Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 202 – Ambush

Chapter 201 – The Feisuo Plane

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After separating the clone, Yang Fengs true body and clone simultaneously started to read all information on the Feisuo Plane.

Time went by and in the blink of an eye, it was three months later.

When Yang Feng came to the Demon-Fighting Sects Public Office, Han Ning was still the one responsible for receiving him.

A glint of unwillingness flashed past Han Nings eyes when he saw Yang Feng. After a while, he finally sighed: “Come with me!”

For a level-2 Warlock to enter the Feisuo Plane, which was a primary material plane that could go toe to toe with the Cangzhi Plan, and to kill a demigod rank powerhouse, the degree of difficulty could very well be imagined.

The Demon-Fighting Sects assessment missions were meant to attract peak powerhouses of the Starry Sky Warlock rank and above. At the same time, they also served to get rid of a large number of playboys who wanted to employ the help of their families to kill the demigod rank freaks. Such assessment missions were very difficult for Great Warlocks, let alone to a level-2 Warlock like Yang Feng, to complete.

Yang Feng followed Han Ning to the top floor of the Demon-Fighting Sects Public Office. After using a teleportation array, they appeared in front of a huge palace.

A giant, golden gate stood in front of the huge palace. Two old men, one fat and one thin, sat still in front of the gate.

Yang Feng slightly narrowed his eyes when he looked at the two old men. He couldnt sense any life force being exuded from them. This meant that even without using secret methods, the two old men could completely retract their life force, making them appear like ordinary people.

Han Ning respectfully addressed the two old men: “Elder Luo Zheng, Elder Luo Ming, this is Yang Feng, the one whos going to the Feisuo Plane to take the assessment!”

The thin old man didnt open his eyes. The fat old man opened his eyes. Two rays of divine light shot at Yang Feng out of the fat old mans eyes.

In a flash, Yang Feng felt as if he was seen trough.

The fat old man threw a gray jade card to Yang Feng and said indifferently: “This is your return card. Crush the jade card after completing the mission, and we will find a way to bring you back. However, you wont return right away. If you crush the jade card without completing the mission, then only death will await you.”

Yang Feng received the jade card and said: “Yes! I understand!”

The fat old man closed his eyes.


Amid a loud noise, the huge, golden gate opened slowly, revealing a broad planar passageway whose limits could not be seen.

Yang Feng immediately stepped into the planar passageway.

A tremendous spatial force shrouded Yang Feng in and a dizzy spell assaulted his mind.

Yang Feng released a long breath when the dizzy spell disappeared. He found himself to be on a small, barren hilltop.

Yang Feng carefully examined his surroundings for a while before musing: “Theyre being quite careful. To prevent me from discovering the planar passageways exit, theyve installed a random teleportation array at the end of the planar passageway, which is how I was sent here.”

“Feisuo Plane has a lot of gods. At the time of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, this planes gods have also surrendered to the Cangzhi Plane. They have seen the mechanical legion. If I use the mechanical legion or nuclear bombs on a large scale in this world and draw their attention, then Im toast.”

The Feisuo Plane was different from the Turandot Subcontinent, it had gods. Each of the numerous gods had terrific strength, which greatly restricted the might of Yang Fengs mechanical legion and made it impossible for him to deploy his mechanical legion on a large scale to fight against the gods. Otherwise, the gods of the entire Feisuo Plane might join hands to deal with him.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed into the air, where a giant eye was formed with a flicker of magic radiance. The giant eye oversaw the surrounding area of several tens of kilometers.

Yang Fengs eyes brightened and the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “Theres a city over there.”

Yang Fengs shape changed a bit, changing to that of a blond, blue-eyed westerner with a large build.

The Feisuo Plane was dominated by westerners, its human gods were practically all westerners. Yang Feng currently didnt have the strength to challenge this terrific power.

Yang Feng followed a muddy road full of livestock manure for about five kilometers before a city with a city wall of about ten meters in height appeared in front of him.

In front of the city stood eight westerner-looking human warriors with high and sharp noses, and fair skin. They wore no armor, but were equipped with worn down longswords.

The captain among the eight warriors stepped forward and stopped Yang Feng, saying: “Halt, please show your identity document.”

The Feisuo Planes human world was divided into four grades: slaves, residents, freedmen, and aristocrats. Among which, slaves and residents werent free, they couldnt leave their lords fief. Only freedmen and aristocrats could freely travel across the land.


Yang Feng snorted coldly and opened his hand. A flame suddenly appeared in his hand.

