Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 204 – Purchasing Slaves

Chapter 203 – The Rydgex City

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The Rydgex City was located at the edge of the common border between the beastman empire, the elven empire, and the human Morrince Empire, it was regarded as a major city of the Morrince Empire.

The Rydgex City had a population of nearly one million, it was very flourishing. The thing that propped the Rydgex Citys flourishing economy was the extremely sinister slave trade.

The beastman empire, the elven empire, and the Morrince Empire fought all year long. The losers would be reduced to slaves and brought to the Rydgex City by slave merchants.

Meanwhile, sinister human slave hunters often appeared in the beastman empire and the elven empire in order to capture beastmen and elves to be sold.

The Rydgex City was the largest slave trade city in the Morrince Empire.

“The city wall is merely a dozen meters tall, weak indeed!” Yang Feng sighed inside as he looked at the merely dozen meters tall city wall

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, city walls were upwards of one hundred meters tall, and there were still Warlock Towers all over; the defense was extremely strict

Yet the Rydgex City, the Morrince Empires largest slave trade city, had merely a dozen meters tall city wall. If Yang Feng gave the order, then his mechanical legion could take the Rydgex Citys city wall in a single charge.

“Halt, please show your identity documents!”

When Yang Fengs party reached the Rydgex Citys gate, several warriors came over.

Yang Feng opened his hand and a scorching fireball appeared above it.

The complexions of the several warriors changed and they said deferentially: “Youre a honorable Lord Wizard! Please excuse our lack of manners! Please come in!”

A warrior promptly chased away the commoners in front of the gate, making way for Yang Feng and the others to enter the city.

Another warrior looked over, then left his post and quickly went into the city.

Rydgex City, inside a luxurious room.

A fatty with a pair of small yet shrewd eyes squinted his eyes, asking the warrior: “What, youre saying that a Wizard without a magic crest came to the Rydgex City?”

The warrior replied: “Thats right, Lord Jim. I saw it personally. With the Wizard, there were still over twenty mercenaries. Five female and twenty three male mercenaries to be precise.”

With a wave of his hand, Jim threw three gold coins to the warrior: “Interesting. These three gold coins are yours! You can go now!”

The warrior cheerfully received the three gold coins and retreated: “Many thanks, Lord Jim!”

Jims eyes narrowed and a glint of shrewdness flashed past them: “A Warlock without a magic crest, is it a Wizard who just returned from learning from a secluded Wizard? This is an excellent investment target.”

Without any hesitations, Jim immediately got up, and, unlike what was expected from his fat body, nimbly and vigorously walked outside.

The Rydgex City was much larger than the Woord City and its population was also much larger, with many people coming and going. It looked very prosperous. On the streets, mostly human-looking beastman slaves with all kinds of animal characteristics were common place.

Beastmen were divided into two kinds, humanoid beastmen and pure beast beastmen. Humanoid beastmen were mostly human-looking beastmen with some beastly features. Pure beast beastmen, however, were beasts that acted like humans, evolved hands and feet, and possessed an intellect not inferior to humans.

On the Feisuo Plane, most beastmen were humanoid beastmen, with only a small portion of beastmen being pure beast beastmen. Humanoid beastmen were native to the Feisuo Plane, while pure beast beastmen were originally pets bought over by Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks from other planes. The beastman empire was dominated by humanoid beastmen, with the pure beast beastmen not having much authority.

On the Turandot Subcontinent, humanoid beastmen were also known as humanoids. Similar to the genuine beasts that acted like humans pure beast beastmen on the Feisuo Plane, humanoid beastmen were a weak race on the Turandot Subcontinent, as they were pets brought over by ancient Warlocks from the Feisuo Plane.

Looking at the street filled with humanoid beastmen, Yang Feng felt rather strange.

Not long after he entered the Rydgex City, Yang Feng was greeted by Jim and a dozen guards.

Jim wore a refreshing smile on his face, saying: “Hello, distinguished Sir Wizard. Im Jim, manager of the Rydgex City branch of the Moon Rose Merchant Group. The Moon Rose Merchant Group has the best resources in the Rydgex City. Even the best-selling elven and beastmen foxes, we can get them for you. Theyll definitely be pureblood elven and beastmen foxes, and not those half bloods. Would you like to make use of our services?”

Purebred elven and beastmen foxes were the most beautiful women and they were protected by the beastman empire and the elven empire. Therefore, it was very difficult to acquire them. However, half blood elves, elves mixed with humans, and half blood beastmen, beastmen mixed with humans, were not protected by the beastman empire and the elven empire.

