Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 150 – Being Invincible Is Truly Lonesome

Chapter 149 – Who Dares To Fight Me

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When Cookson saw this, he became so angry that he started trembling, his eyes spurted endless flames of rage, and a killing intent surged inside him.

Laccis eyes flickered with a vicious radiance, he licked his lips, and killing intent flashed past his complexion: “He knows how to talk big! This Yang Feng is truly crazy, interesting!”

Kashmor snorted coldly, and then said in disdain: “Hes just a hype man.”

Cobhams eyes flashed with a touch of a pensive glint and he gave a slight smile without any trace of anger: “Interesting. Thats Steel Citys sole successor? Im looking forward to see your hand.”

The blond-haired and blue-eyed Dietrich had a slender figure and looked exceedingly beautiful, she creased her eyebrows as she thought within: “He wants to face us all? What is this? Even Turandot Subcontinents most remarkable geniuses wouldnt pick a fight with so many geniuses of the same rank, not to mention that he has only the strength of a level-1 Warlock. But he doesnt seem to be an idiot, so what gives him the confidence to be so arrogant?”

Jenny glared coldly at Yang Feng, as if looking at a corpse: “Such an arrogant fool. Wait until my spear pierces through your body, then youll know the gap between us, you good-for-nothing.”

The crowd of geniuses ridiculed by Yang Feng, part of it glared back at him, and part of it was very calm, as if they were bystanders.

Sitting on the small dais, Carolina was also slightly stirred upon hearing Yang Fengs request. For the past many years, this was the first time that someone so domineeringly challenged other Warlock geniuses. Such a person was either a madman or an extraordinary genius. She had overseen the Warlock convention for many years, the repetitiveness of it made her slightly fatigued.

All of a sudden, Cordelia said with a sweet smile: “Big sister Carolina, since Yang Feng wants to challenge the other geniuses at the same time, then he must have some cards up his sleeve. Why dont we just agree to his request? Anyway, the purpose of the Warlock convention is to pick Turandot Subcontinents most outstanding young geniuses. If he can defeat all the other geniuses, then hell be Turandot Subcontinents number one genius in the true sense of the term, and perhaps even the strongest young genius in all of Turandot Subcontinents history.”

When Dephilia heard this, her face twitched slightly, and she cursed within: “Him being the strongest young genius in all of Turandot Subcontinents history, yeah right. Hes but a contemptible and shameless little thief.”

Carolina said with a meaningful smile: “In spite of everything, Ill make and exception this once and agree to your request. Yang Feng, you can only simultaneously fight against those that agree to your challenge. However, I believe that no genius here would decline your challenge.”

“Many thanks, You Holiness!” Yang Feng bowed slightly towards Carolina in salute, then turned around and looked down at the geniuses from all over Turandot Subcontinent down below. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a smile full of self-confidence: “I, Yang Feng from Steel City, challenge every one of you! Fight me if you dare! Those that dont dare to fight me are but spineless good-for-nothings!”

Following this remark, an uproar erupted down below.

“Kill him!!”

“Go up and kill him!!”

“Hurry up and finish that good-for-nothing Yang Feng!”

“Finish him!!”


The audience seated in the grand arena erupted with heaven-shaking jeers. The countless spectators who had placed bets on Yang Fengs defeat, all of them issuing resounding cries, looking forward to see the scene of Yang Feng being finished on the stage.

“Yang Feng, youre just too stupid! No matter how many cards you have up your sleeve, my spear will still pierce trough you and make you regret your stupidity!”

Battle Goddess Jenny of the South was dressed in a black secret treasure armor, a spear in her hand. With a light bound, she landed on the stage. She stared at Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes brimming with cold glints, and like a leopard about to pounce on its pray, she said chilly.

Kashmor jumped onto the stage, erupted with the terrifying life force of a level-2 Warlock, and said: “Yang Feng, once a good-for-nothing, always a good-for-nothing. Even if your uncle used countless precious resources to push you to the level-1 Warlock rank, but youre still a good-for-nothing at your core. You good-for-nothing, I dont require any help to finish you off!”

Ever since Yang Feng had sent back the corpse of Scarlet Hands Blitzs nephew, the relationship between Warlock College Antalya and Steel City had suddenly turned for the worst. Even tough both side were still friendly on the surface, but in fact, both regarded the other as an enemy.

Laccis figure shook, and he landed on the stage, before silently glaring at Yang Feng.

Cobham sighed somewhat regretfully: “Its a pity Yang Feng, Id rather had a fair fight against you. But now it looks like I wont the chance to do that. However, ganging up on others isnt my style, so I wont raise my hand against you while you fight with the others.”

