Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 173 – Eunice Captured

Chapter 172 – Capturing The City Of Hellions

Translator: Xaiomoge

Once injected into Shayenna, the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots swiftly removed all the cancerous radiation cells.

Xizu research on nuclear energy and nuclear power was by far beyond the level of Turandot Subcontinents Warlocks. The Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots clearly had a miraculous effect on the nuclear radiation power.

Shayenna only felt strange movements along her throat. She parted her cherry lips, and spat out pitch-black filth – exuding a sickening stench.

After Shayenna had spat out that nasty stuff, she felt her entire body become a lot more relaxed and at ease.

“Still not enough, your body is just too damaged. It seems like I need to inject you a with more vials of the elixir.”

Yang Feng frowned lightly, then took out 5 vials of the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir and directly injected them into Shayennas body.

Originally, the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots treated the body by stimulating its potential – extracting the bodys ailments and toxins by erupting the persons potential.

Although Shayenna was a Legend rank expert, but the injuries which she had suffered were just too severe; therefore, she had to rely on the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots to extract the radiation power in her body. This drained greatly the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots.

Once the 5 vials worth of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots had entered her body, they quickly began to dispose of the cancerous radiation cells.

The ugly radiation tumors on Shayennas body burst open, and diffused putrid pus. The scars all over her body directly fell of, exposing a spotless and lovely body.

Shayennas beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of excitement. She waved her lily-white hand, cast the level-4 divine spell Great Healing, and a stream of resplendent divine light shrouded her body.

Bursts of itch were transmitted from Shayennas legs; her flesh sprouted and wriggled as a pair of slender and elegant legs slowly emerged.

The level-4 divine spell Great Healing originally had a miraculous effect of regenerating severed limbs, yet she could not recover her blown off legs because of the interference from the radiation power; but now that the radiation energy was completely dispelled by the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots, Shayenna could finally recover her missing legs with the level-4 divine spell Great Healing.

With a light jump, Shayenna jumped out of the Holy Spring Divine Pool. Her body was washed clean of all the filth excreted from the tumors all over her body by countless streams of water, and the nauseating and disgusting deformity of her blown off legs had given way to a pair of splendid and enticing legs. She was a peerless dark elven beauty.

Shayenna gave an exceedingly fascinating and charming smile, and said enticingly: “Sir Yang Feng, thank you for saving me. I, Shayenna am willing to accept You as my Master, and am willing to serve You.”

Yang Feng revealed a trace of a smile: “Shes really sensible, no wonder she could become the Great Matriarch of the dark elves.”

Shayenna was so sensible that Yang Feng had no chance to give her a taste of the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots backlash. Even the prideful and powerful Carolina who was a peerless expert infinitesimally close to the Starry Sky Warlock rank could not withstand the backlash from the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots; therefore, Shayenna would be no different.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and threw a cell phone at Romulaj: “Shayenna, come with me to the City of Hellions. Romulaj, stay here and secretly protect the City of Dark Elves; if theres anything the matter, then notify me through this communication magic box.”

Romulaj fiddled with the cell phone after receiving it, and revealed a trace of curiosity: “The communication magic box produced by Steel City looks really unique.”

Convenient alchemical products like the communication magic box were the focus of transactions between dark elves and human Warlocks. On the whole, every upper class dark elf had one. Romulaj had also seen her fair share of them, but she had yet to see an Earth-style cell phone.

Shayenna said deferentially: “Yes! Sir!”

Only then did Yang Feng flew to the City of Hellions along with Shayenna and 8 level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts.

The flying speed of the Amanni Light Wing Icebird surpassed the speed of sound; thus they could catch up with the army ahead of them. This was the reason why Yang Feng had left the 10 mechanical battle beasts behind to guard Shayenna, but he hadnt expected that he would be so lucky as to capture Romulaj.

The City of Hellions.

Different from the City of Dark Elves, the City of Hellions was just an large city with a 30 meters tall city wall and a variety of grotesquely shaped nests built inside it.

The hellions were artificially produced freaks by combining human subjects with the bloodlines of powerful beings from all kinds of different planes. The hellions possessed the bloodlines of countless powerful beings. Each superior hellion was a powerful being comparable to extraordinary life forms, while the 5 Great Hellion Ancestors were so terrifyingly powerful that they could even slaughter gods.

