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Chapter 199 – Causing a Stir

Chapter 198 – Demon-Fighting City

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On the city wall, there were teams of soldiers constantly patrolling. Every soldier had the terrifying strengths of level-3 Warlocks, while the team captains had the strength of Great Warlocks.

Yang Fengs level-2 Warlock rank strength was enough to rule over a faction on the Turandot Subcontinent, yet in the Demon-Fighting City, it wasnt even enough to act as a formal soldier. This was the domineering spirit and essence of the Great Cloud Dynastys Ten Great Sects.

Because the Great Cloud Dynasty was extremely powerful, people from the Great Cloud Dynasty had a sense of self-confidence and pride about themselves wherever they went, they were proud of being part of the Great Cloud Dynasty.

Kong Fangao said: “This is the Demon-Fighting City! It is the point of contact between the Demon-Fighting Sect and the outside world as well as the place where the Demon-Fighting Sects disciples in name reside. Behind the Demon-Fighting City lies the Demon-Fighting Mountain Range, which is the place where the Demon-Fighting Sects outer and inner sect disciples dwell. Above the Demon-Fighting Mountain Range lies the Demon-Fighting Floating Island. The Demon-Fighting Floating Island is the core of the Demon-Fighting Sect, it is the place where true disciples and elders dwell.”

Yang Feng nodded lightly. He followed Kong Fangao into the Demon-Fighting City after having their identities verified.

The Demon-Fighting City was extremely bustling, it was even more bustling than Beijing, Shanghai, and other big cities of Earth. However, the Demon-Fighting Citys urban design was extremely scientific, with the streets being spacious. At the same time, there were numerous floating flyovers interweaving and forming a huge traffic network mid-air. There was not the slightest feeling of congestion while crossing the huge traffic network.

Yang Fengs eyes were dazzled as he walked the streets of the Demon-Fighting City. Everything looked so fantastic. As if a country bumpkin who had entered the capital, he could not have enough of this novel sight. Everything was so different from what he had seen on the Turandot Subcontinent.

Simultaneously, the air inside the Demon-Fighting City contained extremely pure life magic energy. This rich life magic energy was not the slightest bit inferior when compared with the life magic energy inside five-story-tall Warlock Towers elemental pools in the Turandot Subcontinent.

In the center of the Demon-Fighting City stood an ultra-large-scale Purification Tower. The exceedingly formidable purification fluctuations the Purification Tower exuded neutralized the life magic energy unconsciously released by formidable Warlocks, preventing any strange phenomena from emerging. Even ordinary people could live well with the Purification Tower around.

Under Kong Fangaos lead, Yang Feng and company arrived before a towering, no less than 300-story-tall silver-colored skyscraper. In front of the silver-colored skyscraper stood an enormous sign – Demon-Fighting Sects Public Office.

After entering the building, they saw four twelve- or thirteen-year-old boys and girls standing respectively in front of four desks, which handled admission applications.

When Yang Fengs group of three entered the building, it attracted a lot of gazes. The gazes were all attracted by Shi Xue, who had a cold temperament and a peerless countenance. She already looked to be fifteen years old. Under Shi Xues astonishing looks, Yang Feng and Kong Fangao were reduced to mere supporting characters.

A Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciple, who looked to be over twenty years of age, smiled lightly and handed an identity card to a very beautiful and adorable girl: “Shu Jingman, thirteen years old, soul aptitude inferior level-7, current strength at the level-1 Warlock rank. Practices an Orthodox Warlocks cultivation method. Qualified, you can become a disciple in name of the Demon-Fighting Sect. This is your identity card. Come back tomorrow to receive guidance and choose a secret method.”

The girl smiled sweetly, saying: “Thank you, Brother Ming!”

Ming Sheng smiled lightly, saying: “No need to thank me. As you fulfilled all the requirements, I can only let you in. If you had not fulfilled the requirement, then I would also have no way to let you in.”

“Soul aptitude inferior level-7, this girls soul aptitude is comparable to Carolinas and Shayennas. In the Demon-Fighting Sect, geniuses are as common as cabbage and powerhouses are everywhere.” After sweeping Shu Jingman and Ming Sheng with a glance, Yang Feng suddenly felt great pressure.

Although Ming Sheng was only an outer sect disciple, but Yang Feng could sense through the life force unconsciously released by him that he was at the at the peak Great Warlock rank and was infinitely close to the Starry Sky Warlock rank. He was no weaker than Turandot Subcontinents overlord-tier powerhouses like Aldrich, Carolina, and Anthony.

Shu Jingman walked up to Shi Xue. Her clear black eyes flashed with a crafty glint and she blossomed into a smile: “Big Sister, Im called Shu Jingman, have you also come to take the Demon-Fighting Sects admission test?”

Shi Xue smiled sweetly and hugged Yang Fengs arm, her matchlessly pretty face blooming with a blinding radiance: “Im Shi Xue, and Ill join the Demon-Fighting Sect if Big Brother Yang Feng joins.”

Inside the building, the gazes of both males and females were attracted by Shi Xue. Among them, the two boys, who had come to take care of their admission applications, couldnt help but reveal a trace of envy in their gazes.

