Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 152 – Devil Viscount Gaddesdon

Chapter 151 – Sudden Change In The Arena

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Shi Xues domineering voice arrived from the stage: “Who dares to be next?”

The more than one hundred geniuses down below looked at each other in dismay, not saying a word. They were no fools, and also greatly cherished their lives, they naturally wouldt lightly rush onto the stage to court death.

The referee waited for a moment, before saying with a light smile: “Since no one dares to go up, then this match and the second place of the Warlock convention go to Shi Xue.”

Shi Xue gave a sweet smile, jumped out of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears cockpit, before her figure shook and she arrived next to Yang Feng.

“Im Steel Citys Eunice, who dares to fight me?!”

Eunices figure shook, and she shot towards the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears cockpit. She laughed merrily as she overlooked the more than one hundred Turandot Subcontinents geniuses, and said in provocation.

It was akin to refusing them a lifeline, how could they be happy about it?!

The more than one hundred geniuses had ashen complexions as they looked at the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear piloted by Eunice. Countless curses welled up inside them, and they were so frustrated that they felt like crying.

The Warlock convention held by Rose Garden was traditionally an event where Turandot Subcontinents young Warlock geniuses displayed their strength, and struggled desperately for the three spots to practice cultivation in the Rose Divine Pool. Traditionally, it was an event where young geniuses had fierce battles, and displayed their strength.

But now, Yang Fengs Steel City had directly monopolized the first three places, the other geniuses were so frustrated that they felt like spitting blood.

When Carolina saw this, her face once more twitched slightly, she felt like raising her hand and slapping Yang Feng and the other people from Steel City. But when she thought of the 2,000 level-2 Warlock rank alchemical golems, she repressed her anger.

If it was during peacetime, Carolina wouldnt care about those 2,000 level-2 Warlock rank alchemical golems. But now that it was wartime, the 2,000 level-2 Warlock rank alchemical golems were of importance. Especially in the midst of large-scale battles, the fighting strength displayed by Steel Citys alchemical golems was strong enough. It was only natural for her to be moved by them.

Apart from that, the most important thing was that Steel City not only had Snow White Madam, a Great Warlock rank expert like join them, but also could refine great Warlock rank alchemical golems. In these unusual times, Carolina didnt want to offend a power with such formidable potential.

It was because Yang Fengs Steel City had revealed great strength that Carolina couldnt help but choose to tolerate Yang Feng and entourage to some extent. This was the advantage of having a strong background.

The referee was silent for a moment. He looked at the Warlock geniuses down below, only to see them with ashen complexions, not daring to go up. He could only announce: “Since no one dares to go up and battle, then the Warlock conventions third place belongs to Eunice from Steel City!”

Eunice smiled sweetly, and put the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear into her Dimensional Crest. Her body shook, she arrived beside Yang Feng, and released the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear next to Yang Feng.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear alchemical golem could intimidate all the small fries; they didnt dared to act rashly.

“Since the top three experts have been decided, then Ill open the Rose Divine Pool for you three to practice cultivation.”

After Yang Feng made such a disturbance, Carolina had already lost interest in the Warlock convention. She swept Yang Fengs trio with a glance, and then said lightly.

All of a sudden, Cordelia waved her lily-white hand, and a pink mist burst out, before hitting Carolina and Clarissa.

Cordelias figure retreated briskly, a rose imprint coalesced on her lily-white hand, and she fiercely pressed against Dephilias back.

With her defenses down, Dephilia spat a huge mouthful of blood. She was catapulted from her seat along with a trail of blood drops, before fiercely hitting the ground and forming a huge pit.

Ice force permeated from the huge pit and gathered into a crystal-clear chunk of ice, leaving Dephilia icebound. The Legend rank secret treasure Snow Ice Box emerged in her bosom releasing formidable ice force that icebound her.

After Cordelias attack succeeded, she swiftly drifted backwards, flicked her finger, and a pink radiance instantly shot towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs complexion changed greatly. While under the pressure from a Great Warlock rank spirit force, he couldt budge at all

When the pink magical radiance was about to hit Yang Feng, azure radiances suddenly surged from around his neck, before turning into a sky-blue light screen shrouding in front of him.

Once the sky-blue light screen emerged, it immediately blocked the pressure from the Great Warlock rank spirit force. Once the pink magical radiance hit the sky-blue light screen, it set off ripples.

“The Level-4 spell Sky Flower Water Curtain!” Cordelias pretty face changed slightly.

Yang Feng seized the opportunity and boarded the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears cockpit along with Shi Xue and delegation.

