Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 161 – Great Harvest

Chapter 160 – Nuclear Cleansing, Complete Wipeout

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Boxer said coldly: “Very well, I will work with you to kill these two beasts from the other clans.”

Khamis laughed wildly in response, and silently recited an incantation. Magical radiances shone on his body, and he morphed into the 8 m tall land dire beast Behemoth with long silver-white fur, sharp fangs, and 3 m long claws.

Behemoth was a giant first-rate extraordinary life form comparable to dragons. On land, it could even tear a dragon into shreds. Its weaknesses were its fairly low magical resistance, and its inability of flight.


Knapman saw Khamis morph, his complexion changed greatly, and his figure briskly retreated, before he barked.

In such a narrow terrain, a slap from that Behemoth could slice Knapman into pieces.

Mirys figure retreated briskly. She crashed into the wall of the Warlock Tower, before bursting trough it, and rushing into the distance.

The Khamis morphed Behemoth took an abrupt step forward, brandished its claw, and slapped at Miry.

Large amount of blood splashed; Mirys arm was forcibly sent flying by the Behemoths slap.

Miry took this chance to escape from the Warlock Tower, and flew into the sky.

Boxers gaze was cold. He silently recited an incantation, pointed towards Miry in the sky, and cast the level-4 spell Flight Ban.

The level-4 spell Flight Ban could just ban a single person from flight, it wasnt effective in large scale battles, but in small scale battles, it was never the less a horrifying spell.

As if a headless fly, Miry dropped from the sky, and fell to the ground.

Harley silently recited an incantation, pointed at Khamis, and cast the level-4 spell Extraordinary Physical Constitution Strengthening.

To the Khamis morphed Behemoth, many level-1 and level-2 strengthening spells had little to no effect. While the level-4 spell Extraordinary Physical Constitution Strengthening could strengthen him by 30%, turning him even more terrifying and fierce. Even if a dragon fell to the ground, it would be easily torn to shreds by him.

The level-4 spell Extraordinary Physical Constitution Strengthening was a level-4 spell which many Body-Tempering Great Warlocks were bound to solidify in their spirit seas.

Khamis eyes flickered with brutal radiance, he gave an angry roar, and frenziedly rushed towards Miry.

When Khamis was about to clash with Miry, the three black dragons in the sky opened their bloody maws and puffed out. The three black dragons immediately spurted their dragon breaths at the Behemoth.

Eben, the monkey-like man with the petite figure, his figure shook, and he arrived before the Behemoth. With the flash of a magical radiance, he morphed into a 3 m tall level-4 extraordinary life form Prismatic Mirrorloid. It was a rhombohedron-shaped life form with every face being a mirror.

Among level-4 extraordinary life forms, the battle prowess of Prismatic Mirrorloids were among the weakest. But they had a mystical property to them, that is, they could ricochet the majority of magic attacks. Only Moonlight Warlock rank magical attacks, attacks with absolute power, were certain to kill them.

Immediately after the three dragon breaths hit the Prismatic Mirrorloid, they were ricocheted back at the three black dragons, before detonating on their bodies and burning them all over. The three people were left screaming miserably.

The Khamis morphed Behemoth seized the chance to rush in front of Miry. His eyes flashed with a cruel glint, and he fiercely sent a claw at her.

In a frontal clash, Shadow Goddess Mirys fighting strength was no match to any of the Great Warlocks present. However, she believed in the God of Shadows and had the assassination divine authority. She was one of the most dreadful assassins; if not killed, Human Clans Great Warlocks in Turandot Subcontinent wont have any peace of mind.

Mirys complexion was unchanged. She ripped apart a magic scroll, and her body turned into wisps of smoke which dispersed in every direction.

The Behemoths claw strike hit empty air, before ferociously hitting the land below, and tearing open huge crevices.

In an instant, Miry appeared in a dark corner 1 km outside of Black City, before merging with the shadows and disappearing.

As if a goddess, Shayenna trod on empty air. Holding the demigod rank armament Dark Scepter embedded with 6 magic cores from level-4 extraordinary life forms, she pointed at the 3 black dragons, and cast the level-4 divine spell Darkness Power Strengthening.

