Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 188 – Cartman Flees in Defeat

Chapter 187 – Heavily Injuring Cartman

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Light twister around a place Cartmans gaze had swept through and Carolina slowly walked out. She stood beside Yang Feng, a glint of graveness flashing past her beautiful eyes as she looked at Cartman.

Yang Feng was quite clear about Turandot Subcontinents unstable situation. In order to obtain such a precious treasure as divinity, he had to personally set out with his true body. But before he set out, he had also convened his strongest experts.

Assembling the three Great Warlock rank experts, Carolina, Shayenna, and Dephilia, should be enough to cope with any of Turandot Subcontinents Great Warlock rank experts. Even if the strong persons of Savage Claw and White Elephant Ivory were to ambush them, they could still protect Yang Feng and kill they way out of an encirclement. However, they never expected to meet Cartman, a demigod rank expert.

“A Demonest Planes Demon Emperor, a being from among the demons comparable to a weak divine power rank god!” The complexions of Carolina and the two other women changed, their minds brimming with shock.

If it was an ordinary Starry Sky Warlock, or even a slightly weaker Starry Sky Warlock, then Carolina and the other two women along with Yang Fengs more than a dozen level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts would have the power to contend against the opponent.

However, even if the demon emperors avatar only had Starry Sky Warlock rank power, his comprehension of power and battle was far beyond that of Carolina and the other two women.

Cartman could easily interrupt Yang Fengs level-4 Fixed Teleportation Scroll because his control of power and space had reached a freakish, terrifying realm.

A peculiar glint flashed through Yang Fengs eyes and he said deferentially: “Your Holiness mighty Demon Emperor Cartman, I am Steel Citys Marshal Yang Feng. It is not impossible for us to submit to you! To convince us, so that we will be willing to serve you, we only ask that you show us your unparalleled strength.”

As if a cat playing with mice, Cartman said with a complacent smile: “You are Steel Citys Yang Feng? Haha, it seems that my luck is not bad. Tell me, how do you want me to show you my strength? Do you want me to defeat you all?”

“Steel Citys Alchemy is unparalleled; I have a few of Steel Citys top alchemical golems on me. I have heard that demons are heroes with tyrannical fleshly bodies who both practiced magic and martial cultivation. If Your Majesty is capable of destroying the few top alchemical golems with just your fleshly body, then Steel City is willing to submit to you and serve you.”

Yang Feng pressed the dimensional crest on his chest. Two Amanni Light Wing Icebirds, two Coloman Boas, one Beunyman Hurricane Wolf, one Fire Lion, plus the Mechanical Black Dragon in the sky; altogether, seven level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts appeared in front of him.

Cartman swept the seven mechanical battle beasts with a glance and then said with a smile: “Interesting. Your Steel Citys Alchemy sure is terrific, even capable of refining so many level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts. Fine, I agree to let you witness my grandeur.”

The demons were very proud of their tyrannical fleshly bodies. Speaking of the Demon King Cartman, the seven level-4 extraordinary life form rank battle beasts were but a small inconvenience. So long as he consumed a bit of his stamina, then he could tear the seven mechanical battle beasts into pieces. It was nothing to sweat about.

Yang Feng said with a respectful expression: “Your Majesty Demon Emperor, your strength is unparalleled in the world. If I, an insignificant level-2 Warlock, were to watch this fight from such a close distance, then just the gust of wind raised by a random punch of yours would kill me. Please allow me to retreat by 20 kilometers and watch the battle from that distance.”

Cartman looked as if he had heard a joke and said with a faint smile: “Fine, I will permit you to watch the fight from a distance of 20 kilometers!”

When it came to Cartman, a distance of 20 kilometers was nothing. Besides, with his strength, he could easily break any space-attributed spell Yang Feng were to use if he wanted to flee.

Yang Feng secretly heaved a slight sigh of relief. He cautiously retreated with Carolina and the other strong persons by a distance of 20 kilometers, before stopping and not doing anything else.

Cartman smiled and then looked at the seven level-4 extraordinary life form rank battle beasts, his gaze particularly resting on the Mechanical Black Dragon.

Cartman was confident in defeating Carolina and the other few women as well as these mechanical battle beasts surrounding him. However, while being surrounded by so many experts and having been injured whilst previously being slightly careless, there was still a slight possibility of him being defeated. After all, Carolina was Rose Gardens Master and had a demigod rank armament in her possession along with a number of trump cards; Shayenna was a believer of the Goddess Lolth, someone who could even display Starry Sky Warlock rank strength if she were to go all out; the Mechanical Black Dragon was even more terrifying than a Starry Sky Warlock rank existence in melee combat.

Now, so long as Cartman disposed of the seven level-4 extraordinary life form mechanical golems, then Yang Feng and delegation would not be capable of causing any ripples when he to take care of them next

The Mechanical Black Dragon issued a piercing howl, soared into the sky, and entered the clouds. Its propulsion furnace started to work at full capacity and it erupted with terrifying Starry Sky Warlock rank strength in a flash.

