Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 203 – The Rydgex City

Chapter 202 – Ambush

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Katy sat in front of Yang Feng and teasingly gave him a coquettish glance: “Hi, employer, whats your name?”

Although Katys looks and temperament were far inferior than those of beauties like Jessica and Judy, but compared to ordinary girls, she was still considered a beauty. Besides, with her distinctive aura of a mercenary, she was quite attractive.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “My name is Ian.”

Katy inquired: “When do you want to go to the Rydgex City?”

“The sooner the better!”

“Then how about we assemble tomorrow at nine oclock in the morning at the west gate?”


Yang Feng left the tavern after the negotiations concluded. He stayed the night in the Woord City.

The next day in the morning, Yang Feng came to the west gate.

At the west gate, Katy and the rest of the White Lily Mercenary Group were already waiting for him.

Apart from Katy, the other four female warriors of the White Lily Mercenary Group were tall and muscular, and had ominous glints flash in their eyes. They were more manly than men.

When Yang Feng saw the four White Lily Mercenary Groups burly female warriors, he thought: “The White Lily Mercenary Group, its such a nice name.”

Katy smiled sweetly at Yang Feng and said: “Youre early, get on!”

Yang Feng nodded and boarded a horse-drawn carriage.

The cost for renting the carriage was naturally also covered by Yang Feng.

“Set off!” With Katys order, the team left the Woord City.

The main road of the Woord City was in disrepair, it was full of pot-holes. Yang Feng felt quite uncomfortable in the shaking carriage.

He mused: “No wonder it was difficult for people in ancient times to travel far. It feels so uncomfortable to sit in this carriage. If it wasnt for my physical constitution, then I would have been jolted silly.”

In the Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Fengs true body had traveled either by plane or magic carpet, which was very comfortable. In the Great Cloud Dynasty, he rode a variety of advanced alchemical secret treasures, which were also quite comfortable. Now that he came to the Feisuo Plane, he experienced first hand how backwards it was.

“Ian, theres a problem ahead of us!”

Suddenly, Katys voice came from outside the carriage and the carriage stopped.

Yang Feng creased his brows lightly and alighted the carriage.

He looked around and discovered that the carriage had reached a very remote place.

The road was flanked on both sides by a hillside covered in lush underbrush. It was an ideal place for ambushes. Indistinct human figures could be seen on the hillside.

With a grave expression, Katy walked up to Yang Feng and said unhurriedly: “I suspect that they are members of the Storm Wolves Mercenary Group, who often murder their employers half way through the journey and pillage their riches. Im afraid that this time, they have their eyes set on you.”

“If they hadnt come, then that would be it, but since they came, then Ill give them an unforgettable lesson.” Yang Feng smiled coldly, then silently recited an incantation, pointed at the sky, and cast Magic Eye. With a flicker of magic radiance, an enormous eye formed midair. The eyeball rotated 360°, clearly seeing everything on both sides of the hillside.

On both sides of the hillside, there were indeed over twenty fully armed warriors lying in ambush. Lek, the captain of the Storm Wolves Mercenary Group stood among the warriors.

“A Wizard!!”

“Hes a Wizard!”


When the over twenty warriors saw Magic Eye in the sky, their complexions turned deathly pale and their eyes flashed with a trace of dismay.

On the Feisuo Plane, Wizard was synonymous with mystery and strength. These warriors had only heard of the strength and deeds of Wizard from some myths and legends. Seeing Magic Eye, they were shocked and their courage gave way to fear, they no longer had any intentions to fight.

“Ian, youre actually a Wizard, amazing. I might have fallen for you!” Katy stared fixedly at Yang Feng. With charm rippling in her eyes and a coquettish and charming smile adorning her face, she walked up to Yang Feng.

Suddenly, a cold glint flashed past her eyes, she pulled out a dagger, whose blade flashed with faint blue light, and stabbed at Yang Feng.

Without enough time to react or defend, Yang Feng was stabbed in the abdomen by Katy.

When her strike succeeded, Katy immediately retreated by over ten meters and then said with a malicious grin: “Mighty Mr. Wizard, I might have fallen for you. However, I havent fallen for you, but for the riches on you! Ha ha ha!”

Magic Eye floating midair collapsed in a flash.

“Why?!” Yang Feng clasped his abdomen and, with an expression of pain, said through greeted teeth.

Lek, the captain of the Storm Wolves Mercenary Group, burst into laughter and went down the hillside along with his subordinates: “Fool, its because the Storm Wolves Mercenary Group and the White Lily Mercenary Group are part of the same group! A fat sheep like yourself is our favorite target! Lord Wizard, the play in the tavern wasnt bad, right? In fact, in the tavern, the stupid bears mercenary group has the best reputation. Apart from his mercenary group, the rest are all hungry wolves just like us.”

