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Chapter 193 – Sea Dragon Locusts

Chapter 192 – Armed Merchant Ship Storm Cry

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Yang Feng asked: “Shayenna, I heard that you dark elves have received a divine decree, and therefore have launched an assault of the surface world. Why did she let you attack the surface world?”

“She wanted us to occupy the surface world and look for a treasure. It was for this bead!”

Shayenna pointed with her lily-white hand and a stream of magic radiance flickered. The image of the Life Clone Bead appeared mid-air.

Yang Feng was slightly startled, raging waves surging in his mind: “It is the Life Clone Bead! So this was her aim!”

Yang Feng thought for a moment. He vaguely guessed that the reason the Holy War was unleashed by the dark elves might be because of him opening the seal and the Goddess Lolth sensing a trace of fluctuation in another plane, thus ordering the dark elves to unleash the Holy War in an attempt to find the bead. Unfortunately, the dark elves were beaten by him, even their city had fallen into his hands. Naturally, the search for the Life Clone Bead had to be shelved.

Yang Feng mused before saying: “I intend to travel to the continent to search for more powerful secret methods. Is anyone willing to go with me?”

Once he said this, Shayenna and the other two creased their eyebrows slightly.

Shayenna said: “Sire, it is not that we are not willing to go with you, but rather, in the continent, human Warlock strong persons are as common as clouds, firmly holding their rule. There, Great Warlocks do not count for much. Once we go with you to the continent, then very likely, we will immediately become the prey of others. Please forgive me for being blunt, but Sires strength is not enough to protect us on the continent.”

Romulaj said also frankly: “Right! On the continent, some human strong persons like to exterminate people from other races. It would be difficult for us to survive were we to encounter such a human strong person. Although I am good at concealment secret methods, but in front of the continents human Warlocks, I am still vulnerable.”

Shayenna, Joana, and Romulaj, the three women were Turandot Subcontinents most peak strong persons. However, on Cangzhi Planes continent, they were not regarded as anything special. On Cangzhi Planes continent, the human Warlocks most peak strong person could even subjugate gods and ancient fiends. Such beings could easily suppress the three of them.

On Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Feng could already claim hegemony. But once he went to Cangzhi Planes continent, he would have to tug his tail between his legs. Otherwise, he would be killed if inattentive.

Yang Feng mused for a while before saying decisively: “I think there was an error in my previous thinking! Then how about this. I will go to the continent first. Once I gain a foothold there, I will come back to pick you up.”

White Elephant Ivorys headquarters.

Haris held a letter written by Yang Feng, advising him to surrender. His complexion alternated between pale and flushed, wanting to tear the letter to pieces. However, once one had bowed their head once, it was only natural that they would bow their head again. He hesitated again and again before ultimately deciding not to tear up the letter advising him to surrender. He gave a long sigh, and put the letter on the table.

Three days later. White Elephant Ivory declared their allegiance to Steel City, directly incorporating into Steel Citys sphere of influence.

Turandot Subcontinent went into an uproar as soon as this news came out.

Among Turandot Subcontinents 6 Great Warlock Groups, Rose Garden had surrendered, Warlock College Antalya was destroyed, Eyes of Justice was also destroyed by Steel City, Savage Claw was destroyed by Cartman, and White Elephant Ivory had surrendered.

Turandot Subcontinent had already turned into Steel Citys playing ground, with only Black Dragon Tower still barely resisting Steel Citys increasing pressure.

Yang Feng had sent Allen as an emissary to Black Dragon Tower to carry out negotiations.

After silently watching Eyes of Justices headquarters for a long time, the Black Dragon Towers Tower Master Anthony ultimately gave a long sigh before returning to Black Dragon Tower.

Before long, after Yang Feng agreed to a series of conditions raised by Black Dragon Tower, Black Dragon Tower also announced its surrender to Steel City and became part of Steel City. In exchange, Yang Feng took Black Dragon Empires level-3 Warlock Carol as his wife.

Time went by, and two more months went by in an instant.

On a harbor sat anchored a 3,000 meters long, tens of meters tall giant ship. Its hull , which was engraved with countless profound and mysterious runes, distributed black, metallic luster.

“An excellent ship!” After Yang Feng saw the giant ship, his eyes flashed with a touch of shock, and he said solemnly.

Kong Fangao‘s words transmitted arrogance: “This is a D-class armed merchant ship of our Great Cloud Dynasty. This D-class armed merchant ship is manufactured using magic cloud ironwood, a specialty of the 72nd lesser province Qing Provinces Magic Cloud County.It weighs 1,725,432 tons. It was customized to cross the Sea of Monsters and do maritime trade with this subcontinent.

Yang Feng was secretly shocked: “This is only a D-class armed merchant ships? The Great Cloud Dynasty is really powerful!”

Through chatting with Kong Fangao, Yang Feng had already a general idea regarding the Cangzhi Planes Continents Eastern World Great Cloud Dynasty.

The Great Cloud Dynasty was vast, comprised of 36 greater provinces and 72 lesser provinces. Each greater province was comprised of 108 directly subordinated counties, and each lesser province was comprised of 250 to 360 directly subordinated counties.

