Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 145 – Shameless

Chapter 144 – Crazy Race (II)

Translator: Xaiomoge

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The lightning dragon chariot driven by Yang Feng was alike a brutal beast that had just emerged from the wilderness as it rampaged. It forcibly flung away the magic chariots barring his way.

The expensive magic chariots were being flung away like toys, continuously revolving midair. The sight was shocking

“So savage!”

“Its such a fierce magic chariot!”

“The shape of that magic chariot is so basic, I didnt expect it to be so fierce.”


Outside the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track, there was a tremendous magic screen clearly depicting the race. When those princeling Warlocks saw the scene of the lightning dragon chariot driven by Yang Feng savagely sending the other chariots flying, they couldnt help but be left speechless.

The princeling Warlocks that enjoyed racing in the Fiery Dragon Race Track, they had rarely seen such a scene of forcibly sending the opponents magic chariots flying. To send the chariot of another flying implied that the gap in performance between both vehicles needed to reach an astonishing degree. Just like the huge gap in armor performance of passenger vehicles and heavy tanks on Earth. On the whole, magic chariots came from level-2 and level-3 Alchemists, naturally, the gap in performance wouldnt be too great.

After witnessing this scene, the magic chariots blocking in front of Yang Feng successively got out of the way, forming a path.

The lightning dragon chariot driven by Yang Feng accelerated, quickly overcoming magic chariots one after another, before joining the first group of magic chariots.

All of a sudden, more than a dozen magic chariots that had fallen behind glimmered with magical lights, before instantly shooting fireballs at the lightning dragon chariot.

The level-1 spell Fireball was the most common offensive spell added to magic chariots. Under the siege of more than a dozen magic chariots, Yang Fengs position on the track was practically covered by them.

“So ruthless, theyre trying to beat Yang Feng to death!”

“A fireball isnt a big deal, but being attacked by more than a dozen fireballs, the magic chariot definitely wont be able to resist it. This is their killer move.”


When the more than a dozen fireballs appeared, the eyes of the surrounding princeling Warlocks on the Fiery Dragon Race Track flashed with a touch of graveness, and they successively commented.

Magic chariots used in races were secret treasures remodeled and customized by those princeling Warlocks. Every magic chariot was very sturdy, being capable of withstand the bombardment of a few fireballs. Yang Feng had overbearingly sent magic chariots flying, but because they were sturdy and durable, the drivers werent injured in the slightest. It wasnt so easy to wreck them.

In magic chariot races, a few fireballs would be launched at most, before the receiving party admitted defeat. This joint bombardment of more than a dozen fireballs would definitely result in the death of the receiving party.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the more than a dozen fireballs hit the lightning dragon chariot driven by Yang Feng, they set off huge explosions.

In a split second, under everyones horrified gazes, the lightning dragon chariot shot out from amidst the flames. A transparent protective cover was shrouding the lightning dragon chariot.

“Its impolite not to reciprocate. Have a taste of my power!”

Killing intent flashed past Yang Fengs eyes and he pressed a button. From a compartment in the rear of the lightning dragon chariot, more than a dozen gauss cannons extended.

The more than a dozen gauss cannons madly spit extremely brutal tongs of fire, shooting towards a magic chariot.

That magic sports instantly unleashed a warping force field.

The closely packed gauss shells fiercely bombarded the warping force field. After barely withstanding for a second, the warping force field immediately shattered, before countless gauss shell engulfed that magic chariot.


Along with a heaven-shaking blare, the magic chariot exploded, with countless amounts of shrapnel splashing in all directions.

A flustered figure shot out from amidst the explosion, it had an appalled expression as it hatefully looked at the lightning dragon chariot driven by Yang Feng. Were he not a level-1 Warlock, and hadnt he released a defensive spell in the nick of time, then he would have been crushed by those gauss cannon shells.

The more than a dozen gauss cannons slightly adjusted their aims, and spat countless flame tongs, once again engulfing a magic chariot.


The magic chariot exploded under the barrage, yet its driver had jumped out earlier after witnessing the previous scene.

