Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 154 – Gaining Control of the Rose Garden

Chapter 153 – I Was Fooling with You by Feigning Death

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Without any power to resist, Cobham was hit by Cordelia. Countless flames erupted in an instant, burning Cobham until there was practically nothing left of him.

“Sure enough, Great Warlocks are Great Warlocks. Its so difficult to kill you. If you werent heavily injured by Her Holiness Carolina, then it would be nearly impossible for me to injure you!”

With the flicker of a blue glint, countless wisps of mist gathered and then turned into Cobham. While smiling, he walked out of the mist, and pointing at Cordelia.

That dagger stuck in Cordelias abdomen suddenly glowed with a gloomy radiance, and a dense breath the color of dying embers swiftly spread from Cordelias abdomen, and eroded her body.

Cordelia said through gritted teeth: “This is the Legend rank cursed dagger twilight dagger. It should be the weapon of the Legendary Assassin Bartoleo from Hellion Clan. Youre one of Bartoleos men!!”

Cobham said with a light smile: “Thats right.”

After Cobham admitted it, the complexions of everyone present changed slightly.

Lion Cobham of the North was a symbol of resistance against the hellions in the north of Turandot Subcontinent. No one would have though that such a symbol of resistance against the hellions and humanitys Warlock genius would turn out to be a subordinate of Hellion Clan. Once this news was disseminated, it would definitely trigger a huge commotion.

Cordelia said in a very unresigned tone: “Why? Im an ally of the underground worlds allied forces, why kill me?”

“Its quite simple, its because youve been heavily injured by Her Holiness Carolina!” Cobham gave a light smile, and said with flames of ambition erupting in his eyes: “As long as everyone here is dead, then the resources that everyone has on them should be enough to let me promote to a Great Warlock rank expert. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Cobhams eyes flickered with flames of ambition, and he said with a smile: “Originally, Bartoleo had me cooperate with you, and wait for an opportunity to eradicate your opponents. However, I think that Bartoleo will be more interested in the entire Rose Garden. After I kill you, there will be no one else standing in my way.”

“Well said, this is indeed a golden opportunity!”

At this moment, Yang Fengs cheerful voice was disseminated in the grand arena.

Cobhams complexion changed greatly, and he turned to look at the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears remains.

He saw the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear that had its head blown off by Cordelia stand up, and then beckon with its outstretched paw. The head that had been sent flying flew over, and inserted itself on the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears neck, before its eyes erupted with red radiances.

Cobham looked at Yang Feng as if seeing a ghost, and shouted: “Werent you killed by Her Holiness Cordelia? How come youre alive?”

“I was fooling about with you by feigning death! If not, how else would you have performed so well? Ha ha ha!” From the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears bloody maw came Yang Fengs unbridled laughter.

Cordelia had an astonished look on her face as she said through greeted teeth: “Impossible, Ive seen your corpses. How come?”

Yang Feng operated the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear to extend a finger and then shake it lightly, before giving a long sigh: “Lack of culture is really scary! It came to be by using the mirror principle of the optical misalignment. In laymans terms, you were deceived by your eyes, capiche?”

In the split second the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear was hit by Cordelia, Yang Feng started its death mimicry system, and fooled Cordelia by employing its super realistic death mimicry. Otherwise, the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear wouldnt be so easily wrecked by Cordelia.

When Cordelia heard Yang Fengs taunts, she was so angry that she nearly spurted a mouthful of blood. She was the second strongest person in Rose Garden, and was very rich in knowledge and proficient in countless subjects. Bu now, Yang Feng going so far as to mock her and state that she lacked culture made her seethe with anger. If she could move, she would kill Yang Feng with a slap.

Carolina snickered, and coughed up several mouthfuls of blood, yet she couldnt stop snickering.

Dephilia smiled sweetly: “This guy is really cunning. I knew he wouldnt die so easily.”

Cobham forced a smiled, took a step forward and said: “Sir Yang Feng, Youre really worthy of being a peerless expert from Steel City; we cant match You. I have a proposal that I hope Youll consider. In Hellion Clan, the strong are as common as clouds and experts as common as raindrops. Its only a matter of time before Turandot Subcontinent is conquered. In Turandot subcontinent, the human forces fight and scheme against one another, with everyone only pursuing their own interests. They arent united, and therefore pose no threat. Please join our Hellion Clan, and well fully support You in taking control of Rose Garden. Also, Rose Gardens Three Roses will also be yours for the taking.”

