Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 205 – Mysterious Power

Chapter 204 – Purchasing Slaves

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Yang Feng asked: “How much do you want for them?”

Jim replied straightforwardly: “Thirty gold coins per individual, the 318 individuals are yours for 9,000 gold coins!”

A burly, over 30 years old ox-human half blood beastman got up, knelt in front of Yang Feng, and pleaded with tears in his eyes: “Sir, if you want to purchase us, then I beg you to show mercy and also purchase our families. If you purchase our families, then I, Babuu, swear on the name of my ancestors, Im willing to take my people to serve you and fight for you to the death!!”

The 317 ox-human half blood beastmen came over, knelt on the ground, and kowtowed to Yang Feng, to the point of bleeding from their foreheads.

Half blood beastmen werent sheltered by gods. As a result, their status was extremely low. Whether humans or beastmen, neither regard them as their brethren. They were wantonly hunted and traded alike commodities.

Yang Feng asked: “How much do you want for their entire families?”

Jim replied with a smile: “Their families are basically comprised of old and weak, women and children. There are also a few good-looking virgins worth a bit of money. If sold separately, they should be able to go for about 2,100 gold coins. But if you want to purchase them, Sir Ian, then 2,000 gold coins will do.”

Yang Feng said indifferently: “Ill buy them all! When Ive finished with my selection, Ill pay for everything together.”

Jim smiled and said: “Alright!”

Yang Feng suddenly pointed to a huge cage and asked: “How much do you want for them?”

Inside the huge cage that Yang Feng had pointed to were 200 human men. His experience was plentiful from his time spent in the Turandot Subcontinent. At a glance, he could tell that these 200 humans came from an army, an elite army nonetheless. But now, the majority of the 200 humans had dull eyes, were despondent, and had no vigor.

Jim scanned the 200 humans with a glance and said: “Those are the most elite royal guards of the Iman Principality. Not long ago, the Iman Principalitys king rejected the marriage proposal of Duke Isere. In return, Duke Isere used his private army to raze the Iman Principality. These 200 human slaves are the most elite royal guards of the Iman Principality. Their strength is not bad, and their captain, Clive, even has the cultivation base of a Sky Knight rank. However, their qi has been crippled. Moreover, they have three fingers chopped off on each of their hands. Theyre already trash only fit to serve as boy-toy slaves of aristocratic gentlewomen. They arent the strong warriors youre looking for, Sir.”

Yang Feng walked up to in front the 200-strong Iman Principalitys elite royal guards and said indifferently: “My name is Ian, and Im a Wizard. I want to ask you whether you want to live as boy-toys or as warriors. Fight for me, and youll regain your dignity and identity as warriors.”

Hearing Yang Fengs words, a glimmer ignited in the dull eyes of the 200 humans inside the cage.

Clive raised his head, looked at Yang Feng, and asked solemnly: “Our qi, our cultivation base has been crippled and three fingers on each of our hands have been chopped off, we can no longer hold a sword. Respected Sir Wizard, why do you want us to fight for you?”

The glimmer in the eyes of the 200 humans immediately extinguished. With their current strength, even an ordinary person could defeat them.

Yang Feng replied indifferently: “Although your qi has been crippled and your fingers have been chopped off, but your knowledge hasnt been taken away. I need you to train my troops into an army capable of prevailing over the Red Earth Wastelands thieves and bandits. Besides, Im a Wizard. Magic is a mysterious thing, its not impossible for me to restore your qi and fingers in the future.”

Clives eyes lit up. He struggled to his feet, and then performed a knights salute towards Yang Feng: “In that case. Sir Ian, we are willing to serve you!”

The rest of the human knights also got up to their feet, and then performed a knights salute towards Yang Feng. A glint known as hope flashed in their eyes.

Yang Feng said: “These 200 people, I want them. Name your price!”

Jim narrowed his eyes slightly and said: “Sir Ian, although theyre wastes with crippled qi, but each one of them has a sturdy physique. Many of the Morrince Empires gentlewomen are fond of such boy-toys. If sold to those gentlewomen, each one can be sold for over 100 gold coins. Clive is a Sky Knight and can be auctioned for at least 3,000 gold coins. You can purchase the 200 people for 30,000 gold coins.”

