Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 178 – Nuclear Explosion Breaching The City

Chapter 177 – Attacking St. Kaulin City (III)

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“Excellent.” Yang Feng showed a trace of a satisfied smile. He waved his hand, and a humanoid robot took the vial of elixir from Shayenna.

The 200 shielded robots protecting Yang Feng went all out, and frantically rushed towards St. Kaulin Citys moat with a terrifying speed of 400 km/h.

While under the fire cover from the battle robots, the battle robots climbing the city wall were quickly climbing to the top. After paying the price of 1,000 battle robots crashing to the ground, they finally jumped on top of the city wall.

Above the city wall, once the large number of human Knight rank experts saw the level-4 humanoid robots jumping onto the city wall, they rushed forward and fought against them.

Suddenly, 30 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters rose into the air, their artilleries roaring – madly strafing towards the human experts above the city wall.

Under the bombardment from the 30 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters, hundreds and thousands of the human experts were turned into large fragments splashing about.

The 9 Warlock Towers above St. Kaulin Citys city wall flashed brightly, shooting fire arrows at the 30 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters.

The 30 Falcon Heavy-Duty Assault Helicopters had immediately turned into 30 fireballs, before dropping to the ground and exploding.

Yang Feng narrowed his eyes slightly as he thought: “The Warlock Towers are really troublesome; theyre worthy of being one of humanitys strongest defensive weapons.”

Warlock Towers were one of humanitys strongest defensive weapons. In human history, there were several crucial battles where the survival of the race was on the line. It was all due to the Warlock Towers struggling madly and blocking the enemys offensive, that they got a chance to take a breather and ultimately acquire victory.

Warlock College Antalya succeeded a base of the ancient Warlocks. With the extremely formidable defensive strength of the Warlock Towers, St. Kaulin City had never been breached in a frontal assault.

The reason why Aldrich was so adamant about forcing Yang Feng to bring the fight to St. Kaulin City, was to use defense as a means to defeat the enemy, to wipe out Steel Citys main forces in one fell swoop in St. Kaulin City, then to constrict Steel Citys lebensraum, and ultimately to annihilate it.

When the mechanical legion was madly engaged with St. Kaulin Citys human experts, the humanoid robot had eventually reached St. Kaulin Citys moat under the protection of the shielded robots, and then poured the Demon Grave Poison into the moat.

Once a few drops of the Demon Grave Poison were dropped into the moat, the clear and transparent moat was immediately become as black as ink, and started emitting a foul stench.

The water of St. Kaulin Citys moat immediately surged. Krona White-Scaled Boas thrashed madly and issued extremely mournful hisses, splashing the moats water about.

Soon after, the moat stopped churning, and the corpses of the Krona White-Scaled Boas floated up in the moat. Apart from the Krona White-Scaled Boas, large amounts of dead fish, shrimps, tortoises, and crabs floated up in the moat, painting an image from hell.

“So poisonous!!”

“Such a scary poison!”

“Dark elves, fuck, its definitely those whores doing! They are proficient in the refining of all kinds of highly poisonous elixirs.”

When Warlock College Antalyas Warlock saw this, they started to curse through clenched teeth.

The engineering robots came forward once more and built pontoon bridges leading to St. Kaulin City.

The pontoon bridges were just finished, when fire arrows were fired at them from the 9 Warlock Towers.

The newly built pontoon bridges were destroyed by the 9 Warlock Towers, and collapsed.

Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum!

The distinctive roaring sounds from bombers flying came from the sky.

As if raindrops, countless bombs dropped from the sky, and extremely accurately fell towards the Warlock Towers down below.

A very strange hurricane swept from the 9 Warlock Towers, forming a storm, and sweeping the countless bombs towards the mechanical legion.

The various bombs instantly exploded in the midst of Yang Fengs mechanical regiment, blasting the battle robots into countless pieces.


The two Great Warlock rank experts, Dephilia and Shayenna, launched Dispel on the 9 Warlock Towers, dispelling the spells released by them.

Boom! Boom!

Under the bombardment from the cluster bombs, bunker buster bombs, sonic explosives, incendiary bombs, and a variety of other bombs, the 9 Warlock Towers were plunged into a sea of flames. Inside the Warlock Towers, all of the Apprentice Warlocks and a lesser half of the official level-1 Warlocks had died.

However, even though the 9 Warlock Towers were under the bombardment from the Colossus Heavy-Duty Bombers, but they still werent crushed, they stood tall and mighty amidst the explosions.

Suddenly, up to 10 meters long Mandala Winged Snakes with a pair of wings, and a single horn on their heads flew out of Warlock College Antalyas inner court, and rose high into the sky.

Adult Mandala Winged Snakes were level-2 extraordinary life forms with the terrifying power of wind elemental particles manipulation. They were airborne weapons carefully bred by Warlock College Antalya, which could freely soar in the sky.

