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Chapter 149 – Who Dares To Fight Me

Chapter 148 – Come at Me Together

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Sitting on the summit of the small dais were the three peerless, magnificent, gorgeous and tempting beauties. The three peerless and magnificent absolute beauties were Rose Gardens three Great Warlocks, Storm Rose Clarissa, Flame Rose Cordelia and Saint Rose Carolina.

Flame Rose Cordelia had a head full of gorgeous long red hair, fair skin, and a sensual and fiery figure. She was dressed in a fiery Warlock robe, she was akin to a beautiful flame, capable of melting any mans heart.

Saint Rose Carolina had a head full of dazzling short golden hair, a wasp waist and outstanding buttocks. She was dressed in a snow-white Warlock robe, exuding a holy and noble aura, akin to an aloof and incomparably holly goddess.

Among Rose Gardens three Great Warlocks, Saint Rose Carolina was the strongest. She was a peerless expert closest to the Starry Sky Warlock rank in Turandot Subcontinent, not loosing in the slightest to any men.

Clarissa and the other two women were known as Turandot Subcontinents most dazzling Three Roses. This pompous name had spread widely throughout the entire Turandot Subcontinent, with countless people brimming with adoration towards them. Among the remaining five great Warlock groups, there were many Great Warlocks who were very much admiring of them, yer there was no one capable of obtaining their favor.

There was a person sitting to the right of Clarissa and the other two women, it was Dephilia. In Turandot Subcontinent, only Great Warlock rank experts could seat side by side with the peak experts from the six great Warlock groups. This was the privilege of every Great Warlock.

On the five seats below Dephilias sat the representatives from Warlock College Antalya and the other four great Warlock groups, they were all level-3 Warlocks.

It was currently a critical juncture in the Holly War between the humans and the allied forces from the underground world; every forces Great Warlock rank combatants were very precious, they naturally wouldnt lightly dispatch them.

Ulrich, the representative from White Elephant Ivory, watched Dephilia icily and then said coldly: “Your Holiness Snow White Madam, three days ago, you had personally killed White Elephant Ivorys genius, Rimont. Dont you owe us an explanation?”

Dephilias gaze was frosty, killing intent flashing in her eyes. Her Great Warlock rank life force pervaded the air and she said coldly: “Your genius, Rimont, not only violated the rules of the race, but also dared to raise his hand against me, so I killed him. What about it? For a level-3 Warlock ant like yourself to dare speak with me in this way, do you want to be sent back to your White Elephant Ivory as a corpse?”

Anusha, the representative from Black Dragon Tower, said merrily: “Thats right, Your genius dared attack Snow White Madam. Wasnt it just seeking death? You shouldnt blame others for it.

Warlock College Antalya mortal enemy was Savage Claw, White Elephant Ivorys mortal enemy was Black Dragon Tower, and Rose Gardens enemy was Eyes of Justice.

Black Dragon Tower‘s people took joy in the suffering of White Elephant Ivorys people.

Ulrich bowed deeply towards Carolina in salute, and said deferentially with a hint of a threat: “Your Holiness Saint Rose, White Elephant Ivorys genius was wrongfully murdered in St. Rose City. The murderer is right before Your very eyes, will You let her go scotfree? If You ignore this unbridled and savage murderer, then Im afraid that it might affect the relationship between our two sides.”

“Men are the ones I kill. If White Elephant Ivory wants to deal with somebody then itd better go deal with Steel City. As for you, if you provoke a Great Warlock for a third time, then Ill grant you eternal sleep!”

Dephilias beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a cold glint, before instantly erupting with Great Warlock rank life force. She pointed with her lily-white finger and a white cold stream shot towards Ulrich.

Ulrich was both scared and angry, his body shone with magical radiances in an attempt to withstand the white cold stream, but all his spells were completely suppressed by the white cold stream, unable to be released. In just a split second, he felt an ice force permeating his body, and destroying his vitality.

“Stay your hand!”

A voice brimming with magnetism and dignity came out of Carolinas cherry lips, and an incomparably holy radiance arose from her lily-white hand, before falling on Ulrich.

Under the shine of the holy radiance, the cold stream released by Dephilia was immediately melted.

Ulrich merely felt his body getting warm and brimming with power, and his mind being restored. While feeling afraid, he stared firmly at Dephilia: “Such a vicious woman. She even dared to raise her hand here.”

“Were at Rose Garden, and I dont care about your grudges. After leaving Rose Garden, If you fight or not, thats non of my business. But in Rose Garden, I need to uphold Rose Gardens rules. Rimont attacked Snow White Madam, her striking back and killing him, that is considered self-defense. I wont punish her for that.”

“However, Your Holiness Snow White Madam, the next time you raise your hand against others without any cause nor reason, then I wont have any other choice but to punish you.” Carolina stared at Dephilia with a dignified gaze.

