Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 158 – Catching Yang Ye

Chapter 157 – Experts Gather

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Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of graveness, and he said solemnly: “A rock giant, an adult rock giant! The underground worlds allied forces think really highly of me, they even dispatched such a scary being.”

A peculiar glint flashed past Carolinas beautiful eyes, she had spotted a flaw in Yang Fengs words.

Giants were terrifying extraordinary life forms not inferior to dragons, with few of the same rank being their equals. In the old days, whenever the World of Warlocks had assaulted the Plane of Giants, it had equally suffered heavy casualties.

Among the 8 Great Warlock Dynasties, only the first 7 Great Warlock Dynasties had ever conquered the Plane of Giants. The 8th Warlock Dynasty, Dawn Dynasty, had also conquered many planes, but it didnt dare to go barge into the Plane of Giants.

The adult 100 m tall rock giant was definitely a terrifying extraordinary life form comparable to a dragon.

The countless gauss cannons rumbled frenziedly, resulting in small pits being blown open on the rock giants armor before swiftly being closed; they were basically unable to harm the rock giant in the slightest.

Carolinas beautiful eyes flashed with a grave glint and she said solemnly: “Yang Feng, the underground worlds allied forces had even employed such a secret weapon like a rock giant, it looks like theyre set on obtaining Steel City. The amount of experts that they had dispatched might even by far exceed your imagination.”

Yang Feng nodded lightly. After building the Portable Fortified Stronghold, he had unlocked a large chunk xizu technology. Black City has already been rebuilt to be impregnable, and was equipped with countless military weapons. One or two Great Warlocks were not enough to breach it.

Eden looked into the sky and shouted: “Shayenna, if you dont show yourself, then Im leaving.”

“Am I not here?” A bright laughter reverberated, and the Great Matriarch of the dark elves, Shayenna – a coquettish beauty with every movement shrouded in a layer of a seductive aura and a smile as enchanting as a flower – appeared with a slight fragrance wafting from her.

Behind Shayenna followed three handsome young men with burly figures, and boundless arrogance filling the space between their eyebrows.

Eden narrowed his gaze slightly, his eyes flashing with a touch of dread as he said solemnly: “The 3 black dragons. Shayenna, you even brought out the 3 black dragons, the trump card of the dark elves. It seems like you attach great importance to Steel Citys City Master, Yang Ye.”

When the magnificent rock giant saw the three young men behind Shayenna, its eyes also flashed with a touch of dread.

The 3 black dragons were the ultimate weapons of the dark elves in the underground world as well as the strongest means of suppressing other dissenting forces. In the underground world, there was no force which didnt knew about James, Creed and Bryher, Dark Elven Clans 3 consecrated black dragons.

Shayenna said with a sweet smile: “Thats right, Steel Citys City Master, Yang Ye, belongs to the dark elves. As for the other treasures inside Steel City, we can divide them equally.”

“Heh heh, to whom Steel Citys Yang Ye will belong, lets settle this question after we raze Steel City. Its meaningless to decide beforehand.”

Along with a sneer, a handsome middle-aged man slowly walked out of a corner, before staring coldly at Shayenna and delegation.

Shayennas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of dread, and she said solemnly: “Knapman, you sure you want to contend with me?”

The handsome middle-aged man was Knapman, the Undead Hellion Monarch of Turandot Subcontinents Undead Hellion Clan. With his strength infinitesimally close to that of a Starry Sky Warlock, he was ranked among the top 5 peerless experts among underground worlds allied forces.

Knapman said with a faint smile: “Why should we fight over something which we not yet have? Besides, there are still many top experts from Human Clan eyeing covetously from the sidelines. We should first join hands and get rid of these nuisances before continuing with our discussion!”

Shayenna muttered irresolutely for a moment, then swept a small hill to the right with her gaze, and nodded: “Thats right, we should first settle those flies from Human Clan hiding aside before continuing with our discussion!”

“You petty and lowly people from other clans, even if you join hands, you still wont escape death. If you surrender obediently, then we can still spare your lives, and let you prolong your feeble existences.” Along with a cold snort, an old man with white hair and beard, and dressed in a red Warlock robe with a golden thread on the cuffs slowly stepped out from the small hill, before disdainfully overlooking Shayenna and delegation.

