Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 151 – Sudden Change In The Arena

Chapter 150 – Being Invincible Is Truly Lonesome

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Cooksons complexion was very unsightly, he snorted coldly and said in provocation: “Hm, you only know how to rely on golems! If you have any skill, then fight me without using golems!”

“Thats right. If you have any skill, then dont use your golem. If you beat me without using golems, then Ill be convinced of your victory!”

“Is there any skill in using golems? If you have any skill than use your own power to fight us!”


The more than one hundred Turandot subcontinents geniuses were passionately denouncing Yang Feng.


Yang Feng pressed a button with a sneer. In a flash, the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear erupted with a terrifying life force, faced upwards and released a world-shaking howl.

The horrifying howl turned into an piercing ultrasound, attacking those Warlock geniuses who were hooting the loudest.

The several dozen Warlock geniuses spat out a large mouthful of blood, staggered, and then tumbled to the ground, their figures shaking.

The other Warlock geniuses erupted with their powerful life forces, their power surged in order to withstand the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears bellow.

One minute later, the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear stopped its bellow. On the stage, half of the more than one hundred Turandot Subcontinents geniuses were already collapsed on the ground. This was the horror of a Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form.

Yang Feng looked at the geniuses lying on the ground, and sneered: “You guys are idiots! Equipment is also part of a Warlocks strength. Which one of you doest relies on formidable secret treasures? Without secret treasures, your battle prowess would weaken by at least half.”

After hearing this remark, the geniuses complexions became somewhat ugly. To make a judgement about a Warlocks battle prowess one had to look at their cultivation base, the number of spell models that they had mastered, and the secret treasures they rely on. With regards to Warlocks, secret treasures were very important, they were their weapons.

Like Cookson or Jenny, who were level-2 Warlocks reputed for being capable of battling level-3 Warlocks; it was precisely because of their formidable secret treasures. Without secret treasures, even against the weakest level-3 Warlocks, they still wouldnt be their match.

In Turandot Subcontinent, the reason why the strength of the six great Warlock groups Great Warlocks was far above that of the other powers Great Warlocks was because they had many mystical Legend rank and even demigod rank secret treasures.

Yang Feng continued to ridicule: “Im an Alchemist, and Alchemists fight by operating their battle golems. Dont you even have this bit of common sense?”

Those Warlock genius were so depressed that they felt like spitting blood. In general, level-1 Alchemists who could refine level-1 alchemical golems were already extremely remarkable geniuses. Yang Feng was currently piloting the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, a Great Warlock rank alchemical golem. Even Great Warlock rank Alchemists would find it extremely difficult to successfully refine alchemical golems of such rank.

Yang Feng piloting the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear golem was akin to an adult bullying kindergartners, he easily steamrolled through those Warlock geniuses.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Alright. I dont want to waste any more time. Ill give you ten seconds to prepare! Stay if you want to keep fighting me. If you dont dare to fight me, then concede and leave the stage. 10 …”

“I concede!”

“I concede!”


Those Warlock geniuses gritted and gnashed their teeth, before jumping down from the stage with ashen complexions. Even Cookson, Jenny and Kashmor, who exhibited the greatest fighting spirit, also had ashen complexions as they grudgingly jumped down from the stage. Only one person was left on the stage, and it was Yang Feng.

Seeing that there was no one else on the stage, Yang Feng lightly jumped out of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears cockpit. He stood on the stage with his hands behind his back, and then sighed in disappointment: “Being invincible is truly lonesome!”

The complexions of the more than one hundred Warlock geniuses were ashen, they felt like spitting blood, as if somebody had given them a tight slap. They were itching to go up there and give Yang Feng a nice beating, but they knew that they were no match for the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, they knew that it would be courting death if they went up.

Carolinas face twitched, she didnt think that Yang Feng would so easily claim the Warlock conventions first place; and that speech that was deserving of a smacking.

“Interesting!” Clarissa revealed a trace of a smile.

Dephilia also revealed a trace of a smile: “This guy is indeed cunning.”