Dephilia shivered slightly within and complied deferentially: “Yes! Your Holiness Saint Rose, Ill comply with Your decree.”

Through this veiled little fight, Dephilia realized that her strength was far below Carolinas.

Among Great Warlock rank experts, there were also strong and weak, and Dephilias strength was considered to be intermediate. After all, she was very young, merely 180 odd years; while Carolina was definitely at the pinnacle of the Great Warlock rank, she was infinitesimally close to the terrifying Starry Sky Warlock rank beings.

Ulrich could also only clench his teeth and swallow his displeasure: “Yes. Your Holiness Saint Rose, Ill comply with Your decree.”

When the other representatives form the six great Warlock groups saw this scene, their eyes revealed radiances of schadenfreude, and they remained silent.

Although the six great Warlock groups joined hands and established Turandot Subcontinents order, but they still constantly competed among themselves, with quite a few of them being even mortal enemies. They were happy to see Ulrich being taught a lesson.

With a light bound, the presenter landed in the center of the arena, before vehemently issuing a spirits-raising speech. After stirring the atmosphere in the grand arena, only then did he say passionately: “And now, without further ado, Im announcing the start of the first battle. The contestants are the peerless genius Cookson from Savage Claw and the genius Yang Feng from Steel City.”

“Cookson, kill him!”

“Finish Yang Feng!!”

“Finish that good-for-nothing Yang Feng!”


Earth-shaking cheers sounded in the arena, with the majority of them being in Cooksons favor.

Cookson was a peerless genius from Savage Claws younger generation, and he made a name form himself six or seven years ago, he was one of the favorites for the first place in this Warlock convention.

Yang Feng was but a good-for-nothing from Earth with an inferior level-1 soul aptitude. Even tough he had promoted to a level-1 Warlock, nobody was optimistic about him.

With a light bound, Cookson landed in the center of the grand arena, before waving his hands at the surrounding audience with a beaming smile.

Once they saw the handsome Cookson, many young ladies issued excited shrieks, before casting him flirtatious glances and shouting his name. The young ladies were extremely passionate and unrestrained.

Yang Fengs figure shook, and he also landed in the center of the grand arena, opposite Cookson.

Cookson swept Yang Feng with a glance, and then sneered: “Yang Feng, Im very surprised at your stupidity. You think that you can challenge me with your trifling strength of a level-1 Warlock? On this stage, even Snow White Madam cant protect you. You can still concede. Otherwise, I might not be able to control my strength, and what might await you on this stage is death.”

Yang Feng didnt give Cookson more than a glance, before turning towards the contestants seating area.

Warlock College Antalyas Kashmor, Eye of Justices Haldane, Black Dragon Tower‘s Nulei, White Elephant Ivorys Bagley, Rose Gardens Dietrich as well as the just recently risen Tiger Lacci of the Southwest, Lion Cobham of the North, Battle Goddess Jenny of the South, Turandot Subcontinents geniuses from the younger generation were before his eyes.

Those world-renowned genius from the younger generation, every single one of them was a giant among men. They had formidable strengths comparable to level-2 Warlocks. Without any treasures, Yang Feng definitely wouldnt be their match.

As those young Warlock geniuses were being swept by Yang Fengs gaze, unruly, provocative, curious and all kinds of other complicated gazes focused on him.

With his hands behind his back, Yang Feng said faintly: “Cookson, youre too weak and not my match.”

Cooksons face suddenly twitched and his eyes flashed with a touch of anger. He was a powerful being of the pinnacle level-2 Warlock rank, who also had many fortuitous encounters, and had a number of precious and powerful secret treasures on him. Even an ordinary level-3 Warlock might not be his match. But Yang Feng, this trifling level-1 Warlock whom he hadnt paid any attention, actually said that he was too weak. This made him rage inside.

Yang Feng turned towards Carolina on the small dais and said lightly: “Your Holiness Saint Rose, I just had a look and discovered that the geniuses of this Warlock convention are too weak, without a single one of them being my match. Please allow them to come at me together. Im somewhat in a hurry and want to experience the miraculous effect of practicing cultivation in the Rose Divine Pool.”

“He knows how to talk big!”

“Who does he think he is? He even talks so big!”

“He even want to challenge all the geniuses at once, hes overestimating himself.”

“Yang Feng, this good-for-nothing, and but a trifling level-1 Warlock; he wasnt even a match for Cookson, and now he wants to challenge all the young genius in the Warlock convention at once. Is he tired of living?”

“In the Warlock conventions, there had never been a genius who dared to challenge so many geniuses of the same rank. Hes either a madman or an extraordinary genius with absolute confidence in himself!”


After listening to Yang Fengs discourse, the atmosphere in the grand arena was immediately set ablaze, with everyone chiming in. A lot of people looked at Yang Feng as if at a madman, while some people were full of expectations towards him.

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