Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 206 – Fanatic Ian

Chapter 205 – Mysterious Power

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Of course, planar trade was terrifically profitable and at the same time, it was also alarmingly dangerous. A planar passageway leading to another plane not only required magic crystals in the hundreds of millions, but also required a variety of very precious resources. Only formidable Moonlight Warlock rank Warlocks and above had the capability to establish a planar passageway.

In the era of the human Eight Warlocks Dynasties, planar passageways ran through countless planes. Through these passageways, troops were transported to suppress a great deal of other planes.

After the fall of the 8 Great Warlock Dynasties, all major planes revolted and destroyed the planar passageways leading to the Cangzhi Plane from their planes. Once such passageways were discovered, they would face the risk of being destroyed. Therefore, major forces like the Demon-Fighting Sect naturally wouldnt use the planar passageways under their grasp for such petty things like smuggling magic stones.

Yang Feng said magnanimously: “Then Ill use magic energy stones to pay the bill! What is the total of magic energy stones that I need to pay!”

In order to quickly gain a footing on the Feisuo Plane, Yang Feng brought 2 billions low grade magic stones and 3 billions gold coins. A mere few magic stones was nothing to him.

Jim said in a straightforward manner: “Straightforward, Sir Ian, you are really straightforward. Then, lets do it according to an exchange rate of 700 gold coins per magic energy stone. The slaves you want to purchase are worth 72,365 gold coins. Lets round it to 70,000 gold coins. You only need to pay me 100 magic energy stones.”

Yang Feng smiled indifferently. Without saying a word, he flung his hand and sent a pouch with 100 low grade magic stones flying towards Jim.

In fact, the price of an low grade magic stone on the Faso Plane was generally upwards of 800 gold coins. In some prosperous places, one could even get a price of upwards of 1,000 gold coins from some major forces.

The reason why Jim did his best to please Yang Feng was to make money. But Yang Feng, naturally, didnt care about it. Who would give their best to accommodate you without benefits?

His face all smiles, Jim hurriedly grabbed the pouch. In this business, he earned at least 50,000 gold coins. Besides, selling the magic stones would not only earn him a big profit, but would also help him expand his connections by a lot.

“Every Wizard is a mobile treasure trove whose wealth can rival that of a state, this saying is indeed correct!” Jim shook the pouch and listened to the magic stones hitting each other, and his fat eyes narrowed. He revealed a gratified smile as he rejoiced at his wise choice.

Yang Feng said meaningfully: “Help me prepare three months worth of food for 1,000 people. The slaves also need clothing, armor, and weapons. As long as you do well, Ill use magic energy stones again to pay the bill!”

Jims eyes seemed to take the form of magic stones from excitement and he jumped to say: “Sir Ian, rest assured, Ill certainly help you settle this issue.”

Jim was indeed a force to be reckoned with in the Rydgex City. Shortly after, he got a large courtyard for the slaves Yang Feng purchased to stay in.

Without playing coy, Yang Feng directly bought the large courtyard capable of housing over 1,000 people for 50 magic stones.

The slave trade was booming in the Rydgex City. Those who purchased slaves also required a place for their slaves to reside; a large courtyard that resembled a prison or a case was the norm.

In a spacious room inside the large courtyard.

Yang Feng sat on a big chair. In front of him stood 3 people – Babuu, Clive, and Lina.

Yang Feng opened a box and revealed 3 vials of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir, before saying flatly: “I am a Wizard. Now its time to prove your loyalty. In this box, there are three vials of magic elixir. Inject them into your bodies. Once I die, youll follow me into death. In addition, if you harbor any thought of betrayal, this magic elixir will kill you. Pick them up!”

People were unpredictable. Yang Feng didnt believe that his charisma was so great that these 3 slaves would follow him wholeheartedly.

In fact, slaves turning on their masters was a common occurrence in the Morrince Empire. As a result, the price of slaves wasnt as high as one might imagine.

“Yes! Master!”

Without hesitation, Lina picked up a vial of Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir. When her hand touched the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir, the vial of elixir rose into the air, pricked her lily-white arm, and injected the elixir into her body.

When Babuu and Clive saw this scene, they unhesitatingly stepped forward and touched a vial each. The two vials also rose into the air, pricked their arms, and injected the elixir into their bodies.

“Very good. Im glad that you made the right choice. Now, its time for you to witness a miracle!” Yang Feng smiled and snapped his fingers.