When going all out, the Mechanical Black Dragon could burst out with Starry Sky Warlock rank strength for one minute. This outburst was extremely harmful to it, yet it was also its strongest killer move.

The six mechanical battle beasts suddenly surged towards Cartman.

“Idiot! Break for me!” Cartman sneered and his figure flashed. His two hands flickering with demonic light, before appearing in front of the two Amanni Light Wing Icebirds and slapping the two mechanical battle beasts on their heads.

All of a sudden, Cartmans complexion changed and a glint of fear flashed past the depths of his eyes.

In a flash, the nuclear warheads concealed inside the two Amanni Light Wing Icebirds blew up. Horrifying light and heat swallowed Cartman.

Almost at the same time, the four mechanical battle beasts – two Coloman Boa, one Beunyman Hurricane Wolf, and one Fire Lion – also detonated the nuclear warheads inside them.

Six exceedingly frightening mushroom clouds rose into the sky, the earth quaked and the mountains shook, and incomparably berserk blast waves swept about.

Alike a scene from an Apocalypse, grey radiation clouds covered the sky and dust rose from the ground.

Inside Palmer City, the hundreds of thousands of kindred and Vampires as well as the two hundred thousand battle robots of Yang Fengs mechanical legion were engulfed and then annihilated by the nuclear explosions, practically not leaving anything behind.

“He is still not dead! Go quickly and get rid of him! Do not give him any chance to recover; or else, the ones to die shall be us.” The mushroom clouds of the nuclear explosions still had not dissipated, when Yang Fengs complexion suddenly changed and he barked out.

From the incomparably formidable scanning system inside the Mechanical Black Dragon, Yang Feng perceived an extremely worn out black cocoon in the heart of the nuclear explosions, with incomparably formidable fluctuations of power being emitted from inside.

Dephilia waved her lily-white hand and opened a portal. She entered the portal along with Carolina and Shayenna, and then appeared in front of the black cocoon.

“Sacred Rose Radiant Purification!”

Carolina radiated a sacred white light from all over alike a Goddess of Light. She raised the demigod rank armament Rose Divine Mirror and pointed it at the black cocoon.

A ray of pure divine light was shot at the black cocoon from inside the Rose Divine Mirror. Under the illumination from the ray of pure divine light, the extremely broken worn out cocoon began crumbling inch by inch, simultaneously transmitting Cartmans incomparably mournful screeches.


Before Shayenna had been promoted to a High Priestess, she had been a legendary Wizard among the dark elves. She waved her lily-white hand and released the level-4 save or die spell Disintegrate.

A thread of disintegration fell on the black cocoon. The black cocoon instantly disintegrated and collapsed into bits, revealing Cartman inside it.

Cartmans hands had been blown off and one of his eyes had been blinded. His body had been badly mangled and mutilated, to the point that even ghastly bones and dangling internal organs could be seen. Despite being in this state, he still was not dead. Demonic qi was twisting about his body, slowly mending it. The remains of the demigod rank armament White Elephant Armor were covering his body. Evidently, it was the demigod rank armament that had saved him.

Carolina and the other two women were startled when they saw this scene.

The might of the nuclear warheads exploding at close range was equivalent to an all-out strike from a Moonlight Warlock, capable of killing an unguarded Starry Sky Warlock. For the unguarded Cartman to not to die in the explosion of strategically detonated six nuclear warheads, his power and terror could well be imagined.

“All of you shall die!!”

An exceedingly frightening voice, that seemed to have come from the depths of hell, was released from between Cartmans bare gums.

Cartman opened his mouth and released a ray of demonic light, which passed through Carolinas life force cover and struck her. She spat a mouthful of blood and was sent flying tens of meters away.

“Extreme Cold Ice Phoenix!”

Dephilias complexion changed. She silently recited an incantation and pointed with her lily-white finger. Copious amounts of cold air gathered into a 30-meter-long ice phoenix, which immediately rushed at Cartman.

Countless ice flakes were released midair in the ice phoenixs wake. Evidently, all the moisture in the surrounding air had been instantly frozen.

In the blink of an eye, the ice phoenix pounced onto Cartman and directly froze half of his body.

Cartmans still functioning eye turned, his gaze fell on Dephilia, and an illusory ray of light suddenly flickered.


Dephilia seemed to have seen the most frightening thing she had ever experienced. She screamed, fell on the ground, rolled about in pain, and wept like a weak and helpless little girl.

“Grand Disjunction!”

Shayennas complexion changed. She released the level-4 destruction spell Grand Disjunction, shooting a ray of disjunction at Cartman.

Cartman opened his mouth and shot out a black tongue at the ray of disjunction. The black tongue, along with Grand Disjunction, were both broken apart.

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