Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 181 – Fury

Chapter 180 – Aldrichs Death

Translator: Xaiomoge

When he saw this, Aldrichs complexion changed slowly, before becoming very unsightly. As one of Turandot Subcontinents peak experts, and by drawing support from his demigod rank armament, he could very well challenge 8 odd level-4 extraordinary life forms at the same time when in his top condition. However, he was presently gravely injured; therefore, if he were to clash with the 13 level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts facing him, only death would await him if he didnt flee.

Aldrich sneered: “So what? Even with this many Great Warlock rank alchemical golems, if I want to flee, you still cant stop me!”

“Is that so? Then let me show you my strongest trump card! God rank armament Book of Prophecies; let me show you its power!” Yang Feng sneered, flicked his wrist, and a book emitting strange fluctuations of power appeared in his hand.

Aldrich became very nervous as he stared at the book in Yang Fengs hand. But then, his eyes spewed boundless flames of anger and he snarled madly: “Book of Prophecies my ass! This is clearly Cliffords Legend rank secret treasure Book of Gaia! Are you playing with me?”

Yang Feng sighed faintly: “Of course Im playing with you. Isnt it obvious? Are you retarded?”

Aldrich was seething with anger. Just as his anger had died down, when he was staring at Yang Feng, a ghostly silhouette suddenly burst out from amidst the shadows behind his back, before stabbing at Aldrich with the Legend rank dagger Kiss of the Damned.

Aldrich instinctively erupted with a powerful life force around his body.

The Legend rank dagger Kiss of the Damned easily sliced open Aldrichs force field, which was even capable of somewhat resisting level-4 spells, before stabbing into his back.

Instantly, 12 types of curses erupted inside Aldrich, a black gas enveloped him, and he became greatly weakened.

The shadow also showed its appearance – it was the Legend rank assassin Night Hunter Romulaj.

While Yang Feng was attracting Aldrichs attention, Romulaj seized this opportunity to make her move, and stabbed Aldrichs abdomen with the Legend rank dagger Kiss of the Damned in one fell swoop.

“Bitch, drop dead!!”

His eyes blood-shot, Aldrich pointed at the shadow, before casting the level-4 death type spell Disintegrate in a flash. A ray of disintegration was shot at Romulaj.

Once the level-4 death type spell Disintegrate was cast, then even Great Warlock rank experts would have a great probability to be instakilled if hit. It was a horrifying spell.

When it came to the Legend rank assassin Romulaj, if she were to be hit by Disintegrate, then there was a probability of more than 90% that she would be instakilled, becoming a pile of residue.

At this moment, an azure light curtain appeared in front of Romulaj. The green disintegration ray hit the azure curtain, before shattering it shortly after.

Romulaj seized this chance to pull out the dagger and sever the claws at the throats of Eunice and Judy. She reached out, grabbed the two women by the shoulders, and vigorously pulled at them. The tender bodies quickly drifted backwards, before rushing towards Yang Fengs camp.

The black gas from the curses twisted around Aldrich. An extremely resentful glint flickered in Aldrichs eyes, and he barked: “You cant save them! Ive already cast spells on them. As long as I will it, then their souls will collapse and theyll turn into dead bodies.”

Aldrich just finished speaking, when Eunice and Judy suddenly shrieked, twitching all over, their eyes white. Their bodies bulged, as if some terrifying, strange life form was roaming inside them. Threads of blood flowed out of their mouths.

“Really? Unfortunately, my spells are customized to restrain yours!”

Carolina stepped out from an empty space, flicked her wrist, and the Rose Divine Mirror suddenly appeared in her lily-white hand. The mirror illuminated Eunice and Judy.

A sacred, bright white light illuminated Eunice and Judy.

Painful expressions crept onto the faces of Eunice and Judy. The two women spread open their lips; black wisps of mist exited their mouths and gathered into human faces screaming miserably, before being purified by the sacred white light and vanishing.

A glint of despair flashed past Aldrichs eyes, and he issued a beast-like growl: “Carolina, its you! Youve also come!!”

In Turandot Subcontinent, Saint Rose Carolina was an expert known for being capable of purifying all kinds of wicked spells. Saint Rose Radiant Book was one of Turandot Subcontinents strongest secret methods, capable of purifying an uncountable number of wicked spells. With Carolina around, regardless of how many wicked spells Aldrich used on Eunice and Judy, all would be purified.

Carolina chuckled: “Thats right! Aldrich, I came to witness your fall! At that time, when you flaunted your prowess at Rose Garden, had you ever thought that this day would come?”

