Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 172 – Capturing The City Of Hellions

Chapter 171 – Romulajs Surrender

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Yang Feng asked: “Joana, wheres Romulaj?”

Night Hunter Romulaj was the most legendary assassin of the dark elves. If she could be subdued, then Yang Fengs forces would be once more enhanced by a large fraction. Conversely, with her as an enemy, Yang Feng would have to be constantly wary of being assassinated by this legendary assassin.

Yang Feng currently only had the strength of a level-1 Warlock. Once his true body were to come across such a top assassin, then his chances of survival would be just at 10%.

Joana said faintly: “Romulaj was always a loner. She only listens to the orders of the dark elven Great Matriarch. Ive just become the dark elven Great Matriarch, and have yet to enter in contact with her.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a touch of a fierce glint, and he said solemnly: “Then forget about it. Joanna, immediately go select a group of dark elven experts, then follow me to attack the City of Hellions. I want to capture the City of Hellions by today.”

Dark elves and hellions were not limited to just a single city in the underground world. However, the City of Dark Elves and the City of Hellions, these two cities were most definitely the 2 most important cities of the 2 races.

Once the City of Dark Elves and the City of Hellions were captured by Yang Feng, then he would have 2 strongholds in the underground world and would inflict heavy damage to the underground worlds allied forces.

Hellions and dark elves were the core of the underground worlds allied forces. If the bases of both races were to be seized by Yang Feng, then the impact it would have on the underground worlds allied forces could very well be imagined. Even the collapse of the alliance would not be out of question.

Besides, there were all kinds of treasures stored in the City of Hellions collected by hellions during the past several millennia. Once the City of Hellions was captured, then Yang Feng would be able to seize a great deal of wealth, and get a lot of supplies. In addition, he could also turn the City of Hellions into his base of operations to attack the other hellion cities.

Joana was slightly alarmed: “By today? But theres a distance of 4,000 kilometers between our City of Dark Elves and the City of Hellions.

Yang Feng said with a light smile: “Thats right, by today! If you think it unbelievable, then they definitely would also think the same.

There was a great difference between a mechanical legion and a human legion, that is, as long as there was an adequate power source, then the mechanical legion could travel and battle until their components were worn down, or their energy was depleted.

Joana pondered for a moment, and then responded decisively: “Alright!”

From the 1 million battle robots which Yang Feng had brought along, 100,000 of them were left to defend the City of Dark Elves, while the remaining 900,000 primary battle robots along with the dark elven experts rushed towards the City of Hellions.

There were also 5,000 engineering robots among the 100,000 robots stationed in the City of Dark Elves. The 5,000 engineering robots took all kinds of materials and quickly started to build a variety of munitions factories and defensive devices – fortifying the City of Dark Elves.

Yang Feng had no intentions of letting the dark elves continue believing in the Goddess Lolth; therefore, the City of Dark Elves would loose the baptism of the Goddess Lolths divine power, and would become just an ordinary large city. However, the City of Dark Elves would be turned into another type of terrifying fortress after it was overhauled by Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Inside the great temple, approximately one hour after Yang Fengs army had left the City of Dark Elves. A figure invisible to the naked eye shuttled noiselessly and quickly moved towards the Holy Spring Divine Pool.

Beast-type bladed robots, gunner robots, and artillery robots were stationed in every corner of the great temple. The invisible figure soundlessly shuttled amidst the robots, entered the Holy Spring Divine Pool, and saw the seriously injured Shayenna lying weakly in the pool.

“Big sister Shayenna, youre cutting quite the sorry figure!”

The space twisted and a petite figure with a pair of sharp ears emerged. At a glance, the figure appeared to be a 16 or 17 year-old young lady. The young lady had an explosive figure with peerless facial features and a pair of D cups.

Shayennas beautiful eyes flashed with the touch of a complicated glint, and she said with a bitter smile: “Romulaj, youve come too late!”

At that time, if Romulaj were in the City of Dark Elves, then with Shayennas prestige coupled with Romulajs support, Joanas rebellion could have been suppressed. At that time, Joana wouldnt even dare to entertain the thought of rebellion. Now that the City of Dark Elves had fallen into the hands of Yang Feng – his strength an untold amount of times greater than Joanas – if the both of them were to have the intention of taking back the City of Dark Elves, then that would be just a pipe dream.

Romulaj responded: “Its still not too late! As long as youre rescued, then well definitely have a chance in the future. Your bodys injuries will get better with the support from the Goddess Lolths divine power!”

Radiation tumors grew all over Shayennas body and both her legs had been blown off. With such severe injuries, even a Great Warlock rank expert would have slim chances at survival if they didnt had the appropriate knowledge. But as a High Priestess, Shayenna could slowly recover with the support from the Goddess Lolths divine power. Even her severed legs could be grown anew via casting divine spells.

