore.”

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