Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 180 – Aldrichs Death

Chapter 179 – Entering The City

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Yang Feng ordered faintly: “Enter the city!”

Alike ants, 200,000 level-8 battle robots along with 2 million level-4 humanoid robots swiftly moved towards St. Kaulin City.

Even though St. Kaulin Citys 9 Warlock Towers were already destroyed, Yang Feng was still apprehensive of carelessly dispatching all his troops.

As a base constructed by the ancient Warlocks, plus Warlock College Antalyas several millennia of accumulations, it was unknown how many trump cards St. Kaulin City had. If the mechanical legion was to enter in its entirety, then were to be hit by a formidable spell and turned into ash, by then, Yang Feng would have nothing left to do, except lament his stupidity.

While under the protection of 100,000 battle robots, Yang Feng personally entered St. Kaulin City. Anyway, even if this avatar were to be eliminated, he still had countless avatars replace it with.

“St. Kaulin City is really something, it could even withstand an nuclear explosion.” As soon as Yang Feng entered St. Kaulin City, he couldnt help but to constrict his gaze slightly.

The explosion from the 9 nuclear warheads had merely destroyed more than half of St. Kaulin Citys city wall. Meanwhile, while St. Kaulin City was covered in a protective spell, the might of the nuclear warheads was weakened greatly and had just extended 500 meters into the city. Miraculously, St. Kaulin City was intact after the nuclear explosion, with only its city wall destroyed and its garrison annihilated.

Practically the entire garrison in the vicinity of St. Kaulin Citys city wall was eliminated by the 9 nuclear warheads in one fell swoop. Yang Feng directly marched into the city, before heading towards the inner court.

Warlock College Antalyas inner court was the core of St. Kaulin City. Once the inner court was captured, then St. Kaulin City would fall into Yang Fengs hands. But if the inner court was not captured, then even if Yang Feng were to occupy St. Kaulin City, it still wouldnt amount to much.

While under the protection of the huge mechanical legion, Yang Feng arrived before Warlock College Antalyas gate.

Yang Feng was filled with myriad emotions as he looked at Warlock College Antalyas gate. A few years ago, he was still racking his brain about how to enter Warlock College Antalya. Furthermore, he received a blow from Scarlet Hands Blitz, and was bullied by tutor Eunice. But now, he had actually arrived before Warlock College Antalya as a conqueror, bringing along an army of countless experts.

Yang Feng looked silently at Warlock College Antalya, and then directly entered into the college.

In Warlock College Antalyas outer court, there were still some students who werent even Apprentice Warlocks. When those students saw Yang Feng and the mechanical legion behind him, their eyes flickered with panic and fear. They surrendered.

Suddenly, an extremely excited cry came from the crowd: “Is it you, Yang Feng? Its me, Gars!”

Yang Feng followed the voice and spotted a youngster standing in the crowd. It was Gars, who had accompanied Yang Feng through Hunting Fangs Wilderness all those years ago.

“So its you, Gars, come over!” Yang Feng smiled, and waved his hand. The battle robots gave way.

Gars had a complicated look, a touch of envy and jealousy flashing past the depths of his eyes. He exclaimed: “Yang Feng, you changed so much in the few years I havent seen you!”

A few years later, Gars was still an outer court student in Warlock College Antalya, while Yang Feng was not only a powerful level-1 Warlock, but also a marshal of the Steel City, commanding the mechanical legion to breach St. Kaulin City. The strength and status of both parties was worlds apart, it was only natural for Gars to feel a bit strange.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Mhm! Lets catch up after I capture Warlock College Antaleas inner court.”

Gars felt the pressure related to authority coming from Yang Feng; he answered involuntarily: “Okay.”

The enormous mechanical legion advanced quickly, before stopping outside of the entrance to Warlock College Antalyas inner court.

“This is the entrance to Warlock College Antalyas inner court, no one is permitted entry.”

The huge Molock Direwolf, Dulimuk, opened its eyes, staring at Yang Feng and the enormous mechanical legion. It barked, and erupted with a terrifying life force comparable to that of a level-3 Warlock in a flash. Is absorbed the stones in its surroundings, gathering them into a thick layer of rock armor.

A peculiar glint flashed past Yang Fengs eyes, and he persuaded: “Dulimuk, St. Kaulin City was already breached by me! From this day forward, Warlock College Antalya will become history. Renounce Warlock College Antalya, and follow me, okay? I need your assistance. Im willing to give you double the benefits you get from Warlock College Antalya!”

Dulimuks eyes widened; it barked: “I promised my Master to guard Warlock College Antalya. Pledges issued by Molock Direwolves are not to be violated. If you want to enter the inner court, then you must step over my dead body!”

After saying that, Dulimuk suddenly jumped, and like a bolt of lightning, madly pounced at Yang Feng.