The interior of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear had been modified. Using dimensional techniques, the cockpit seemed to be very small, when in fact it was a vast space of 30*50*50 cubic meters.

Cordelias beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a cold glint, she pointed with her jade-white finger, and launched the level-4 spell Rose Slaying Finger. A pink rose suddenly shot towards the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear had barely moved, when its head was hit by the pink rose. Along with the explosion, its head was sent flying for several dozen meters, with countless components splashing everywhere.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear swayed, before limply falling to the ground, with blood and several shattered corpses pouring out from inside the broken cockpit.

Inside the chunk of ice, Dephilias beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of doubt: “How is this possible? The Mofen Demonic Polar Bear is the little thiefs vehicle, how could it be so easily destroyed?”

“I was so simple to get rid of it? When compared to the real Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, its far too inferior. It seems like Steel Citys alchemical golems arent much.” Cordelias beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of doubt. She swept the several corpses with a glance, and her tremendous spirit force scanned the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear. After ascertaining that there was no aura of life, only then had her doubts dissipated.

A pink mist, as if possessing consciousness, shot in every direction, and pervaded the grand arena.

The Warlocks in the grand arena enveloped by the pink mist swayed and then tumbled to the ground, unable to budge.

Carolina had an ashen expression. Holy radiance roses flickered around her. Brimming with sorrow and wrath, she growled: “Why?! Cordelia, why have you plotted against us?!”

Clarissa also stared firmly at Cordelia, her beautiful eyes were filled with incredulity and grief as she asked: “Big sister Cordelia, why? Why have you plotted against us?”

“Why? Of course it was for the position of Rose Gardens Master!”

Cordelias beautiful eyes surged with a touch of a carefree glint, she was finally venting the frustration that she had repressed for several centuries. The corners of her mouth rose slightly, and she said faintly: “Rose Gardens Master wields the fates of Rose Gardens several billion humans and countless resources, what an enviable position. This position should have been mine!”

Cordelias beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of nostalgia, and she said faintly: “Little sister Carolina, before you had joined Rose Garden, I was Rose Gardens number one genius as well as acknowledged as Turandot Subcontinents most beautiful woman of the younger generation. I was set to be Rose Gardent next Master. I was the center of endless glory.”

“But ever since you joined Rose Garden, you had surpassed me in just fifty years, before taking everything away from me. Everyone would only talk about how extraordinarily talented you are, how youre a peerless genius most promising to be promoted to a Starry Sky Warlock. Teacher was also partial to you, and handed you the position of Rose Gardens Master! When people spoke of Rose Garden, they would remember your name, Carolina, and only then would they mention mine in passing. Even the man I liked, he also only had eyes for you! Do you know how much Ive hated you these past several hundred years?” Cordelias pretty face became vicious as she spoke.

Carolinas beautiful eyes flashed with a complicated glint, she remained unresponsive.

“Even though I hated you very much, but Rose Garden was under your control. Youre indeed an extraordinary and peerless talent, a rarely seen genius in a millennium, and a freak most hopeful of promoting to a Starry Sky Warlock. Anyhow, Im far from being your match. Originally, I was going to properly act as Rose Gardens Flame Rose, and then take this grudge with me to the tomb. But fortunately, the Hole War broke out and swept the entire continent.”

“The devils from the underground worlds allied forces brought me a strange drug – the Prismatic Fruit birthed from an Abyssal Demonic Dragon. This strange fruit doesnt has any toxicity by itself, but rather is a strange drug with great medicinal properties. But when this strange drug enters in contact with White Jade Roses, then it will bring about a strange poison. Even for Great Warlock rank experts, it would be difficult for them to resist this peerless poison. These days, Ive been deliberately letting people give you a bit more nectar of the White Jade Roses to drink. Wasnt it tasty?”

Cordelias smile was carefree alike a flower drifting in the spring wind. The frustration accumulated from several centuries seemed to have melted.

Carolina and Clarissa had pale complexions, and their beautiful eyes were flickering with ire. How could they have imagined that Cordelia who had all along been good to them, akin to a senior fellow student, would actually poison them. Even Carolina, a peerless and supreme talent, was also unwittingly tricked.

The nectar of the White Jade Roses was a treasure of Rose Garden, and only the three Great Warlock rank experts would obtain a little bit of it every year. To a small extent, it could upgrade the soul aptitude of a Great Warlock rank expert. When drinking it, Carolina had been thinking that Cordelia was too good of a person. Little did she knew that it was just a ruse.

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