Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 168 – Storming The City Of Dark Elves

Chapter 167 – Enemy At The Gate

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“Great Matriarch, Im willing to personally turn this traitor into a Drider, and make her suffer right until her death.”

“Great Matriarch, I want to make a Grudge Discarnate out of her. Her wailing must be very pleasant to the ear!”


Shayennas subordinates were racing to ingratiate themselves to Joana, changing camps without any trace of shame.

The fates of losers from the struggles among dark elves were very miserable; therefore, they were really fast when it came to changing camps.

“Is this the nature of us dark elves? So ugly! We were once noble, pure, and loyal high elves!”

Joana looked at Shayennas subordinates rushing to ingratiate themselves to her, yet not only wasnt she happy, but rather, there was a trace of profound sorrow in the depths of her beautiful eyes.

Dark elves were high elves enticed and corrupted by the Queen of Spiders Lolth. Their ancestors were the noble, pure, and loyal high elves. If high elves were to meet with such a coup détat, then the group belonging to Shayennas camp would loyally protect their Master until the bitter end.

Yet now, Shayennas former subordinates were racking their brains to come up with all kinds of vile methods to torture their former Master. Joana felt slightly cold inside after listening to the many methods, not feeling the slightest bit happy.

Shayennas complexion was pale; while doing her utmost to keep her calm, she said: “Joana, youve won! I only want to ask you one thing, that is, that you kill me yourself, and set me free. In exchange, Ill tell you the location of my assets and some precious ancient records.”

One of Shayennas former subordinates directly spat a mouthful of spittle right on Shayennas face, and then cursed viciously: “Pah. You slut, youre only fit to mate with dragons, those lowly beasts, and then give birth to even more formidable weapons of our Dark Elven Clan.”

Another one of Shayennas former subordinates also fawned at Joana: “Great Matriarch, the Demonic Caveman, the Evil Eyes Tyrant, the Greater Fiend Bareque, and the Black Dragon King, these 4 great experts would definitely be very interested in this slut. It would be better if we sent her to these 4 great experts to copulate with her in exchange for their support.”

Joana listened to the shameless ramblings of Shayennas previous subordinates; her countenance was becoming more and more gloomy, her eyes lacking any trace of amusement.

All of a sudden, a dark elf with a panic-stricken expression said: “Its bad!! Its bad! Steel Citys mechanical legion is already less than 20 kilometers from our city!!”

“What? How is that possible? How come they arrived so fast?”

“Impossible! How could they have come so soon?”

“How could it be? Did they rush over without eating, drinking, or even resting? And the logistics? What about their logistics?”


The eyes of the dark elves showed a trace of astonishment, before flickering with incredulity as they commented.

Joana didnt panic; she ordered coldly: “Seal her!”

A dark elf took out a pair of magic suppressing shackles and quickly shackled Shayenna.

Magic suppressing shackles were a mystical secret treasure; once shackled by them, even Great Warlock rank experts would have their power sealed, and would be incapable of taking them off themselves.

These magic suppressing shackles were very precious, and the entire Dark Elven Clan only had 10 of them; they would only use them on the most dangerous and most powerful prisoners.

Joana went out of the great temple after dealing with Shayenna.

The City of Dark Elves was in chaos, with countless dark elven warriors quickly rushing to their posts, and preparing for battle.

The City of Dark Elves was the most powerful stronghold and the firmest fort of Dark Elven Clan in the underground world. Within the City of Dark Elves, the number of dark elves reached an enormous number of 1,300,000, with about 1,000,000 of them being adult dark elves.

Every adult dark elf was a powerful warrior; that was especially true in the lands of the underground world covered in darkness where their strength would get a great boost. Moreover, the City of Dark Elves had hoarded a great amount of weapons. It was akin to an impregnable fortress, anyone who wanted to capture the City of Dark Elves would have to pay a terrible price.

“So this is the City of Dark Elves. Looks like it will be somewhat troublesome to capture it!”

From among the huge mechanical legion, Yang Feng looked at the City of Dark Elves, and his eyes flashed with a touch of graveness.

The City of Dark Elves city wall was up to 150 meters tall with all kinds of giant ancient trees and vines creeping in its surroundings.

Additionally, there were all kinds of odd extraordinary plants above the city wall, giving off a very unpleasant sensation.

In the very center of the City of Dark Elves was a huge temple exuding sacred fluctuations enveloping the entire city.

Yang Feng had read records pertaining to the City of Dark Elves. The dark elves had built the City of Dark Elves under the guidance of the Goddess Lolth after the 8th Warlord Dynasty, Dawn Dynasty, had collapsed.

