Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 157 – Experts Gather

Chapter 156 – Heavily Injuring The Great Warlock Eden

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The humanoid robot pointed at the crowd of people from the caravan and said coldly: “Except that person, everyone else leave now. That person is an enemy of Steel City!”

When the crowd of people from the caravan heard that, their complexions changed greatly, and as if their legs grew wings, they hastily scurried away.

“Wait for me!! You bastards, dont run so fast!! Come back and help me!” The complexion of the principal of the caravan changed greatly; not caring about the merchandise, he scrambled into the distance.

Black Citys fighting style was extremely rough, without caring one bit about the innocent bystanders. There were quite a few instances where powerful assassins had infiltrated caravans, with the outcome being the assassins and the caravan being smashed by Black Citys artillery barrage. Doris Caravan had traded many times with Black City, and they were naturally aware of its horrors.

After the crowd of people from the caravan fled, a simple- and honest-looking man with a head full of short blue hair and a slightly unremarkable appearance was revealed.

“Its really strange. My morphing arts are already comparable to a level-4 spell, I can even somewhat mask the aura of my soul, and theres no leakage of my life force. How did you found me?”

The body of the man with the short blue hair twisted and warped all over, before he strangely changed into a golden-haired and blue-eyed handsome young man with a burly figure.

The young man received closely dotted gauss riffle bullets in reply, with a hail of countless bullets frenziedly sweeping towards him.

“Interesting, these firearm already have the power to threaten level-3 Warlocks. Reportedly, ordinary people in the 6th Warlock Dynasty could use some formidable alchemical secret treasures to display terrifying power. It seems that the legendary Yang Ye had really obtained the inheritance of the 6th Warlock Dynasty.”

The young man casually grabbed several bullets, scrutinized them under his gaze, and then revealed a trace of a smile.

The dense hail of bullets flying towards the young man had their trajectories warped, before shooting around him.

The golden-haired and blue-eyed man suddenly said loudly: “I, Eden, am a Great Warlock from Hellion Clan. Today, I came to seek an audience with Steel Citys City Master, Yang Ye! Please come out for a chat.”

Instantly, a loud voice echoed throughout Black City. People in every nook and cranny of Black City could hear Edens voice, which was akin to that of a god expounding his holy words from the sky.

“If you have something to say then do it quickly, but if youre here to talk nonsense then leave!”

An equally loud voice came from Black City.

“Im a guest who came from afar. Steel Lord Yang Ye, is this the hospitality of your Steel City? Why dont you invite me into Steel City for a chat?” Eden casually flicked his hand, following by black radiances entering the more than a dozen humanoid robots.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Along with corrosive noises, the more than a dozen humanoid robots were turned into puddles of corroded metal without resistance.

From inside Black City came Yang Yes voice: “I have nothing to talk about with hellions! I, Yang Ye, am an upright man of Human Clan, and I will never collude nor trade with hellions. Even if I, Yang Ye, have to fight until the last moment, until theres no one left but me, I still will never compromise with hellions.”

With his speech, the image of a straight forward and upright hero of Human Clan was outlined.

“Such an excellent hero of Human Clan. Unfortunately, heroes of Human Clan are enemies of my Hellion Clan. Yang Ye, although its a pity, but you will die today!”

Eden sighed, and walked towards Black City.

In a split second, countless gauss cannons, 37 mm multi-barrel high energy crystal artilleries and countless other artilleries and cannons extended from above Black Citys city wall and frenziedly fired at Eden.

The earth-shattering bombardment completely engulfed Eden.

The variety of artillery barrage fiercely bombarded Eden, before easily passing through his body, falling on the ground behind him, and tearing open small pits.

Eden said with a faint smile: “Useless! In the end, theyre just alchemical golems without any wisdom. I walk between parallel dimensions; without first reaching the realm of Great Warlocks, theres basically no way one can injure me.

“What happened? How is this possible? How come a Great Warlock rank expert is so strong?” In Rose Garden, Yang Fengs eyes flashed with astonishment, and he exclaimed.

With her vantage point, Carolina saw through Edens trick at a glance, and then sneered: “Humph, what walking between parallel dimensions? Since when can a trifling Great Warlock do that? To walk between parallel dimensions, only those whos cultivation base had reached the Moonlight Warlock rank or above, or those whos strength was comparable to God rank peerless experts, only they might accomplish it. This is but a trifling illusion. But this hellion is very cunning, he knows how to use words to deceive you. If you really believe that hes walking between parallel dimensions, then he might as well be a peerless expert walking between parallel dimensions.”1

Cordelia also smiled, but didnt speak. She had also seen through Eden.