“If you have any guts, then dont use that alchemical golem!”

“Bullying others with alchemical golems, what does it count for?”


Earth-shattering boos and jeers came from the spectator seats. In the previous Warlock conventions, the battles between the young Warlocks were fierce and exciting, displaying a variety of wonderful battle scenes. Countless geniuses would go through bitter struggles; only by scaling towards the very summit, would they claim the first place.

Now Yang Feng had suddenly revealed a Mofen Demonic Polar Bear and steamrolled through the more than one hundred geniuses with absolute power, forcing them to not even dare fight him. Naturally, the spectators who had put bets on him loosing were all fuming with boundless ire.

Yang Feng was very thick-skinned. In the face of those earth-shattering boos and jeers, he only smiled indifferently, before asking the referee: “Everyone else had conceded. It should be my win, right?”

The referee looked strangely at Yang Feng, before proclaiming out loud: “Due to all challengers conceding, I announce Yang Feng being the victor. Additionally, the first place of this times Warlock convention is also his.”

Countless earth-shattering boos and jeers once more came from the spectator seats.


Carolinas voice full of dignity reverberated through the grand arena, suppressing the chaotic boos and jeers.

Carolina said full of dignity: “Because he was strong enough, Yang Feng was able to make others concede! Even though he used an alchemical golem, him being capable of operating a Great Warlock rank alchemical golem is also a testimony to his ability. Equipment is also part of ones strength.”

After listening to Carolina, the boos and jeers in the arena stopped, but as the spectators looked at Yang Feng, their eyes flickered with menacing radiances.

Yang Feng turned his burning gaze towards Carolina and said: “Your Holiness Saint Rose, now that Ive obtained the Warlock conventions first place, can I enter the Rose Divine Pool to practice cultivation?”

The only reason why Yang Feng came to Rose Garden was to practice cultivation in the Rose Divine Pool. Only by practicing cultivation in the Rose Divine Pool could Yang Feng break trough his bottleneck within a short time and promote to a level-2 Warlock. With a higher cultivation base, Yang Fengs survivability would also be higher, it would be more difficult to kill him.

Carolina said lightly: “You can. Just wait a moment for me to make the arrangements and you can enter the Rose Divine Pool to practice cultivation.”

“Wait a moment!” Cordelia suddenly interrupted: “Big sister Carolina, the first three places of the Warlock convention hadnt yet been claimed. Even if Yang Feng was already recognized as the first expert, but the second and third experts havent yet been determined. Wouldnt it be better to first wait for the second and third places to be claimed?”

Carolinas eyebrows creased slightly, revealing a hint of hesitation.

“Haha! Is there even any suspense in determining the second and third experts? The second expert of this times Warlock convention will be Steel Citys Shi Xue!” Yang Feng laughed, then his figure shook and he jumped down from the stage.

Shi Xues figure shook slightly, before she appeared in the middle of the stage, and then under everyones gazes, entered the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears cockpit.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear suddenly stood upright, before immediately diffusing powerful Great Warlock rank life force and spreading it into its surroundings.

“Who dares to come up to fight me?! I guaranty that you wont be left with an intact corpse.”

From the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears bloody maw came Shi Xues delicate and overbearing voice.

Below the stage, the complexions of the more than one hundred Turandot Subcontinents geniuses were ashen, and their eyes brimmed with despair and ire.

Yang Feng had already used the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, pressuring those Warlock geniuses to the point that they lacked the ability to retaliate. Now to make matters worse, Yang Feng apparently also wanted to let others to use the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear and keep bullying those geniuses.

“It seems like no one dares! Just a bunch of weaklings. Your Holiness Saint Rose, since no one dares to come fight me, then the Warlock conventions second place should belong to me, right?”

Shi Xues somewhat regretful voice arrived from within the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear.

Carolina swept the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear with a glance, her face once more twitched, and her gaze swept those geniuses down below.

The more than one hundred Turandot Subcontinents geniuses had no intentions of fighting Shi Xue. With their current strength, fighting a Great Warlock rank alchemical golem was akin to seeking death.

