Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 160 – Nuclear Cleansing Complete Wipeout

Chapter 159 – White Elephant Armor

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Clarissa, Cordelia and the other women looked at Yang Feng, their gazes flashing with a touch of a peculiar glint.

No matter from which angle one looked, Steel Citys City Master, Yang Ye, was extremely benevolent to his only kin, Yang Ye. Not only did he spent large quantities of resources to help with Yang Fengs cultivation, but had also sent the Great Warlock Dephilia to be Yang Fengs bodyguard, resulting in his base being empty and him being captured by Grant.

Cordelia quickly took the opportunity to exhibit her loyalty: “Master, how about we go rush there? I have a pet, a level-3 extraordinary life form Hurricane Wyvern. With its speed coupled with my secret method, we can rush to Black City within six hours.”

Yang Feng gave a confident smile and said faintly: “Theres no need, lets just quietly watch this play.”

Seeing Yang Fengs confidence, the several women beside him somewhat muttered within. Only Dephilia had a somewhat vague guess.

Grants eyes flashed with a touch of malevolence and cruelty, and he laughed out madly: “Ha ha. Yang Ye, since you fell into my hands, then whether you live or die is all up to me; if I want you to live, then youll live, if I want you to die, then youll die. I will torture secret method of the 6th Warlock Dynasty out of you, then Ill giving vent to my anger by using the secret method of the 5th Warlock Dynasty and refining you into a living dead.

The 5th Warlock Dynasty was also known as Death Dynasty. During the 5th Warlock Dynasty, the main research field lied in the mysteries of life and death. They produced living dead, departed legions, death god legions, demonic corpses, suture freaks and other types of freaks which existences lied between life and death.

The secret methods passed down from the 5th Warlock Dynasty were exceedingly bizarre and cruel, their subjects would go through hell without the right to the sweet release which was death.

In the room, a figure suddenly burst out from the shadows, and sent a ferocious palm strike at Grants back.

In a flash, an immense life force erupted from Grant, and turned into a formidable protective cover around him.

The palm strike contained dense death energy. It easily pierced through Grants protective cover, before continuing towards his back.

The protective cover had slowed down the palm strike. Grant seized this chance, and shattered a magic scroll.

When the magic scroll was shattered, Grants body had also fell apart, before swiftly shooting aside, and gathering back into his human form.

Black aura overtook Grants face and black blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth. Apparently he hadnt completely avoided the strike.

Grant said through clenched teeth: “Knapman, sure enough its you! To attack from behind, really despicable.”

Knapman smiled slightly: “If were talking about being despicable, then there is no one who can match you humans in that category. Werent you distorting and deliberately misrepresenting the facts, and framing a hero of Human Clan into being a traitor of Human Clan just a moment ago? It was quite the magnificent play. Were it not for the repeated internal frictions in your Human Clan, where it not for you constantly fighting and scheming amongst yourselves, then our Hellion Clan might have already been exterminated.

Ever since the Time Emperor founded the 1st Warlock Dynasty, and along the following 7 Warlock Dynasties, human Warlocks stood at the apex of many planes. Gods and demons were suppressed, and planes were subdued one after another.

Were it not for human Warlocks being in a state of constant internal friction, scheming and fighting amongst themselves, and endlessly campaigning amongst themselves, then the hellions would have already been uprooted.

“Since this is the case, then just stay here forever!”

Grants eyes flashed with a touch of a cold glint. With the flick of his wrist, a huge sculpture of a white elephant suddenly flew out, before breaking into pieces and reforming into an immaculate and glimmering white armor around him.

Grants life force had been quite a bit inferior to Knapmans, yet after donning the white armor, he was exuding a formidable life force not inferior to Knapmans.

Knapmans eyes flashed with a touch of graveness, and he said solemnly: “White Elephant Battle Armor. This is a knockoff of the demigod rank armament White Elephant Armor! It seems to be one of the five Legend rank White Elephant Armor knockoffs, am I right?”

After discovering White Elephant Ivory, a relic from ancient Warlocks, White Elephant Ivorys founder had obtained various secret method inheritances as well as powerful secret treasures. In the end, he founded White Elephant Ivory, a formidable Warlock group.

The most powerful secret treasure White Elephant Ivorys founder had obtained was the demigod rank armament White Elephant Armor. If the conditions were met, the successive Masters of White Elephant Ivory would make copies of this formidable secret treasure. In the entire history of White Elephant Ivory, there were altogether 7 successful Legend rank White Elephant Armor knockoffs. However, two have disappeared in a war.