“Shi Xue, Big Brother Yang Feng is a bit too old! As I see it, it will be very difficult for him to enter the Demon-Fighting Sect.” While imitating the posture of an adult, a twelve or thirteen years old, black-haired, and rather handsome boy, who carried a trace of feminine charm, walked over and smiled light, saying: “Im called He Feng, my soul aptitude is superior level-6 and my cultivation base is at the level-2 Warlock rank. I just received the Demon-Fighting Sects admission qualification. Big Brother Yang Feng, go take the admission test. If you fail the test, then I can have my family recommend you to the Ling Provinces Green Wolf Countys Pin Sect. My He Family has a bit of a reputation in the Green Wolf County.”

“Hmm?” Yang Feng was speechless as he looked at the little shit, who had yet to grow pubes, flaunting his background in front of him to pick up girls. When he was twelve years old, he was a Young Pioneer who knew nothing apart from the partys indoctrination. At that time, to attract the attention of the girl he liked, his best move had been to pull the other partys hair. [1]

Yang Feng walked up to the Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciple Han Ning.

Han Ning swept Yang Feng with a glance. His eyes bloomed with magic fluctuations; a yellow radiance shot from his eyes and landed on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng immediately felt a prying force pervade his body.

Han Ning withdrew his spell and said politely: “Yang Feng, twenty nine years old, soul aptitude superior level-6, black dragons bloodline, level-2 Warlock rank cultivation base. Unfortunately, Yang Feng, you dont meet the conditions to join the Demon-Fighting Sect. The Demon-Fighting Sect rarely recruits Bloodline Warlocks because of their limited potential. Unless the Bloodline Warlock is a powerful being of the Moonlight Warlock rank or higher. Otherwise, there is no chance to be recruited by the Demon-Fighting Sect. Actually, it is not the Demon-Fighting Sect that is at the forefront when it comes to research on the power of bloodlines, but rather the Beast God School and the Myriad Snow Gate. You should give these two sects a try.”

Yang Feng felt rueful. In the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Beast God School and the Myriad Snow Gate were indeed the two sects at the forefront when it came to research on the power of bloodlines. However, these two sects were also part of the Ten Great Sects, and their requirements regarding new disciples were also extremely high. Yang Feng had no chance at joining either of them.

The two precocious boys revealed contemptuous looks, while Shu Jingman and the other outstanding girl revealed looks of disappointment.

At the early stage of cultivation, Bloodline Warlocks had it easy, but at the later stages of cultivation, they had it extremely difficult due to the shackles of the bloodlines. If it was a formidable Moonlight Warlock bloodline and above, it would still receive some attention. Black dragons bloodline, however, was a Great Warlock rank bloodline at most. Even in remote places of the Great Cloud Dynasty, Great Warlock rank bloodlines were nothing much, let alone in the Demon-Fighting Sect, which was one of the Ten Great Sects.

“This is the head of the Demon Emperor Cartmans avatar, who was killed by me after descending to the Turandot Subcontinent from the Demonest Plane. Ive heard that the Demon-Fighting Sect specializes in recruiting heroes who are willing to kill the Great Cloud Dynastys other race enemies, that so long as one kills a Starry Sky Warlock rank freak from another plane invading the Cangzhe Plan, they can get the opportunity to enter the Demon-Fighting Sect. Killing the Demon Emperor Cartmans avatar should be enough for me to get a chance to be assessed, right?”

Yang Feng took out a box and opened it, revealing the severed head of the Demon Emperor Cartmans avatar. Suddenly, tyrannical residual pressure of the demigod rank pervaded the area.

He Feng and the other boy called Wang Shuang, when they felt the residual pressure coming from the severed head of the Demon Emperor Cartmans avatar, their complexions changed greatly and they involuntarily retreated by a dozen steps. The pretty complexions of Shu Jingman and other girl called Wang Yi also changed and they retreated backwards, a glint of fright flashing past their beautiful eyes.

Although He Feng and the other three were all exceptionally talented geniuses, but they were too young. They had been practicing cultivation in their homes, seldom going outside to gain experience. Therefore, the severed head of the Demon Emperor Cartmans avatar had scared them.

Shu Jingmans pretty complexion changed and a glint of fright flashed past her beautiful eyes: “He can kill such a freak! Thats so amazing!”

Han Ning was surprised at first, then his gaze congealed and his expression turned serious. Suddenly, he released peak Great Warlock rank terrifying life force, looked at Yang Feng, and said while stressing each syllable: “You were the one who killed it? Impossible! Yang Feng, you must know that those who play tricks on the Demon-Fighting Sect would pay dearly for their offense. Its still not too late to take your words back. Otherwise, once I cast my spell and find out that you lied to me, I might kill you right here and now.”

A Demon Emperor rank powerhouse of the Demonest Plane was a formidable being that could contend against gods. This avatar possessed the terrifying strength of the Starry Sky Warlock rank. Han Ning was not the opponent of this avatar. Therefore, he didnt believe that Yang Feng could kill this freak himself.

The other three Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciples also revealed unfriendly gazes as they stared coldly at Yang Feng. Although on the outside, they usually carried friendly expressions, but on the inside, they had the haughtiness of the Demon-Fighting Sects disciples. If anyone dared to play tricks on them, they wouldnt mind to directly kill the other party. Even if someone were to complain about them to the sect, the sect would only praise them.

Even though the law was strictly upheld in the Great Cloud Dynasty, but collossuses like the Ten Great Sects still had many privileges. This was also the real reason why countless geniuses rushed to join the Ten Great Sects.

Basically, no one would dare to act brazenly in a place like the Demon-Fighting Sect. Otherwise, only death would follow. This was very different from Earth.

In essence, the Cangzhi Plane was still dog eat dog world.


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