Next to the old man followed a middle-aged man seemingly without any distinctive features. He had short blond hair, and an average appearance.

Shayenna said with a charming smile: “Grant and Boxer of White Elephant Ivory. Did the both of you come to die?”

Currently there were 7 Great Warlock rank experts from the underground worlds allied forces; whats more, these 7 were among the most formidable Great Warlocks. The 7 of them joining hands could most certainly kill Grant and Boxer.

Dressed in a red Warlock robe, Grant said faintly: “Of course its not only the both of us.”

“Theres still Savage Claw.”

A tall and sturdy man with a long beard, and a bare upper body with extremely well defined muscles and mysterious tattoos stepped out from a corner along with an old woman wearing a blue Warlock robe, and a petite man similar to a thin monkey.

Knapmans eyes flashed with a touch of graveness, and he said faintly: “Savage Claws Khamis, Harley and Eben. For the sake of Steel Citys Yang Ye, you made quite the investment. However, the 5 of you still cant match us.”

“Thats right. With only the 5 of us, at most, we can only retreat unscathed. But those who covet Steel Citys inheritance arent limited to just the 5 of us. Black Dragon Tower, Eyes of Justice and Warlock College Antalya, they also had dispatched Great Warlock rank experts.”

The bearded Khamis gave a heroic smile, and casually flicked his hand. Three cyan magical radiances instantly shot towards three different directions.

The three cyan magical radiances fell onto three empty tracts of land, before setting off ripples. Obviously, there was something concealed in those three tracts of land.

Shayenna and the other experts from the underground worlds allied forces had their gazes focus on those three tracts of land.

After realizing that they couldnt keep hiding, the experts in those three tracts of land shed their camouflages.

In one of the three tracts of land proudly stood an arrogant young man dressed in a white Warlock gown, he wore an arrogant expression. On another tract of land stood a handsome scholarly-looking middle-aged man with a head full of short golden hair, he brought along a middle-aged man with withered corpse-like facial features and long gray hair. On the last tract of land stood two men and one woman, they all had golden hair and blue eyes; the men were handsome, while the woman was pretty and had an extraordinary temperament.

Knapmans eyes flashed with a touch of ridicule as he mocked: “Uhtred of Eyes of Justice, Clifford and Conrell Warlock College Antalya, Carl, Perris and Nena of Black Dragon Tower. Steel Citys City Master, Yang Ye, is a genius from your Human Clan and one of the mainstays resisting our underground worlds allied forces. I hadnt thought that so many experts of your Human Clan would come to capture him. Your Human Clan is really united.”

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased slightly and he murmured: “Good heavens. Its but a trifling inheritance of the Sixth Warlock Clan, how come it attracted so many experts?”

Warlock College Antalya and the other 6 Great Warlock Groups had been prospering for several millennia, and had countless secret methods. There was no lack of peak secret methods passed down from the era of the 8 Great Warlock Dynasties. According to reason, there was no need to covet the secret methods of the 6th Warlock Dynasty.

From her vantage point, Carolina pointed out the crux of the matter: “The 6 Great Warlock Groups have countless secret methods. However, many of those secret methods could at most be practiced until the Great Warlock boundary, without any way to go further. They came to Steel City because they want to check whether the secret method your uncle Yang Ye had obtained from the 6th Warlock Dynasty can be used to advance to the Starry Sky Warlock rank.”

“Moreover, your uncle can refine level-2 Warlock rank alchemical golems on a wide scale. In Turandot Subcontinent, someone with such a skill in Alchemy can already be considered as a Grandmaster in alchemical golems. Coupled with a Great Warlock like Snow White Madam joining your Steel City, it had already become a powerful existence capable of threatening the 6 Great Warlock Groups. Its only natural that they wont give you time to develop even more.”

“Apart from this, your Steel City just has three-story-tall Warlock Towers; therefore, your defensive power is weak, which temped them to gather their experts and raze Steel City in one fell swoop. Such things werent uncommon in the past several millennia. The performance of Steel City was just too eye-catching.” Carolina succinctly analyzed.

Yang Feng suddenly said: “If it wasnt for Cordelia, would Rose Garden also take part in the siege on Steel City?”

Carolina responded calmly: “Perhaps!”

