Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 170 – Capturing the City of Dark Elves

Chapter 169 – Forcing Their Way Into The City

Translator: Xaiomoge

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

Once the dark elven archers cropped up, the long since ready 10,000 gunner robots immediately opened fire; countless gauss cannon shells shot at the dark elves.

In a flash, more than 1,000 dark elves above the City of Dark Elves city wall were torn apart by the mechanical gunner robots.

Joanas countenance changed slightly when she saw this.

In the City of Dark Elves, there were a lot of Priests who could draw support from divine power, and release divine spells to restore the wounds of the injured. But the dark elves would be dead or disabled once they were hit by the gauss cannon shells. Unless superior divine spells were used; otherwise, it would be very difficult to cure them.

The firepower of the gunner robots completely suppressed the dark elves above the city wall.

The engineering robots quickly erected thick steel pontoon bridges above the poison river.

The 50,000 artillery robots adjusted their aims once the steel pontoon bridges were erected, and madly fired at the ancient giant trees and vine creeping about the City of Dark Elves.

The gunner robots also madly shot at the ancient giant trees and vines from their gauss cannons.

Under the frenzied bombardment, the ancient giant trees and vines creeping about the City of Dark Elves were blown off inch by inch, fell into the moat, issued sizzling noises, and dissolved.

Joanas countenance changed slightly, and she barked: “Fuck, awaken them!”

The Druids among the dark elves took out a precious magic powder, and sprinkled it over the ancient giant trees and vines.

Once sprinkled by the magic powder, the various ancient giant trees and vines directly sprouted eyes, ears, mouths and noses, and then emitted formidable fluctuations of life force.

“White phosphorus incendiary bombs!”

Under Yang Fengs command, the long since ready powerful incendiary bombs were instantly shot at the ancient giant trees and vines.


Large tracts of flames rose above those ancient trees and vines; the ancient trees and vines issued genuine miserable screams before being burned to death.

“Rain Mist!”

“Water Laser!”

Water-attributed spells were cast, engulfing the ancient trees and vines. The rain mist slowly suppressed the flames.


Standing next to Yang Feng, Dephilia waved her lily-white hand; instantly, a formidable Dispel erupted, and dispelled the spells cast by dark elven Wizards.

Countless white phosphorus incendiary bombs were shot at the ancient giant trees and vines, before madly combusting, and burning the ancient trees and vines to cinders.

There were up to 30,000 dark elven Wizards inside the City of Dark Elves. However, those dark elven Wizards were allocated to different battlefields, and the majority of them still had to resist the different shell fires. As a result, the dark elven Wizards near the city wall were incapable of suppressing a Great Warlock like Dephilia.

Under the bombardment the bombardment of the white phosphorus incendiary bombs along with Dephilias Dispel, the formidable giant trees and vines were burned to cinders.

Joana was slightly alarmed, and her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of graveness: “A human Great Warlock! Steel City even has a human Great Warlock overseeing it!”

Human Great Warlocks were great enemies of the underground worlds major races; no matter the battle, they would always be the cornerstone.

After the awoken extraordinary ancient trees and vines were burned into nothing, the densely packed beast-type bladed robots quickly arrived before the City of Dark Elves via the pontoon bridges, before madly climbing to the top of the city wall, with their six arms advancing alternatively as if giant spiders stuck to the city wall.

“Fucking freaks!”

Above the city wall, the scalps of the dark elves went numb when they saw the bladed robots climbing to the top of the city wall like giant spiders, and they felt extremely cold inside. It was the first time they had seen a siege being executed in such a manner.

Previously, when the human Warlocks wanted to capture the City of Dark Elves enveloped in the divine power of the Goddess Lolth, they had to manufacture catapults, ballistas, escalades, and other siege weapons; by taking advantage of those siege weapons, they would gradually unleash their attack.

Relying on the 100 meters tall city wall, the dark elves would inflict tremendous damage to their enemies.

And now, the beast-type bladed robots were directly crawling on the city wall; this scene was appalling.

A lot of dark elves had no other option but to take the risk, and madly shoot their arrows at the bladed robots below them.