In Turandot Subcontinent, Great Warlock rank experts were truly peerless experts, they employed all kinds of peerless secret methods which where difficult for ordinary people to grasp. But they were just in the realm of extraordinary life forms, and still hadnt transformed into mighty beings like gods, Elder Fiends, Elder Devils and the like. They had limited strength.

“It turned out to be an illusion. Initiate the scanning system at full power!” Yang Feng got a slight piece of mind, and immediately ordered.

Cone-shaped mechanical structures extended in all directions from Black City, before soundlessly spreading ripples with different detection frequencies.

Cylinder-shaped mechanical structures extended from the ground, before emitting infrared rays and interweaving them into a giant infrared grid.

After scanning with a variety of scanning systems, Edens true body was finally discovered to be 500 m to the left of the illusion.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More than two hundred 150 mm heavy artilleries launched a salvo of shells, instantly covering the position of Edens true body. The terrifying artillery barrage blew up simultaneously, before setting off a little mushroom-shaped dust cloud.

“Interesting. You could even discover my position; it looks like you have really obtained the heritage of the 6th Warlock Dynasty. Now Im even more interested in you.”

Eden was shrouded in a layer of Superior Warping Force Field as he walked out from amidst the smoke and dust with a smile on his face; he hadnt received the slightest injury, there wasnt even a trace of dust on his clothing.

Yang Feng gave a long sigh: “So this is a Great Warlock rank expert, fucking awesome. Even the 150 mm heavy artilleries cant kill him.”

From the analysis performed by super computing chip in the Portable Fortified Strongholds, Yang Feng learned that Eden hadnt evaded the scope of destruction resulted from the heavy artilleries, but resisted their might, and then walked out of the site as if nothing happened.

Carolinas beautiful eyes flashed solemnly: “The might of that heavy artillery barrage was equivalent to a weaker version of the level-3 area of effect type spell; with its might being too dispersed, its impossible to harm a Great Warlock. However, this Eden character can even suppress the warping force field to a layer of about 10 cm of his body. His strength is truly unfathomable, he might be just slightly weaker than myself.”

Eden had just emerged from the smoke and dust, when countless gauss cannon shells immediately engulfed him.

The closely dotted shell barrage bombarded Edens Superior Warping Force Field. The warping force field shook, and was on the brink of collapse.

Edens complexion changed slightly, his figure shook, and his speed soared to the limit, while he shot towards Black Citys city wall with ghost-like movements.

In a few breaths of time, while resisting the barrage of countless shells, Eden had reached the city wall, before flinging with his fingers. As if possessing life, black threads swept towards the the gauss cannons.

The gauss cannons were cut in two by the black threads and fell to the ground.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose slightly, and he revealed a trace of smile: “Idiot, being a cunt will only bite you back in the ass!!”


Almost at the same time, the city wall below Edens feet issued a sky-shaking explosion, before a terrifying mushroom could instantly rose into the air, and extremely violent shock waves spread in every direction.

A shabby figure was awkwardly flung away by the explosion, before hitting the ground and revealing a bloodied and battered Eden with a ferocious expression.

“So fierce!!” When she saw this, Carolinas beautiful eyes flashed with shock, and she felt a lingering fear.

A Great Warlock like Eden was hurt all over from an explosion, and almost died. If it was Carolina, then she might not have been better off than him.

After being heavily wounded by the explosion, countless gauss cannon shell frenziedly shot towards Eden from the parts of the city wall that werent damaged.

In a split second, the countless shells exploded on Eden, before countless blood splashed everywhere. The shells left a very tragic scene in their wake.

Eden spurted several big mouthfuls of blood in a row, then clenched his teeth and silently recited an incantation. His body at once burst apart and turned into a bloody mist, before dispersing in every which way.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moment when Edens body dispersed, the two hundred 150 mm heavy artilleries once more launched a salvo of shells, attacking the bloody mist.

Extremely violent shock waves instantly swallowed the bloody mist.

The bloody mist suffered heavy losses, and could only gather back into the battered figure of Eden.

Eden faced the sky and issued a piercing howl: “Hurry up and save me!!”

“Ha ha! Eden, you also have such days! Look at your appearance, you look so battered!”

A straightforward laughter came from the sky, and a 100 m tall giant covered in a layer of rock armor fell from the sky and blocked in front of Eden.

When the countless gauss cannon shells hit the rock armor they blew up small pits in it, but were unable to penetrate the several meters thick rock armor. The small pits had just appeared, when they swiftly started closing.


1 – the Moonlight Warlock rank is the rank following the Starry Sky Warlock rank

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