Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 144 – Crazy Race (II)

Chapter 143 – Crazy Race (I)

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“Ten chests with high grade magic stones!! So rich!”

“Steel City is so rich, no wonder they could invite Snow White Madam to join them.”

“How could Steel City be that rich?”


After seeing the ten chests with high grade magic stones, the eyes of those young princeling Warlocks became bloodshot. Although high grade magic stones werent as valuable as top grade magic stones, yet they were still exceedingly valuable treasures. The pure magic energy contained within the high grade magic stones had also great benefits with regards to Great Warlocks.

For to level-1 Warlocks, a high grade magic stone would be as precious as a secret treasure; they would only use it when attempting to break through a bottleneck in their cultivation. Only those at the summit of Turandot Subcontinent, that is, only Great Warlock rank experts would wield a large amount of high grade magic stones.

While being bullied by Yang Feng, Rimonts complexion became pale and extremely unsightly. If he dejectedly left St. Rose City; hence after, his reputation would be completely destroyed, his status in White Elephant Ivory would also plummet.

In White Elephant Ivory, geniuses were as common as clouds and the competition was brutal. Trough great effort, Rimont finally became White Elephant Ivorys number one genius of the younger generation. He didnt want to fall from this position. Once he stumbled and fell on the ground, there would be countless geniuses eyeing covetously his position, willing to use him as a stepping stone to acquire the leading position.

Rimonts complexion changed several times, before he finally clenched his teeth, took out a box from his bosom and opened it, revealing a resplendent magic core: “This is the magic core of a Kromara Lava Boa. Kromara Lava Boas are comparable to dragons. When they mature, they have battle prowess comparable to Great Warlock rank experts. When auctioned, this magic core should be able to fetch a price of 1.5 billion magic stones.”

Among Great Warlock rank extraordinary life forms, there was a huge gap in strength. Like dragons, this extraordinary life form lied at the summit of extraordinary life forms of the same rank. A Great Warlock rank adult dragon could definitely deal with three Great Warlock rank extraordinary life forms like Sphinx Lava Direwolves.

Since Kromara Lava Boas were comparable to dragons, then the appearance of one of their magic cores in an auction would definitely fetch a price of at least one billion magic stones. This was an extremely valuable treasure, it was a top-notch material used in refining a lot of legendary secret treasures.

“Not bad, Im quite fond of this magic core. It barely qualifies to bet with me.” Yang Feng smiled faintly, and handed Angelina the ten chests with high grade magic stones.

Rimont gave a cold snort, and handed Angelina the magic core.

“If I were to appropriate these stakes, then Id make a fortune.”

Angelina looked at the ridiculous figure of stakes and treasures, her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar glint, and greed flashed past deep inside her. Even Great Warlock rank experts would be tempted by this huge fortune. She was but a trifling level-3 Warlock, naturally, she would be tempted as well.

“Now let me announce the rules of this race. Each vehicle may at most carry two people. The rout shall be the Fiery Dragon Race Track and its length of 458 kilometers. En route, spells to directly attack the driver or their vehicle are not permitted. The usage of the vehicles equipment to attack the opponent is permitted. The first person to finish the track wins.” Angelina quickly calmed down and said with a smile.

Unlike on Earth, magic chariots could use their offensive systems to attack the other partys vehicle and driver in the race. Such matches were more cruel but also more thrilling, princeling Warlocks were quite fond of them.

“Im starting a handicap bet! I only accept stakes with bets on my loss. Those who want to bet on my loss, feel free to do so. Magic stones, secret treasure, gold. Anything of value can serve as a stake.”

Yang Feng smile faintly, then waved his hand, and ten chests with high grade magic stones appeared before everyones eyes in a flash. The bright magic glimmers from the high grade magic stones dazzled peoples eyes. He said heroically: “Here are then chests with high grade magic stones, you dont need to worry that I wont be able to pay up.”

“I bet ten thousand magic stones!”

“I bet thirty thousand magic stones!”


The princeling Warlocks assembled near the Fiery Dragon Race Track were hot-blooded youths with the desire to stir up trouble. They came before Yang Feng to bet with him.

Eunice gave an exceedingly fascinating and charming smile, attracting the gazes of nearly 90% of the male princeling Warlocks: “Those who want to bet with my familys little Lord, come over to register.”

The princeling Warlocks assembled near the Fiery Dragon Race Track went beside Eunice and started registering.

Dephilia sent mentally: “Are you short on magic stones? Although these little guys come from rich backgrounds, putting forth twenty thousand magic stones to bet would already be their limit. With all those little guys added together, at most, youll gain a few million low grade magic stones.”

While appearing to be concerned about the future, Yang Feng sighed in disappointment: “As small as they may be, mosquitoes are also protein! I have so many mouths to feed; therefore, every single magic stone counts.”