“Such a loyal wolf! Unfortunately, its not on my side!” Yang Feng sighed lightly. In the World of Warlocks, deceptions and schemes were a common occurrence. The various extraordinary life forms and formidable beings captured from other planes and put to work by Warlocks, every single one of them thought about how to rebel against their Masters and gain their freedom.

Extraordinary life forms as true to their word as the loyal and powerful Dulimuk were rare and precious.

A dozen shielded robots suddenly raised their shields, and stepped forward to block. Layers of level-3 protective covers suddenly appeared, blocking in front of Yang Feng.

Dulimuk extended its claw in a mad strike, shattering a protective cover with its terrifying power. Simultaneous, a level-8 shielded robots shield was caved in by the strike. The shield robot was sent flying, before bumping into another shielded robot.

Thousands of gunner robots and artillery robots opened fire in a flash. Countless shell fire bombarded Dulimuk, and countless rock fragments splattered about.

Dulimuk resisted for less than 10 seconds, before crumbling into a pile of stones under the concentrated artillery barrage.

Molock Direwolves had outstanding physical and magical resistance. However, no matter how outstanding the resistance, it still could not escape its fate while the shell fire from thousands of level-8 gunner robots and artillery robots was concentrated on it.

“Its a pity!” Yang Feng gave a faint sigh, and then proceeded towards the inner court.

A humanoid robot came forward, extracted Dulimuks magic core, and then put it away.

Eunice and Judy had been injected with the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir. Through the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots, Yang Feng could easily lock down on their position.

The mechanical legion led by Yang Feng advanced into the inner court, before arriving below the seven-story-tall Warlock Tower.

“Yang Feng, stop!”

Following the angry roar, Starlight Aldrich, along with Judy and Eunice, appeared atop the seven-story-tall tower.

At this moment, the hair of the originally calm and ruthless Aldrich was in disarray, blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth, he was battered alike a beggar. His eyes were fool of enmity as he looked at Yang Feng.

The power from the extraordinary defensive spell shrouding St. Kaulin was comparable to a large area of effect defensive divine spell cast with the help of divine power. Even with the help from St. Kaulin City left by the ancient Warlocks, Aldrich had still received a huge backlash from the nuclear explosion.

But Aldrich was very crafty. He had transferred the majority of the backlash to Great Warlock Holden as well as the numerous lesser Warlocks, blowing them up in one fell swoop. Despite this, he had still suffered rather serious injuries; thus it was only natural for him to be full of resentful towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng raised his hand, and the 200,000 level-8 battle robots and numerous level-4 humanoid robots behind him stopped in their steps.

“Very good. Yang Feng, it seems that youre rather attached to these two women. Immediately hand the control rights to your mechanical legion over. Take Steel Citys Great Warlock rank experts and leave St. Kaulin City. Otherwise, Ill immediately kill them!”

A sinister glint flashed past Aldrichs eyes. He flicked his hands casually, and a pair of black claws suddenly appeared, grabbing at throats of Eunice and Judy. The throats of the two women could be squashed at any time.

“Aldrich, dont be naive! This war determines the life and death of our Steel City; as such, I cant retreat even by half a step. I will never hand the mechanical legions control rights over! Otherwise, wouldnt that spell the death sentence for Steel Citys thousands upon thousands of people?”

“I admit that Im rather attached to Eunice and Judy, but your condition is too excessive; I cannot agree to it. How about this, you return them to me, and Ill give you a way out, giving you a chance at a comeback. People as selfish as yourself put their lives above anything else. Let them go, and youll live past this day; otherwise, today will be the day you die.” Yang Feng took a step forward. His eyes flickered with a cold glint, and he barked.

Aldrich laughed loudly, contempt filling his eyes: “Haha, you want to kill me? You think it would be that simple, only relying on your lumps of metal? Although I cannot get rid of your lumps of metal, but if I want to flee, is there anyone in this world who can stop me?!”

In a head on confrontation, Yang Fengs mechanical legion was exceedingly mighty. However, to make a peak Great Warlock like Aldrich stay, was nevertheless extremely difficult.

“Is that so? Do you see this?” Yang Feng sneered, and pressed on the Dimensional Crest on his chest. A radiance suddenly flew out and fell on the ground, exposing a silhouette. It was a level-4 extraordinary life form, the Mechanical Mofen Demonic Polar Bear.

Aldrich said in disdain: “Just a single level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical golem? I can easily take such a mechanical golem down.”

Yang Feng sneered, repeatedly pressing on the Dimensional Crest on his chest.

One after another, Amanni Light Wing Icebird, Coloman Boa, Fire Lion, Lightning Leopard, and other level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts appeared before Aldrich.

Before long, 13 level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts had appeared in front of Yang Feng, before emitting terrifying life force, and glaring at Aldrich. They were just waiting for Yang Fengs order, ready to pounce at Aldrich and tear him to shreds.

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