Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 196 – The Hague Port

Chapter 195 – Dragon Devil Cormorant

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“My friend, I am lost and am looking for the way back home. I am very sorry for accidentally passing through your territory. I will leave immediately and will not touch the prey in your territory.”

Yang Feng operated the Barromán Electric Sea Eel to issue a series of sounds in the common language of the sea extraordinary life forms and to erupt with extremely formidable life force.

“Go ahead then! However, remember what you just said. If you do hunt the prey in our territory, then we will tear you apart.”

The Magic Fin Sword Fish saw that the Barromán Electric Sea Eel acknowledged its mistake. With a cold groan, it dived deep into the sea.

Level-4 extraordinary life forms generally already possessed intelligence not inferior to that of humans. Of course, due to a lack of a systematic transfer of knowledge, those extraordinary life forms generally would appear to be a bit more stupid than humans. However, they also would reign in their instincts and not engage in unnecessary battles.

There were no absolutes, of course. With enough benefits on the table or facing mortal enemies, these extraordinary life forms would fight to the death. The wages of avarice was death.

Everyone in the cockpit felt relived when they saw the Magic Fin Sword Fish withdraw.

Although the Barromán Electric Sea Eel was indeed stronger than the Magic Fin Sword Fish, yet this was the Magic Fin Sword Fishs territory and there might be more than a single individual. If the two were to fight, they would attract more Magic Fin Sword Fish. That would be dangerous.

Yang Feng piloted the Barromán Electric Sea Eel to float fifty meter below the sea level. This way, he avoided many unnecessary conflicts.

For the most part, formidable sea extraordinary life forms had a huge build and they resided in the depths of the sea. They normally didnt rise to the sea level.

After crossing several territories,

Yang Fengs complexion changed greatly. He ordered promptly: “Full power, dive at once!”

The Dragon Devil Cormorant was a level-5 extraordinary life form and its fighting strength was comparable to that of a Starry Sky Warlock. In the Sea of Monsters, it hunted a variety of formidable sea extraordinary life forms. Regarding the Barromán Electric Sea Eel Yang Feng piloted, it was simply a terrifying existence, it was its natural predator.

Following Yang Fengs order, the Barromán Electric Sea Eel, released a great amount of gas and absorbed a lot of seawater. It sank frantically towards the bottom of the sea.

Only by sinking to the bottom of the sea would Yang Feng and company have a chance at survival. If they were to confront the Dragon Devil Cormorant, it would not bode well for them.

The Barromán Electric Sea Eel had just moved, when the Dragon Devil Cormorant, with a wingspan of more than one hundred meters, appeared in the distant sky. It looked peerless and imposing. It had a pair of wings, which looked just like those of a dragon, a sharp beak, and a pair of sharp, hooked claws. It exuded terrifying demigod rank pressure.

In a gust of wind, the Dragon Devil Cormorant set off waves in its wake. Alike lightning dropping from the sky, it forcibly split the sea by harnessing the power of the wind and flew towards the bottom of the sea.

Although the Barromán Electric Sea Eel gave its all as it dived frantically, but its diving speed still fell short of the Dragon Devil Cormorants flying speed.

“Yang Feng, let me lend you a hand!” Howled Zheng Gong. He silently recited an incantation, pointed at the Barromán Electric Sea Eel, and cast the level-4 spell Deep Sea Movement. Instantly, an azure radiance enveloped the Barromán Electric Sea Eel.

The level-4 spell Deep Sea Movement was developed by human Warlocks in order to infiltrate the deep sea to search for a variety of magic resources. With this spell, the caster could freely move underwater as well as increase their speed underwater.

Under the blessing of the level-4 spell Deep Sea Movement, the movement speed of human Warlocks in the sea could even reach the movement speed of some sea extraordinary life forms.

Under the blessing of the Deep Sea Movement, the Barromán Electric Sea Eels diving speed increased sharply.

“Open the cockpit, I want to give it a piece of my mind!” ShoutedWand Lang, who was the vice-captain of the Storm Cry, a men with the cultivation base of a Great Warlock.

Yang Feng opened the cockpit door without delay.

“Super Ink!” Wang Lang went to the doorsill of the cockpit door, silently recited an incantation, pointed upwards, and cast the level-4 spell Super Ink.

Suddenly, large quantities of black gelatinous matter appeared in the sea, forming a large mass of gelatinous-like ink.

As if having a life of its own, the gelatinous-like ink quickly spread in all directions, polluting and completely covering the tract of sea.

The gelatinous-like ink not only severed the Dragon Devil Cormorants line of sight but at the same time, severed its formidable perception. The level-4 spell Super Ink was impressive.

