Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 164 – Going Into The Underground World

Chapter 163 – Breaking Through Fish-Tooth Citys Defenses With Zero Casualties

Translator: Xaiomoge

Black Dragon Empire, Satsuma Marquisdom, Baza City.

Above the city wall, Ares in his Blue Lion Fang armor along with a squad of human warriors were on patrol.

These days, through Yang Feng spending large amounts of resources to nurture him, Ares had already been promoted to an Earth Knight rank expert. Along with great power, and everyone going through heaven-toppling changes, his position as the great commander of Baza Citys city guards had solidified.

All of a sudden, rumbling noises from propellers and airplane engines came from afar.

“Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft, are those the reinforcements sent by master?”

As soon as he looked up and saw those Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft arriving from afar, Ares eyes flashed with a touch of shock: “So many Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft!”

In the middle of the sky, nearly 10,000 Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft were flying over under the protection of several 1,000 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters.

“So many Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft!”

“Those are the reinforcements sent by Sir Lord! Could it be that Sir Lord wants to fight those vile dark elves?”


Every human warrior above the city wall looked at the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft soaring in the sky; a touch of shock flashing through their eyes as they discussed.

The human warriors of Baza City had already experienced Yang Fengs dissemination of technology. They had already familiarized themselves with the various military weapons produced by Steel City, and were no longer scrubs who knew nothing.

The Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft descended from the sky, landed in Baza Citys military barracks, and dropped off a variety of military weapons.

A large number of robots moved large amounts of goods from the Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft.

Once all the goods were unloaded, the 10,000 Thunder-Demon Heavy-Duty Transport Aircraft immediately took off, and flew towards Blue-Rock City under the protection from the Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters.

Since the nuclear cleansing of Black City, Blue-Rock City had been forged by Yang Feng into Steel Citys new core. In Blue-Rock City, large amounts of goods were stacked up high and waited to be shipped off.

“Respectful greetings, master!”

Ares went next to Yang Feng, bowed towards him in a Knights salute, and said deferentially.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of a peculiar glint, and he said solemnly: “Ares, Ive decided to execute a military expedition towards the underground world, and storm the base of those darkness life forms. Are you willing to follow me into the underground world to destroy the base of those darkness life forms?”

Ares immediately felt his blood surge, and he said straightforwardly: “Master! I, Ares, am willing to follow You, and kill all Your enemies!”

At the moment, dark elves and other darkness life forms were wreaking havoc in Turandot Subcontinent, with countless humans meeting violent deaths in their hands, while Turandot Subcontinents 6 Great Warlock Groups were forced to hole up in their bases and not dare to come out.

And now, Yang Feng had actually proposed to go into the lions den, and destroy the base of the darkness life forms, making Ares blood surge. He just wanted to follow Yang Feng and fight.

Yang Feng nodded in satisfaction, and said: “Excellent, go gather the troops, make the necessary preparations for battle, and await my order.”

Ares answered loudly: “Yes! Master!”

Fish-Tooth City, the formerly human city had already turned into a homeland for dark elves.

Above Fish-Tooth Citys city wall, a large number of haggard-looking human slaves with numb eyes were constructing the city wall, turning it taller and firmer.

The exterior of Fish-Tooth Citys city wall was covered in thick extraordinary plants, venomous vampiric rattans, full of sharp thorns. The sharp thorns of the extraordinary plants venomous vampiric rattans could easily pierce through human armor. Once humans were stung by those venomous thorns, they would be paralyzed and their blood would be sucked dry by those venomous vampiric rattans.

Inside the 20 m wide moat outside Fish-Tooth City, the dark elves had set free a shoal of extraordinary life forms Black-Scaled Piranhas. The shoal of Black-Scaled Piranhas was horrifying. Even level-3 Warlocks would be devoured by them until practically nothing was left, if they fall into the moat and didnt cast in time a spell to escape.

“Fucking bastards, how come the reinforcements have not yet arrived?”

Within Fish-Tooth Citys palace, Bisca had a look of anxiety, and her pretty yes were gaunt. She couldnt help but to curse.

Since she was defeated by Yang Feng, Bisca had withdrawn her troops into Fish-Tooth City, and had been sending reinforcement requests to the underground worlds allied forces ever since.