Yang Feng gave a smile, and no longer pressed onward. His gaze fell on the screen.

Knapman sneered: “Clifford, Steel City is a power attached to Warlock College Antalya. To deal with it so openly, arent you worried about being looked down by others?”

Clifford gave a faint smile, and then responded by distorting the facts: “Yang Feng, Yang Yes nephew, wantonly committed murder; therefore, they are no longer part of Warlock College Antalya. Moreover, Steel City has colluded with hellions in an attempt to subvert our Human Clan; this sinful act is reason enough for them to be an enemy of Turandot Subcontinents Human Clan. As one of the protectors of Turandot Subcontinent, it is Warlock College Antalyas duty to uproot such scum.”

Knapman sneered: “Yang Ye colluding with us hellions; as the Undead Hellion Monarch, how come Im not aware of that? Is this what Warlock College Antalya thinks, or do all of you share this thought?”

Grants eyes flickered with endless enmity: “Of course we all share this thought! The sinful act of colluding with Hellion Clan can only be redeemed with Steel Citys demise! White Elephant Ivory will never let off such a scum of our Human Clan, and will make sure to kill every last one of them.”

In Rose Garden, Dephilia had killed Grants grandson, Rimont, and had destroyed Grants avatar; therefor Grant was itching to skin Yang Feng and Dephilia alive. Simultaneously, he hated Steel City from where Yang Feng had come from to the bone.

After listening to Grants speech, Uhtred from Eyes of Justice just sneered, Khamis and the other two from Savage Claw also just sneered, and the three great experts from Black Dragon Tower sneered as well. It was obvious that everyone tacitly agreed with Grants false accusations.

Yang Fengs complexion was ashen as he said furiously: “Theyre just blatantly distorting facts! Our Steel City has clearly rendered great merits in resisting the underground worlds allied forces; how can they so blatantly distort the facts and frame us?!”

Although Yang Feng hadnt given his all, but he had still resisted the underground worlds allied forces, and had killed more than 100,000 hellions. But now Grant and the others were framing him by distorting the facts; he felt an anger within which he couldnt restrain.

Carolinas beautiful eyes flashed a touch of pity as she said lightly: “This is the reality! In Turandot Subcontinent, the 6 Great Warlock Groups have the biggest fists and are the ones making the rules. When we say that youre in collusion with the hellions, then even if you arent, youll still be labeled as a criminal whos in collusion with the hellions. When we say that youre not in collusion with the hellions, then even if you are, you still wont have any problems.”

Knapman laughed out loud: “Ha ha, Yang Ye, have you heard that? These shameless human Warlocks have already pronounced you guilty of colluding with our Hellion Clan. From now on, Turandot Subcontinents human forces are your enemies. You currently have a single way out, that is, to join our Hellion Clan. I will personally help you switch your bloodline and let you be part of our honorable Undead Hellion Clan. After our Hellion Clan dominates the land, youll also get a piece of it, and then can rear those lowly and shameless humans.”

A just and upright voice sounded from Black City: “We hold different believes, and there is no way for us to cooperate. I, Yang Ye, am a man of integrity; even if people denounce me or even if I die, I still wont change my core believes.”

“Such an outstanding guy, what a pity!” Khamis eyes flashed with a touch of a complicated glint, and he sighed lightly.

Every Great Warlock from the 6 Great Warlock Groups was an expert who had risen amidst countless brutal competitions; since they have already made up their minds to raze Steel City, there was no way they would waver.

From Black City came Yang Yes plain voice: “As you might have guessed, I do indeed have a secret method inheritance of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, and it can even be practiced until the Starry Sky Warlock boundary. But I only have a single copy, how will you decide who gets it?”

After his utterance, the atmosphere outside Black City had turned somewhat strange.

Everyone wanted the secret method inheritance of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, but only one of them could get it. The experts gathered here, every single one of them had their own agenda in mind. Just in terms of their factions, there were two of them, which then were further divided into seven or eight camps which werent even of a single mind.

In particular the faction of Human Clan; although they had 11 Great Warlock rank experts, but they stemmed from different forces which were even hostile amongst themselves. When the time came to duke it out, they might not even defeat the 7 Great Warlock rank experts from the different clans.

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