Lina suddenly felt a slight itch along with a number of surges of heat from the scar on her face. As if by an invisible hand, the ugly scar was torn off inch by inch, revealing the white and tender skin below. Without that ugly scar, Lina transformed from an ugly woman that could give others nightmares from a glace into a first-rate beauty with a sexy body and an uncommon temperament.

Babuu said in a muffled voice: “Your scar disappeared!”

Lina was slightly surprised and somewhat disbelieving: “The scar disappeared?”

Yang Feng flicked his finger and a Mage Hand holding a mirror appeared in front of Lina.

Lina looked at the pretty face, which she had once personally disfigured, in the mirror – it had recovered its original beauty. She was both startled and joyful, her mind was brimming with complicated feelings.

“Is this a Wizards power? Amazing!!”

Clive was stumped when he saw this. Practically in the next moment, his hands turned hot, the area around his severed fingers started to itch, and strangely, finger bones sprouted out before being swiftly wrapped in flesh and forming 6 new fingers.

After the new fingers finished growing, Clive felt a sharp pain in his body. The damaged meridians were linked back together, numerous apertures were roused, and his strong life force was stimulated. In an instant, a tyrannical qi gushed out.

“Thank you, Master, for repairing my body and restoring my qi! I, Clive, am willing to serve you with everything I have, Master!” Clives mind was in a state of turmoil. He knelt in front of Yang Feng and saluted according to a knights oath of allegiance to a monarch. His voice was full of excitement.

Originally, Clive only chose to rely on Yang Feng because he was backed into a corner. Not relying on Yang Feng would have been a worse choice. Now, he was truly convinced by Yang Feng.

Incentives and penalties were the ways of a ruler.

Babuu also felt his body get hot. His life force was stimulated and a tyrannical qi gushed out of his body, directly promoting him to a Knight rank powerhouse.

The physical constitution of Babuu, an ox-human half blood beastman, was outstanding, it was extremely suitable for qi cultivation. However, over 90% of half blood beastmen had no access to qi cultivation methods. This was the reason why Babuu was stuck at the advanced Warrior rank. The Liquid Nano-Robots stimulated his life force, allowing him to break through and become a Knight rank powerhouse.

“Qi, I have qi! Master, your power is truly mystical! I, Babuu, am willing to serve you!” Babuu also looked ecstatic. He prostrated himself on the ground and said.

Lina also paid her respects to Yang Feng: “Thank you, Master, for restoring my body and looks. I, Lina, am willing to manage your day-to-day affairs with everything I have, Master.”

After experiencing Yang Fengs mysterious means, the three people were finally convinced.

Yang Feng quickly made a series of arrangements, which also included appointing Lina as the housekeeper, Babuu as the leader of the 300 ox-human half blood beastman, and Clive as the leader of all human slave warriors.

Following Clives request, Yang Feng also injected the 200 Iman Principalitys most elite royal guards with the Liquid-Metal Nano-Robot Elixir, recovering their strength and restoring their limbs.

The 200 Iman Principalitys most elite royal guards were all Knight rank powerhouses, of which, over thirty were Great Knight rank powerhouses and two were Earth Knight rank powerhouses. Their strength was extraordinary.

After all, Lek and Katy, the heads of the two mercenary groups, just possessed the strength of advanced Warriors.

The 200 Iman Principalitys royal guards became the strongest force under Yang Feng.

In the center of the Rydgex City stood a huge, magnificent, fascinating temple complex. The huge temple complex enshrined the gods of the Zaliah divine system.

Not far from the temples that enshrined the gods of the Zaliah divine system, there was still another temple. Although that temple was still imposing and luxurious, but it was smaller than the other temples. That was the temple of the Weave Goddess Gargarstave.

The Zaliah divine system and the Titan divine system were the 2 major human divine systems of the Feisuo Plane. The Morrince Empire and the Titan Empire worshiped the gods of the Zaliah divine system and the gods of the Titan divine system respectively. The gods of the Zaliah divine system were the divine guardians of the Morrince Empire, while the gods of the Titan divine system were the divine guardians of the Titan Empire.

In addition to the gods of the Zaliah divine system and the gods of the Titan divine system, there were still some neutral, lone gods with few believers.

Among the many neutral gods, the Weave Goddess Gargarstave was one of the most powerful gods. Practically all of the Feisuo Planes Wizards were believers of the Weave Goddess Gargarstave. Wizards cast spells by drawing support from the Weaves power, Weave that she created.

Even the gods of the powerful Zaliah divine system had to put up with the Weave Goddess Gargarstave spreading her faith in their sphere of influence. Of course, the size of her temple couldnt surpass that of the gods of the Zaliah divine system.

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