Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 20 – Taboo Stone

Chapter 19 – Capturing the Black Cottage

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Yang Feng stepped out from the side, looked at Bonney, and praised: “Amazing, hes not dead yet! The vitality of a fiend fleshly body sure is formidable!”

Bonney was injured all over, his eyes closed shut, bleeding profusely, yet his chest still slowly moved up and down. Clearly, he want dead yet. Besides, some of the minor wounds on his body have already begun to heal.

Unlike humans, fiends were freaks with great vitality. Their fleshly bodies were very powerful and their rate of recovery was exceedingly frightening. Some great fiends of noble bloodline could slowly recover and grow a new body even if only a heart remained of them.

“I currently cant subdue a level-1 Warlock! Kill him, but keep his head!” At Yang Fengs command, a bladed robot stepped forward and sliced of Bonneys head.

Thus, with his head and body separated, the master of the Black Cottage Bonney, and a formidable level-1 Warlock, die to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the body of the fiend Bloodline Warlock Bonney, and felt fearful inside: “Warlock means are really strange and formidable! If my true body were here, I would have already died. My true body is still too weak.”

The mechanical legion under Yang Fengs control was so powerful that even an official level-1 Warlock could be killed. The mechanical legions only weakness was his true body. Once his true body died, the entire mechanical legion would collapse.

As such, Yang Feng didnt dare to have his true body appear in person on the battlefield. Fortunately, he was cautious enough. Or else he would have died by now.

A bladed robot came to in front of the Warlock tower with Bonneys head in hand and shouted towards the Apprentice Warlocks inside.




The complexions of the Apprentice Warlocks inside the Warlock tower suddenly registered fierce changes, and their morale dropped to the extreme.

A male Apprentice Warlock waved his hand, released a huge white swan, jumped on the back of the huge swan, and rode it into the sky.

Yang Feng took a look at the huge swan, but didnt command the gunner robots lying in ambush in the vicinity to shoot it.

In the Black Cottage, only the level-1 Warlock Bonney was worthy of his attention. He didnt care about the remaining Apprentice Warlocks. If they want to flee, so be it.

Apprentice Warlocks who could summon life forms capable of flight were very rare. In the entire Warlock tower, only that Apprentice Warlock had such a life form.

After seeing Bonneys head, the morale of the remaining Apprentice Warlocks dropped, and most of them chose to surrender. Only a hand-full of Apprentice Warlocks resisted, and then were minced by the bladed robots.

The surrender of the Warlock tower meant that the entire Black City fell into Yang Fengs hands. He immediately dispatched his mechanical legion to preserve the order of the Black City, killing all thugs that looted and pillaged.

After killing 100 to 200 thugs, the entire Black City regained its order and reluctantly entered Yang Fengs control.

Once the Black City fell into his hands, Yang Feng transferred a large number of engineering robots to the Black City and began constructions. He wanted to forge the Black City into a steel fortress.

The Black City was located in the central part of the Fernandro Principality. If you controlled the Black City, you could easily control the Giant Stone City, Tree Mountain City, Green Hill City, and Sea Salt City.

Once the Black City was forged into a steel fortress, then even if the Fernandro Principality went to attack it, even if the principality paid a huge price in blood, it still might suffer a defeat.

The Black Cottage, at the top floor of the Warlock tower.

Yang Feng said faintly: “Begin!”

Numerous fine, mechanical tentacles extended from a faceless liquid metal robot and pierced into Bonneys head.

Shortly after, the liquid metal robot twisted and turned, and slowly transformed into Bonneys likeness.

3 hours later, a person that looked exactly the same as Bonney appeared in front of Yang Feng.

The transformed liquid metal robot spoke:

Yang Fengs eyes brightened, and he asked expectantly: “Can you cast spells?”

Warlocks not only had strong fleshly bodies, but also grasped a variety of powerful spells. An official level-1 Warlock could even contend against an ordinary army.

The liquid metal robot replied mechanically:

“Cant cast spells!” Yang Feng sighed in disappointed.

Some offensive spells cast by Warlocks were so bizarre that you could only resist them through Warlock means. Although his mechanical legion was very powerful, but a strange level-1 curse could take his life. He was eager to have a powerful level-1 Warlock as his bodyguard. This way, his safety would be more assured.

Yang Feng asked: “How many magic traps set up by Bonney are there still inside the Warlock tower?”

Warlocks were fond of laying magic traps in their Warlock towers. Once you entered a Warlock tower without the acknowledgement of its master, you would trigger its magic traps and die.

Yang Feng uttered solemnly: “I want to practice cultivation and become a Warlock! Test my soul aptitude!”

In the Turandot Subcontinent, theoretically everyone could practice cultivation and become a Warlock. However, the soul aptitude for practicing cultivation was divided into 9 levels.

People with level-1 soul aptitude were ordinary people with the lowest soul aptitude. With this soul aptitude and without a formidable background, no Warlock group would accept you, because with this soul aptitude, even becoming a level-1 Apprentice Warlock would be extremely difficult.

People with level-2 soul aptitude were slightly better. So long as they tried hard, they could still become a level-1 Apprentice Warlock. But it was still very difficult for such people to join a Warlock group.

People with level-3 soul aptitude were even better. So long as they gave their all, they could become a level-3 Apprentice Warlock. Such people were used for various odd jobs by many Warlock groups.

People with level-4 soul aptitude had ordinary cultivation aptitude. By working hard, they had a bit of hope at advancing to a level-1 Warlock.

People with level-5 soul aptitude could be considered as outstanding. By working hard, and with some fortuitous encounters, they had great hope at becoming a level-1 Warlock.

People with level-6 soul aptitude could be considered as geniuses. So long as they had access to a good secret method and sufficient resources, they could easily promote to a level-1 Warlock.

People with level-7 soul aptitude could be considered as peerless geniuses. So long as they had a good secret method, then even if the resources were a little lacking, they could still promote to a level-1 Warlock.

People with level-8 soul aptitude could be considered as freaks. So long as they had a secret method, becoming a level-1 Warlock was nothing much. Even if the resources were lacking, they could still promote to a level-3 Warlock without running into any difficulties.

People with level-9 soul aptitude were legendary personages. So long as they had a secret method and some stroke of luck, and assuming that they didnt get killed by some enemy beforehand, they could become bigwigs that left their mark in the annals of history.

Most official Warlocks in the Turandot Subcontinent had level-4, 5, or 6 soul aptitude. Warlocks with soul aptitude higher than level-6 were extremely rare. Bonney was a Warlock with just a level-5 soul aptitude.

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