Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 19 – Capturing the Black Cottage

Chapter 18 – Fiend Morph

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When a bladed robot arrived in front of the Warlock tower, it pressed its hands against the Warlock tower, and tiny suckers extended from its fingers and firmly latched onto the tower. Alternating its hands, it very nimbly climbed along the smooth wall of the Warlock tower.

Although the two steel golems held many bladed robots in check, but a large number of bladed robots still went to climb the wall of the Warlock tower from other directions.

A dense crowd of bladed robots climbed the Warlock tower like ants, painting a terrifying picture.

When they saw this scene, the complexions of many Apprentice Warlocks within the Warlock tower paled, and fear flashed in their eyes.

The Apprentice Warlocks had adventured out and defeated a lot of enemies at one point or another. However, they had never witnessed such a large crowd of freaks. No matter how many bladed robots they knocked down, there would be more to take their place. This sense of endless struggle was despairing.

“Arcane Projectiles!”

“Acid Rain!”

“Dark Rays!”


There were four windows on the second floor of the Warlock tower. The Apprentice Warlocks at the four windows were under an unbearable pressure as they bombarded the bladed robots with spells and shot them down one at a time.

After the bladed robots fell to the ground, they would quickly climb towards the windows of the Warlock tower again, so long as their core-microchip wasnt destroyed.

Loosing the support of the Apprentice Warlocks, the two steel golems were frantically besieged by hundreds of unrelenting bladed robots.

The two steel golems only managed to resist for a dozen rounds, before they were dismembered by the hundreds of bladed robots, and fell to the ground. However, before they fell to the ground, they still managed to destroy over 150 bladed robots.

When the two steel golems fell, numerous bladed robots surged towards the Warlock tower. Some put away their alloy blades and extended a drill bit from each hand, resolutely trust them towards the gate of the Warlock tower, frantically spun them, and drilled holes into the gate. Brandishing their alloy blades, others slashed violently at the gate and cut shallow marks into it.

Watching the bladed robots besiege the Warlock tower from afar, Yang Feng puzzled.

The official level-1 Warlock Bonney hadnt made a move this whole time. What was he thinking? If he acted, he might be able to destroy hundreds of bladed robots.

For Yang Feng, as long as he won, he wouldnt particularly mind even if thousands of bladed robots were destroyed. The bladed robots could be remelted and reborn in the munitions factories. Only if the enemy was clever and took away the remains of the bladed robots, only then could it be considered as really killing the bladed robots.


Suddenly, the Warlock tower lit up with a light and, while practically forming a line, 10 huge fireballs slammed towards Yang Feng.

The bladed robots around Yang Feng jumped up to strike at the fireballs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Following deafening explosions, the bladed robots were blasted into pieces by the huge fireballs.

Yang Feng sneered and said: “Decapitation strike? A great idea indeed! Unfortunately, its not so simple to kill me!”

“Really? Go to hell, Steel Lord Yang Ye!” A gloomy and tyrannical voice came from amid the huge explosions. Suddenly, a large amount of black fog gushed out and shrouded Yang Feng and 800 bladed robots around him in a flash.

In the blink of the eye, a thick darkness swallowed him and deprived him of his sight.

Yang Feng said calmly: “Turn on the infrared scanning system and acoustic location…”

“Die!” Following an angry voice, a claw cut open Yang Fengs chest.

Practically at the same time, Yang Feng turned on the infrared scanning system and the acoustic location system. After the information obtained from the two systems was reconstruct and analyzed, hesaw the image of someone cutting open his chest.

Meanwhile, Bonney had transformed into a 3-meter-tall black fiend with horns on his head and wings on his back.

3796 transmitted the collected data into Yang Fengs mind:

Fiends were extremely powerful freaks. The lowest fiends had level-1 Warlock rank battle prowess. Additionally, they werent only physically strong, but also innately skilled in casting spells. Some Warlocks liked to transplant fiend bloodlines, so that they could quickly become very powerful, and their cultivation could become smoother.

Bloodline Warlocks were Warlocks that transplanted different kinds of bloodlines into their bodies and gained the strength of formidable freaks. Such Warlocks would obtain great power once the transplant of formidable bloodlines was successful. They were the Warlocks who most easily gained formidable strength. The only drawback was that once their body and the transplanted bloodlines were incompatible, they might explode, go crazy, or be exposed to other dangers.

Bonney was already a peak level-1 Warlock, but after undergoing Fiend Morph, his fighting strength became equivalent to that of the weakest level-2 Warlock. If this attack succeeded, it would easily pierce Yang Fengs heart.

“You, you dont have a heart! No, youre a golem? No!! Whats going on? What the hell are you?” After Bonneys claw pierced Yang Fengs chest, the sinister smile on his face suddenly change dramatically and turned into shock. He ripped out a liquid metal heart from where Yang Fengs heart was supposed to be.

The liquid metal heart flew out of Bonneys hand and entered Yang Fengs body.

“The master of the Black Cottage is indeed formidable! Let me give you a gift!”

Yang Feng smiled at Bonney, and his body exploded in a flash.

“Warping Force Field!” Bonneys face suddenly change greatly, and he cast a level-1 defensive spell.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! At the same time, the 800 bladed robots around Yang Feng detonated, and frightening explosions engulfed Bonney and everything around him in a flash

The earth shook and violent shock waves spread about, raising smoke.

The smoke from the explosions still hadnt completely dispersed, when 200 bladed robots quickly plunged into the smoke.

Shortly after, the 200 bladed robots came out with Bonneys rather damaged body.

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