Yang Feng said without a second thought: “30,000 gold coins, no problem!”

Next, Yang Feng purchased over 50 slave warriors here and there. He didnt care about the rest of the slave warriors.

Jim continued with his sails pitch: “Sir Ian, you have an exalted status, you should let others take care of the day-yo-day affairs. We have here a number of maids from the Iman Principalitys palace, do you want them?”

Yang Feng replied: “Lets take a look!”

Under Jims lead, Yang Feng crossed the slave warrior market, and then arrived at the female slave market at the back.

“1,000 gold coins!”

“1,100 gold coins!”


Just as they entered the female slave market, they heard frantic shouts. There were men, who looked like aristocrats, gathered in front of an auction stage in the center of the female slave market, shouting frantically.

Looking at the center of the auction stage, Yang Feng saw a 12- to 13-year-old beautiful girl with an exquisite appearance and elf-like sharp ears. Next to the girl stood a 22- to 23-year-old beautiful woman with delicate looks and a pair of elf ears.

Jim said: “The Black Fangs Slave Hunters penetrated deep into the elven empires hinterlands and paid a great price to catch this pair of mother and daughter pureblood elves. Besides, the daughter is still a virgin. Sir Ian, are you interested in them? You shouldnt easily mess with the elven empire if you want to build a city in the Red Earth Wasteland. Once the elven empires people find out that you keep female elven slaves, then these sharp ears will never let you off.”

“My greatest weakness is that Im kind-hearted. Theres no way around it!” Yang Feng said indifferently: “5,000 gold coins!”

After hearing the offer of 5,000 gold coins, the feverish aristocrats cooled down somewhat, and then focused their gazes on Yang Feng.

5,000 gold coins was not a small number, it was enough to purchase over 100 robust slaves like the ox-human half blood beastmen. Ordinary half blood beast-man virgins only cost 5 to 10 gold coins.

“10,000 gold coins!” A tall young man dressed in aristocratic attire, with a high and sharp nose, puffy eyes, and an air of debauchery scanned Yang Feng with an ice-cold gaze, and then threatened gloomily: “I, Baron Gerald of the Albett Family, have set my eyes on this pair of mother and daughter, who wants to fight me over them?”

The aristocrats at the scene creased their eyebrows when they heard the threat of the young man with an air of debauchery, yet no one spoke up. They didnt want to continue to bid.

On the auction stage, the smiling slave owner had his expression turn sour, looking helpless.

Jims face changed slightly and he immediately warned: “Sir Ian, the Albett Family is one of the greater aristocratic families of Morrince Empire. The patriarch of the Albett Family is an earl of the empire. Their private army is very strong!”

The Morrince Empire was so powerful that one of its dukes brazenly dispatched his private army to raze a principality. The empires greater aristocratic forces were extremely powerful and terrifying, not the least bit inferior to some small principalities.

“15,000 gold coins!” Yang Feng nodded slightly to Jim. He scanned Baron Gerald with a glance, and then said with a cold smile: “This is an auction, where the highest bidder gets all. Baron Gerald, if you have no money, then shut your trap!”

Baron Geralds eyes flashed with a gloomy glint. He swept Jim, who stood beside Yang Feng, with a glance and his pupils constricted slightly. He squeezed out a trace of a smile and said: “Very good! Whats your name, which family are you from?”

Yang Feng said with an indifferent smile: “I am Ian, a Wizard!”

“A Wizard!!”

“Theres actually a Sir Wizard here!!”


The complexions of those aristocrats changed and a trace of dread and reverence flashed inside their eyes.

Baron Geralds complexion also suddenly changed. He squeezed out a smile and said: “It turns out to be a noble Sir Wizard. Since youre fond of them, then Ill give them to you.”

The means of Wizards were unpredictable and powerful. Silently killing a person was childs play. These aristocrats were not willing to offend such a terrifying being without rime or reason.

