Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 152 – Devil Viscount Gaddesdon

ry difficult to deal with such a strange poison, and even Im incapable of dispelling it. However, I still have enough strength to kill you!”

Carolinas beautiful eyes revealed a dazzling light. With a furious roar, she erupted with a terrifying life force infinitesimally close to that of a Starry Sky Warlock rank expert. With a flick of her wrist, a copper mirror with countless rose patterns and a simple aura appeared on her lily-white hand, before she frantically poured her tremendous spirit force into it.

Soon after, a boundless sacred light slowly spread out of the copper mirror, as if the sacred aura of god awakened from the copper mirror.

“The demigod rank armament Rose Divine Mirror!!” Cordelias pretty face changed. She took out a pitch-black statue of a devil shrouded in demonic aura; it had a sinister appearance, and a vertical eye between its eyebrows. Cordelia shrieked: “Your Lordship Gaddesdon, come and save me!”

After Cordelia shrieked, she reaped apart a spell scroll. In a flash, countless icicles burst out and like raindrops, shot towards the spectators of the grand arena.

Without any strength to resist, several hundred Warlocks were pierced through those icicles, leaving their bodies bloodied.

The vertical eye between the eyes of the strange statue of a devil flashed with a bloody radiance and began rotating like a bloody whirlpool. The blood from the several hundred Warlocks was completely absorbed by the statue of a devil.

With their bodies sucked dry, the several hundred Warlocks became several hundred dessicated corpses with horror plastered on their faces.

After the statue of a devil absorbed the blood from the several hundred Warlocks, it shook lightly, and kicked up wind. As if full of vitality, its life force rose little by little, starting from that of an ordinary Great Warlock, before becoming more and more powerful.

The statue of a devil casually grabbed with its hands. Suddenly, two black whirlpools appeared and fell onto the spectators. Without any strength to resist, several hundred Warlocks were instantly shredded into flesh and blood, before merging with the black whirlpools.

After the black whirlpools absorbed the flesh and blood of several hundred Warlocks, the life force from the statue of a devil became a bit more powerful. The statue had gained a trace of life, as if about to come to life.

Gaddesdons eyes turned and fell on Carolina, and it said with a faint smile: “So you are St. Rose Citys Carolina, not bad. Im quite appreciative of you. Believe in me, offer everything of yours to me, and Ill grant you eternal life. After you die, Ill transform you into an ancient devil, and youll accompany me forever, never to die again.”

“Go to hell! You fucking low life of a devil!”

Carolina was very clear that she couldnt let the statue of a demon grow in strength. She gave a piercing howl, and pointed the Rose Divine Mirror to shine on the statue of a devil.

In a split second, a sacred radiance erupted from the Rose Divine Mirror, and turned into a white light beam with a terrifying purifying might, before shooting towards Gaddesdon.

Gaddesdons eyes flashed with a solemn glint, before he reached out with his hands and grabbed. Two black whirlpools seemingly capable of swallowing everything suddenly appeared to block in front of him.

The white light beam hit the black whirlpools, purifying them bit by bit.

Gaddesdons true body was tyrannically strong, it could kill Carolina, a Great Warlock, with a casual strike of its hand. But this statue was but an avatar that traveled across planes and descended here. With its strength greatly decreased, and without the appropriate secret treasures, it was even being suppressed by the Rose Divine Mirrors white radiance.

Kacha! Kacha!

Along with brittle sounds, Gaddesdons body showed one crack after another, and the black whirlpools also became smaller and smaller.

“Bastard! If I were here with my true body, then I could kill you with a single slap!”

Gaddesdon uttered an unresigned furious roar, before his body crumbled and turned into fragments splashing everywhere.

The white light beam was also extremely weakened; it hit Cordelia, and blasted apart her life force cover. She was knocked to the ground, and spurted out a large mouthful of blood.

Carolina also spurted out a large mouthful of blood, her tender body shook lightly and she tumbled to the ground. The demigod rank armament Rose Divine Mirror in her hands also fell to the ground. She glared unwillingly at Cordelia. If only she could go on for ten more seconds, then she would have killed Cordelia.

“Haha, I won! Little sister Carolina, Its my victory in the end! I finally won against you!”

While gasping for air, Cordelia stood up from the ground, and began to laugh wildly, unable to convey her elation.

At this moment, Lion Cobham of the North who had been lying motionless on the ground suddenly rose to his feet. He moved lightning fast, and fiercely stabbed at Cordelia with a hidden dagger.

Cordelia was caught off guard, she barely managed to move her body by a fraction, before being stabbed by Cobhams dagger in the abdomen.

“Bastard!!” Cordelias eyes became bloodshot, she gave a furious roar, a flame rose imprint appeared on her right palm, and she ferociously struck at Cobham.

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