The beast-type bladed robots were hit by a dense hail of arrows, with many of them being shot through.

The dark elven experts had just cropped up, when the gunner robots had shrouded them in a dense barrage. Hundreds and thousands of sweet and charming dark elves were torn apart; their lifeless bodies fell to the ground from above the city wall.

In this decisive battle, where Steel Citys future was on the stake, Yang Feng could not be lenient with the fairer sex; he would use his strongest means to attack the City of Dark Elves. If necessary, he would have no scruples resorting to nuclear weapons against the City of Dark Elves.

This battle, Yang Feng had to win it; otherwise, once he lost, he would have no shelter in Turandot Subcontinent.

Joana said coldly: “Send the Mountain Giants!”

Mountain Giants were part of Dark Elven Clans foundation. Each adult Mountain Giant was a 30 meters tall level-4 extraordinary life form with terrifying defensive strength and an extremely formidable life force; they could contend against Great Warlock rank experts.

Only thanks to the Goddess Lolths guidance, 4 Mountain Giants had surrendered to the dark elves in the past several millennia.

A dark elven beauty said with a bitter smile: “Great Matriarch, You still have to hold the succession ceremony and get the Goddess Lolths divine power as well as the Darkness Scepter; otherwise, you wont be able to order the Mountain Giants around! And once they awaken, theyll immediately become our enemies!”

Joanas pretty complexion suddenly became very unsightly. She had just recently seized the throne; even if the upper class dark elves had chosen to surrender to her, but she still hadnt received the power of the dark elves Great Matriarch. If it was in peace times, then as long as she presented the Goddess Lolth with a few vile offerings, then she would seize control of the dark elves power and authority under the guidance of the Goddess. But she had just rebelled, when Yang Feng had led his troops over; therefore, she had no way to succeed the power which should belong to the Great Matriarch.

Just then, under the cover of the gunner robots and artillery robots, the beast-type bladed robots had climbed the city wall. As if mobile meat grinders, they had rushed into the dark elven camp once they climbed the city wall.

Large amounts of blood splashed about. The beast-type bladed robots, as if exalted generals, frenziedly killed the dark elves within their range of attack.

The countless beast-type mechanical bladed robots instantly tore a gap among the dark elves, and rushed into the city wall in an endless stream.

“Break for me!” A dark elven archer with level-3 Warlock rank fighting strength gave a piercing howl, and shot an arrow. As if a meteor, the arrow ran through a beast-type bladed robots protective cover, and then exploded – blasted the bladed robot into pieces.

That dark elven archer didnt even have time to take a breath before more than 30 bladed robots had rushed over.

The nearly 100 Driders guarding in front of the dark elven archer pounced at the attacking beast-type bladed robots.

The beast-type bladed robots unleashed their protective covers, and blocked the attacking Driders, before brandishing their high frequency oscillation blades and easily chopping the Driders apart.

Those Driders could be regarded as battle golems with strong military skill. However, in front of terrifying beings like the beast-type bladed-robots which seemingly had no weak points, they couldnt even resist a single strike.

While covered in countless bloody fragments, the more than 30 beast-type mechanical bladed robots arrived in front of the dark elven archer.

The countenance of the dark elven archer changed greatly; her figure shook, and she escaped backwards.

When the dark elf escaped, she had exposed a large amount of dark elven elite warriors behind her.

The beast-type bladed robots started a frenzied massacre once they rushed into the midst of the dark elven elite warriors. At the expense of zero casualties, more than 100 dark elven warriors were killed n less than a dozen seconds.

As soon as the beast-type mechanical bladed robots enter the city wall, they would massacre the dark elven warriors as if crushing dry weeds.

Even thought the dark elven warriors were courageous and ferocious fighters, and their fighting strength was increased by 50% under the blessing from the Goddess Lolths divine power, but once they clashed against the beast-type bladed robots, they still couldnt resist them.

Only the most elite and most formidable dark elven archers with the power to kill Warlocks still kept resisting and destroying the beast-type bladed robots.

Cannon fodder like Yochlols, Driders and other types of vile weapons gushed out of the City of Dark Elves in an endless stream to meet the beast-type bladed robots, before being sliced and diced.

