Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 177 – Attacking St. Kaulin City (III)

Chapter 176 – Attacking St. Kaulin City (II)

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Aldrich, who had been all along extremely calm as if nothing could faze him, had a slight change in his complexion, and a touch of graveness flashed past his eyes: “The dark elves are actually on its side! Could the City of Dark Elves already been conquered by it? But even if the City of Dark Elves was conquered, it still wouldnt be easy to subdue the dark elves. Whats going on? Previously, had Steel City really been in cahoots with the dark elves?”

After the bottomless bog had vanished, the battle robots dug their way out of the ground and rushed towards St. Kaulin City.

Holes opened above special protrusions about St. Kaulin City, from where the muzzles of magic artilleries extended.

St. Kaulin Citys magic artilleries 10 meters long, had countless mysterious and profound runes carved on them, and were manufactured from large amounts of magic metal and mithril. The manufacturing price of each magic artillery was more than 50 million magic stones.

Each magic artillery had 36 power source sockets, where mid grade and/or high grade magic stones could be inserted, thus adjusting the might of the magic artillery.

Currently, 36 high grade magic stones were embedded in the magic artilleries. When hit by such a magic artillery, its destructive power could even heavily injure a Great Warlock.

Along with bright flashes, St. Kaulin Citys 500 magic artilleries instantly fired.

500 tremendous radiances instantly hit the mechanical legion dispatched by Yang Feng, before detonating into a frightening explosion and swallowing the mechanical legion dispatched by Yang Feng practically in its entirety.

When the light from the explosion faded, more than 95% of the 110,000 strong mechanical legion dispatched by Yang Feng had been turned into a wreckage; countless components were scattered everywhere.

The dark elven Wizards standing next to Yang Feng had their complexions turn pale, their beautiful eyes flickering with fear.

Joana gave a faint sigh, and a peculiar glint flashed past her beautiful eyes: “Those military weapons are so powerful! Turandot Subcontinents 6 Great Warlock Groups are really deserving of their reputations.”

“Haha, Steel Citys mechanical legion only amounts to this much!”

“Thats right, theyre but a pile of wreckage before our magic artillery!”

“Even if Steel City has 1 million alchemical golems, you still will never defeat Warlock College Antalya!”


Warlock College Antalyas upper echelons revealed traces of smiles and commented overbearingly, as they observed the battlefield via Magic Eyes.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

But in the next moment, Yang Fengs counterattack had arrived. The overwhelming artillery shelling, while under Portable Fortified Stronghold extremely precise calculations, had bombarded Warlock College Antalyas magic artillery.

With Warlock College Antalya not having its base attacked for the last several millennia, there was a serious lack in terms of defensive experience; and so, no Warlocks were arranged to protect the magic artilleries. While under the concentrated artillery barrage, the 500 magic artilleries were instantly blasted into pieces. Simultaneously, when the magic stones were hit by the barrage, they were blasted apart. The detonation of the magic stones energy led to their explosions.

Huge explosions sounded above St. Kaulin Citys city wall. The astonishingly valuable 500 magic artilleries were wrecked by Yang Fengs artillery fire.

“Fucking Yang Feng, how dare he do this!”

“How dare he wreck our magic artilleries!!”

“This damned beast!!”


As if being slapped in the face, the upper echelons of Warlock College Antalya scolded and cursed with ashen complexions.

The 500 magic artilleries, with each being worth more than 50 million magic stones, were extremely valuable. The 500 magic artilleries were worth more than 25 billion low grade magic stones. This Warlock College Antalya heritage, which had been accumulating for several millennia, was now wrecked by Yang Feng in a single exchange. Warlock College Antalyas upper echelons hated Yang Fengs guts.

Aldrichs countenance had also become exceedingly unsightly.

During the artillery barrage, 5,000 engineering robots swiftly arrived at the battlefield, and quickly started gathering the remains of the destroyed robots, before throwing them into the wreckage recovering vehicles. The wreckage was then quickly transported towards the rear.

Yang Feng waved his hand. 10,000 level-8 battle robots formed a legion in tandem with 100,000 level-4 humanoid robots, and proceeded to attack St. Kaulin City.

Inside St. Kaulin City, there was a variety of elite Knights which Warlock College Antalya had conscripted from Southern States Coalition – their numbers reaching up to 1 million.

When the battle robots were seen approaching, the 9 Warlock Towers above St. Kaulin Citys city wall flickered brightly, and large areas of effect spells blessing agility, power, physical strength and spirit fell onto the human experts above the city wall.

