Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 169 – Forcing Their Way Into The City

Chapter 168 – Storming The City Of Dark Elves

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Joana was secretly bewildered, and a trace of indecisiveness surged on her beautiful face: “Is it even possible for Hellion Clan to be swayed by Steel City?”

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Fire the artilleries!”

50,000 mechanical artillery robots adjusted their aims, and launched an artillery barrage at the City of Dark Elves.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thousands artillery rumbled simultaneously; the earth quaked and the mountains shook. The booming noises engulfed the surrounding 100 kilometers.

When the dense volley of artillery barrage fell on the City of Dark Elves city wall, it had either killed or injured more than 3,000 dark elves; bursts of mournful scream came from amidst the dark elves.

“This magic artillery is so scary!”

While brimming with fear, the dark elves above the City of Dark Elves city wall at once hid behind the cover of the city wall.

“This City of Dark Elves sure is a hard bone to chew at!”

Yang Fengs eyebrows creased slightly, and a touch of graveness flashed in the depths of his eyes. Just now, the artillery robots barrage was supposed to be 45 meters in scope; however, the mysterious force enveloping the City of Dark Elves forcibly suppressed it to a range of 3 odd meters.

If the same volley were to be released on Earth, then the 50,000 artillery robots could have shaved a layer off a hill. Yet when the shells of the 50,000 artillery robots had hit the City of Dark Elves, they had just left behind a lot of traces of smoke, unable to shake the City of Dark Elves in the slightest.

Yang Feng let the 50,000 artillery robots continue with the second volley; the result was even less optimistic.

The dark elves above the city wall had hid inside bunkers; they were not the slightest bit affected by the barrage.

Countless dark elves have already entered the temple of the Goddess Lolth; they prostrated themselves on the floor, and prayed deferentially.

The vast and pure faith power entered the idol of the Goddess Lolth in the center of the temple, before powerful and pure divine power was released through the idol; securely guarding the City of Dark Elves.

The City of Dark Elves had been blessed by the divine power of the Goddess Lolth for several millennia, and had already started to exceed the ordinary; it possessed terrifying might. This city was the greatest foundation of Dark Elven Clan, as well as the greatest reason for them having a footing in the underground world.

Those who believed in gods would be shielded by their gods.

The survivability of a race shielded by a god was many times greater than that of other races; this was the reason why many races in many different planes believed in gods. Both sides had a mutual interdependence.

Even the World of Warlocks, before the rise of the 1st Warlock Dynasty, was also a world ruled by ancient gods. Every ethnic group believed in an ancient god, and was subjected to the ancient gods rule.

Once the 1st Warlock Dynastys Time Emperor had risen, he had led the human Warlocks to kill, seal, refine, and usurp the ancient gods ruling the world, before founding the glorious 1st Warlock Dynasty.

The human Warlocks kept growing and developing since the 1st Warlock Dynasty. With power surpassing that of the gods, they attacked other planes – plundering their knowledge and inheritances.

During their conquests of other planes, human Warlocks had met ancient demons, ancient fiends, ancient devils, giants, dragons, and countless other formidable enemies; among their most powerful enemies were the gods of different planes.

It was when the 8th Warlock Dynasty attacked a plane under the protection of a formidable god; it was because of that battle where neither side won along with the dynastys internal strife that it collapsed.

It was precisely because the gods were that powerful that even though the Goddess Lolth was obscene and shameless – instigating internecine among dark elves for her own amusement – that the dark elves still deferentially believed in her for several millennia; not daring to be the slightest bit negligent.

Power was truth, weakness was sin!

“Assault helicopters, arise!”

Seeing that the artillery bombardment didnt had much effect, Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and he ordered.

Suddenly, 20 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters rose to an altitude of 300 odd meters, before flying towards the City of Dark Elves.

Yang Fengs eyes were on the 20 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters. If the assault helicopters managed to fly into the City of Dark Elves, then airdrop tactics could be employed, and 100,000 beast-type bladed robots could be airdropped into the City of Dark Elves.

The 20 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopter had reached a distance of 200 meters from the City of Dark Elves, when suddenly, even though the propellers were still rotating, yet they didnt produce any wind. The assault helicopters immediately plummeted to the ground, before exploding, and turning into 20 fireballs.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with touch of graveness: “Restricted airspace array! As expected, there are no loopholes!”

If the City of Dark Elves didnt had the restricted airspace array, then it would have been previously captured by the human Warlocks. Human Warlocks had no lack of flying spells, and many of them bread large amounts of flying extraordinary life forms; if they could have flown into the City of Dark Elves, than the city would have instantly fallen.

