Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 197 – Anti-Gravity Photoelectric Vehicle

complexion changed, exclaiming: “100,000 inferior magic crystals! So expensive?”

In the Turandot Subcontinent, magic crystals were exceedingly precious. Only some magic stone veins of the highest grade as well as the Warlock College Antalyas Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree could produce some each year.

After scrapping most of the Turandot Subcontinents wealth, Yang Feng only had 100,000 inferior magic crystals, which could only cover the teleportation cost of a single person to the Demon-Fighting Province. This shocked him greatly.

Kong Fangao said: “Thats only natural. The bigger the teleportation distance, the greater the consumption of energy. The distance between the Hague City and the Demon-Fighting Province exceeds 1,000,000 kilometers. The consumption of energy to teleport across such a long distance could very well be imagined. This kind of teleportation array is ??not something ordinary people can use.”

Yang Feng coughed lightly, saying: “Then Id rather take an airship!”

Magic crystals were much more precious cultivation resources than top grade magic stones. Yang Feng was reluctant to use them up on teleportation.

After scrapping most of the Turandot Subcontinents wealth, Yang Feng believed that even though he might not be the richest person under the heaves, but he could be considered to be very rich. However, it was only after he reached the Great Cloud Dynasty that he understood that he could be considered to be slightly well-off at most, and that there was an insurmountable chasm between him and a genuinely rich person.

After buying the tickets, Yang Feng and his party boarded a luxury airship.

With flickers of magical radiances, the luxury airship rose into the air, and flew towards the horizon.

Yang Feng looked down as he leaned on the railing of the luxury airships deck, enjoying the view below.

The flying speed of the luxury airship far exceeded the speed of sound. However, there was no wind or noise on the deck; the flight was extremely smooth, giving off the impression of standing on land.

Looking at the view below, Yang Feng thought: “The Great Cloud Dynasty is really high-end, with its degree of technology being an untold amount of times higher than that of Earth! The Turandot Subcontinent cant compare at all.”

The technology involved in the luxury airship vastly overshadowed that of Earths airplanes, with its safety factor being also much higher than that of Earths airplanes. If this luxury airship were to appear on Earth, then all major airline companies would go bankrupt.

A month later.

In a vast, magnificently decorated airship parking yard, Yang Feng alighted the luxury airship and exhaled a long breath.

After an entire month of flying in the sky, Yang Feng felt extremely suffocated. He felt much relieved after getting leaving the airship.

Kong Fangao smiled and said, “Lets go, were taking an Anti-Gravity Photoelectric Vehicle. This vehicle is very fast. In about thirty minutes, we can reach the Demon-Fighting Sect. The ticket price is also inexpensive – a top grade magic stone per person.”

Yang Fengs expression twisted slightly, sighing inside: “One top grade magic stone! The Great Cloud Dynasty is quite tyrannical!”

In the Turandot Subcontinent, for the sake of a top grade magic stone, Great Warlock rank powerhouses would vie over it. For level-3 Warlocks, a top grade magic stone was a peerless treasure. But in the Great Cloud Dynasty, a ticket cost one top grade magic stone. This high cost was simply appalling.

Under Kong Fangao‘s lead, Yang Feng and company left the airship parking yard.

When they went outside, they saw a world full of high-rise buildings, extremely spacious streets, and a variety of first-rate chariots. The clothes the people on the street wore were varied, very fashioned and beautiful, and not in the least bit inferior to those on Earth.

Besides the chariots on the ground, there were still wheeless vehicles flickering with magic radiances as they traveled above transparent tracks about fifty meters above the ground.

Seeing Yang Feng look at the hovercars, Kong Fangao explained: “Those are anti-gravity hovercars, they are the Great Cloud Dynastys latest magic chariots. These chariots use top grade magic stones as the power source. They dont produce any exhaust gases, their engines noise is minimal, and their speed is much faster than that of conventional magic chariots. Their emergence has greatly alleviated the traffic in urban areas. However, due to some low-class people who like to throw garbage from high altitudes, managing them is also a pain.”

Yang Feng commented: “The Great Cloud Dynastys alchemy is really developed!”

Kong Fangao said proudly: “Thats only natural! The Great Cloud Dynasty is capable of suppressing countless planes by relying on its extremely formidable alchemy as well as endless knowledge inheritances.”

Yang Feng smiled and said no more.

Under Kong Fangao‘s lead, Yang Feng and company arrived at what looked like a subway station before stopping next to a platform.


Countless sparks flickered, issuing bursts of brittle noise. On the platform, a white train carved with countless mysterious runes suddenly appeared, hovering above the railway.

Kong Fangao, on one hand proudly while on the other hand ruefully, said: “The Anti-Gravity Photoelectric Vehicle is the Great Cloud Dynastys latest magic train. It can reach 1,000 times the speed of sound, which is around 340 kilometers per second. The only drawback is that its manufacturing cost is too high and it cannot be produced on a wide scale. Because of its ticket price of one top grade magic stone, which ordinary people can hardly afford, it is difficult to popularize it statewide. Only some of the greater provinces have such Anti-Gravity Photoelectric Vehicles.”

A glint of astonishment flashed past the depths of Yang Fengs eyes as he looked at the white train: “1,000 times the speed of sound, amazing!”

After purchasing the tickets, Yang Feng and delegation boarded the Anti-Gravity Photoelectric Vehicle.

Upon boarding the train, Yang Feng could feel a gentle force being released from the train and then wrap around him.

Kong Fangao warned: “Dont resist and break this layer of magic power. Otherwise, the ultrahigh speed travel will cause you harm. At the time when the Anti-Gravity Photoelectric Vehicle had just hit the market, there has been a lot of idiots turning into minced meat due to breaking the layer of magic power.”

Yang Feng nodded and didnt resist.

After several warnings, sparks flickered around the train.

Yang Feng only felt his body being pulled lightly before going back to being stationary.

Before long, a voice echoed in the train.

Yang Feng and company stepped out of the train and then left the station exclusive to the Anti-Gravity Photoelectric Vehicle.

As soon as they left the station, a several hundred meters tall city wall of a majestic city appeared before them. The city wall was engraved with countless mysterious runes.

Nine-story-tall Warlock Towers, thirty six in total, were erected on top of the city wall. As if being defended by a god, each nine-story-tall Warlock Tower exuded exceedingly terrific fluctuations of power.

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