“All of you go to hell!”

Yang Feng sneered and pressed another button.

The lightning dragon chariot opened, small laser guided bombs immediately shot out. Along with trails of white smoke, they shot towards those magic chariots.




The complexions of the magic chariots drivers paled when they saw the densely packed small laser guided bombs, before immediately blessing themselves with defensive spells, and then swiftly jumping out of their magic chariots in an awkward manner.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!

The more than a dozen magic chariots, under the bombardment of the small laser guided bombs, turned into more than a dozen huge fireballs, with countless shrapnel splashing everywhere.

The complexions of the more than a dozen magic chariots drivers were pale, and their eyes flashed with a touch of fear.

“Such a ruthless guy!”

“If those more than a dozen guys from Savage Claw and White Elephant Ivory hadnt reacted in time and jumped out of their vehicles, then they would have died in the explosions!”

“That guy Yang Feng sure is ruthless, those more than a dozen guys from Savage Claw and White Elephant Ivory are sons and nephews of the elders from the respective council of elders. He actually dared to be this ruthless, hes truly a renegade.”

“So wonderful, this is the most wonderful race that I had ever witnessed!”

“This lightning dragon chariot was refined by Steel City, its such a good vehicle. Its unknown how much it costs.”

“If I could buy a lightning dragon chariot, that would be great!”


Outside the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track, when the princeling Warlocks saw the more than a dozen magic chariots being wrecked, they became very excited, and continuously commented. It was the first time them witnessing a magic chariot wrecking more than a dozen other magic chariots.

When those chariots zealots saw how fierce the lightning dragon chariot was, their eyes lit up. They were itching to immediately expropriate the lightning dragon chariot, then climb into it and go for a nice joy ride.

When the other magic chariots behind Yang Feng saw this scene, they didnt dare to attack Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot. But they still urged their spirit force to augment their speed, they were in hot pursuit. No matter how strong the attacks of Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot were, he definitely wouldnt dare to kill the other drivers for no reason and risk universal condemnation. After all, although those drivers werent remarkable per se, but their backgrounds were quite scary.

After destroying the more than a dozen magic chariots behind him, Yang Feng pressed a button and a four-barrel rocket jet extended from the rear of the lightning dragon chariot. The four-barrel rocket jet ejected a terrifying airflow, once more frantically accelerating the speed of the lightning dragon chariot, shooting ahead like a rocket.

Within a short span of more than a dozen seconds, the lightning dragon chariot driven by Yang Feng charged all the way until one could see with the naked eye the distance between him and the three top-notch magic chariot in the front quickly narrowing.

“So fast!! The speed of this lightning dragon chariot is too formidable!”

“Even with a late start, it can still overtake the others. This speed is unreasonable!”

“This speed might already exceed 400 km/h!”


When the princeling Warlocks outside the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track saw this scene, their eyes brimmed with horror as they successively commented.

In Turandot Subcontinent, the speed of magic chariots lied in the 200s km/h. Even with all kinds of blessings, the speed would at most reach but 300 km/h. A speed of 400 km/h, only the legendary Great Warlock rank Alchemists were capable of refining such top-notch magic chariots.

But Great Warlock rank experts usually drove all kinds of flying secret treasures or powerful avian extraordinary life forms. Very few of them would be so bored as to refine such flashy and unpractical secret treasures like magic chariots.

Experts of the Great Warlock rank or above were of terrifying strength, they were god-like beings. Those powerful beings generally werent so bored as to play with things like magic chariots. Their own moving speed by far surpassed the range of magic chariots.

“Angelina, Ill go ahead first!”

As Yang Feng overtook the rose chariot, he simultaneously whistled at Angelina, laughed out laud and then drove the lightning dragon chariot past Angelina. After all, he was a youngster from Earth, a youthful and frivolous temperament was unavoidable.


Angelina laughingly curse under her breath, before the tremendous spirit force of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock poured into the rose chariots magic array.

