Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 200 – Condensing a clone

Chapter 199 – Causing a Stir

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Yang Feng said calmly: “I killed him! Or rather, I first employed a plan to severely injure him, and then besieged him with my subordinates. Lastly, I used an alchemical golem of mine to kill him! You can use spells to tests whether what I said is true.”

Han Ning silently recited a spell and pointed at Yang Feng. A spell capable of detecting lies was cast on Yang Feng. Immediately after, white light rose from Yang Feng.

Han Nings eyes flashed with a glint of incredulity and he sighed in admiration: “What you say is all true! Youre actually capable of killing him! Really amazing!”

The other three Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciples also showed a trace of admiration.

The Demon Emperor Cartman was a Demonest Planes formidable being comparable to a god. In the Demon-Fighting Sect, only true disciples and elders were capable of dealing with him. As for an avatar of his, even the Demon-Fighting Sects inner sect disciples might not necessarily be capable of killing him.

Regardless of the method, Yang Feng being capable of killing an avatar of the Demon Emperor Cartman was very remarkable.

Han Ning smiled, saying in admiration: “Yang Feng, to be capable of killing an avatar of a Demonest Planes demon emperor, you are a true man. However, I must warn you. The difficulty of the Demon-Fighting Sects assessment is enormous. Even Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses might fall from the slightest bit of inattentiveness.”

Yang Feng asked: “What assessments are there? Can you first tell me about the assessments, so that I am prepared? The best would be to choose the simplest one. After all, my cultivation base is only at the level-2 Warlock rank.”

If the difficulty of the Demon-Fighting Sects assessment was too great, then Yang Feng could only choose to give up. After all, he only had one life, which he had to cherish.

Han Ning said: “Ill help you choose the simplest assessment! However, you must be prepared, as even the simplest assessment mission will be very difficult, practically impossible for you to complete. After all, these assessment missions were originally aimed at Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses and above.”

Yang Feng nodded silently. Although he was aware of the customs related to the Demon-Fighting Sects assessment, yet he still wanted to have a go.

Han Ning took out a little jade booklet and lightly turned the page. His eyes lit up, saying: “Ive got it! The Feisuo Plane, one of thirty six primary material planes. Your assessment mission lies in infiltrating the plane and killing a demigod rank powerhouse. Bring back the severed head of the powerhouse. The mission has no time restriction!”

Yang Feng exclaimed: “One of the thirty six primary material planes! Isnt it where Legends are as common as cabbage and demigods are everywhere? For a trifling level-2 Warlock like myself to go to such a place, wouldnt that be courting death?”

The thirty six primary material planes were enormous planes discovered by the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks. The thirty six primary material planes had countless formidable being, with powerhouses being as common as clouds. The powerhouses of any given plane were not inferior to the Cangzhi Planes powerhouses.

It was only when the 7 Great Warlock Emperors founded the dynasties that human Warlocks completely suppressed the other thirty five primary material planes, forcing their formidable beings to serve the human Warlock dynasties.

During the time of the 8th Warlock Dynasty, the Dawn Dynasty, the Cangzhi Plane merely managed to preserve their position as the head of the thirty six primary material planes without any ability to command the other thirty five primary material planes.

Han Ning smiled lightly, saying: “Its not that extreme! There are many divine systems on the Feisuo Plane, with human divine system, elven divine system, and beastman divine system being the 3 major divine systems. And the major divine systems are further divided into different divine systems. Take the elven divine system for example, the elven divine system is divided into the elven divine system and the dark elven divine system. There are factions among gods and they engage in power struggles among themselves. You have experience traveling the Turandot Subcontinent, so you are sure to blend in on the Feisuo Plane. If you were to enter the Demonest Plane or the Morning Light Plane, then you would have no hope at life.”

Yang Feng contemplated for a moment before saying: “If I go to the Feisuo Plane, then only by igniting my divine fire and becoming god myself will I be able to kill a demigod. Would that be a problem?”

“Not at all. In fact, a lot of gods of different planes are human Warlocks from the Cangzhi Plane. Fearful of their longevity coming to an end, they would rush to other planes, ignite their divine fire, and become those planes gods.”

“However, Yang Feng, once you ignite your divine fire in the Feisuo Plane and become a god, a tremendous connection between yourself and the Feisuo Plane will be established. If you ignite your divine fire in your true body, then you wont be able to leave the Feisuo Plane; you will only be able use an embodiment to leave the Feisuo Plane. If your true body were to personally leave the Feisuo Plane, then you may suffer the planes backlash. At that time, your godhead will collapse and your divine power will fade away. This is the price for becoming a god.”

“We Warlocks are free! We can go to any plane, no power can bind us. From the moment gods are born from planes, their rise and fall are linked to their planes. If a plane were to die, then all its gods would also die. Such a phenomenon is called the dusk of the gods.” Said Han Ning.

The Demon-Fighting Sect had a long history of inheritance, it had explored countless planes. Therefore, the sect had a large repository of knowledge. Just the ample knowledge of Han Hing, this trifling outer sect disciple, left Yang Feng ashamed.

Yang Feng mused for a while. His eyes lit up and he said in a bright voice: “I accept the assessment!”

