Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 200 – Condensing a clone

Demon-Fighting Sect, you will have the opportunity to learn the next few levels of the secret method.”

Yang Feng looked at the great library, which occupied about five square kilometers. It was clearly a product of some formidable Warlocks casting space-attributed spells.

Countless bookshelves with neatly placed books were spread all over the five square kilometers.

In the center of the great library, an about one meter in diameter magic crystal ball engraved with a number of mysterious runes was suspended in the air.

Han Ning said: “Thats the great librarys index crystal as well as administrator. You can use the index crystal to quickly find all the information you want. To use it, you have to be within five meters of it and think of the information that you require.”

Yang Feng went up to the index crystal, thinking: “I want the Demon-Fighting Heaven-Suppressing Record.”

With a flicker of magic radiance, a book flew into Yang Fengs hand from the midst of the countless bookshelves.

Han Ning smiled and said: “Alright, Yang Feng, I wont disturb your study. Work hard!”

Yang Feng replied: “Thank you, Senior Brother Han!”

Yang Feng sat to the side after Han Ning left. On one hand, he started to study, on the other hand, he used the smart microchip installed in his glasses to scan the books and store the information in the database.

Yang Feng was immersed in his study in the great library, learning anything related to the Feisuo Plane. He was clear that this information was vital for the the future safety and growth of his clone.

Ten days later, inside a cultivation private room of a luxurious inn.

Sitting cross-legged on a jade bed, Yang Feng was surrounded by the ash and remains of top grade magic stones.

The green Life Clone Bead released resplendent light as it floated before him.

Yang Feng suddenly opened his eyes and mouth. Blood essence along with three golden specks shot out of his mouth and then entered the Life Clone Bead.

After loosing the blood essence, Yang Fengs complexion turned very pale. He quickly picked up a vial of elixir and then poured the contents into his mouth.

After drinking the elixir, Yang Fengs complexion turned a lot better. He silently recited an incantation. Magic radiances condensed around him and his soul seed strangely flew out from between his eyebrows.

Countless strings extended from below the soul seed, culminating in small balls. Upon a closer look, it could be seen that the small balls were spell models.

Once the soul seed appeared, it gradually split into two halves.

Along with the split of the soul seed, Yang Feng felt as if he himself was splitting into two halves. Pain coursed through his body. However, he still managed to bear the pain with great perseverance.

After the soul seed split into two halves, one of the halves flew into the Life Clone Bead along with countless spell models.

The Life Clone Bead shivered lightly. It twisted and turned, and quickly changed. Eventually, it condensed into a human figure that looked identical to Yang Feng and had identical soul fluctuations.

When Yang Fengs clone took shape, an extremely novel sensation suddenly arose inside his true body, as if two of him existed in the world in parallel. This was different from when he used the consciousness transmitting helmet. When he used the consciousness transmitting helmet, he still had a single consciousness. When he possessed a robot, his true body would enter a state of unconsciousness. Now, however, he had two independent consciousness existing in the world. The two consciousness were himself.

Yang Fengs clone said with a light sigh: “This feeling is really wonderful, as if there were two of me at the same time.”

Yang Fengs true body said: “Its wonderful! No wonder that even strong beings like gods cannot separate more clones without a sufficiently high-leveled godhead. Without the support from a godhead, too many clones are bound to lead to a split in personality, to a mental disorder.”

Although gods could separate clones, yet in general, gods with feeble divine power would only separate a single clone due to their godheads being incapable of supporting more clones.

Yang Fengs true body said: “Scan me!”

After Yang Feng employed the True Mystic Clone Scripture to pour all of his power into his clone, his true body turned back to an ordinary person. However, due to the firm foundation he had laid, he now would have an unlimited evolution possibility once he resumed to tread on the Warlock Path. Besides, the wealth he collected in the Turandot Subcontinent was enough to let him evolve into a formal Warlock effortlessly.

Moreover, the knowledge grasped by the clone was equivalent the knowledge grasped by Yang Fengs true body. Thus, it was equivalent to having two people practice cultivation and studying at the same time, which was simply heaven-defying. It was precisely because of this that treasures like the Life Clone Bead were so precious and hard to come by.

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