Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 18 – Fiend Morph

Chapter 17 – Steel Golems

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Almost none of the attacks had any effect on the bladed robots. Only when some Knight rank powerhouses raised huge stones, would they be able to smash a dozen bladed robots.

But that was also the final resistance of the human soldiers in the Black City.

When 20 human ladders were erected, a large number of bladed robots poured in.

“Go to hell! All of you go to hell! You fucking golems!!” A Great Knight holding a 2-meter-long sword and wearing over 100 kilograms in heavy armor gave a furious roar, charged to in front of a bladed robot, and slashed at the bladed robot, slicing it in two.

The Great Knight was followed by eight Knights, forming a small arrow formation. Wherever the frightening sword the Great Knight brandished passed through, the bladed robots would be either jolted away or sliced in half.

The eight Knights beside the Great Knight protected his flanks and rear, so that he could display his strength freely without being besieged.

But the outbreak of the Great Knight was like the sunset at dusk. No matter how hard he fought, the number of bladed robots atop the city wall still increased.

Fearless and expressionless, the bladed robots brandishing their alloy blades rushed into the middle of the human soldiers and raised a storm of flesh and blood.

Carnage, accompanied by the screams of numerous human soldiers of the Black City, ensued atop the city wall.

Under the assault of the bladed robots, the human troops crumbled one after another and scattered about.

It didnt took long before there were only four Knight squads headed by Great Knights remained atop the city wall that still stubbornly resisted

The huge mechanical legion of bladed robots directly advanced towards the Warlock tower, while only 1,000 bladed robots separated to surround the remaining four Knight squads.

A bladed robot said in a frigid and synthetic voice towards the four Knight squads.

Knight rank powerhouses were extremely rare in the human world. Practically only 1 in a 1,000 ordinary people had a chance to become a Knight rank powerhouse. The four Knight squads were the essence of the Black City. If they surrendered, then Yang Feng would have smooth sailing in the human society of the Turandot Subcontinent.

“Ptooey, you monster! Eat shit!” The eyes of the burly Great Knight Bennett flashed with an unruly glint and he spat at the bladed robot.

The bladed robot ordered coldly: “Kill everyone in this squad!”

200 bladed robots moved simultaneously and pounced at Bennett and his seven subordinates from all directions.

“Lets break out!!” Bennett roared, brandished the sword in his hands, and slashed at the bladed robots that had already rushed over.


“Save me!!”


Practically at the same time, Bennett heard cries for help. He turned around, only to see the comrades-in-arms who followed him to be sliced into numerous pieces by the unending flow of bladed robots.

Bennetts seven squad members were killed by the bladed robots in less than five breaths of time. Going all out, the seven squad members managed to destroy five bladed robots.

“No! Bastards!!” His eyes bloodshot, Bennett issued a heart-rending roar, brandished his sword, slashed at the waist of a bladed robot, and instantly sliced it across the waist.

12 alloy blades sliced at Bennett from six directions. After loosing the protection from his squad members, he barely managed to blocked four alloy blades before being sliced into numerous pieces.

When the remaining three Knight squads saw this scene, a chill welled up inside them. Bennett was the strongest Great Knight in the Black City. Such a powerhouse was easily defeated by the bladed robots. Ergo, if they persisted in their resistance, only death would await them.

“I surrender!” The burly, bearded middle-aged man Jon looked at the Knights behind him, then gave a long sigh and dropped his sword.

Secretly relieved, Jons squad members dropped their swords.

After Jon surrendered, the powerhouses of the remaining two Knight squads also chose to surrender.

The huge mechanical legion crushed the weak resistance of the Black City as it marched forward, and soon arrived before the Warlock tower.

“Acid Rain!”

“Dark Rays!”

“Arcane Projectiles!”


Just as the mechanical legion reached 200 meters from the Warlock tower, over 100 level-0 spells slammed into the midst of the bladed robots and destroyed dozens of them.

Over 100 Apprentice Warlocks of the Black Cottage stood on the second floor of the Warlock tower. The over 100 Apprentice Warlocks were the backbone of the Black Cottage.

The Warlock tower had magic strengthening properties. The fighting strength the over 100 Apprentice Warlocks could display within the Warlock tower was comparable to that of quite a few level-1 Warlocks.

After dozens of bladed robots were destroyed, the remaining huge mechanical legion was unaffected, and still rushed at the Warlock tower.

At this moment, the gate of the Warlock tower opened and two seven-meter-tall steel golems with two six-meter-long, frightening swords strode out of the Warlock tower.

Once the two steel golems appeared, their ruby eyes flashed with red light, then they brandished their swords and fiercely slashed at the bladed robots.

A bladed robot raised its alloy blades to block in front of it. A steel golem slashed heavily with its sword at the alloy blades of the bladed robot and forcibly smashed the the bladed robot along with its alloy blades.

“Great Strength!”



Firmly defending the entrance to the Warlock tower, the two steel golems frantically destroyed the bladed robots. In the Warlock tower, the over 100 Apprentice Warlockscontinuously cast level-0 spells to strengthen the battle prowess of the steel golems.

The steel golems were weapons that a genuine Alchemist spent a lot of effort and numerous precious materials to refine. Not only did they have Sky Knight rank fighting strength, but they could still bear the boost from various status spells. They were formidable.

Once mobilized, the two steel golems were even capable of defeating a 1,000-strong ordinary army.

The Apprentice Warlocks unceasingly attacked the bladed robots with different level-0 spells from the Warlock tower so that they couldnt besiege the two steel golems.

Although the two steel golems had terrifying battle prowess, but once besieged by hundreds and thousands of bladed robots, only destruction would await them.

The bladed robots had no notion of morale. No matter how many of them were destroyed, they would keep slashing at the pray in front of them as long as Yang Feng didnt give the order for them to stop.

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