Dietrich also landed on the stage, and then silently stood to the side as she calmly observed Yang Feng who had his hands behind his back and loftily faced the countless geniuses.

Geniuses from Turandot Subcontinents younger generation were landing on the stage. Before long, there were more than one hundred geniuses gathered on the stage.

The more that one hundred geniuses on the stage were from all over Turandot Subcontinent, with every single one of them being the pride of their respective Warlock group and having the cultivation of a level-2 Warlock. In terms of actual ability, every single one of them was much stronger than Yang Feng. Among these geniuses, in terms of battle prowess, even the weakest could match a pinnacle level-2 Warlock.

In the Warlock convention held by Rose Garden, even tough anyone that was under the age of fifty and was a level-1 Warlock rank expert could joint it, but everyone was quite clear that only level-2 Warlock rank experts could shine in this convention. In the previous Warlock conventions held by Rose Garden, there had never been a level-1 Warlock claiming first place.

The more than one hundred geniuses from all over Turandot Subcontinent were very proud, they scattered around. Sneers adorned their faces, and they coldly eyed Yang Feng, their eyes flashing with a touch of disdain.

“Everyone is present, excellent!” Yang Feng saw that the more than one hundred Warlock geniuses from all over Turandot subcontinent had climbed onto the stage, and revealed a trace of a smile: “Now, let me show you what I have to back up my words.”

Finished speaking, Yang Feng pressed the Dimensional Crest on his chest, and with a flash of radiance, a Mofen Demonic Polar Bear immediately appeared before everyones eyes.

“Thats a Mofen Demonic Polar Bear! Its a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form!”

“Its actually a Mofen Demonic Polar Bear!”

“How come he has a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form serving him?”


After seeing the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear emerge, the entire grand arena went into a frenzy, with countless spectators being stunned and commenting.

The more than one hundred geniuses had their complexions become exceedingly unsightly. Mofen Demonic Polar Bears were Great Warlock rank extraordinary life forms. Even though they couldnt compare to terrifying beings like dragons, but they were still fairly powerful among Great Warlock rank extraordinary life forms. Even when added up, the more than one hundred geniuses still wouldnt be the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears match.

Cookson swept it with his tremendous spirit force, before immediately sneering: “It doesnt has any aura of life, it is but a Mofen Demonic Polar Bears corpse.”

The geniuses swept the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear with their extremely formidable spirit forces, before heaving slight sighs of relieve as they hadnt discovered any fluctuations of life force

“Its an alchemical golem, thats why there is no aura of life nor fluctuations of power! Additionally, its an alchemical golem that needs to be operated manually.”

Yang Feng gave a smile, his figure shook, and he landed before the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears chest, before pressing at it vigorously. Immediately after, a cockpit opened and he jumped right inside.

Less than two seconds after Yang Feng had entered the cockpit, the originally inert Mofen Demonic Polar Bears eyes shone with traces of red radiance, and terrifying Great Warlock rank fluctuations of power were immediately diffused by it.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear stood upright, its eyes flickered with vicious radiances as it stared firmly at the more than one hundred geniuses.

“Now, who dares to fight me?!”

Yang Feng was sitting in the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears cockpit, overlooking the more than one hundred geniuses, before the corners of his mouth rose slightly and he said extremely domineeringly.

The complexions of the more than one hundred geniuses were unsightly, not one of them uttering a response. They were no fools. Great Warlock rank extraordinary life forms were really too terrifying; even if all of them worked together, they would still just die in vain.

“Shameless!” Above the small dais, the depths of Dephilias eyes revealed a trace of a smile as she murmured.

Carolinas pretty face twisted slightly. She hadnt imagined that such a scene would emerge. Even if it was the weakest Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form, it still wasnt a being that the more than one hundred geniuses could contend against.

Cordelia said with a sweet smile: “Interesting, the alchemy of Steel Citys City Master is really terrific. He can even refine Great Warlock rank manually operated military golems. It is said that he received 6th Warlock Dynastys inheritance; I wasnt convince before, but now it seems like there is a kernel of truth in this assumption.”

“Im ready, lets start the fight!”

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear operated by Yang Feng pointed with its index finger at the more than one hundred geniuses, before beckoning them and extremely arrogantly provoking them.

“I concede. A Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form isnt something I can contend against. Yang Feng, Im looking forward to a fair fight next time.” Cobham smile frankly, said a few words, and then his figure shook and he jumped off the stage.

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