“Youre such a cunning thing! But its a pity that youve met me. Now go to hell!” Yang Feng sneered, and his mind moved.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bears eyes flickered ferociously, it instantly erupted with a terrifying Great Warlock rank life force, and brandished its huge paw. A tremendous fluctuation of earth-attributed magic power swiftly spread, before countless razor-sharp earth spikes frantically pierced towards an exit of the amphitheater.

With a flash of a shadow, a figure was flung back from the exit of the amphitheater. It was Cobham.

Now there were two Cobhams in the grand arena.

The bulky legs of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear operated by Yang Feng flickered frantically; along with the ground shaking, a lightning fast shadow suddenly appeared in front of Cobham, before ferociously slapping at him.

Apart from its weakness of not being capable of flight, the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears battle prowess on the ground were comparable to a dragons. Its movement speed was equally astonishing, exceeding the speed of sound.

Cobham didnt even manage to react, before he saw a huge bear paw along with a terrifying shadow appear before him.


Countless crushed stones splashed. The huge bear paw had slapped empty air, and hit the ground of the grand arena, leaving a huge pit behind.

“Youre truly a good-for-nothing! You cant even handle this small matter, and I still had to come rescue you. If not for you still having some use, I would really like to kill you.” Callous words came from behind Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs mind moved, and he started the scanning device. With a glance, he saw Battle Goddess Jenny of the South who should have been unconscious standing behind him and carrying a person with her right arm. It was a pale-faced Cobham.

The terrifying Great Warlock rank life force was spreading from her. Clearly, she was also a Great Warlock rank peerless expert.

Yang Feng turned around and said with a solemn expression: “Jenny, are you also one of Bartoleos lackeys?”

“Lackey? No, I and Bartoleo entered a partnership! Also, Im not Jenny, and the real Jenny was killed by me.”

Jenny gave a light smile, her body wriggled and she quickly changed into a golden-hared and blue-eyed beautiful woman with fair skin, and a sensual figure. She was dressed in a black leather armor.

The golden-haired and blue-eyed great beauty said with a light smile: “My name is Ramona. Im not famous in the surface world, but in the underground world, they call me the Hundred Faced Witch. It was with my assistance that those freaks succeeded in felling two of the seven Turandot Subcontinents Warlocks who had fallen.”

Yang said with slightly creased eyebrows: “Why do you help the underground worlds allied forces?”

Ramona smiled sweetly and said: “For benefits and resources of course! Every single Great Warlock is a moving treasure-trove; once I kill them, all their riches belong to me. Additionally, I will be handsomely paid by the underground worlds allied forces. While on the Human Clans side, there are no benefits. After all, this big cake that is the surface world has already been sorted out, it would be very difficult for me to get a big slice of it.”

In Turandot Subcontinent, the places with abundant resources had already been occupied. With the six great Warlock groups as the core, the large and small Warlock groups had also sorted out their range of influence. At that time, only with great difficulty did Yang Feng managed to seize a small piece of territory from Fernandro Principality.

As a Great Warlock rank expert, no matter where she went, Ramona would always be treated well. But once she wanted establish her own forces, then she would be both overtly and covertly hindered. Many Great Warlock rank experts were forced to spend a lot of energy on worldly affairs because of those hindrances, before slowly becoming mediocre where any further progress would have to be fought tooth and nail.

Ramonas beautiful eyes flashed with a peculiar glint and she said with a smile: “Yang Feng, your Steel City should understand my plight quite well. How else will we have any leeway for growth if we dont dispose of those already established Warlock groups? It would be better if you and your uncle joined us. We should join hands and swallow Rose Garden, then get rid of the other five Turandot Subcontinents six great Warlock groups, and divide their resources.”

When she said that, the complexions of everyone inside the grand arena changed.

Steel City had the Great Warlock rank expert Dephilia, ten mechanized infantry divisions as well as Great Warlock rank alchemical golems. Once such a formidable power switched to the side of the underground worlds allied forces, then the state of affairs would become even worse for the side of Human Clan and might even become the deciding factor to decide the outcome of the war against the underground worlds allied forces.

Yang Feng instead responded righteously: “Shut your trap. I, Yang Feng, am an upstanding and dauntless man. I and the different races from the underground worlds allied forces, the both of us have irreconcilable differences. Theres no need for you to say anything else as I will never compromise with the different races.”

When Carolina heard that, her beautiful eyes flashed with a peculiar glint.

Clarissas beautiful eyes also flashed with an appreciative glint.

“The little thief had put it rather nicely, but Im afraid that he might be saying one thing and thinking another.” Dephilia pouted, and sneered within.

While speaking righteously, Yang Feng was calculating within: “After what Im saying gets out, will there be no more room for negotiations? Probably not. After all, as long as Im stronger than them, then there should be no issues. If worse comes to worst, then Ill just flee to another plane.”

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