Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 145 – Shameless

while carrying a tremendous pressure, grabbed at Yang Fengs lightning dragon chariot.

“Fucking bastard!!” Angelinas pretty face changed and she cursed fiercely, and a touch of helplessness and bitterness swept past her beautiful eyes. Although she was a peerless genius of Rose Garden, but she was also powerless against a Great Warlock.

“Haha. Yang Feng, youre dead meat!” When Cookson approaching from the rear saw this scene, a trace of sinister smile crept onto his face.

Under everyones gazes, once the giant hand formed from magic power appeared, like a little white mouse desperately struggling in the hand of a human, the lightning dragon chariot with its speed up to 600 km/h was immediately powerlessly suspended midair, its tires frantically revolving in the air.

The giant hand formed from magic power poked gently, and the protective cover shrouding the lightning dragon chariot immediately collapsed, before grabbing at Yang Feng.

“Hm! A trifling remains of power that isnt even a projection dares to bare its fangs in front of me, become a chunk of ice and shatter!”

Dephilia, the cold and unconcerned loli sitting beside Yang Feng, snorted coldly. Terrifying Great Warlock rank fluctuations of power permeated from her immature body. She reached out with her lily-white finger, and a white cold stream shot out, before instantly shrouding the huge hand formed from magic power.

Once the white cold stream shrouded the huge hand formed from magic power, it then condensed into a huge chunk of ice, before instantly crumbling and turning into silver ice fragments scattering on the ground.

“A Great Warlock!! Thats a Great Warlock-rank expert!!”

“That girl turned out to be a Great Warlock!!”

“Snow White Madam, it should be Snow White Madam! Snow White Madam had just recently announced her entry into Steel City!”

“Shes Snow White Madam?”

“He actually had a Great Warlock rank expert on board, thats too shameless!

“Too despicable!!”


The princeling Warlocks on the Fiery Dragon Race Track were exclaiming in bafflement.

“Snow White Madam, that girl turned out to be Snow White Madam, and shes even accompanying Yang Feng. How … how … how is this possible?” Angelina was dumbstruck, her beautiful eyes brimming with incredulity.

Practically everyone was doubting their eyes, not daring to concede this fact.

In Turandot Subcontinent, every Great Warlock rank expert was a top being. Most of the time, they stayed in their Warlock Towers and practiced cultivation or carried out all kinds of research.

Such a bigwig was actually accompanying Yang Feng, acting as a bodyguard. It was as unfathomable as having an aloof King lower their status to that of an ordinary civil servant.

“Bets need to be settled, since youre reluctant to pay up, then go to hell!” Dephilia snorted coldly, then flicked her finger, and a white cold stream instantly swept towards Rimont.

Facing the white cold stream, Rimonts complexion changed greatly. He extracted a magic staff, and silently recited an incantation, bore a long flame alike a huge flame serpent swept towards the white cold stream.

As soon as the giant flame snake connected with the white cold stream, it issued sizzling noises, and then disappeared with a pop. Once the white cold stream shrouded Rimont, it directly froze him into a human-shaped ice sculpture.

All of a sudden, a bloody cross appeared between his eyebrows. In a flash, terrifying Great Warlock rank fluctuations of power erupted, and bust open the ice sculpture, with countless ice fragments slashing everywhere.

As if changing into a completely different person, Rimonts aura changed, his eyes were shrouded in a layer of profound and matchless light of wisdom, and his voice became slightly aged as he spoke extremely overbearingly: “So its Snow White Madam. Im White Elephant Ivorys Grant. Rimont is the most outstanding grandson of mine; you actually dare to act against him, do you want to be enemies with White Elephant Ivory?”

In Turandot Subcontinent, the six great Warlock groups were high above the masses, their conduct extremely overbearing. Even the fairly approachable Rose Garden; at its core, it was also brimming with arrogance.

Dephilias eyebrows arched, and she sent mentally: “Yang Feng, messing with the little ones attracts the big ones. Do you want to get rid of this good-for-nothing? If you get rid of him, then well fall out with White Elephant Ivory.”

Yang Feng sneered: “This old thing is so savage, it doesnt give me any face. Get rid of them. Anyway, were at Rose Garden and not White Elephant Ivory.”

With his power growing, Yang Fengs trump cards also became more numerous. Although he was still not a match for the joint forces of the six great Warlock groups, but if the opposite side where to attack him, then hed definitely give them a pleasant surprise.

“Grant, youre but a projection of force attached to your grandson, and you still dare threaten me?! Youre truly reckless. Now die!”

Dephilia sneered, operated her magic power, pointed with her lily-white hand, and then gathered her ice force into a white ice-cold breath sweeping at Rimont. In a split second, Rimont was frozen into an ice sculpture, an expression of fright and anger frozen on his face.

Grant, who was attached to Rimont, was also a Great Warlock rank expert, but a force projection couldnt contend against a formidable Great Warlock.

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