Seeing this scene, Jims gaze became slightly fervent. As one of the people in charge of the Moon Rose Merchant Group, he had much more money than a lot of aristocrats. However, in the eyes of those aristocrats, he was still a lowly commoner. Only a Wizard with formidable strength, like Yang Feng, could make those proud aristocrats lower their heads.

As no one dared to bid, Yang Feng easily purchased the pair of mother and daughter.

Jim stepped forward to settle the bill with the slave owner before taking Yang Feng to his own slave warehouse.

“Sir Ian, these are top-notch goods from the Iman Principality. These beautiful women are of aristocratic bloodline, and they went through a careful selection and stringent training. They are all virgins. With great difficulty, I managed to get hold of this batch of top-notch goods. You have to know how difficult it was to get hold of such virgins amid all that chaos.” Before they reached the cage, Jim pointed to the content inside the huge cage and said proudly.

Yang Feng carefully scrutinized the cage. He discovered that the cage wasnt as messy as the other cages. Rather, it looked very clean. Instead of a stench, there was a hint of perfume lingering in the air.

There were some tables and chairs placed inside the cage. 18 beautiful women dressed in maid attires and uncommon temperaments sat in front of the tables, drawing a pretty picture.

Yang Feng lamented secretly: “Every trade has its master indeed. Even slave merchants know how to package their goods.”

These neatly decorated, beautiful maids may have only looked like sevens or eights prior to being decorated, yet now they looked like eights or nines. Compared to the naked female slaves with messy hair and dull eyes, these maids were much more pleasing to the eye.

Yang Feng asked: “How much do you want for one of them?”

“400 gold coins!” Jim quickly added: “Normally, a female virgin slave isnt worth that much! However, they came from the Iman Principalitys imperial palace, have aristocratic lineage, uncommon temperament, and grasp a variety of serving skills. Such maids are very popular with aristocrats. 400 gold coins for one really isnt expensive. The cost for getting hold of them was extremely high. The price really cant be any lower.”

A tall and sexy woman with a long knife scar that stretched from the right side of her face to her cherry lips, which were nearly split in two, stood up, bowed in salute to Yang Feng, and said softly. “My Lord, Im Lina, the head maid of these maids, would you please purchase all of us together? As long as you purchase us, well do our best to repay your kindness.”

Yang Feng looked at the cage and saw that all the maids in the cage looked towards this side with longing expressions, yet none of them butted in. Clearly, Lina had a very high status among these maids. Moreover, these beautiful human slaves were well-trained. They were much better than clumsy and unruly women.

“Alright, Ill buy you all.” Said Yang Feng straightforwardly. He flipped his hand and an low grade magic stone appeared in his hand shortly after: “Do you accept this kind of gem?”

Jims eyes flashed with a trace of delight and he said promptly: “This is a magic energy stone! I accept, I accept! 500 gold coins per stone, how about it? No, 600 gold coins per stone. The price can be negotiated if you can sell it in large quantities.”

Magic stones, known as magic energy stones in the Feisuo Plane, were a very rare resource. During the time the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks dominated the Feisuo Plane, they plundered almost all of the Feisuo Planes magic stones and brought them to the Cangzhi Plane, which resulted in the scarcity of magic stones in the Feisuo Plane.

The Feisuo Planes gods, who stood above in the divine countries, could get the higher ranked magic crystals. As a result, they didnt take any action regarding the lack of magic stones in the Feisuo Plane.

The magic energy contained within magic stones was not only beneficial for the Warlock cultivation, but was also beneficial for the cultivators of knight, Wizard, Druid, and many other different cultivation systems. In the Feisuo Plane, they were a very precious cultivation resource.

Yang Feng sighed inside: “Planar trade, in one trip, you can profit by tens of thousands of times, no wonder the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks are so keen to explore other planes.”

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, one low grade magic stone was priced at one silver coin, while in the Feisuo Plane, one low grade magic stone could be exchanged for at least 600 gold coins. Bringing low grade magic stones to the Feisuo Plane, and then bringing back gold to the Cangzhi Plane, in one trip, you could profit by tens of thousands of times.

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