1,500 Mandala Winged Snakes under the lead of a level-3 extraordinary life form rank Mandala 4-Winged Snake soared into the sky, heading towards the Colossus Heavy-Duty Bombers flying at a high altitude.

The the spell casting range of the level-3 Warlocks from inside the Warlock Towers was insufficient, and they couldnt hit the Colossus Heavy-Duty Bombers flying at the high altitude of 5,000 meters.

Once the Mandala Winged Snakes reached the high altitude of 2,000 meters, they saw thousands of Lightning Supersonic Fighters rushing towards them.

Artilleries roared and wind streams raged.

Lightning Supersonic Fighters dropped from the sky, exploded and turned into fireballs. Mandala Winged Snakes also fell to the ground, turning into meat paste.

A cruel and fierce airborne battle broke out above St. Kaulin City.

The Mandala Winged Snakes were extremely fierce, but the thousands of Lightning Supersonic Fighters were much more powerful then them. After a bout of fierce fighting, the Mandala Winged Snakes showed signs of decline, their numbers ever decreasing.

With the suppression in the sky, the Colossus Heavy-Duty Bombers continued to throw all kinds of bombs. The 9 Warlock Towers could only cast defensive spells to barely defend themselves; therefore, they were no longer capable of suppressing the mechanical legion down below.

The engineering robots swiftly built steel pontoon bridges, allowing the battle robots to cross the moat and then to climb the city wall.

Suddenly, along with an angry bellow, an extremely brutal black dragon rose from Warlock College Antalya and flew into the sky.

Shayennas pretty face changed slightly, and she warned: “That is Tyrannical Black Dragon Anthony! The Black Dragon Tower has also joined this battle!!”

The Tyrannical Black Dragon Anthony was Black Dragon Towers Tower Master. Since he had appeared, it proved that the Black Dragon Empire had also joined the battle in order to destroy Steel City in one go.

Once Tyrannical Black Dragon Anthony flew into the sky, the remains from the Lightning Supersonic Fighters continuously dropped from the sky, before exploding.

The Lightning Supersonic Fighters fighting strength was extremely frightening, but in front of a Turandot Subcontinents powerhouse like Tyrannical Black Dragon Anthony, they still looked vulnerable.

Suddenly, 300 magic artilleries emerged around the St. Kaulin City, before flashing brightly, and instantly firing 300 magic radiances at Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Along with heaven-shaking explosions, more than 90% of the mechanical legion in the vicinity of the St. Kaulin City was destroyed.

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and he waved his hand. A counter attack was launched in a flash.

Tens of thousands of heavy artilleries instantly launched a salvo, firing at the 300 magic artilleries.

Only this time, level-3 Warlocks from the Black Dragon Empire stood in front of the 300 magic artilleries. The level-3 Warlocks from the Black Dragon Empire cast defensive spells, intercepting the shellfire.

Originally, even level-3 Warlocks wouldnt be capable of intercepting the bombardment from Yang Fengs heavy artilleries. If level-3 Warlocks were so daring as to face the bombardment from the heavy artilleries; then ultimately, they would deplete their spirit force, and then die without leaving any remains behind. But after the heavy artillery shellfire was weakened by Warlock College Antalyas spell, its might was reduced to such a degree, that Black Dragon Towers level-3 Warlocks could easily withstand it.

Aldrich said lightly: “Yang Feng, from the moment you were drawn here by your two women, it was destined that your Steel City would loose! This is not a battle between the Warlock College Antalya and Steel City, but a battle between the Turandot Subcontinents humans and the traitors of humanity.

Aldrich reached out and a huge magic screen suddenly condensed above the St. Kaulin City.

The image on the magic screen was that of the Gold Sand City, a city belonging to the Steel Citys sphere of influence.

At this moment, flames and smoke were rising from the Gold Sand City, with traces of destruction everywhere. A crowd of Warlocks were urging all kinds of extraordinary life forms to frenziedly massacre the Gold Sand Citys humans.

Flames rose from the munitions factories inside the Gold Sand City, explosions ringing constantly.

An exceedingly savage Behemoth barged about the Gold Sand City, ripping all the battle robots baring its way to shreds.

As if detecting something, the extremely savage Behemoth turned its head. Its eyes flickered with an extremely savage radiance, and it snarled: “Yang Feng, you idiot! You actually went out with Steel Citys main forces! Youre screwed. Savage Claw will destroy all of Steel Citys munitions factories, and severe your supply of military forces! After this battle, you and your uncle, Ill pull out your tendons, skin you, chop you to pieces, and then feed you to my dogs!”




In the surroundings of the broken munitions factories, savage extraordinary life forms issued angry bellows. They were the Savage Claws Warlocks morphed into powerful being.

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