With its perception severed by the black ink, the Dragon Devil Cormorant angrily rushed downwards, yet it passed past and missed the Barromán Sea Electric Sea Eel piloted by Yang Feng.

After the Dragon Devil Cormorant plunged one kilometer into the sea, it was forced to fly out of the sea in a gust of wind.

Even though the Dragon Devil Cormorant was a terrifying demigod rank extraordinary life form, but it naturally could not resist the pressure of the entire Sea of Monsters. Diving one kilometer into the sea was already its limit.

After the Dragon Devil Cormorant flew out of the sea, it made a circle midair, then flapped its wings and flew somewhere else. In the Sea of Monsters, the Dragon Devil Cormorant occasionally failed in its hunting ventures. It didnt take this failure to heart.

“Its finally gone!”

Once the Dragon Devil Cormorant flew away, the people in the cockpit showed similar smiles. A harmonious atmosphere pervaded the interior of the cockpit.

After surviving two life threatening situations together, the people no longer felt as estranged and became a bit more intimate.

Yang Feng laughed out loud: “Haha, Big Brother Wang, your Super Ink was really wonderful.”

Wang Lang said with a contented smile: “The essence of battle lies in the selection of different spells. As we spend a lot of time in the sea, its only natural that we would know spells related to combat in the sea. I have some experience regarding combat in the sea and the selection of spells. Yang Feng, I can teach you if you want.”

Yang Feng responded joyfully: “Thank you, Big Brother Wang!”

In order to not to squander too much energy, human Warlocks generally didnt learn too many spell models. It took a lot of time to construct a spell model in the ??spirit sea.

Yet with the optical computer, Yang Feng had to spend far less effort to construct spell models in his spirit sea than other Warlocks. He just lacked a variety of formidable spell models.

It the Turandot Subcontinent, level-4 spell models were very rare. Of the Turandot Subcontinents 6 Great Powers, each power only had about twenty level-4 spell models in their possession, with many being duplicates that were shared by multiples powers. Thus, it was natural that Yang Feng would be interested in collecting a variety of formidable spell models.

Wang Lang smiled, took out a knowledge crystal, and handed it to Yang Feng: “This knowledge crystal contains the spell model for the level-4 spell Super Ink, study it after you advance to the Grand Warlock rank.”

With a straightforward smile, Zheng Gong also took out a knowledge crystal, poured about a dozen of sea-attributed spell models into it, and then handed it to Yang Feng: “Yang Feng, here is the spell model for the level-4 spell Deep Sea Movement as well as a few other level-4 spell models – Deep Sea Super Visual Range, Deep Sea Super Perception, Ice Sea Arrows… Storm.”

Yang Feng saved several hundred crew members of the Storm Cry, which made Zheng Gong look at the other in a more favorable light. Thus, as a thanks, he gave the other all the sea-attributed spell models he possessed.

Kong Fangao hesitated for a moment before also taking out a knowledge crystal, imbuing it with a secret method, and handing it to Yang Feng: “Brother Yang, didnt you want to get your hands on a clone secret method? Although I am limited by my vow and cannot impart you with the secret method taught by the sect, but during my travels, I once obtained an even better clone secret method. Here is the clone secret method!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a trace of delight when he received the knowledge crystal. He promptly expressed his thanks: “Thank you, Brother Kong! Thank you so much!”

Kong Fangao gave Yang Feng the secret method called True Mystic Clone Scripture, a clone cultivation secret method full of mysteries.

There were different levels of clone cultivation secret methods. Many clone cultivation secret methods were of the lowest rank. Those could merely separate a clone, yet the cultivation base of the separated clone would not only be inferior to that of the true body, but it would also be difficult to enhance it.

Only after gods of other planes condensed their godheads, could they refine a clone by spending large amounts of their divine power as well as rare materials. Different godheads could condense different clones. Feeble divine power rank gods could only condense a single clone.

The True Mystic Clone Scripture was heaven defying. As long as one possessed precious treasures such as the Life Clone Bead, one could separate a clone. The clone could practice cultivation independently and could even reach a cultivation base higher than that of the true body. It was almost as if they were completely different individuals. As a result, with the true body and clone cultivating in parallel, the cultivation speed would increase by several times.

Additionally, the True Mystic Clone Scripture also contained a secret method, which when cultivated, could gradually nourish the split soul and recover the part of the soul that had been separated to form the clone.

Souls contained the ultimate mysteries of life forms, and not even gods could fully unravel their mysteries. Many clone secret methods didnt include methods for cultivating soul force, leaving people with no other choice but to slowly recover their souls by themselves. Like this, after the clone was separated, people who cultivated clones would have to spend a period of time in a weakened state.

The only drawback of the True Mystic Clone Scripture was the difficulty involved in procuring precious treasures such as the Life Clone Bead.

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