“Charge!” Yang Fengs thoughts revolved lightning fast, before he ordered.

After seizing the Demonic Snake Fortress, Yang Feng had been rushing straight to the City of Dark Elves without stop for rest so that he could reach and capture the city before Dark Elven Clan could gather their allies.

Once the dark elves had mustered all their powerful allies, then it would become at least ten times harder to capture their city.

The electronic eyes of 100,000 beast-type bladed robots flashed, and they charged forward; in a split second, the earth started to trembled as if being stampeded by countless horses.

Joana ordered coldly: “Fire the Night Scimitar Ballistas!”

In the City of Dark Elves, radiances flashed among the ballistas, before 300 Night Scimitar Ballistas simultaneously fired 300 Shadow Scimitars at the densely packed crowd of bladed robots.

Under the guidance from the dark elven Wizards, each one of the 300 Shadow Scimitars chopped 20 bladed robots in two. With this attack, 6,000 bladed robots were chopped in two, and had fallen to the ground.

More than one twentieth of the charging 100,000 bladed robots, as if a large tract of wheat being reaped, were chopped in two, and fell to the ground. But the price paid by the dark elves was 10,800 high grade magic stones, which was equivalent to more than 140 million low grade magic stones.

“Fire the artilleries!”

Yang Feng no longer had any thoughts of seizing the ballistas, and immediately issued an order.

The 50,000 heavy-artilleries roared once more, madly firing at the Night Scimitar Ballistas.

“Warping Force Field!”


“Greenwood Shield!”


Among the Night Scimitar Ballistas, the dark elven Wizards cast defensive spells; resisting the heavy-artilleries bombardment.

If it was outside the City of Dark Elves, then those dark elven Wizards would have already been torn to shreds by the countless artillery fire. However, inside the City of Dark Elves, the might of the artillery fire was greatly weakened, while the power of the dark elves received a great boost. Under the boost and weakening, the dark elven Wizards had actually managed to forcibly resist the majority of Yang Fengs bombardment; with only 20 Night Scimitar Ballistas being blasted to smithereens by Yang Fengs barrage.

After seeing 6,000 beast-type bladed robots being slashed in two, Yang Fengs gaze contracted slightly, he waved his hand, and 10,000 beast-type bladed robots joined the assault.

At the same time, 3,000 engineering robots quickly went over, swiftly retrieved the remains of the 6,000 bladed robots, and moved them to the rear.

Even Great Warlock rank experts wouldnt be able to withstand the razor-sharp edges of the Night Scimitar Ballistas Shadow Scimitars. But because the scimitars were too sharp, the damage the bladed robots had suffered was not too great; as long as they were repaired a bit, then they could once more be thrown into the battlefield.

Suddenly, boulders weighing between a dozen tons to several hundred tons were hurled from within the City of Dark Elves towards the beast-type bladed robots.

When hit by the boulders falling from a height of 100 meters, the bladed robots and their protective cover were directly smashed apart; their parts splashing everywhere.

Under the attack from the boulders, more than 400 beast-type bladed robots were smashed into tatters, and even detonated.

After seeing this, Yang Fengs face twisted slightly.

The bladed robots smashed by the boulders, even if their wreckage was to be retrieved, it still needed to be sent back to the munition factories in the surface world, before being melted and manufactured anew. In other words, before this war was over, Yang Feng couldnt recover them.

The 10,000 beast-type bladed robots stopped once they arrived before the moat.

Inside the moat in front of the City of Dark Elves, a black liquid was churning and bubbling, and was emitting traces of black fog.

Once the bladed robots had approached the moat, they started to slowly erode.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of graveness: “Darkness Poison River, the most dreaded moat in the City of Dark Elves. Once one fell in, then even a Great Warlock rank expert would be corroded into dregs.”

“Fire the arrows!”

Joana barked. Suddenly, countless arrows were shot from above the City of Dark Elves towards the beast-type bladed robots.

The majority of the arrows were blocked by the beast-type bladed robots protective covers; but there were still more than 3,000 arrows that managed to penetrate the protective covers, and pierce into the bladed robots.

More than 300 of the more than 3,000 arrows immediately exploded; blasting 200 beast-type bladed robots into pieces.

In the City of Dark Elves, the strong were as common as clouds; there were many archers who could even penetrate the defensive spells of level-2 Warlocks with their archery. Furthermore, they became even stronger while under the blessing from the temple.

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