Once the human Knight-rank experts received the magical blessings, their strength immediately soared. They were brimming with courage.

Human experts proficient in archery drew their enchanted arrows, and then shot them at the mechanical army.

Although humans were not as good as dark elves, who were born with a powerful innate gift for archery, but human population was hundreds of times larger than that of dark elves. The human experts inside St. Kaulin City were rarely seen experts, their archery not the slightest bit inferior to dark elves.

The arrows dropped from the sky and shot into the midst of the mechanical legion. A lot of arrows had directly ran through the heads of the level-4 humanoid robots, nailing them to the ground.

The archery of the humans inside St. Kaulin City was extremely tyrannical, yet the robots resistance towards the arrows was exceedingly high. A lot of level-4 humanoid robots covered in arrows, like hedgehogs, still continued to charge at St. Kaulin City.

The level-4 gunner robots madly swept towards the human experts above the city wall with their gauss rifles.

Under the dense hail of bullets, a large number of human Knight rank experts were hit by the gauss bullets, and then fell from the city wall.

The marksmanship of the level-4 gunner robots was exceedingly accurate, forcibly suppressing the human archers above the city wall to the point that they didnt even dared crop up their heads.

Once the crowd of battle robots neared the edge of St. Kaulin Citys moat.

The water of St. Kaulin Citys moat was drawn from Poway River, it was up to 60 meters wide and 100 meters deep, and had turbulent waves. No matter how many lives were to be thrown into the moat, it would still seem bottomless.

Once the 5,000 engineering robots arrived before the moat, they quickly built wide pontoon bridges extending towards St. Kaulin Citys city wall.

Once the pontoon bridges were built, the crowd of battle robots swiftly followed them right until below St. Kaulin Citys city wall, and then like spiders, frantically climbed the city wall.

Aldrich showed a slight smile, and waved his hand: “Idiot!”

As if huge legendary flood dragons, Krona White-Scaled Boas covered in white scales suddenly rose from the moat and ferociously bumped into the steel pontoon bridges.

Adult Krona White-Scaled Boas were level-2 extraordinary life forms. With their frightening brute strength, once they hit the steel pontoon bridges, they directly sent them into the air.

The crowd of battle robots was carved into two groups. About 10,000 battle robots were climbing St. Kaulin Citys city wall, 10,000 were directly drawn into the moat, and 90,000 were trapped on the other side.

Among the battle robots which were stopped on the other side of the moat, the gauss cannons of the level-8 gunner robots rumbled, and countless gauss shells bombarded the Krona White-Scaled Boas.

Flesh and blood flying, the Krona White-Scaled Boas were being blasted by the level-8 gunned robots, before turning into corpses and falling into the moat.

The remaining Krona White-Scaled Boas rushed ashore with crimson eyes. An extremely strange snake hiss arrived from St. Kaulin City, and the Krona White-Scaled Boas withdrew into the moat.

Human Knight rank experts raised huge stones, and smashed them against the robots climbing the city wall. When hit by the huge stones, the battle robots climbing the city wall were knocked into the moat.

The waves in the moat churned, the battle robots which fell into the moat had lost contact with Yang Feng, obviously destroyed. They sank to the bottom of the river.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled slightly when he saw the outcome.

Battle robots which had been destroyed on the battlefield, as long as their wreckage was gathered, would be very quickly manufactured anew by Yang Feng, before being once more thrown into the battlefield, becoming the enemys nightmare. However, these battle robots were sank in the moat; therefore, they couldnt be reforged before Warlock College Antalya was defeated. Moreover, the Krona White-Scaled Boas had cut off Yang Fengs path of attack, greatly inconveniencing him.

Shayenna suddenly gave a laugh: “Sir, are you being troubled by the Krona White-Scaled Boas? I have a trick to deal with them!”

Yang Fengs eyes lit up and he said: “What trick? Spill it out!”

Shayenna took out a crystal vial with a black elixir, and chuckled: “This is Demon Grave Poison, its a highly poisonous mixture of the soil from a demons grave and the 9-Leafed Portman Flowers juice. Just a drop of it is enough to poison any life form inside the moat.”

The soil from a demons grave was soil formed by merging the blood essence of fallen ancient demons, whos strength was comparable to that of gods, with the land. This soil was highly poisonous to many life forms. The 9-Leafed Portman Flower was a rare flower with therapeutic effects produced in the underground world. Once both of them were mixed together, it would give birth to a horrifying poison.

Among the underground worlds races, dark elves were known for being great experts in using poisons. They often used poison in assassinations. Therefore, in terms of poison research, they had no equals in the underground world.

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