Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 167 – Enemy At The Gate

Chapter 166 – Abnormal Change In The City Of Dark Elves

Translator: Xaiomoge

The still artillery robots quickly adjusted their aims, and then madly fired at the Darkness Wisdom Treant morphed giant vampiric rattans

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thousands of artilleries rumbled simultaneously!

Almost in a flash, the giant vampiric rattans surrounding Demonic Snake Fortress were blasted into tatters by the barrage. The terrifying barrage persisted, and blasted a large chunk of Demonic Snake Fortress city wall into smithereens, exposing a huge opening.

Originally, via the support from the 9 Warlock Towers, Demonic Snake Fortress had a restricted airspace array covering it. Additionally, with the power of the Warlock Towers, the fortress city wall had been extremely firm.

However, there were no dark elven Warlocks; therefore, the Warlock Towers became completely useless once they entered their possession. This was the reason why Demonic Snake Fortress was so fragile and vulnerable.

After the huge opening was blasted open in Demonic Snake Fortress city wall, countless beast-type bladed robots swarmed inside, before swinging their electric batons at the dark elves.

The dark elves resisted frantically. But once they ran into the beast-type bladed robots, they would be hit by the electric batons, before twitching and collapsing to the ground.

Beverlys beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of despair, and she said with a grieved expression: “Were finished!! How come we were so easily defeated? How come Steel City is so powerful?”

“Because the Alchemy of Steel Citys City Master, Yang Ye, is just too formidable!”

Suddenly, a faint voice rose from behind her.

Beverly was secretly alarmed; she turned around, and saw Dephilia standing behind her.

“Im Steel Citys Snow White Madam; Ive come to catch you! Who told you to be so conspicuous? Now that youve caught his eye, consider yourself to be unlucky.”

Dephilia smiled, and pointed towards Beverly with her lily-white hand. An ice-cold stream erupted in a flash, hit Beverly, and instantly froze her into a chunk of ice.

With Beverlys strength, even if she couldnt match Dephilia, but she still might have escaped from Dephilia if she went all out. But with Dephilias sneak attack, she had no time to retaliate, and was directly frozen into a chunk of ice.

“Lady Matriarch!!”

The countenances of the dark elven guards beside Beverly change greatly, and they rushed at Dephilia.

Dephilia raised her lily-white hand, and silently recited an incantation; an ice-cold force instantly erupted, and blew towards the surroundings.

The dark elven guards next to Beverly were frozen into ice sculptures by a freezing-cold wind.

Dephilia gave a sweet smile, and grabbed Beverly; her figure shook, and she disappeared from within Demonic Snake Fortress.

After loosing their commander, Beverly, the ranks of the dark elves which were at the brink of collapse had finally collapsed. The dark elves threw their armor and weapons aside, rushed out of Demonic Snake Fortress, and fled in every which direction.

Thus, Yang Feng had easily taken back Demonic Snake Fortress.

After capturing Demonic Snake Fortress, Yang Feng sent his mechanical legion to advance into the depths of the underground world.

After becoming the Lord of Satsuma Marquisdom, Yang Feng had dispatched a variety of robotic insects to sneak into the underground world, and conduct an exploration of the road.

Black Dragon Empire also had human merchants and experts fortunate to visit the the City of Dark Elves, and successfully come back alive.

The robotic insects sent by Yang Feng carried out the exploration along the road, as well as the roads surroundings; checking on the underground worlds topography.

Although Yang Feng still didnt had a complete grasp of underground worlds topography, but the paths leading to the City of Dark Elves and the City of Hellions, the headquarters of the 2 most important cities of the underground worlds allied forces had already been mapped out in their entirety.

Along the way, like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, all the forces baring Yang Fengs way were steamrolled by his 200,000 primary battle robots.

The 3rd layer of the underground world, the City of Dark Elves, in the depths of the great temple, inside the Holy Spring Divine Pool.

“Great Matriarch, theres an urgent military intelligence report.” A melodious voice was transmitted into the Holy Spring Divine Pool.

Shayenna had no intentions of letting the person in, but rather said coldly: “Tell me what happened.”