But the underground worlds allied forces had been sweeping throughout the entire Turandot Subcontinent, and had their forces spread out alike to a blooming flower. There were no extra troops assigned to her. They just gave her 2,000 dark elf warriors, and let her hold on to Fish-Tooth City.

Bisca was very clear, with her troops, she had no way to resist Yang Fengs mechanical legion. This was the reason why she had been having nightmares lately; she dreamt that Yang Fengs army would besiege them, and she would be killed.

A dark elf with a panicked expression ran next to Bisca, and shouted: “Lady, its bad! Lady, Rex, the Lord of Satsuma Marquisdom, has come along with his troops!”

“What?! He has come?” The shocked and angry Bisca also seemed to reveal a trace of relief. She immediately changed into her armor, and went towards Fish-Tooth Citys city wall.

When Bisca arrived above the city wall, what met her sight were the densely packed level-8 beast-type bladed robots moving towards Fish-Tooth City in a skirmish line.

Biscas scalp went numb as she watched the densely packed level-8 beast-type bladed robots, and exclaimed: “Fuck, how come there are so many high-level alchemical battle golems?! Its very likely that their battle prowess are comparable to level-1 Warlocks.”

There was a direct relationship between the size of the alchemical golems build and their strength. The level-8 beast-type bladed robots were 6 m tall; they were as tall as two-story-tall buildings. According to the common sense in Turandot Subcontinent, such alchemical golems had the battle prowess of level-1 Warlock rank experts.

The dark elves above the city wall had their pretty faces turn pale, their beautiful eyes flickering with traces of fear.

“Break through the citys defenses!”

From among the densely packed beast-type bladed robots, Yang Feng swept Fish-Tooth City with a gaze, and ordered domineeringly. Now that Steel Citys strength had been revealed, he had no need to lie low anymore. He was now an enemy of the entire world; therefore, expanding swiftly and crushing the resistance with absolute power was the way to go.

The densely packed level-8 beast-type blade robots suddenly charged towards Fish-Tooth City with a terrifying speed comparable to that of first-rate chariots.

Under the charge of the 10,000 beast-type bladed robots, the earth shook.

Bisca roared at the top of her lungs: “Fire the arrows! Fire the arrows!!”

Akin to raindrops, countless arrows were shot from above the city wall, and madly rushed towards the beast-type bladed-robots.

Dark elves were born archers, and their talent in archery was by far superior to humans. The dense rain of arrows had accurately locked onto the beast-type bladed robots.

A despairing scene arose. Radiances flashed on the beast-type bladed robots, followed by the sudden emergence of transparent protective covers. When the arrows shot by the dark elves hit the protective covers, they were immediately ricocheted; they couldnt harm the beast-type bladed robots in the slightest.

After seeing this, a touch of despair flashed in the eyes of the dark elves above the city wall. For the dark elves, their extraordinary archery was their winning move. It was unknown how many experts had fallen before their archery; but now, the beast-type bladed robots disregarding their archery had left them in despair.

Bisca shouted: “Catapults! Heavy crossbows!”

20 heavy crossbows were put into position above the city wall, before shooting 6 m long bolts in a flash, and striking at the protective covers of the beast-type bladed robots.

The bolts made out of wood shattered instantly, with their remains splashing everywhere and scattering on the ground. They hadnt even managed to slow down the charge of the beast-type bladed robots.

Although these beast-type bladed robots couldnt withstand a single blow from Great Warlock rank experts, but they were terrifying beings comparable to pinnacle level-2 Warlocks, and ordinary heavy crossbows had no way of destroying their protective covers.

Fish-Tooth City still had 30 catapults.

Boulders dropped from the sky, and smashed towards the beast-type bladed robots.

The beast-type bladed robots brandished their arms to deflect the boulders, and pushed the boulders dropping from the sky aside.

Bisca snapped: “Cast!!”


“Shadow Ray!”


“Petrification Ray!”


In the Fish-Tooth City, the dark elf Wizards cast their spells; a variety of spells bombarded the beast-type bladed robots. The spells just managed to set off ripples on the protective covers, before disappearing.

The auxiliary spells such as Web and Grease were but a minor inconvenience to the beast-type bladed robots, delaying the pace of their charge.