“A Wizard! Your Majesty, please forgive me for my offense!” As soon as the captain saw the flame in Yang Fengs hand, his complexion changed greatly. He immediately bowed his head and said respectfully.

The eyes of the other warriors also flashed with a trace of respect when they looked at Yang Feng.

On the Feisuo Plane, Wizards were lofty beings with statuses comparable to those of aristocrats; they could freely travel the world. Many aristocrats prided themselves in being capable of recruiting Wizards to work for them. Besides, the number of Wizards in the Feisuo Plane was very limited; a Wizard might not be born from one hundred thousand people.

“This is my strength, my personal strength.” Yang Feng looked at the eight deferential warriors and a trace of satisfaction welled up inside him.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Feng relied on the tremendous strength of xizu mechanical legion to defeat a number of strong enemies and eventually unify the entire Turandot Subcontinent, becoming its overlord. However, he was quite clear that he only managed to go that far due to the mechanical legion. But now, in the Feisuo Plane, his own strength was enough to make people feel awed. This feeling was addictive.

“Scram, peasants, let Lord enter the city!” A warrior immediately berated and chased away the commoners and merchants waiting to enter the city, making way for Yang Feng.

Yang Feng immediately entered the city.

In the city, the roads were muddy and filled with livestock manure, and the majority of the buildings were made out of wood. The city exuded an old and backwards atmosphere similar to that of the Middle Ages.

Yang Feng swept the city with a glance and creased his eyebrows: “This is the Feisuo Plane that can contend with the Cangzhi Plane? Unbelievable!”

This human city couldnt even compare to a lot of cities of a backwards place such as the Turandot Subcontinent.

Yang Feng arrived in front of the Mermaid and Bear tavern, pushed open the door, and entered.

Upon entering the tavern, Yang Feng saw burly mercenaries drink big mouthfuls of beer and eat big chunks of meat, as they spoke crudely and took liberties with the taverns maids.

Yang Feng made a beeline for the bartender, who was mixing drinks behind the counter. With a gentle toss, a gold coin made a beautiful arc and dropped in front of the bartender.

Yang Feng said: “Im going to the Rydgex City, I need an experienced mercenary group with a good reputation to escort me there. Where can I hire such a mercenary group at a reasonable price?”

The bartender smiled and put the gold coin away: “It depends on the number of people you want to hire. It takes about ten days to reach the Rydgex City from the Woord City and the journey is not too dangerous. Therefore, three silver coins per day, per person should suffice. Of course, the stronger mercenary groups with outstanding reputations are more expensive.”

The common currency of the Feisuo plane was gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins – one gold coin = ten silver coins = one thousand copper coins.

“Hey, young fellow, hire our Bears Strength Mercenary Group! Our mercenary group is comprised of ten experienced young fellows.” A tall and sturdy fellow built like a bear and a large beard walked up to Yang Feng in large strides, and said with a bright smile: “You only need to pay us five silver coins per day, per person.”

A thin, middle-aged man with a gloomy aura walked up to Yang Feng and said with a smile: “Hello, I am Lek, the captain of the Storm Wolves Mercenary Group. The Storm Wolves Mercenary Group has 13 members. You only need to pay us two silver coins per day, per person to get the Storm Wolves Mercenary Groups thirteen members to safely escort you to the Rydgex City.”

A slim, one meter eighty tall – taller than a lot of men – beautiful woman with a wheat colored skin tone walked up to Yang Feng in big strides, saying: “Mr., please hire our White Lily Mercenary Group! The White Lily Mercenary Group only has five people, yet it is the Woord Citys most reputable mercenary group. We have an impeccable track record. You only need to pay us eight silver coins per day, per person and we will do our utmost to keep you safe.”

Leks expression stiffened. He gave the tall and slim beauty a venomous look and said frigidly: “Katy, what is the meaning of this?”

Katy smiled coldly in response, saying: “You know that very well!”

Yang Feng read a lot about the Feisuo Plane. He knew that there was a mingling of heroes and villains among mercenaries. Many mercenaries, while going around their business, secretly killed their employers. Choosing the wrong mercenary group was akin to seeking death.

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Dont fight. I prefer to be around beautiful women. The White Lily Mercenary Group will do.”

When Yang Feng said that, the Bears Strength Mercenary Groups captain gave Yang Feng a strange look, then chuckled, turned around, and went back to his group.

The bartender also gave Yang Feng a strange look, not saying a thing.

Lek smiled coldly and said meaningfully: “Good, good, good! Take care!”

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