Cookson looked straight at Carolina and said loudly: “Your Holiness Saint Rose, Yang Feng had already used this alchemical golem to win once, and now his using this alchemical golem to humiliate us. Is this Warlock convention a joke?”

Carolinas eyebrows arched, she remained unresponsive.

Yang Feng ridiculed with a sneer: “What a jest! In the World of Warlocks, the so-called alchemical golems are accepted as a type of secret treasures. In battles, lending secret treasures to others is common. If you have the ability, then go also look for a Great Warlock rank alchemical golem to fight with us! Or dare you swear on your soul that you had never used secret treasures in battles?”

Cooksons eyes spewed flames of rage as he uttered a couple of words: “Thats sophistry!”

Yang Feng ridiculed: “You good-for-nothing. Since you dont dare to go up the stage and fight, then dont stay here and make a fool of yourself. If you have guts, then go up and fight her!”

Cooksons eyes flickered with a fierce glint as he said coldly: “Yang Feng, you good-for-nothing, if you have the guts, then dont use your alchemical golem and have a fair fight with me!”

Yang Feng laughed loudly: “Haha, Im an alchemist! You want an Alchemist to fight without their alchemical products, isnt it ridiculous? How about this, as long as you dispose of your level-2 innate spell model solidified in your spirit sea, then we can have a fair fight! The both of us would be level-1 Warlocks. That would be truly fair, do you dare?”

“Absolutely not!” Cookson said resolutely.

Once the innate spell model solidified in his spirit sea was disposed of, then Cookson would suffer great damage and might be even unable to once more promote to a level-2 Warlock. If he was unlucky, then he might become a cripple.

Cookson said coldly: “The fact that I promoted to a level-2 Warlock is a testimony to my ability. If you have any ability, then also promote to a level-2 Warlock.”

Yang Feng sneered: “I have a Great Warlock rank alchemical golem and I also have my ability. If you have the ability, then go and also come up with a Great Warlock rank alchemical golem. If you dont have the ability, then take a hike, you good-for-nothing!”


Carolinas majestic voice reverberated in the grand arena, suppressing everyone elses voices.

Yang Feng smiled slightly, and then sent mentally: “Your Holiness Saint Rose, if You let me monopolize the Warlock conventions first three places, then after the Warlock convention ends, Ill gift You with 2,000 level-2 Warlock rank alchemical golems.”

Carolinas beautiful eyes flickered slightly with a touch of a peculiar glint. She was silent for a moment, before her gaze swept towards Cookson and she said coldly: “Cookson, youre dissatisfied, then go onto the stage and challenge Shi Xue. Defeat her, and the second place of the Warlock convention is yours. If you dont dare to go onto the stage, then shut your trap.”

Cooksons gaze swept the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear on the stage. His eyes flickered several times, before he clenched his fists, greeted his teeth, and drooped his head in resignation.

“Does anyone dare to fight me?!” Shi Xues overbearing voice arrived from the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear.

“I, Ike, will fight you. I want to see Steel Citys ability! The eyes of a young Level-2 Warlock flickered with sparks of anger. He gave a piercing howl, his figure shook, and he immediately appeared on the stage.

The referee heaved a sigh of relief, and then immediately announced: “I declare the start of this match!”

“Boulder Burst!”

Shi Xue operated the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear to cast a level-4 spell. Horrifying fluctuations of magic erupted, and then from all over, countless razor-sharp boulders frantically pierced towards the one named Ike.

Ike erupted with the radiances from two defensive spells, and two powerful magical force fields revolved around his body.

In the next instant, the countless razor-sharp boulders easily pierced through the defensive spells protecting Ike, before immediately shredding him into countless fragments. Blood slashed everywhere.

After seeing Ike being instantly killed by Shi Xue, the eyes of those geniuses revealed traces of dread.

Ike was a genius with the cultivation base of a level-2 Warlock, he was very strong. Yet this genius couldnt even resist a single move from the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, this made those geniuses realize the disparity in strength between them and the Great Warlock rank experts.

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