“Master, let me join the fight!!” The rock giant Bonardine called out in a low and muffled voice; such bloody battles made its blood boil.

Yang Feng shook his head lightly: “Its still too early! Youll be in great danger if you go now.”

In the City of Dark Elves, there were still over 100 Night Scimitar Ballistas. The Night Scimitar Ballistas were so terrifyingly powerful that they could even threaten Great Warlock rank experts.

The rock giant Bonardine might be killed once it were to rush into the City of Dark Elves. Even though its huge body provided it with terrifying power, but it also turned it into a large and easy target for the Night Scimitar Ballistas.

If such a great hired thug like the rock giant Bonardine were to die in vain in a place like the City of Dark Elves, then Yang Feng would lose out greatly. He still wanted to take it along in his future campaigns against different planes”

The rock giant Bonardine mumbled somewhat dissatisfiedly, before becoming well behaved. These days, Yang Feng had been using the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots injected into its body to teach it many memorable lessons; making the violent rock giant become well behaved.

Joana took out the pitch-black, exquisite Legend rank bow Night Star inscribed with countless mysterious runes. With a bow in her hands, Joana became high spirited, and started exuding a domineering aura.

Joanas lily-white hand repeatedly stroked the string of her bow, instantly shooting emerald-green arrows with formidable life force. The arrows easily impaled the beast-type bladed robots, before exploding, and blasting them to pieces

In a single minute, Joana had destroyed more than 100 bladed robots.

However, in that same minute, nearly 1,000 beast-type bladed robots had jumped down from the City of Dark Elves city wall, leaving their opponents despaired.

Joana clenched her teeth, operated the secret method Rain of Thousand Arrows, and shot an emerald-green arrow from her Night Star. The arrow divided into one thousand arrows and frenziedly shot towards the beast-type bladed robots.

Rain of Thousand Arrows was one of the strongest archery inheritances of the dark elves. This archery was disseminated by the dark elven divine systems archery goddess. With it, a single arrow could attack 1,000 enemies. Its weakness was that its might was too dispersed, and it would be useless against powerful enemies.

When the 1,000 emerald-green arrows hit the beast-type mechanical bladed robots protective covers, they set off ripples, before immediately collapsing.

Joana couldnt help but feel powerless: “Bastards. The defensive strength of those alchemical golems is just too strong!”

While drawing support from the Legend rank bow Night Star, the might of the Rain of Thousand Arrows shot by Joana was enough to kill level-1 Warlocks, yet she was still unable to penetrate the bladed robots protective cover, birthing a slight sense of hopelessness inside her.

At this moment, the Night Scimitar Ballistas which had been greatly pressured by Yang Fengs artillery fire had suddenly erupted with Shadow Scimitars cleaving the beast-type bladed robots in two.

In a split second, more than 4,000 beast-type bladed robots were cleaved in half.

Yet the bladed robots were still flowing towards the City of Dark Elves in a steady stream.

More than 30,000 beast-type bladed robots had already been destroyed under the all-out resistance from the City of Dark Elves, but there have also been 30,000 beast-type bladed robots rush into the City of Dark Elves, before leaving corpses and rives of blood wherever they passed. The dark elven experts were desperately resisting, yet they were still forced to retreat step by step.

An upper class dark elf couldnt help but ask Joana: “Great Matriarch, what should we do?”

The gazes of the other upper class dark elves also gathered on the newly ascended Great Matriarch, eager to get an answer.

Joana said casually: “What is there to do? Since we are no match for the opponent, then we should bow our heads! Anyway, we, dark elves, are not surrendering to the humans!”

Joanas remark caused a great uproar among the upper class dark elves.

During the era of the ancient Warlocks, even the Goddess Lolth, the Ruler of the Dark Elves, didnt dare to provoke the ancient Warlocks. She had hid herself in her own divine country; not daring to come out. She was afraid of being captured by the ancient Warlocks, and the reduced to either a pet or a sex slave. Turandot Subcontinents dark elves had also been pets raised by the ancient Warlocks.

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