It was precisely because hellions were so powerful that they didnt believe in any gods. Also, they werent proficient in Alchemy and had no support of formidable Alchemy. Even if they were to built an even firmer city wall, it still couldnt withstand a single strike from a powerhouse – a Great Warlocks all out attack could destroy the City of Hellions city wall – they were naturally unwilling to do pointless work.

By devouring humans, hellions could get the majority of their knowledge and a part of their power; therefore the majority of hellions were not fond of arduous cultivation, but would instead go out of their way to hunt for humans. This was the reason why humans were so hostile towards hellions and were so adamant about killing them.

In the underground world, hellions were indisputably the most powerful race. Even though the dark elves had Shayenna, the underground worlds nr.1 expert behind it, yet their number of Great Warlock rank experts was far behind that of hellions.

But hellions were also divided into different tribes. The majority of tribes were in conflict with one another, which was precisely the reason why the dark elves had become underground worlds most powerful force.

The City of Hellions, within a beautiful and luxurious palace which was not the slightest bit inferior to a humans imperial palace.

A devilishly-handsome young man was quietly reading a book. The young man had a tall figure, a head full of dazzling short golden hair, and was dressed in black clothes.

Next to the young man knelt 7 beautiful and enchanting young ladies covered in muslin. The 7 young ladies were looking flirtatiously at the young man, their beautiful eyes brimming with adoration.

An eagle-eyed hook-nosed young man – exuding the atmosphere of a highly capable person – strode into the room. The man gave the 7 charming young ladies a mere glance, and then said solemnly: “Your Majesty, Steel Citys expeditionary forces had defeated the City of Dark Elves, and are currently marching towards our City of Hellions.”

The young man with short golden hair was the Monarch of Turandot Subcontinents Pantheon Hellion Tribe, the Pantheon Hellion Monarch. Although he looked just like a mere 24 or 25 year-old, yet he had already lived for more than 3 millennia – he was literally an old freak.

Pantheon hellions originated from the Pantheon Hellion Ancestor. The blood and divinity of countless formidable gods from different planes gathered inside the body of the Pantheon Hellion Ancestor; it was the most powerful among the 5 Great Hellion Ancestors. The pantheon hellions lived the longest and were the strongest among hellions of the same rank. The only weakness of the pantheon hellions was their low fertility – they numbered the least amongst hellions.

Every adult pantheon hellion had the cultivation base of a Great Warlock rank expert. Furthermore, once they turned adult, even if they didnt practice cultivation, they would still slowly condense a trace of divinity and become divine being.

The Pantheon Hellion Monarch was the sole powerhouse among Turandot Subcontinents pantheon hellions. Him, the Undead Hellion Monarch and the Myriad Beasts Hellion Monarch were called Hellion Clans 3 Great Tycoons.

The eagle-eyed hook-nosed young man – who was exuding the atmosphere of a highly capable person – was Pantheon Hellion Monarchs trusted subordinate, Wormysley.

The eyes of the Pantheon Hellion Monarch flashed with a touch of astonishment, and he exclaimed: “So fast? But the City of Dark Elves has the blessing of Lolth, that whore of a Goddess. How could it have been defeated so fast? How come Steel Citys mechanical legion is so powerful?”

Wormysley said with a bitter smile: “I dont know, I only know that they are marching towards us. Not long ago, the 8th sentry posts warriors were wiped out.”

The eyebrows of the Pantheon Hellion Monarch rose lightly, and he said: “It seems like we have at most 30 minutes before Steel Citys mechanical legion reaches our City of Hellions; their speed of advancement is really fast. Currently, there are no news from the Undead Hellion Monarch, and the Myriad Beasts Hellion Monarch presides over the underground worlds overall situation. Am I the only one left in the City of Hellions?”

Wormysley said with anticipation: “Thats right. Your Majesty, the City of Hellions depends on you!”

The eyebrows of the Pantheon Hellion Monarch suddenly straightened, and he said with a smile: “Since this is the case, then pass down my order – everyone is to immediately evacuate the City of Hellions. Its better to give this city to Steel City.”

