Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 16 – 30000 Bladed Robots

Chapter 15 – Level-1 Warlock Bonney

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After an hour of marching, Yang Fengs mechanical legion appeared in front of the Black City.

The Black City had already entered the state of emergency. The gate was closed, and there were soldiers patrolling atop the city wall at all times.

His mechanical legion had just appeared near the Black City, when squads of soldiers arrived at various outposts and eyed his mechanical legion in the distance with great vigilance

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with an extraordinary splendor: “What a quick response! There were clearly no scouts along the way, yet they were still able to react so quickly. Warlock means are really impressive.”

He dispatched a micro satellite to keep an eye on the Black City. Shortly after he left the Giant Stone City with his mechanical legion, the Black City had made its response, and numerous soldiers orderly arrived at their outposts, ready for battle.

The Warlock tower in the middle of the Black City erupted with light.

Attracted by a mysterious force, a white cloud landed on the Black City and condensed into Bonneys figure, who was dressed in a black robe with a silver thread on the cuffs.

Bonney stared at Yang Feng in the middle of the mechanical legion and said gravely: “I am Bonney, the master of the Black Cottage. Master of the golem legion, how do I address you?”

“I am Steel Lord Yang Ye [1].” Yang Feng had changed his appearance to that of another person with prominent features. He looked at Bonney in the sky and said slowly.

In this world, Warlocks possessed countless secret methods! Among them, there were even some very strange curses capable of cursing a person via just their name. Such curses werent powerful, and a formidable level-1 Warlock like Bonney could easily resist them. However, Yang Feng was nothing more than a good-for-nothing earthling. He had no resistance to curses. He would die once cursed. Therefore, he didnt dare to casually announce his real name.

Bonney said coldly: “Steel Lord Yang Ye, there is no enmity between us, so why have you come to attack us? The Black Cottage has been on good terms with the Fernandro Family for generations. The Fernandro Family not only has a level-2 Warlock as its backer, but it also has a close relationship with the Warlock College Antalya. Your attack on the Black Cottage is akin to opposing the Fernandro Family and the Warlock College Antalya!”

“The Warlock College Antalya?” Yang Feng frowned and started to recall the memories read form the heads of the few Apprentice Warlocks.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, Warlocks had control over everything. The royal families of empires and principalities were largely controlled by Warlock families. The Fernandro Principality was controlled by the Warlock family called the Fernandro Family. Reportedly, the Fernandro Family had a very formidable level-2 Warlock.

3796s voice sounded in Yang Fengs mind:

Yang Feng had just taken a rough look at the memories of the Apprentice Warlocks, he couldnt access them freely. Only 3796, with its super computing chip, could freely access all kinds of information.

“Why have I come to attack the Black Cottage?” His eyes flashed with a cold glint, and he uttered with a sneer: “There are many reasons! The biggest reason is that the Black Cottage is in my way!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with frigid killing intent and he continued coldly: “In order to tread further on the Warlock path, you need more resources! I fancy the resources of the Fernandro Principality! Bonney, if you know whats good for you, submit to me. I can give you a good position. Otherwise, you will die here today! You will be my first stepping stone on the Warlock path!”

Warlocks were first-rate existences in the Turandot Subcontinent, and each one of them possessed extraordinary strength. Though, what was most attractive to Yang Feng was that his lifespan would increase to 200 years once he became an official level-1 Warlock, to 300 years once he became a level-2 Warlock, and to 400 years once he became a level-3 Warlocks. His lifespan would even increase to 1,000 years once he promoted to a Great Warlock.

It was exceedingly difficult to become a Warlock. First, you had to possess an aptitude for cultivation. Generally speaking, the chances that the descendants of Warlocks had an aptitude for cultivation were much higher than those of ordinary people. In other words, the chances that those born into the aristocracy had an aptitude for cultivation were fairly high. Additionally, to practice cultivation as a Warlock, you had to learn a various bodies of knowledge. Every piece of knowledge had great value. If their cultivation aptitude was heaven-defying and they were lucky enough to be discovered by others, then ordinary people would also have a chance to tread the Warlock path.

As a good-for-nothing earthling, Yang Fengs aptitude for cultivation was hopeless. However, inherent shortcomings could be supplemented. Similarly, a shortcoming in terms of cultivation aptitude could be supplemented with enormous quantities of resources. With the resources of the entire Fernandro Principality, it was possible for him to promote to an official level-1 Warlock.

Bonney responded coldly: “Youll pay for your arrogance and stupidity!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and ordered: “Attack!”

400 bladed robots abruptly acted and quickly darted towards the Black City.

“Swamp Field!”

Inside the Warlock tower in the middle of the Black City, Bonney pointed and cast a level-1 spell.

The 60-meter-tall Warlock tower flashed with light, and a powerful and mysterious fluctuation of power suddenly enveloped a tract of land in front of the Black City.

A huge swamp appeared in front of the Black City. The swamp was 3 kilometers long and 100 meters wide.

Originally, the level-1 spell Swamp Field wasnt so frightening, and couldnt form the huge swamp in a flash. However, such a miracle was possible with the boost from the Warlock tower.

There was an accepted truth in the Turandot Subcontinent – if you werent stronger by at least two ranks, then you should never challenge a Warlock in a Warlock tower, as that would be suicidal.

Faced with the swamp that suddenly appeared at their feat, the 400 bladed robots couldnt avoid falling inside. They got entangled by the swamp, and gradually sank.

The more the bladed robots struggled, the faster they sank. Before long, they were submerged in the swamp.

The soldiers atop the city wall burst into cheers when they saw the 400 bladed robots sink into the swamp.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with excitement, and he muttered: “Amazing! Thats really amazing! This is the power of a Warlock! So formidable!!”

For him, who was determination to tread the Warlock path, the more powerful Warlocks were, the more his interest would be piqued.


[1] – Yang Ye

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