Within a dozen seconds, engineering robots rushed up to Fish-Tooth City, and swiftly started to build pontoon bridges across the moat, before reaching Fish-Tooth Citys city wall.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

300 artillery robots started their bombardment; the terrifying artillery barrage had instantly decimated a section of Fish-Tooth Citys city wall.

The 10,000 beast-type bladed robots followed the gap resulting from the bombardment and rushed inside.

The dark elves were worthy of being called elites trained in the underground worlds cruel inter-clan wars. Even though they were under such a tremendous disadvantage, they still launched their attacks against the beast-type bladed robots.

But the attack of the dark elves had no effect, they had no way to break through the defense of the beast-type bladed robots. The beast-type bladed robots struck the dark elves with their electric batons, before electrocuting them till they fainted.

Bisca clenched her teeth and issued a retreat order: “Retreat! Everyone, retreat immediately!!”

Bisca made the prompt decision to abandoning the members from the other clans. She led the remaining 5,000 dark elf elites to scrape for anything that could be ridden, and quickly fled outside.

The members from other clans who stayed behind in Fish-Tooth City had either died or surrendered; Fish-Tooth City had been occupied in less than an hour.

After capturing Fish-Tooth City, the beast-type bladed robots didnt linger, but instead rushed out of the city, and proceeded to pursue the dark elves lead by Bisca.

“Enter the city!” Yang Feng pointed with his delicate commanders sword towards Fish-Tooth City, and said solemnly.


The 8,000 Baza Citys city guards following behind Yang Feng issued heaven-shaking cheers; everyone was looking at Yang Feng with adoration in their eyes.

Zero casualties! At the cost of zero casualties, Yang Feng had conquered the heavily garrisoned Fish-Tooth City. This accomplishment was simply terrifying.

Even the peerless generals of Black Dragon Empire had no means to defeat the heavily garrisoned Fish-Tooth City at the expense of zero casualties. This accomplishment was simply heaven-defying.

Under Ares command, the 8,000 trained Baza Citys city guards immediately entered ??Fish-Tooth City, locked up the captives, and rescued the human slaves.

As soon as the human slaves saw the human army, they burst into tears and wailed in grief. Many of them had their families ruined by the different clans, and had a deep-seated hatred towards the underground worlds darkness clans. Yang Feng who had conquered Fish-Tooth City was akin to their savior; this allowed him to easily obtain the goodwill of Fish-Tooth Citys people.

In a thicket, Bisca along with more than 300 dark elves were shuttling through it, with blood-curdling screams of dark elves occasionally coming from behind them.

Bisca looked haggard as she cursed somewhat frenziedly: “Bastards. Those beasts are so despicable; they dont let people off until the very end.”

After Bisca fled Fish-Tooth City, she took the dark elves to escape towards the entrance to the underground world. But before they could go far, the bladed robots had chased up to them from behind, and relentlessly fought them.

Bisca ordered promptly: “Heed my command. Everyone is to immediately disperse; search for a way to break out of the encirclement, and report what happened today to Lady Beverly.”

The dark elves following Bisca immediately dispersed, and escaped in different directions.

Suddenly, Bisca felt slightly cold inside as miserable shrieks sounded. She had just taken a few steps, when 6 beast-type bladed robots rushed out from the side and madly besieged her from different directions.

Shortly after, Bisca had also fallen to the ground; she was reduced to a captive.

Demonic Snake Fortress.

Inside a luxurious villa. The commander of Demonic Snake Fortress and Matriarch of one of the 13 Dark Elven Tribes, Beverly, her eyebrows creases lightly as she looked at the intelligence report in her hands: “Satsuma Marquisdoms Rex had launched an attack on Fish-Tooth City? Hes also heading towards Demonic Snake Fortress? Whats happening? Bisca is no good-for-nothing, why would she send me such a ridiculous intelligence report?”

Beverly hesitated for a moment, and then made a decision: “Demonic Snake Fortress run by us is impenetrable. But this is a serious matter, so its better to ask instructions from the Great Matriarch Shayenna.”

Beverly became the Matriarch of one of the 13 Tribes not only because she was a mighty level-3 Warlock, but also because she was very cautious. If some ordinary dark elf general were to be in her stead, she would definitely dismiss this seemingly ridiculous intelligence report.

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