Black streams of divine light were released from the Dark Scepter, and merged with the 3 black dragons. Under the blessings from the streams of divine light, the three black dragons had their strength immediately rise by 40%.

“Divine decree. Gods power must not be defied; vile heresy is bound to incur divine retribution!”

While holding the Black Scepter, a touch of a sacred radiance flashed on Shayennas peerlessly beautiful face. She silently recited a prayer, pointed at Khamis, and cast the level-4 divine spell Divine Retribution.

A stream of black divine light descended from the sky, and shot towards Khamis.

The complexion of the Eben morphed Prismatic Mirrorloid changed greatly. His body rotated, before immediately changing back to his human form, and hiding aside.

Pastors, Priests, and other beings drew support from divine power. Divine power was much more terrifying than magic. Each and every god, even those with weak divine power, they all at least had power comparable to human Moonlight Warlocks. That level of power by far exceeded the range what a Prismatic Mirrorloid could handle. If Eben were to forcibly resist that level-4 divine spell, then only death would await him.

That stream of black divine light illuminated the Behemoth. It issued miserable roars, its silver-white fur started to turn black, and large patches of its flesh started to corrode, revealing its bones.

Different types of gods controlled different divine authority and different laws, and the offensive methods of the divine power they granted were also different. Lolth was the Ruler of the dark elves; darkness law was part of the divine laws under her control, and her divine power also contained the unique corrosive nature of darkness divine power.

Khamis clenched his teeth, his figure shook, and he recovered his human form. But now he looked as if he had sulfuric acid thrown all over him, without any part of his skin being spared. A large part of his back had also sunken in, revealing his bones.

Khamis took out an ancient bronze shield brimming with ancient aura, and raised the shield upwards. It was the Legend rank secret treasure Lion Heart Shield. A cyan elemental lion flew out from the Lion Heart Shield, before getting into a fierce struggle against the stream of black divine light.

The moment the stream of black divine light had extinguished, was when the cyan elemental lion had collapsed.

Harley silently recited an incantation, pointed at Khamis, and cast the level-4 water attribute spell Treatment Water.

Streams of blue treatment water entered Khamis body; the skin and flesh which had been corroded could be seen swiftly recovering.

In Turandot Subcontinent, even Warlocks that specialized in treatment couldnt compare with Pastors, Worshipers, Priests, and others who drew support from divine power, but they were still exceedingly outstanding, and only slightly inferior. Some first-rate Life Warlocks were even above Pastors, Worshipers, and Priests in terms of treatment.

The three black dragons once more spurted out their horrifying dragon breaths, sending them towards Harley.

Harleys complexion changed drastically, he shredded a magic scroll, and instantly vanished from where he stood, before reappearing 300 m away.

Suddenly, the figure of Black Dragon Towers Carl shook, he appeared in front of Yang Ye, reached out with his hand and captured him. His figure flashed, and he frantically rushed out of Black City without giving a damn about Khamis and the other several people being suppressed.

“Carl, hand over Yang Ye!”

Clifford walked out of the side, pointed his Legend rank magic staff, the Blackshine Staff, at Carl, and shot a black meteor-like arrow at him.

“Clifford, Im your opponent!”

Perris, who had cast his Dragon Morph and had morphed into a half-dragon half-human freak, erupted with a terrifying life force, and reached out with his dragon-like claw, before squashing the black arrow.

Nena, also in her half-dragon half-human form, while smiling merrily, appeared to block in front of Conrell.

There was no deep hatred between Black Dragon Tower and Warlock College Antalya, but they still wouldnt miss this chance to fight over Yang Ye.

Eyes of Justices Uhtred appeared from a corner to block in front of Carl, and said coldly: “Theres still me. Carl, hand over Yang Ye, and Ill let you pass!”

“If you want Yang Ye, then come and take him yourself!”

Carl burst into laughter, turned into a half-dragon half-human freak with a terrifying power infinitesimally close to that of a Starry Sky Warlock, before rushing at Uhtred.

As a consequence of the fights between those Great Warlocks, the entire Black City was trembling and wailing, with countless building being smashed to pieces and the debris flying everywhere.