From within the rose chariot, countless rose petals abruptly emerged, turning into several rose magic chains and then sticking firmly to Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot. While being dragged by by Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot, the rose chariot fiercely accelerated.

While being linked by the rose magic chains, the speed of Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot abruptly dropped, becoming a function of its speed and that of the rose chariot.

Yang Feng was slightly distracted and then laughed out loud: “No way! Angelina, youre such a rascal!”

Angelina said with a pleased smile: “Its just a tactic! Magic chariot races are like this, where victory is justice.”

“Indeed, victory is justice!”

Along with a hearty laughter, Cooksons white tiger chariot swiftly extended a two meter long conical sharp ram from its front, before frantically accelerating and fiercely bumping into the left side of Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot.

“So fierce! He even used a ram to collide into the other!”

“Thats so fierce! A collision with a speed of nearly 400 km/h as well as adding the ram, that could even wreck a spell cover from a level-3 Warlock. That Cookson is too fierce!”


The princeling Warlocks outside the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track were discussing very enthusiastically.

The white tiger chariot was modified and weighed more than five tons. After being hit by such a colossus at a speed of 400 km/h, even a defensive spell from a level-3 Warlock wouldnt be able to resist such an impact.

Yang Feng pressed a button, and a transparent protective cover was instantly unleashed by the lightning dragon chariot, shrouding most of the vehicle.

Immediately after Cooksons white tiger chariot ferociously rammed into that transparent protective cover, an ear-piercing friction sound was issued.

In the next moment, a scene that no one had anticipated occurred. The ram of Cooksons white tiger chariot unexpectedly broke, the vehicle itself suffered a tremendous counter-force and it was sent flying. It kept on spinning as it was sent outside the track.

Yang Feng sneered, and pressed a button. Countless gaps appeared on the vehicle, with small laser guided missiles, akin to raindrops, fiercely shooting towards Cooksons white tiger chariot.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions sounded n split second, engulfing the white tiger chariot.

Countless lightning flashed, and the thunderstreak chariot driven by Rimont shot like a railgun shell, bringing along countless electric arcs. With a rumble, its speed reached 500 km/h. It overcame Yang Feng n a split second, and frantically rushed towards the distance.

Yang Fengs gaze constricted slightly, and he gave up on Cookson, before pressing a button.

Two flamethrowers extend from the lightning dragon chariot and spurted two long streams of flames, ruthlessly burning the several magic chains made out of rose petals.

Under the flame, the rose magic chains ignited and then collapsed.

The lightning dragon chariots four-barrel rocket jets power output was raised to the limit, ejecting a terrifying flame draft, pushing the vehicles speed to 600 km/h. The friction from the tires and the ground gave rise to countless sparks. As if flying, it tor apart the air and shot towards Rimont, while bringing along a terrifying hurricane.

Angelinas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar glint and she sincerely praised: “Such a fast chariot! This speed definitely surpasses 600 km/hour! Such a nice vehicle! Steel Citys alchemy is really amazing!”

Regarding speed, Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot was definitely the fastest magic chariot that Angelina had ever seen.

In a short several dozen seconds, the lightning dragon chariot driven by Yang Feng chased up to the thunderstreak chariot driven by Rimont and then drove alongside it.

Rimonts eyes flashed with a touch of astonishment, he was greatly shaken within: “Such a fast vehicle!! My thunderstreak chariot is a magic chariot refined by a Great Warlock rank Alchemist. Steel City obviously doesnt has any Great Warlock rank Alchemists, so how could they have refined a magic chariot with such a speed?!”

The thunderstreak chariot was a treasure obtained by Rimont from a fortuitous encounter; the chariot was refined by a Great Warlock rank expert. He believed his thunderstreak chariot to be the number one magic chariot in the entire Turandot Subcontinent, never would he have though that Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot was even faster.

“Thunderstorm!!” Rimonts complexion changed several times, before he finally took out a high grade magic stone and entered it into a socked, before tremendous spirit force poured into the thunderstreak chariot.

The thunderstreak chariot instantly flashed with lightning. With a rumble, a streak of lightning ferociously struck at Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot.

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