The Mechanical Black Dragon emitting traces of an ancient black dragons pressure unexpectedly appeared behind Aldrich, blocking his escape route.

Aldrichs complexion went through various changes, before against everyones expectations, he suddenly knelt on the ground, kowtowed repeatedly towards Yang Feng and implored: “Sir Yang Feng, please spare my wretched life! You can cast a controlling spell on me. I just ask that you spare my wretched life. After all, Im Eunices father! Im the only relative she has left in the world. I beg you, spare my life!”

“Im a Great Warlock rank expert, and I know all the secrets in Warlock College Antalya. As long as you take me as a slave, then Ill tell you all that I know, allowing you to take control of Warlock College Antalya with ease.”

A peculiar glint flashed past Yang Fengs eyes: “Knowing when to yield and when to resist, truly worthy of an ambitious and ruthless character.”

Carolina saw Aldrich covering and wagging his tail in front of Yang Feng, and a glint of disdain flashed past her beautiful eyes: “What a disappointment!”

A glint of contempt flashed past of Romulajs pretty eyes. Although Yang Feng had also forced her to submit, yet she hadnt stooped so low as to cover and wag her tail.

Aldrich was one of the most powerful Great Warlocks in Turandot Subcontinent, as well as Warlock College Antalyas Dean. For such a big shot to actually behave so deplorably when confronted with a life or death situation gave rise to a description in Romulajs mind, unworthy of ones name.

Yang Feng waved his hand. A humanoid robot holding a syringe with the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir went next to Aldrich, grabbed his right arm, and then directly injected the elixir.

Aldrichs immune system instinctively moved to eliminate one tenth of the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robots. His complexion changed slightly, yet he didnt show any signs of resistance as he knelt on the ground.

Only death would await Aldrich if he resisted while being watched by so many experts.

After seeing the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir being injected into Aldrich, Yang Feng turned towards Eunice and asked, “I had promised you to kill him; therefore, Ill let you decide whether he lives or dies. Just say the word, and hes dead!”

Aldrich had immediately turned pale from fright, before raising his head to look at Yang Feng and saying: “Master, you agreed to spare my wretched life!”

Yang Feng laughed heartily and said: “Haha, when had I done that? Its just your own wishful thinking. The one to decide your fate is your daughter Eunice and not me.”

Aldrich immediately turned towards Eunice, prostrated himself on the ground, and started pleading: “Eunice, my daughter, my dear daughter. I know I wronged you. I beg you, please spare my life. I beg you, for the sake of me being your father, please spare my life. The resources accumulated through the years, Ill gift them all to you. Moreover, with my pointers, you are bound to reach the Great Warlock rank.”

Eunice gave Aldrich a profound look, deep seated resentment concealed in her beautiful eyes: “Aldrich, my dear father. At that time, I had also implored you to spare my mother and older sister. Yet you, the best that you are, in order to have a slight progress in your power, had mercilessly murdered them. Ill never forgive you! Master, kill this beast. Henceforth, my body and heart are yours.”

“Okay, then die!” A touch of regret flashed past the abyss of Yang Fengs eyes, and he said faintly to Aldrich.


Aldrich issued an extremely mournful cry, his face twisted, his body swelled up uncontrollably, and he exploded with apop. Only his head rolling on the ground was left intact. His breath of life had faded.

In Turandot Subcontinent, there were many extraordinary life forms capable of surviving with just their head remaining, yet Aldrich was obviously not such a life form.

Carolina and Romulaj shivered slightly inside when they saw this.

Aldrich was a formidable existence of the pinnacle Great Warlock rank. Even though he was pierced by Romulajs Kiss of the Damned and his strength was weakened by more than 90%, yet he was still very powerful, his fighting strength was comparable to that of an ordinary Great Warlock. Such an exceptional expert, with just a sentence from Yang Feng, had met a violent end without any strength to resist. This was an eye opener to the two women with regards to the dread of the God Eradicating Elixir.

Yang Feng watched Aldrichs corpse, a touch of regret flashing past the depths of his eyes.

Although Aldrich had no moral integrity, yet he was still a genuine pinnacle Great Warlock existence. If it was not for Eunice, then Yang Feng would not miss the chance to take him as a subordinate, and consequently increase his forces. After all, although Aldrichs character was no good, yet his strength was tyrannical, and his conduct was shrewd and ruthless. He was despicable and there was no lows to which he couldnt stoop, he was a first-rate veteran at doing dirty work.

“Thank you, Master. From today, my body and heart are yours.” Eunice pounced into Yang Fengs arms, gave him a deep kiss on the mouth. Her eyes charming, her body exuding an enchanting luster.

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