Han Ning smiled brightly, saying: “Good, youre indeed a true man! Since youve accepted the mission, then you can come back tomorrow. Well first open the library to let you study for three months, then well open a planar passageway to send you to the plane. However, theres one more thing that you should consider before accepting the mission, and that is, you will be punished if you are unwilling to take the assessment after studying in our library.”

“No problem!” Replied Yang Feng indifferently. Then, he grabbed Shi Xue, who stood to the side, and brought her over, saying: “This is my sister, Shi Xue. She also wants to take the Demon-Fighting Sects admission test.”

Han Ning swept Shi Xue with a glance and a trace of amazement flashed past his eyes. He smiled lightly, silently recited an incantation, and released two magic radiances from his eyes onto Shi Xue.

“Superior level-8! Superior level-8 soul aptitude! Her, her soul aptitude is superior level-8!” Han Ning only took a look at Shi Xue. Suddenly, his complexion changed greatly and he exclaimed with an expression of shock.

“What? Superior level-8 soul aptitude!”

“Superior level-8 soul aptitude! Notify the elders!”


The complexions of the four Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciples changed greatly, the they immediately stood up and surrounded Shi Xue. Their gazes were scorching hot as they looked at Shi Xue.

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, geniuses were as common as clouds. Those who joined the Demon-Fighting Sect had at least superior level-6 soul aptitude, and there was no lack of peerless geniuses with level-7 soul aptitude. However, level-8 soul aptitude was as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, let alone superior level-8 soul aptitude.

The higher the soul aptitude, the fewer soul aptitude elixirs could promote it. Among the various soul aptitude strengthening elixirs Yang Feng had at his disposal, there wasnt a single one that could be of use to superior level-8 soul aptitude. Even the Rose Divine Pool was of no use to Shi Xues soul aptitude.

Kong Fangao stared at Shi Xue with bloodshot eyes. He complained: “Superior level-8 soul aptitude! Yang Feng, it pains me that you hid this from me!”

Superior level-8 soul aptitude, beings with such talent were exceedingly rare in the entire Great Cloud Dynasty. Thinking that such a genius had been right below his nose made Kong Fangao feel like he was in a dream.

Yang Feng laughed, saying, “Heh heh, you didnt ask!”

“Where is the one with the superior level-8 soul aptitude?” With a flicker of magical radiances, an old man wearing a blue robe appeared inside the hall. The incredibly formidable fluctuations of power exuded by the old man made him seem like a god among mortals.

Yang Fengs complexion changed slightly. He could vaguely feel that the terrifying power exuded by the blue-robed old man could even contend with the one he had felt from the Goddess Lolth.

As if a flame, a young, exceedingly beautiful woman dressed in red strangely appeared beside Shi Xue, swept her with a glance, and said with satisfaction: “Little girl, you are the one with the superior level-8 soul aptitude? Not bad. At your young age, you already possess the strength of a level-3 Warlock, thats really remarkable. I am Yue Wuxian, an elder of the Demon-Fighting Sect. Little girl, how about becoming my personal disciple?”

Once she said that, the four Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciples immediately revealed expressions of envy.

Yue Wuxian was one of the Demon-Fighting Sects elders and her strength was tyrannical. Even the Demon-Fighting Sects true disciples would be very eager to become her personal disciples, let alone the Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciples.

The blue-robed old man wrinkled his brows, saying: “Yue Wuxian, shouldnt it be first come first served? I came first; therefore, this disciple should be mine!”

Ordinary geniuses were just that, while geniuses with superior level-8 soul attribute were outstanding personages among outstanding personages. They were exceedingly rare geniuses even in the Great Cloud Dynasty.

Yue Wuxian said frigidly: “Huang Yihe, Ive already settled on this disciple. An old fogey as yourself, dont you feel ashamed to want to accept such a little girl as a disciple?”

Huang Yihe was also an elder of the Demon-Fighting Sect and his strength was tyrannical, comparable to a gods.

Huang Yihe was not the least bit fazed as he replied with a light smile: “On the path to eternity, what matters is master and disciple and not male and female. Im not giving up!”

Yue Wuxian contemplated for a moment before saying: “We are quite equal in terms of strength and status. Therefore, its best to let this little girl choose her master, dont you think so?”

Huang Yihe replied decisively: “Alright!”

Yue Wuxian asked directly: “Little girl, between I and he, which one do you want to be your master?”

Huang Yihe said: “Little girl, Ill give my all to teach you if you choose me as your master. With your talent, my guidance, and diligent cultivation, you are sure to promote to a Glorious Dawn Warlock within one thousand years.

The four Demon-Fighting Sects outer sect disciples spat fires of jealousy from their eyes. They were geniuses with superior level-6 soul aptitudes, yet they already found it very difficult to promote to Great Warlocks. Promoting to Starry Sky Warlock would be even more difficult. As for Moonlight Warlocks, they didnt even entertain such thoughts. Glorious Dawn Warlocks, which were a rank above Moonlight Warlocks, were top most powerhouses even in the Great Cloud Dynasty, with their statuses being sublime and their strength rivaling that of gods.

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