Grant opened his mouth, spat out a black breath of death, and sneered: “Youre right. Knapman, I might not match you in terms of strength, but in a fight, the one to die will definitely be you! Because we are humans, we excel in using weapons, while you are just some petty and lowly beasts.”

Human Warlocks were proficient in a variety of secret methods and countless spells, which allowed them to put themselves above other races. Alchemy was the most important type of secret methods of human Warlocks. Even if human Warlocks temper their spirit and bodies with a variety of secret methods, they would still be weaker than many other extraordinary life forms. Only by refining all kinds of secret treasures with mystical powers could they stay above other races.

“Youre too arrogant. Even with the White Elephant Armor, the one to die will definitely be you!”

Knapman sneered, and operated Undead Hellion Clans inherited secret method Undead Nine Transformations. His life force changed. Countless wisps of black death energy started circling his body, before setting up an image of a peerless hellion.

Knapman reached out, and countless wisps of death energy gathered into a blade of death in his hand. Suddenly, the blade of death exploded, before strangely appearing in front of Grant and chopping at him along with a terrifying negative energy.

Grant silently recited an incantation, reached out, and countless elemental particles gathered into a huge elemental white elephant; it gave an angry roar, and swung its long trunk towards Knapmans blade, before flinging it away.

Knapmans figure twisted, before he strangely appeared on top of the elemental white elephant, and smashed his ram-like fist against its head.

A powerful death force instantly rippled out, and the elemental white elephants head caved in.

Grants complexion became slightly pale. He silently recited an incantation, pointed towards Knapman, cast the level-4 spell Great Weakness, and a grey radiance shrouded Knapman.

Knapmans physical constitution immediately dropped by several levels. His figure retreated briskly, and he silently recited an incantation. Wisps of death energy gathered in his body in an attempt to disperse the magic power of the Great Weakness.

Grant once more urged the elemental white elephant to frantically attack Knapman.

Suddenly, right when Grant was giving his all to deal with Knapman, a killing intent instantly erupted from the shadows below a table behind, and a transparent figure rushed out.

“Shit!” Grants complexion suddenly changed greatly. His life force erupted in a flash, the White Elephant Armor flickered with radiances, and a formidable defensive cover appeared around him.

A dagger easily pierced through the defensive cover of the White Elephant Armor, before thrusting at it and issuing an ear-piercing noise. The dagger had barely cut open a hole in the White Elephant Armor, and pierced into Grant.

Grant hit the transparent figure with the back of his hand. The person was sent flying, before hitting the wall. What came to sight was a peerless beauty with short blue hair, wheat-colored skin, and a slender figure. The sensual beauty was dressed in a Phantom Armor.

In a flash, a feeling of weakness spread throughout Grants body. He had a splitting headache, his spirit nearly dispersed, and black aura overtook his face.

“Shadow Goddess Miry!!”

Grant was greatly shocked after realizing that he was hit with the Legend rank cursed dagger, Shadow Dagger, before frantically gathering his spirit force and pouring it into the White Elephant Armor.

A formidable sacred and radiant power erupted from the White Elephant Armor, before pouring into Grants body, and dispersing all the curses afflicting him.

But at the moment when Grant was distracted, Knapman took advantage of that split second, and strangely appeared before Grant. Knapman unleashed his palms. He hit Grant in the chest, before violent death force at once poured into Grant. Even though the White Elephant Armor had weakened the death force by 70%, but the remaining 30% had still corroded large parts of Grants flesh, and broke several of his bones.

The elemental white elephant also seized this opportunity to sent its long trunk towards Knapman. Several of Knapmans ribs were broken, and he was smashed into the wall of the Warlock Tower, before crushing it.

Grant tore a magic scroll to shreds, and spacial fluctuations shrouded his body. He cast Knapman a resentful look, before disappearing.

Knapman sighed somewhat regretfully: “Unfortunately he was wearing the White Elephant Armor, or my strike would have killed him just now. The Warlocks from the 6 Great Warlock Groups have just too many life-saving trump cards; to kill one of them is really not easy.”

Knapman and Shadow Goddess Miry had jointly sneak attacked him. They had nearly pushed him into a corner, yet Grant still managed to escape; his strength could very well be imagined.

“That fellow Grant ran away. Boxer, lend me a hand; lets first capture Yang Ye, and then decide amongst our selves how to divide him.”

Khamis smiled boldly as he entered the Warlock Tower along with the other two Great Warlocks from Savage Claw, before staring at Knapman and Miry: “The Shadow Goddess has also come, just in time for you to die here!”

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