After the registrations were completed, several dozen magic chariots appeared on the Fiery Dragon Race Track

Angelina looked at Dephilia beside Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes fleshed with a touch of peculiarity and she asked in curiosity: “Yang Feng, you sure you want to bring someone along?”

With this heaven-shaking magic chariot bet, even Great Warlocks would be tempted. The others were anxious to throw everything out of their vehicles; while Yang Feng, resembling an ignorant moron, even brought a person along.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Im sure!”

“With this heaven-shaking bet, he still doesnt forget to pick up chicks. This Yang Feng sure is a sex fiend among sex fiends.”

“Awesome. Even with such a bet, hes still picking up chicks. Its such a brilliant method. Like this, the chick might become dead set on him.”

“Thats such a brilliant method to pickup chicks. But that chick seems a tad too young. He even has such preferences, what a pervert.”


Hushed discussions came from the surroundings. Quite a few princeling Warlocks revealed expressions of enlightenment. They followed suit, and quickly invited their female companions to board their vehicles.

Cookson ridiculed with a sneer: “Youre really an idiot! In such a high-speed race, even a difference of one kilogram might decide the outcome. Im so happy to see that youre this stupid.”

Yang Feng gave a faint smiled, then without uttering anything in reply, went with Dephilia towards the lightning dragon chariot.

Suddenly, Dephilia sent mentally: “You actually chose me as your companion, thats too shameless.”

Dephilia, however, was a Great Warlock rank expert. In a direct confrontation, even with a hand tied behind her back, she would still easily beat everyone up.

Suddenly, the corners of Dephilias mouth rose slightly and she sent mentally: “But Im fond of such shamelessness. Im helping you so much; therefore, I want fifty of those top grade magic stones.”

Yang Feng also revealed a hint of a smile and sent back: “Deal!”

The Fiery Dragon Race Track was exceedingly spacious, it could accommodate 20 magic chariots side by side. But the number of magic chariots participating in this race had reached 153; as a result, the vehicles of experts like Yang Feng, Cookson and Rimont were all arranged in the last row.

The several rows in the front were all arranged with some magic chariots with not particularly outstanding performances. This arrangement was made in order to give a huge advantage to those magic chariots, so that they also have a chance.

Three other chariots were beside Yang Fengs basic ten-seated lightning dragon chariot. One was Cooksons favorite vehicle, the white tiger chariot, it had the portraits of a white tiger as well as countless other extraordinary life forms traced on it. The other one was Rimonts favorite vehicle, the thunderstreak chariot, it had countless lightning marks traced on it. The last one was the rose chariot, it was a red vehicle with red rose designs traced on it.

Yang Feng swept the red rose chariot with a glance and said: “Angelina, how come youre also participating in this race?”

Angelina was dressed in red tight-fitting clothing, she had a delicate smile and her beautiful eyes seemed to burn with a violent fighting spirit. “Im very fond of magic chariot races. Yang Feng, even if its against you, I definitely wont lose. But I dont have any malice towards you, I only put a stake of 3,000 magic stones.”

“Its unfortunate, but youve already lost!”

“Nothings decided yet!”


After Pix waved her hand and before she saidgo, the front most magic chariot glinted with a strong fluctuation of magic, and with a rumble, it immediately shot forward like a hurricane.

“Feast your eyes upon my greatness!” Cookson gave a furious roar, before tremendous spirit force swiftly flooded the white tiger chariot.

A pair of huge wings swiftly extended from the front of the white tiger chariot. Simultaneously, the vehicle took merely one second to accelerate until 100 km/h. It flapped its wings and rose like a hurricane, shooting above the other magic chariots while grinding their roofs.

Rimonts thunderstreak chariot instantly flashed with lightning, a fierce gust of wind sprang up, and it shot forward like a lightning streak. It strangely ground the magic chariots in front of it as it shot into the sky.

“Yang Feng, Ill go first!”

Angelina gave a sweet smile, then operated her magic power. Countless red rose petals abruptly extended from the rose chariot, forming a bridge of roses. The rose chariot ran across the bridge of roses, it easily leaped across the magic chariots baring its way and then sped along towards the distance.

Obstacles that would be insurmountable on Earth, were easily crossed by the magic chariots trough different extraordinary powers.

After Cookson and the other two rushed towards the front, more than twenty magic chariots tacitly slowed down, and firmly blocked in front of Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot.

“You bunch of idiots, get the hell out of my way!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of excitement, before fiercely stepping on the gas pedal and pushing a button. The lightning dragon chariot‘s engine immediately issued rumblings alike to beast roars, it accelerated to a speed of 200 km/h within a second and ferociously bumped into the rears of the magic chariots in front of it.


Along with a blare, a magic chariot was forcibly knocked away by Yang Feng, before revolving several times midair and crashing outside the track.

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