The surface area of any given greater provinces directly subordinated county of the Great Cloud Dynasty was at least ten times that of Turandot Subcontinent. The surface area of lesser provinces directly subordinated county was three to five times that of Turandot Subcontinent.

The Great Cloud Dynastys armed merchant ships suitable for maritime trade were divided into A, B, C, and D-class, with the D-class being the most basic armed merchant ship suitable for maritime trade. Apart from the four classes of ships, there were still none-commercial armed merchant ships tasked with offshore trade.

On earth, it would be very difficult to manufacture such a huge ship as the armed merchant ship before Yang Fengs eyes, and it was still just a D-class armed merchant ship of the Great Cloud Dynasty.

Compared with the people of the continents Great Cloud Dynasty, the Turandot Subcontinents people were a bunch of country bumpkins. They were not even capable of producing a ship one tenth the seize of this D-Class armed merchant ship.

“Young Lord Kong, who are these people?”

A middle-aged man with a dark complexion, a tall and bulky figure, and short black hair walked over and asked Kong Fangao slightly respectfully. The middle-aged man was full of oriental flair.

Kong Fangao introduced: “Captain Zheng, this is my good friend Yang Feng, and this is his sister Shi Xue. Brother Yang, this is Storm Crys captain, Captain Zheng Gong.”

Yang Fengs true body was leaving for the Continents Eastern World Great Cloud Dynasty, only bringing Shi Xue along. He knew that his strength was negligible in the Great Cloud Dynasty, which was why he wanted to go alone. Were something untoward to happen, he could slip away without any concerns.

The reason why he brought Shi Xue along was because the various secret methods on Turandot Subcontinent were too lacking; he did not want such an outstanding person like her to waste her talent by staying in the subcontinent. Only by going to the Great Cloud Dynasty and cultivating more powerful secret methods could her outstanding talent be put to good use, allowing her to mature faster and better.

While cultivating in such a barren place like the Turandot Subcontinent, Shi Xue managed to directly advance to a level-3 Warlock from scratch in less than 5 years. Her talent could very well be imagined. Yang Feng was not willing to waste her talent.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Hello, Captain Zheng.”

Zheng Gong swept Yang Feng with a glance; his eyebrows creased slightly. He said aster a pause: “Young Lord Yang, hello. Although you are a friend of Young Lord Kong, however, you cannot be exempted from the ship fare.”

Yang Feng smiled and handed Zheng Gong a storage ring: “I know. 4,000 top grade magic stones per person, right? Here are 8,000 top grade magic stones.”

Zheng Gong took the storage ring and swept it with his spirit force before putting it away and handing Yang Feng and Shi Xue a jade card each: “These are your identity cards, do not loose them. These jade cards might save you in a key moment.”

Yang Feng took the jade card and gave it a look over. The jade card was carved with a number of profound and mysterious runes and emitted mysterious fluctuations of power. It was clearly a magic treasure.

Zheng Gong said with a solemn expression: “The Sea of Monsters is extremely dangerous and the are countless taboos. On this ship, you have to listen to me. You cannot run wildly about and, most importantly, you cannot throw anything into the sea. Or else, I cannot guaranty your safety.”

Yang Feng said lightly: “I know!”

The Sea of ??Monsters was very dangerous. Yang Feng also knew that if one was not careful in this sea, then even a Starry Sky Warlock would fall. He naturally would not act rashly.

Zheng Gong left after leaving Yang Feng with some supplementary information about the Sea of Monsters taboos.

Yang Feng followed Kong Fangao to board the giant ship Storm Cry.


Following Zheng Gongs roar, magic light flickered on the bodies of the Storm Crys sailors, and a strong wind enveloped above the Storm Cry. An incomparable formidable life force filled the Storm Cry and, as if an extraordinary life form coming to life, it slowly swam into the depths of the sea.

Yang Feng felt the mighty life force pervading the Storm Cry. His eyes flashed with a touch of shock and he exclaimed: “This ship is alive?”

Kong Fangao smiled and said: “In a sense, it is alive! The Storm Cry has the soul of a Starry Sky Warlock rank Sea Demonic Shark sealed inside. Once the ships crew pours all their power into the Storm Cry, it can even erupt with the terrifying combat strength of the Starry Sky Warlock rank.”

An armed merchant ship could erupt with the terrifying combat strength of the Starry Sky Warlock rank. The Great Cloud Dynastys power once more shocked Yang Feng.

As if riding the wind, the Storm Cry speedily rushed atop the sea, splitting the sea into two. Yang Feng let the optical computer do some calculations. The Storm Crys speed was more than three hundred knots, which was ten times the speed of an aircraft carrier on Earth.

In the ocean, due to the obstruction of seawater, the speed of a ship could not be great. However, with the power of magic, the Storm Cry had completely shattered the common sense Yang Feng had cultivated on Earth. Its speed was astonishing. The ship was extremely steady while sailing at such a fast speed, not swaying in the slightest. Yang Feng felt like he was standing on dry land, not feeling any discomfort.

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