Katy interrupted: “Stop talking rubbish and kill him! Wizards methods are very strange and powerful, dont give him any opportunity! Shoot him!”

In the Feisuo Plane, bows were regulated weapons. Apart from armies, which could equip a large number of people with bows, ordinary mercenaries rarely used them. Yet the Storm Wolves Mercenary Group had five archers in its midst.

Lek roared: “Fire!”

The five archers immediately shot from their bows and five arrows, alike shooting stars, shot at Yang Feng.

Just as the five arrows were about to hit Yang Feng, a powerful warping force field suddenly appeared, then rippled slightly and strangely sent the five arrows flying.

Seeing this strange scene, Leks and Katys faces turned extremely pale and an ominous premonition arose in their minds.

“Werent you stabbed?” Said Katy with a trembling voice.

Yang Feng stood upright, looked at his torn clothes, and said indifferently: “Its true that I was just a bit careless and was stabbed by you. Unfortunately, the gap between you, an ordinary person, and myself is too great. Besides, you dont even have a Legend-rank weapon. Its impossible for you to kill me.”

Underneath his clothes, Yang Feng wore the Legend-rank secret treasure White Elephant Armor, the Legend-rank secret treasure Heart of the Ocean, and the Legend-rank secret treasure Defense Ring Holy Light. While under the protection of three Legend-rank secret treasures, only if he was sneak-attacked by a Legend-rank assassin holding a Legend-rank dagger could he be assassinated in an instant.

Katys face was white, her expression was one of remorse and sorrow, and tears streamed down her cheecks. She knelt on the ground and kowtowed toward Yang Feng: “Im sorry, he forced me to do it! Lord Wizard, this man forced me to do it! I beg you, spare my life! I didnt want to, but he forced me to do this.”

Leks eyes flashed with an ominous glint and he snarled: “Ptooey! Cheep whore! Everyone, lets attack him together! We have over twenty people! No matter how strong this Wizard is, we definitely can kill him with over twenty people!”

The eyes of the more than twenty mercenaries flashed with an ominous glint, and they pounced at Yang Feng under Leks lead.

Yang Feng smiled indifferently, the casually flicked his hand and dropped a seed onto the ground.

With a flicker of magic radiance, the seed grew quickly into over thirty barbed rattans, which lunged at the over twenty mercenaries and bound them firmly. The sharp barbs pierced into the mercenaries bodies, making them issue anguished cries.

Even Lek, the captain of the Storm Wolves Mercenary Group, was firmly wrapped by the rattans in a single exchange, issuing anguished cries as well.

To the side, the faces of Katy and the four White Lily Mercenary Groups manly female warriors were pale-white, with a glint of terror flashing in their eyes. This extraordinary strength went far beyond their imagination.

“It would be a waste to use this precious elixir on you. However, since I have a lack of manpower at the moment, Im forced to use it on you.” Yang Feng took out a large box worth of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir and said regretfully.

Yang Feng made plenty of preparations before he left for the Feisuo Plane, bringing 30,000 vials of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir alone.

On the Turandot Subcontinent, the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir was regarded as a high class wellness product. By injecting a vial of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir, one could stay young and could look at their prime right until the day they died of old age. It was very popular with women and was practically in short supply.

Before he manufactured a Portable Fortified Stronghold in the Feisuo Plane, he had no way of replenishing the 30,000 vials of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir that he brought to the Feisuo Plane.

Yang Feng said indifferently: “This is a magic elixir. After being injected with it, as long as you think about betraying me, then youll blow up and die. Now, Im a magnanimous character, Ill let you choose whether you want to be injected with this elixir or not. Ill give you ten seconds to consider it. 10…”

Katy promptly decided, saying: “Ill inject it! No, please grant me the precious magic elixir, honorable Lord Wizard.”

The four White Lily Mercenary Groups manly female warriors also knelt on the ground and said deferentially: “Please grant me the precious magic elixir , honorable Lord Wizard.”

“Ill also inject it! Please, let me inject it!”

“Honorable Lord Wizard, please grant me the precious magic elixir!”

The Storm Wolves Mercenary Groups warriors were no fools, so they also pleaded.

In the midst of all the pleading, Yang Feng injected them with the Liquid Nano-Robot Elixir one after another.

After subduing the two mercenary groups, Yang Feng took the carriage and continued towards the Rydgex City.

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