Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 185 – The Kindred Monarchs Ascension to Godhood

Chapter 184 – Konraths Death! Harris Surrender

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“Sorry, Im a bit late!” Acheson had a graceful and elegant smile on his face as he strolled into the hall.

Konrath said coldly with a furious and resentful expression: “You still have the face to come meet us?”

Haris swept Acheson with a glance and slightly creased his eyebrows. He had a faint feeling that something was amiss, yet he could not pinpoint the reason for this feeling.

Acheson said with a mysteriously smile: “I know Im at fault; therefore, Ive prepared a gift for the both of you. This gift, I promise that youll like it.”

Konrath sneered: “What gift? Does Eyes of Justice has anything good?”

“The gift is…” Acheson took a step forward. Suddenly, a cold glint flashed through his eyes. In a flash, he erupted with Starry Sky Warlock rank terrifying life force, dense demonic qi covered his hands, and he rushed towards Konrath and Acheson.

With a Starry Sky Warlock rank expert mounting a sneak attack at such a close distance, Konrath didnt manage to react. His body sparkled with defensive force fields. Simultaneously, the space distorted as he was on the verge of casting a Short-Range Teleportation.

Achesons right hand covered in the endless demonic qi passed through Konraths force fields and slammed into his chest, directly interrupting the teleportation spell and leaving a deep imprint on Konraths chest.

Konrath cried out and spat out a big mouthful of black blood as he was sent flying, before hitting a wall in the hall.

On the other side, Haris, who was also unguarded, spat a big mouthful of blood as he was sent flying, before hitting a wall in the hall.

“Youre not Acheson! Who are you?!” Haris was startled and enraged. He roared out a few words as his hands tore a life-saving Long-Range Teleportation scroll apart.

“Interesting, you have a defensive demigod rank armament on you.” Acheson revealed a trace of a smile. He reached out with his right hand towards Haris and released a spatial fluctuation.

The spacial fluctuations shrouding Haris quickly dissipated. At the same time, the person himself was flung towards Achesons outstretched hand.

Acheson beckoned at Haris. With a stream of black light, the demigod rank armament White Elephant Armor flew out from Haris body and fell into his hand.

Acheson casually put on the demigod rank armament White Elephant Armor: “This backward subcontinent also has a demigod rank secret treasure, worthy of the Cangzhi Plane, the primary material plane rumored to contain the mysteries of eternity.”

Haris insides churned and rolled, and he bled from his eyes. He said in anger: “Youre not Acheson. Who the hell are you?”

Cartman said with a light smile: “Youre right, Im not Acheson. Im Demon Emperor Cartman. Ive already turned all of Eyes of Justices people into demons. Konrath, Haris, the both of you are among Turandot Subcontinents strongest experts, and Im rather appreciative of you. If you side with me, then Ill spare your lives and grant you strength. As long as you render enough meritorious deeds, then I can even promote your strengths to the demigod boundary.”

“A demon!!” After hearing that, Konrath and Haris were greatly shaken, a storm raging in their minds.

At the end of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty, the Demonic Divine Dynasty, the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks had discovered a formidable plane, the Demonest Plane. Demons were the aboriginals of the Demonest Plane.

The Demonic Divine Dynastys human Warlocks had launched a war of conquest against the Demonest Plane, but the fighting strength of demons was far beyond what the human Warlocks had imagined. Although the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks had barely prevailed over the Demonest Planes demons, in the end however, both sides ended up loosing. After this war, the human Warlocks were no longer capable of suppressing the Demonic Divine Dynastys countless gods, fiends and devils, and the dynasty collapsed.

The demons had become one of the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks most frightening enemies. Whenever the demons descended into the Cangzhi Plane, they would give rise to a frightening worldwide disaster – the democalypse!

The last time the extremely remote Turandot Subcontinent had experienced the democalypse was nearly 10,000 years ago; therefore, Konrath and Haris had not expected Acheson to be controlled by a powerful demon.

Cartman said faintly: “Have you come to a decision yet?”

Konrath spat out a mouthful of blood, and burst into loud laughter: “Ha-ha-ha, I, Konrath, Savage Claws Master and a man of indomitable spirit, how could I surrender to a freak like you? You demons used to be our slaves, but now you want to enslave your Masters, what a pipe dream!”

During the 4th Warlock Dynasty, the Star Dynasty, the Star Lord had conquered the Demonest Plane, integrating the plane into the human Warlocks sphere of influence and turning it into one of human Warlocks colonies. Ever since the 4th Warlock Dynasty, whenever a human Warlock dynasty arose, the demons would act as human Warlocks slaves and lackeys. But once the human Warlock dynasties collapsed, they would attack the weakened Cangzhi Plane in an attempt to supplant and annihilate the human Warlocks.