Shayennas pretty eyes ignited with the flames known desire and ambition, and she said solemnly: “Alright! Take me away; there will come a day when Ill take everything back which is rightfully mine!”

“Im very sorry to have to disturb your reunion. Ms. Romulaj, Im glad I could meet you. I am Yang Tie, one of the Steel Citys 10 marshals. Id like to warmly invite You to join our Steel City.”

Yang Feng had come from the same direction that Romulaj had appeared; looking at her with a smile.


Along with loud sounds, Mofen Demonic Polar Bear, Amanni Light Wing Icebird, Coloman Boa, and the rest of the 10 level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts appeared form different directions, and encircled Romulaj. The mechanical battle beasts stared fixedly at Romulaj. The 10 of them instantly erupted with Great Warlock rank life force, stirring the space around them.

When Shayenna saw this, her pretty face paled, and her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of despair.

After the corpses of the 10 level-4 extraordinary life forms had passed through Yang Fengs remodeling, they were turned into mechanical battle beats. However, the life force and fighting strength of each mechanical battle beast was a lot weaker than what it used to be during their lifetime. Even so, while under the siege of the 10 level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts, only death would await the legendary assassin Romulaj. Contrary to what one might expect, even Shayenna at her prime would have to flee for her life with the help of her various trump cards if she were to meet the 10 mechanical battle beasts.

Romulaj swept Yang Feng with a glance, and then said with a disdainful smile: “Youre not human but just an alchemical golem! As you humans like to say, playing hide and seek. Are you even a man?”

As an assassin, Romulajs eyesight had surpassed that of many Great Warlocks. She had seen through Yang Fengs farce at a glance.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Arent you the same? If were talking about playing hide and seek, then that is your second nature.”

Romulaj said coldly: “Thats different. I am an assassin! Concealing is a requirement of my class. As the leader of a force, a King, you wont have great accomplishments if you just play hide and seek all day long. As far a I know, no founding Emperor of the 8 Great Warlock Dynasties was a character who played hide and seek. Right, Yang Feng?”

Yang Feng said lightly: “To compare me to the founding Emperors of the 8 Great Warlock Dynasties, thats very generous of you! Im quite aware of my circumstances. With my current strength of a level-1 Warlock, if I hadnt played hide and seek, then I could have already died an unknown amount of times! In this world, the winner is king and the loser is criminal. I only seek victory; as for the process, it doesnt matter. Romulaj, will you surrender?”

Romulaj sighed with some annoyance: “Theres nothing I can do; I cannot beat so many alchemical golems. I yield!”

With a flick of his wrist, Yang Feng took out the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir, and walked towards Romulaj: “Hold still and let me inject you with this elixir!”

Romulajs pretty eyes flashed with the touch of a peculiar glint, and she ridiculed: “You will never get peoples genuine loyalty if you only rely on alchemical elixirs to control others. Even if I yield before the power of the elixir, but you will never get my admiration.”

“I do not need your admiration, I just need you to obey my orders and to not betray me. With regards to peoples changes of heart, I believe in the power of alchemy.”

Yang Feng was unfazed. He directly pricked Romulajs arm with the needle, and injected her with the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir.

Romulajs immune system was roused, and killed one tenth of the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots. She raised her slim eyebrows lightly, yet didnt say a word. She was clear that the elixir was nothing good from the fact that she had to agree to it being inhected.

Yang Feng heaved a slight sigh of relief only after injecting the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots into Romulajs body.

As a legendary assassin, Romulaj was the most dreadful and dangerous opponent for Yang Feng. Yang Feng would have slim chances at survival once she were to lock onto the position of his true body. However, once she became one of his subjects, she would become Yang Fengs sharpest blade.

Romulaj said lightly: “Heal big sister Shayennas injuries. As long as you heal her, then Ill serve you wholeheartedly, and kill anyone that you tell me to kill. Even old freaks like Anthony and Aldrich, as long as they dare to leave their bases, then Ill assassinate them for you!”

Yang Feng said with some expectation: “I know that youre adept at killing, but what about protecting?”

With the cultivation base of a level-1 Warlock, Yang Feng was already considered to be an expert in Turandot Subcontinent; but in front of those Great Warlock rank powerhouses, he couldnt eve withstand a single blow. What he lacked the most was a strong bodyguard.

Romulaj thought for a moment, and then lightly shook her head: “Im an assassin, not a bodyguard; thus Im adept at killing, and not at protecting.”

“Well, Ill first heal your big sister Shayenna, as I also need her to work for me.” Yang Feng took out a vial of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir, and injected Shayenna with it.

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