On the other side, Yang Feng was watching the fights between those Great Warlocks in Black City. Although the fights were fierce, but the combatants still left each other some leeway, not intending to fight to the death. Yang Fengs eyebrows were slightly creased as he was somewhat dissatisfied with the outcome.

“Everything is in place. Very well, all of you can now go to hell. Go ahead!” Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a cold glint, and he ordered.

In an instant, the nuclear warheads buried in Black City detonated at the same time.


Along with a world-shattering blare, the entire Black City became shrouded in the power of the nuclear warheads; the city was blown up.

Boundless light and heat instantly swallowed the Great Warlock rank experts fighting in Black City.

A mushroom cloud rose to the sky, the earth quaked in a radios of several thousand kilometers, and birds and beasts fled in disarray.

Fizz! Fizz!

The moment the nuclear warheads exploded, the holographic projection in Rose Garden blurred, and stopped transmitting images. The video surveillance equipment was either destroyed in the explosion or suffered an interference from it.

Carolina was stupefied, then muttered somewhat indistinctly: “What happened? Did … did you just blow up the entire Black City?”

Cordelia had also a dull expression. She looked at Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes brimming with incredulity.

Clarissa also looked disbelievingly at Yang Feng.

Even if Great Warlock rank experts did their utmost, they still couldnt blow up the entire Black City with a spell, and even Starry Sky Warlocks couldnt accomplish it. Only Moonlight Warlock rank experts and above, Warlocks whose strength was comparable to gods, only they could wipe out the entire Black City with a spell.

Yang Feng said with a cheerful smile: “Thats right, it was me who blew up Black City. This Black City has always been a trap set up by myself and my uncle. No matter the amount of Warlock rank experts, as long as they enter, then they will never leave.”

With this nuclear cleansing, Black City was blown up, and a large amount of Great Warlock rank experts – regardless of whether they were from the underground worlds allied forces, or Turandot Subcontinents 6 Great Warlock Groups – they were all buried in one fell swoop. This was the best opportunity for Steel City to grow.

Carolina suddenly felt a chill within, her mind was filled with fear.

Cordelia and Clarissa had their beautiful eyes flash with a touch of dismay and fear. If Cordelia hadnt betrayed Rose Garden, then 1 or 2 of them might also have went to Steel City. If that happened, then they might also have perished in the nuclear explosion.

Clarissas pretty face changed. She hesitated for a moment, clenched her fists, and then criticized: “Yang Feng, there were still several hundred thousand ordinary people in Black City! Dont you have any guilty conscience for doing that?”

Carolina and Cordelia had their beautiful eyes flash with a touch of disapproval. In their eyes, ordinary people are but ants, they wouldnt bat an eye at any number of them dying. Putting aside their positions, they even admired Yang Feng for killing off more than a dozen Great Warlocks at the expense of several hundred thousand human lives.

Yang Feng said with a slight smile: “Ive already taken care of it beforehand. There was only a single living person in the Black City, and the rest were all alchemical golems refined by my uncle.”

Clarissa heaved a sigh of relief, and said apologetically: “Im sorry for blaming you wrongly. Youre a good person.”

“If hes a good person, then there are no bad people in the world.” Dephilia glanced somewhat strangely at Clarissa, and muttered within.

Among Rose Gardens 3 Great Warlocks, Carolina and Cordelia were very capable and cunning experts, they had abundant experience. As for Clarissa, she was a pure and honest person. She could only become one of Rose Gardens 3 tycoons because she was part of Carolinas faction as she was somewhat silly and hadnt fought for power; therefore, she was also the weakest one of the three.

Carolinas eyebrows creased, and she said: “What happened to your uncle Yang Ye? As Great Warlocks, Grant and the others would never fail to distinguish between a human and an alchemical golem at a close distance.”

Yang Feng smiled lightly, and said: “The one person who died was indeed a level-1 human Warlock. It was a human Warlock whom I had caught, performed a cosmetic surgery on, and then altered his memories. There were no fluctuations of magic on him, and even Warlock rank experts wouldnt see through this farce if they didnt use special detection spells.”

Carolina and the other several women suddenly realized that those Great Warlocks were fooled by a simple cosmetic surgery. After hearing that, Carolina couldnt help but be somewhat impressed by Yang Feng.

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