Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 17 – Steel Golems

Chapter 16 – 30,000 Bladed Robots

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After the huge Swamp Field swallowed the 400 battle robots, the mysterious power disappeared, and the ground returned to normal.

“10 meters! Is this your limit? My golems can handle this much, Bonney!” Yang Feng sneered and waved his hand, and 100 bladed robots blurred into motion. They swiftly arrived at the place where the 400 bladed robots were buried, then took out huge shovels and started to dig out the 400 bladed robots out of the ground.

Bonney was merely a level-1 Warlock, after all. And even though he had the support from the Warlock tower, but the level-1 Swamp Field spell could only trap the battle robots 10 odd meters underground.

If the opponent was human, burying them 10 meters underground would certainly take their life. But for bladed robots, burying them underground would only render them immobile.

“Attack!!” An officer roared atop the city wall.

Huge catapults and heavy crossbows appeared atop the city wall.

Seven-meter-long heavy bolts and huge rocks weighing one or two tons were hurled at the 100 bladed robots.

A heavy bolt shot a bladed robot in the chest, blasting its upper body into numerous pieces of scrap metal.

A huge rock weighing one ton dropped from the sky and smashed a bladed robot.

The Black City had the backing of the Black Cottage Warlock group, and as such, it was 100 times more prosperous than the Giant Stone City, and had at least 10 times the number of the various heavy weapons.

Bladed robots were smashed and blasted into pieces under the assault from the various heavy weapons.

Yang Fengs face didnt register any change as he watched his bladed robots being wrecked by the heavy weapons. The level-4 bladed robots were of the lowest tech. So long as their remains were retrieved, they could be smelted and quickly manufactured anew at the expense of a bit of energy,.

No matter how many bladed robots were destroyed, so long as he won, the remains could be retrieved and used to manufacture new bladed robots. It was equivalent to the bladed robots being reborn indefinitely. It was because of this that Yang Feng could use his bladed robots freely, and didnt care about the casualties.

“Fireball!” After the heavy weapons of the Black City fired a few volleys and destroyed a large number of bladed robots, Bonney pointed with his finger and cast the level-1 spell Fireball. Fireball-like shells flew from the Warlock tower, slammed into the remaining bladed robots, and blasted them into pieces.

When they saw the bladed robots being blown apart, the soldiers atop the Black Citys city wall burst into cheers, and their morale was boosted greatly.

“Amazing! A Warlock coupled with a Warlock tower is like a humanoid self-propelled gun with unlimited ammunition! Besides, its still a multi-function humanoid self-propelled gun. It looks like I have to get a bit more serious!” Yang Feng looked as the blasted apart bladed robots, smiled slightly, and clapped his hands.

Bladed robots gradually appeared from the thicket behind him.

10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 30,000. 30,000 bladed robots appeared from behind him and formed a dense mechanical legion that at first glance seemed to be boundless.

The complexions of the warriors atop the city wall changed along with the appearance of the bladed robots. When they saw the 30,000 bladed robots split into 3 corps, their faces paled, and despair flashed in their eyes.

A human officer with a pale complexion said in a trembling voice: “How is this possible? How come there are so many golems?”

Another human officer with a pale complexion muttered: “Impossible! A Knight rank golem cost at least 3,000 gold coins! This many golems are worth 90 million gold coins! How could a mere Apprentice Warlock have so many golems? Are we facing a Great Warlock rank Alchemist?”

When Bonney, who was midair, saw the 30,000 bladed robots, his eyes bulged out and he screeched: “No! How can you have so many golems?”

Faced against hundreds of Knight rank golems, the level-1 Warlock Bonney could easily handle them with the help of the Warlock tower. But against 30,000 Knight rank golems, Bonney had no certainty of victory.

The 30,000 bladed robots formed 3 huge square-shaped, uniform and orderly formations of 10,000 bladed robots. Each mechanical corps was silent and ice-cold. Compared to elite human warriors, bladed robots were even more obedient and orderly. Just by standing there, they gave people a sense of oppression.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Attack!”

The 3 mechanical corps dispersed and rushed towards the Black City from different directions.

“Swamp Field!” Bonneys complexion suddenly change greatly and he cast the terrain-altering spell again.

A powerful fluctuation erupted from the Warlock tower, enveloped the land in front of the Black City, and formed a huge swamp.

Bladed robots jumped directly into the swamp, raised up their hands, and, while sinking slowly, formed something akin to platforms.

The bladed robots in the rear stepped on the platforms formed from the bladed robots in front of them and charged forward.

The level-1 spell Swamp Field cast by Bonney was very vast in scope. However, he was just a level-1 Warlock, after all. Thus, although the Swamp Field was vast in scope, but its depth was fairly low, merely at 10 meters. Just 5 bladed robots could form a platform in the swamp.

The bladed robots had a strong computing power. They accurately stepped on the platforms and swiftly jumped over the huge Swamp Field, and then darted towards the bottom of the city wall.

As soon as they reached the bottom of the city wall, the bladed robots quickly set up human ladders.

The soldiers atop the city wall poured scalding water and boiling oil on the bladed robots, but to no avail.

Buckets of lamp oil were also poured down. Next, a torch was thrown onto the lamp oil and a huge sea of flames enveloped the bladed robots.

The bladed robots within the burning sea of flames were still unfazed. Unless the temperature of the flames reached their melting point. Otherwise, they would be as steadfast as steel.

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