Turandot Subcontinents human Warlocks had previously launched a military campaign against the underground world; it had ended in failure. More than 500,000 human warriors had fallen beneath the City of Dark Elves, their corpses piling up into mountains.

The greatest reason for the defeat of the human Warlocks was the temple of the Goddess Lolth in the center of the City of Dark Elves. In the battle which had decided the fates of Dark Elven Clan, countless dark elves had prayed in the temple of the Goddess Lolth; as a consequence, the divine light released from the temple had banned flight, strengthened the city walls defenses, weakened the fighting spirit of the assailants, weakened the power of the enemies countless spells, increased their courage, upgraded their physical constitution, and promoted the might of their magic power.

With the strengthening from the temple of the Goddess Lolth, the dark elves had erupted with terrifying battle prowesses, and had nearly annihilated a human army of more than 1 million humans in one fell swoop.

With the great danger in the underground world, if the human army were to win, then that would be it. But once defeated, only the top Warlocks could escape back to the surface world while the rest would meet tragic ends amidst all kinds of insects and poisons in the underground world.

Since that battle, humanity hadnt launched another military campaign to the underground world, but had rather chosen to establish strongholds.

If it were not for Yang Feng using nuclear warheads in Black City, and blasting apart the 3 consecrated black dragons as well as heavily injuring the Great Matriarch Shayenna in one fell swoop, then he definitely wouldnt dare to send his troops to attack the City of Dark Elves.

Robots kept exiting the Dimensional Personnel Carriers, raising the number of robots from 200,000 to 1 million.

These years, Yang Feng had gone to great lengths to scrape for all kinds of resources in order to produce this legion of 1,000,000 level-8 primary battle robots. If the 1,000,000 level-8 robots were to be destroyed, then Yang Fengs mechanical legion would be reduced by two thirds, and several years of Yang Fengs blood and sweat would go to waste. Moreover, as an enemy of the world, Yang Feng wont be able to persist for too long, and will be forced to carry out nuclear cleansing right until the nuclear tactics were unraveled by others.

This planes human Warlocks had conquered countless other planes, and had absorbed their knowledge; they were experienced, possessed a great knowledge depository, and had created countless mystical spells. Nuclear tactics had a fatal weakness; once that weakness was discovered by Warlocks, then the nuclear tactics would become nothing more than a bit troublesome.

The level-8 beast-type bladed robots no longer held electric batons in their hands; they had instead replaced them with their strongest weapons, the high frequency oscillation blades.

The City of Dark Elves wasnt a human city like Demonic Snake Fortress. Without human Warlocks, Demonic Snake Fortress simply couldnt display its terrifying might; Yang Feng was sure that he could occupy it in one fell swoop without suffering any damage. But with regards to the City of Dark Elves, Yang Feng wasnt completely sure that he could capture it.

“I am Yang Tie, one of the Steel Citys 10 marshals. People in the City of Dark Elves, surrender immediately and acknowledge allegiance to Steel City, and youll be spared. Otherwise, after we break through your defenses, youll become Steel Citys eternal slaves!”

“Our Steel City has already wiped out your 3 consecrated black dragons, and has greatly injured your Great Matriarch Shayenna. Hellion Clan, your ally, has also betrayed you. Dont believe me? Then see it for yourselves.”

Yang Feng waved his hand. The rock giant Bonardine stepped out of the legion, faced upwards, and issued a prolonged shout: “I am the rock giant Bonardine. Under the orders from the Undead Hellion Monarch Knapman, I came to aid Steel City in their crusade against your Black Elven Clan!”

“Thats the rock giant Bonardine!!”

“Its really Bonardine; hes Knapmans right hand!”

“Did the Hellion Clan really betray our alliance?”


After seeing the rock giant Bonardine, the pretty countenances of the dark elves changed and a touch of dread flashed in the depths of their beautiful eyes.

Purely in terms of strength, Hellion Clan was by far superior to Dark Elven Clan. However, the dark elves had professed their belief in the Goddess Lolth, and had the support from the Goddess divine power; in actual battle, the dark elves tended to suppress the hellions.

While drawing support from the Goddess Lolths divine power, in terms of strength, the Great Matriarch Shayenna was infinitesimally close to a Starry Sky Warlock. And in terms of fighting strength, she could be said to be the number one expert in the underground world. This was the reason why Dark Elven Clan had suppressed the underground worlds major races, and had seized the authority of the underground worlds allied forces.

But still, the strength of Hellion Clan was extremely tyrannical, where experts were as common as clouds. Once Hellion Clan sided with Steel City, then the situation would be disastrous.

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