Wormysley stilled for a moment, and then said with some incredulity: “Your Majesty, did I heard you correctly? You want to give the City of Hellions to Steel City? We hellions havent suffered such a humiliation for several millennia!!”

The Pantheon Hellion Monarch said lightly: “Wormysley, between our City of Hellion and the City of Dark Elves, which one has the strongest defense?”

Wormysley said without hesitation: “The City of Dark Elves has the blessing of the Goddess divine power; its brimming with extraordinary power, and its defensive strength is by far stronger than that of our City of Hellions.”

The Pantheon Hellion Monarch continued: “The main forces of the City Of Hellions had already departed for the surface world. Compared to the City of Dark Elves, how is the current strength of our City of Hellions?”

Wormysley was silent for a moment, and then said with difficulty: “The remaining power of our City of Hellions cannot compare to that of the City of Dark Elves.”

The eyes of the Pantheon Hellion Monarch flashed with a glint of wisdom, and he analysed succinctly: “Since the other side could defeat the City of Dark Elves in a short period of time, then our City of Hellions also wont be able to withstand their offensive. Staying here wont amount to nothing more than dying in vain! Well withdraw first, and leave them an empty city; in the future, well think of ways to recapture the city. After all, the underground world belongs to us; and no matter how strong the humans are, but its still impossible for them to stay here long term.”

Wormysley sighed in admiration: “Thats right, the underground worlds environment is fundamentally not suited for the survival of humans. Even if they hide in the City of Hellions, there is nothing to it. Well regain the city in the future. Your Majesty is really amazing; your subordinate is far from being your equal.”

After he finished speaking, Wormysley saluted towards the Pantheon Hellion Monarch, and then quickly left the palace.

The Pantheon Hellion Monarch suddenly sighed with disappointment: “Steel City, interesting. They could even capture the City of Dark Elves. The rumor that they wiped out 18 Great Warlock rank experts in one fell swoop, it appears like it isnt fake. Alchemy is just so powerful! The Alchemy of human Warlocks, ah!!!”

Whenever humans contended against other formidable beings, they tended to breed, like flies, all kinds of extremely powerful secret treasures, and overwhelm those powerful and highly talented beings with superior abilities. In terms of cultivation aptitude, more than 99% of humans couldnt compare to formidable beings like fiends, ancient demons, and divine descendants.

The Pantheon Hellion Monarch had astonishing strength. If secret treasures were not taken into account, then he would be Turandot Subcontinents nr.1 expert with his battle prowess, and even Starlight Aldrich might not be his match. But when taking secret treasures into account, then Starlight Aldrich could defeat him by paying a sky-high price.

When Yang Fengs enormous mechanical legion arrived before the City of Hellions, it was met with torrents of flames along with large amounts of smoke rising from the city.

“Leave no provisions for the enemy!”

When Yang Feng saw the City of Hellions city gate wide open and the churning flames, his eyes flashed with a touch of graveness. He felt like things had become tricky.

If the hellions had opted to stay in their city and had directly faced Yang Feng, that would be the best scenario for Yang Feng.

As long as the remains could be retrieved, then no matter how many primary battle robots were to be wrecked by the hellions, it would just result in a slight consumption of energy. To redeem a large number of hellion lives for a bit of energy, that would definitely be quite profitable.

But the hellions were very cunning. They directly burnt the City of Hellions along with any goods which couldnt be moved, before leaving this empty city to Yang Feng, along with a headache.

Hellions were, however, a powerful race of the underground world. Even without the City of Hellions, they could still disperse to all corners of the underground world and survive by eating insects, mushrooms, and moss. As for the issue of loosing their reason when not eating human flesh, hellions had also a solution for that.

Apart from the City of Hellions, there were still more than 30 cities set up by the hellions in the underground world; therefore, it wasnt that simple to defeat them.

“The hellions are so crufty! If I had abandoned the city to escape, would it be different now?”

Joana thought it over, and immediately realized that she could not have made the second choice. Dark elves had spent countless blood and sweat on the City of Dark Elves. With the blessing from the Goddess Lolths divine power, this extraordinary city had a formidable defense. Other cities were fundamentally not a match for it.

The dark elves would have never agreed if Joana had chosen to abandon the City of Dark Elves. Additionally, at the time, they had looked down on the small force which was Steel City.

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