“Stubborn fellow, you can go ahead and die!” Cartmans eyes flashed with a frigid glint and he said coldly. He snapped his fingers. Immediately after, black demonic qi gushed out of Konraths body. His body was blown up into a balloon, burst with a bang, and then dropped to the ground in the form of countless fragments.

With his hands behind his back, Cartman swept Haris with a glance, saying lightly: “A wise man submits to fate. When you, Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks, were powerful, we had no choice but to submit. The tables have turned. Now that Cangzhi Plane had deteriorated and humans have degenerated, this plane shall belong to us demons, this subcontinent shall belong to me, the the Demon Emperor Cartman. Haris, you have been strenuously practicing cultivation for centuries, will you also be stubborn and choose death?”

Haris hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth, saying: “Sir Demon Emperor Cartman, Im willing to surrender to You. However, You must promise me not to control my thoughts via any method.”

Contempt flashed in the depths of Cartmans eyes, yet he responded with an amicable smile: “Very well, I promise!”

Although Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks had deteriorated and the glory of the 8 Warlock Dynasties had already waned, but in the main continent, experts were still as common as clouds.

It was not that easy for demons to conquer the Cangzhi Plane; therefore, they had to use human Warlocks to fight human Warlocks, instigating them to massacre among themselves. Only like this would the demons have a chance at conquering the Cangzhi Plane. This was the conclusion the demons came to after hundreds of thousands of years of experience; therefore, Cartman valued greatly this first human Great Warlock to swear allegiance to him.

Haris asked respectfully: “Master, now that Konrath is dead, what are your plans regarding Savage Claw?”

Cartman responded faintly: “Ill destroy it! My subordinates have entered Savage Claw alongside me. With Konrath dead, Savage Claws headquarters are in my bag.”

Savage Claw was also a relic of the ancient Warlocks. With enough Great Warlocks and level-3 Warlocks, it could even suppress Starry Sky Warlocks and could even somewhat contend against Moonlight Warlocks.

However, Savage Claw had sustained heavy losses in the campaign on Black City; therefore, there was not enough Great Warlocks. Moreover, with Cartman killing Konrath, Savage Claw was leaderless and could not resist against Cartman, this Starry Sky Warlock rank frightening expert.

A cunning glint flashed past Cartmans eyes, saying in a deep voice: “Haris, help me make an appointment with Black Dragon Towers Master, Anthony. I want to see him. Tell him that I want to apologize, and have prepared a gift for him!”

With his Starry Sky Warlock rank frightening power, Cartman still acted very cautiously, planning to eradicate Turandot Subcontinents formidable forces one at a time. Currently, he was but an avatar of his true body in the Demonest Plane. Once he entered a relic of the ancient Warlocks, like Black Dragon Tower or Rose Garden, then he might be suppressed and killed.

Haris responded with a bitter smile: “Master, Black Dragon Towers Master, Anthony, was heavily injured by the sneak attack of Steel Citys mechanical legion. Hes currently in seclusion. I have also invited him over, but he had ignored my invitation.”

Cartman said with slight surprise: “Steel Citys mechanical legion? When had this Steel City emerged in Turandot Subcontinent?”

“So he only got Achesons body, and not his memories!” Haris was secretly moved slightly.

Haris replied: “Master, Steel Citys Master is called Yang Ye, and hes also a peerless Alchemy genius. He obtained an Alchemy inheritance from the 6th Warlock Dynasty, the Secret Treasure Dynasty, and refined a mechanical legion composed of steel golems. The mechanical legion is very powerful, and we cannot compete with it. Even Rose Garden and the dark elves have joined him. Master, if You want to become Turandot Subcontinents Master, then Yang Ye is your greatest enemy.”

Cartman said faintly: “Is that so? Wheres Yang Yes base?”

A peculiar glint flashed in the abyss of Haris eyes, saying reverentially: “His base is in Fernandro Principalitys Giant-Stone City.”

A peculiar glint flashed in Cartmans eyes, saying with a faint smile: “Invite him, Rose Gardens Carolina and the dark elven Great Matriarch Shayenna to White Ivory City for a chat. Tell them that we want to surrender to Steel City, and want to discuss with them in person the terms of surrender.”

“Yes! Master!” Haris was secretly disappointed, but on the surface, he acknowledged reverentially. Cartman was already a Starry Star Warlock rank expert, an unrivaled being in Turandot Subcontinent, but he still acted so cautiously, not showing any flaws, and leaving Haris extremely disappointed.

Not long after, White Elephant Ivory sent envoys to St. Kaulin City.

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