An anxious voice came from outside the Holy Spring Divine Pool: “Demonic Snake Fortress has fallen, and the fate of Matriarch Beverly is unknown. Steel Citys mechanical legion has already broken through the 1st layer of the underground world. Weve also lost contact with several reconnaissance sites in the 2nd layer of the underground world.”

Shayennas pretty face went pale, and she barked: “What did you said? Demonic Snake Fortress has fallen? How is that possible? There were 30,000 elite warriors from my clan in Demonic Snake Fortress, and there still was Beverly, a Matriarch; how come they hadnt even managed to last a single day? You dare deceive me?”

Even if a Great Warlock rank expert were to attack Demonic Snake Fortress, with Beverly along with 30,000 dark elven elite warriors and several hundred dark elven Wizards standing guard over it, it still wouldnt have so easily fallen, and could have at least persisted for 2 to 3 days. 2 to 3 days should be enough for the dark elves to react.

However, the terror of Yang Fengs mechanical legion had by far exceeded Shayennas imagination. It had easily bulldozed through Demonic Snake Fortress, and advanced unchecked in the direction of the City of Dark Elves.

The melodious voice sounded once more: “Great Matriarch, I would never dare to deceive You. This information had already been verified by us, and is definitely true. We had also used a divine spell to test it. Please come out to preside over the overall situation, and lead us to annihilate those freaks.”

Shayennas pretty face changed; she was nearly shocked speechless by the astonishing news.

With her strength, Shayenna would at the very least require half a year in order for her to dispel the radiation energy and recover. She could not leave the Holy Spring Divine Pool during this period of time. Once someone found out how weak she was, it would very likely lead to a miserable end.

Shayenna pondered for a while, and then said: “Let Joana! No, let Beatrice preside over the overall situation. Send a help requests to the Evil Eyes Tyrant, the Demonic Caveman, the Great Fiend Bareque, the Magma Giant, and the Black Dragon King. As long as they are willing to act, then try your best to agree to their demands.”

There were many powerful races which were forced to escape to the underground world by human Warlocks. After several millennia of reproduction and recuperation, they gave rise to many powerful beings comparable to Great Warlock rank experts.

However, just like the surface worlds human forces were not united and plotted amongst themselves, so were the underground worlds major races plotting amongst themselves and endlessly struggling for resources.

Shayenna was pressed against the wall, and had no other choice but to seek help from the other forces experts. One thing was for certain; if those forces were willing to send their troops, then the dark elves would have to pay a terrible price.

“Yes! Great Matriarch!”

The beautiful eyes of the dark elf servant standing outside the Holy Spring Divine Pool flashed with a touch of a peculiar glint; she she responded deferentially, and then retreated.

The City of Dark Elves, inside a villas hot spring.

A woman with long blue hair and an incomparably pretty appearance – regardless of whether male or female, anyone would be smitten by her with a single look – the beautiful woman had her arms around the dark elf servant who had reported the military intelligence to Shayenna.

The stunning beauty gave a sweet smile, her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a cold glint, and she whispered: “In such a critical moment, Shayenna is still not willing to come out to preside over the overall situation. It seems like the rumors of her sustaining heavy injuries in that battle in Steel City were true. Even in such a critical juncture, she still isnt willing to give me authority, but rather gave it to that slut Beatrice; it seems like shes rather guarded against me!”

The peerless beauty was Joana, a legendary figure in the underground world, as well as one of the dark elven 3 Great Warlock rank experts.

Shayenna, Romulaj, and Joana, these three were dark elven 3 Great Warlock rank experts. If one were to use the power system of other planes to define them, then they were Dark Elven Clans 3 Legend rank experts.

Among them, Romulaj was an elusive figure; she was a loner, and an assassin whos real appearance almost no one had seen. Shayenna was the Great Matriarch and the High Priestess. While Joana was an archer, and her archery was the strongest in Dark Elven Clan. After Shayenna falls, then Joana was the person with the greatest prospects to take over the position of Great Matriarch; therefore, Shayenna was very wary of Joana.

Joanas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of a cold glint, and she said coldly: “Since youre so guarded against me, then dont blame me for being ruthless.”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Within the City of Dark Elves, the Dark Moon Divine Bell, a bell which could only be rang during life and death junctures had suddenly sounded.