In the Rydgex City, there were many black-hearted slave merchants who sold half blood elves and half blood beastmen as genuine pureblood elves and beastmen, making huge profits.

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “My name is Ian, I would indeed like to make use of your services!”

While covered in Legend rank secret treasures plus the level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical beasts stored inside the dimensional badge, unless it was a demigod rank powerhouse, there would be no one capable of killing Yang Fengs clone.

Jim smiled and said: “Then, honorable Sir Ian, please come with me.”

While walking beside the other, Yang Feng said casually: “Slaves need to eat and drink, can you purchase large amounts of food?”

Jims fat face bloomed into a smile: “Youre asking the right person. The Moon Rose Merchant Group is one of the top ten merchant groups in the Morrince Empire, we can easily buy hundreds or thousands of peoples worth of food.

Yang Feng said: “Do you do shipments?”

Jim replied warily: “Where do you want them to be shipped?”

The beastmen empire always lacked food, having to smuggle large quantities of food from the Morrince Empire each year. Meanwhile, the Morrince Empire constantly cracked down on the smugglers. Jim had to be vigilant.

Yang Feng said indifferently: “To the Red Earth Wasteland! I want to build a city in the Red Earth Wasteland!”

“To the Red Earth Wasteland! Thats fine! What? You want to build a city in the Red Earth Wasteland?” Jim was immediately taken aback, saying: “Sir Ian, the Red Earth Wasteland is extremely barren, it has no specialty products nor minerals, and its littered with goblins, bugbears, and other lowly races. Theres absolutely no value in it!”

The Red Earth Wasteland was a vast expanse of wasteland at the junction of the Morrince Empire, the Titan Empire, the beastman empire, and the elven empire. In the wasteland, there was only a single river, the Rhine River, running through the entire wasteland.

Besides the land adjacent to the Rhine River, the rest of the area was dry, with only some short shrubs growing on it. Because of the lack of water, this forsaken place was abandoned by the four empires.

It wasnt that no one had thought about reclaiming the Red Earth Wasteland, but the lack of water forced them to give up on the idea. To transport water to the Red Earth Wasteland from far away was an enormous undertaking that would require a huge amount of money to be spent. And in addition to water, there was still foodstuff. The Red Earth Wasteland had no production of foodstuff, which in turn would also require a huge amount of money to be spent each year. It was simply not worthwhile.

The most commendable thing about the Red Earth Wasteland was its superior geographical location, from which one could go to the four empires and trade with them. However, at the same time, its geographical location was bad. Although the four empires were not willing to establish a city in the Red Earth Wasteland, but once a city was successfully established in the Red Earth Wasteland, then it was bound to give rise to major disputes. This forsaken place basically had no way to attract those powerful forces.

Yang Feng smiled indifferently, saying: “I have money and I am willing.”

“The legendary Wizards indeed seem to be eccentric personages.” Jim criticized inside, yet on the surface, he was even more respectful toward Yang Feng.

Such a wealthy and willful tyrant like Yang Feng was the most favorite type of customer to a slave merchant like Jim.

Katys eyes were bloodshot, feeling remorseful. Had she known that Yang Feng was such a wealthy tyrant, then previously, she would have used her charm and made a pass at him.

Jim led Yang Feng to a huge slave market.

In the slave market, naked beastmen, half blood beastmen, half blood elves, humans, and other races of slaves with wan and sallow faces could be spotted everywhere.

A lot of people stood there, commenting on the slaves and picking their favorite ones.

Yang Feng creased his brows as he saw this. As someone from Earth, he still felt slightly uncomfortable with such scenes. However, he was quite sensible, and soon put the bit of unwillingness at the back of his mind.

Jim said: “Sir Ian, what kind of slaves are you looking for? Beauties, warriors, housekeepers, or talents like scholars and blacksmiths?”

Yang Feng replied: “I need warriors, highly obedient and strong warriors.”

“Very good. Ive just received a batch of high-grade goods, Im sure that youll love them.” Jim said a few words to a subordinate and then, with a smile on his face, led Yang Feng into the slave market.

Jim quickly brought Yang Feng to a huge cage. In the cage, there were more than three hundred burly, one meter ninety in height humanoids, who merely had an ox tail.

Jim passionately advertised to Yang Feng: “These 318 individuals are ox-human half blood beastmen. Their origins are impeccable. We got them from slave hunters from the beastman empire. There wont be any problems if you by them. The ox-human half blood beastmen are honest and obedient. With just a bit of training, these half blood beastmen can be turned into excellent guards.”

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