Everyone in the upper class of the City of Dark Elves had their complexions change, before swiftly converging in the direction of the temple.

Once the Dark Moon Divine Bell was sounded, everyone in the upper class had to gather in the temple. If neglected, then ones entire family would be regarded as rebels of Dark Elven Clan, and would be executed in its entirety.

The upper class dark elves quickly arrived inside the great temple.

Only to see Joana dressed in a military attire sitting on the throne of the Great Matriarch.

Seeing this, the countenances of the upper class dark elves abruptly changed, their hearts thumped, and a trace of an ominous foreboding welled up inside them.

Under the seduction from Goddess Lolth, the dark elves had fallen into depravity. Be it within the race or within a family, they constantly schemed and plotted amongst themselves.

The eyebrows of one of Shayennas subordinates rose, before she took a step forward, and said loudly in accusation: “Lady Joana, only the Great Matriarch can sit on the throne. Youre overstepping!”

Joana said with a faint smile: “Shayenna can no longer govern. Hence forth, Im the new Great Matriarch. Everyone, wont you pay your respects to the new Great Matriarch?”

The upper class dark elves in the great hall looked at one another, not knowing what to do.

The pretty face of Shayennas subordinate changed, and she once more said loudly in accusation: “With the Great Matriarch Shayenna still around, how can you become the new Great Matriarch? Youre rebelling! Joana, you can still repent. Otherwise, youll end up becoming a Drider or a Grudge Discarnate once the Great Matriarch Shayenna emerges.

Dark elves who had lost in all kinds of struggles would be tormented by various inhumane secret methods and refined into freaks like Driders and Grudge Discarnate. Dark elves feared becoming a freak postmortem; if that were to happen, then their souls wouldnt be able to rest, nor enter the divine country of the Goddess Lolth.

Joana gave a slight smile; her figure shook, and she appeared in front of Shayennas subordinate. With the flicker of a sword ray, Shayennas subordinate who had the battle prowess of a level-2 Warlock was chopped in two, with blood sprinkling on the ground.

The vitality of Shayennas subordinate was extremely tenacious; she didnt die immediately after being cut in two, but rather issued miserable shrieks.

Joana stepped on the head of Shayennas subordinate, and viciously squashed it; she smiled towards the surrounding upper class dark elves, and asked: “Who else wants to question my position as the Great Matriarch?”

“Respectful greetings Great Matriarch!”

The upper class dark elves looked at one another, and immediately said deferentially.

Since Joana had summoned the upper class dark elves, then she must have set up an ambush. Those upper class dark elves were all old foxes who had experienced countless conspiracies and coup détat, there was no way they would throw their lives away. Even those who were Shayennas subordinates, although no one knew what they were thinking, but they had also sincerely bowed their heads.

The corners of Joanas mouth rose slightly, revealing a trace of a smile: “Very well! I know that most of you havent truly accepted me, but it doesnt matter! Follow me, let me show you the current state of the Great Matriarch Shayenna.”

After she finished speaking, Joana turned around and walked towards the Holy Spring Divine Pool with big strides.

The upper class dark elves look at one another, before followed behind Joana towards the Holy Spring Divine Pool.


Along with a loud sound, the formidable defensive spell annexed to the entrance to the Holy Spring Divine Pool was crushed.

Joana took the lead and walked inside; she saw Shayenna immersed in the Holy Spring Divine Pool, and said with a light smile: ” Big sister Shayenna, Ive come to visit you!”

Shayenna turned around with great difficulty, and looked at Joana with a bitter expression; her beautiful eyes flashing with a touch of despair.

The upper class dark elves standing behind Joana also saw Shayenna immersed in the Hole Spring Divine Pool with both of her legs missing, her head still beautiful like a flower, yet her body covered in sinister post radiation tumors.

“Long live the Great Matriarch Joana!”

“Long live the Great Matriarch Joana!”


After seeing Shayennas horrible plight, the upper class dark elves standing behind Joana immediately changed their attitudes, and loudly praised Joana.

One of Shayennas subordinates knelt shamelessly before Joana, and said deferentially: “Great Matriarch, may I kill this traitor who had colluded with the humans? This vile traitor, Ill make sure to turn her into an exquisite sculpture to offer to You.”

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