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Chapter 207 – The Feisuo Planes Magic

Chapter 206 – Fanatic Ian

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When he arrived in front of the Weave Goddess Gargarstaves temple, Yang Feng looked carefully at it before lowering his head and stepping inside.

A young Priest walked up to Yang Feng and said with a smile: “Hello, respected Sir, can I help you?”

“I am a Wizard! I became a Wizard by acquiring the magic notes of a secluded Wizard! In the woods, Ive been always a believer of the Weave Goddess Gargarstave. This is a token of my sincerity and a tribute to the Goddess, please accept it.”

With the expression of a pious believer plastered on his face, Yang Feng handed the young Priest a pouch of gold coins.

The gods had no need for gold. The secular churches, on the other hand, could never get enough of it.

After taking the pouch of gold coins, the young Priest weighed it and felt very keenly that the number of gold coins inside the pouch exceeded 100. His smile became more enthusiastic: “The mighty Goddess will definitely bless you.”

Yang Feng said: “I hope to pray to the great Goddess inside the temple.”

“Please come with me!” The Priest naturally wouldnt decline a believers request to pray.

When Yang Feng arrived at the praying room, he quietly started the Crown of Blasphemy, which was completely invisible, he wore on his head.

“Mighty Lady Gargarstave, you are the ruler of the Weave, the Goddess of magic…” In front of the idol of the goddess, Yang Feng bowed his head and recited a prayer.

Extremely pious spirit fluctuations diffused from Yang Fengs body.

The idol of the Weave Goddess Gargarstave flashed with divine light. A ray of divine light shot from a lily-white hand of the idol and landed on Yang Feng.

The Priest was stunned, he couldnt believe his eyes: “Divine grace! A fanatic, hes actually a fanatic!!”

In the Feisuo Plane, everyone had to have faith and believe in some god.

Believers were divided into six grades: non believer, pseudo believer, shallow believer, true believer, fanatic, and saint. The vast majority of people were either pseudo believers or shallow believers. True believers and fanatics were very few in numbers. Only among people fostered by the churches would there be a very large percentage of true believers and fanatics. A true believer was enough to become a Priest of a church.

Although Wizards believed in the Weave Goddess Gargarstave, but many of them also pursued knowledge and truth. Most Wizards were pseudo believers or shallow believers. The number of true believers was very small and the number of true believers who were bestowed divine grace by the Weave Goddess Gargarstave was even smaller.

“The divine power of the mighty Weave Goddess Gargarstave is boundless. Even a Wizard from the woods was inspired by her mighty divine power. This is a miracle, a divine blessing. This man is destined to be extraordinary!”

A middle-aged man dressed in a Bishops gown appeared from the side. His eyes brimmed with complicated emotions as he looked at Yang Feng shrouded in divine light, and he sighed.

After Yang Feng finished his prayer, the divine light shrouding him also dissipated.

The Bishop walked up to Yang Feng and said: “Hello, young man, my name is Edo and I am the Bishop of this temple. Was it divine guidance that brought you to this temple?”

Yang Feng said with a pious and respectful expression: “Yes! Respected Bishop Edo, my name is Ian. I was inspired by the mighty Weave Goddess Gargarstave to come here, to purchase slaves, and then got to the Red Earth Wasteland to establish a city and spread the Weave Goddess Gargarstaves glory. I came here to pray to the great Goddess, on one hand, and to apply for an examination of my magic power, on the other hand. Besides, the most important reason I came here is in hopes that the temple can send a Bishop to the Red Earth Wasteland to build a temple belonging to the mighty Goddess and spread the mighty Goddess divine light!”

In the Feisuo Plane, every city had to have a temple at least. Just like in the Great Cloud Dynasty, every city had to have a Warlock Tower at least.

A city without a temple not only couldnt receive divine protection, but it would also be regarded as heresy and would suffer military suppression from the nearby forces.

If Yang Feng wanted to build a city in the Red Earth Wasteland, then he had to also erect a temple. After careful considerations, he chose the neutral Weave Goddess Gargarstave. With his Wizard identity on the Feisuo Plane, it was normal to be close to the Weave Goddess Gargarstave.

Edos expression turned awkward upon listening to Yang Fengs request.

The Red Earth Wasteland was a forsaken land without any resources. That place only had filthy and ugly goblins, bugbears, ogres, and the like. No Priest or Bishop would go there to preach.

Although the Weave Goddess didnt restrict the race of her believers, however, beastmen, elves, as well as other races capable of grasping magic power had their own gods. Besides, goblins and bugbears, who didnt comprehend magic, had no preaching value when it came to the Weave Goddess.

Edo said: “Ian, from the light of the divine grace that the mighty Goddess bestowed upon you, I confirmed that you have the strength of a Great Wizard. Ill give you the magic crest later.”

When the young Priest heard that, his eyes revealed a trace of envy.

On the Feisuo Plane, Wizards were divided into level-1, level-2, level-3 Apprentice Wizard, Wizard (level-1 Warlock), Great Wizard (level-2 Warlock), Archwizard (level-3 Warlock), Legend Wizard (Great Warlock), Demigod Wizard (Starry Sky Warlock).

A Great Wizard was already a very powerful existence. The cultivation base of Bishop Edo, a Bishop a temple of the Weave Goddess, was only that of a Great Wizard. The young Priests cultivation base was merely that of an Apprentice Wizard.

Edo suddenly asked: “As for the Red Earth Wastelands temple! Ian, are you willing to join the Weave Church and dedicate yourself to spread the mighty Weave Goddess Gargarstaves glory?”

With the expression of a fanatic plastered on his face, Yang Feng said piously: “Im willing to join the Weave Church and dedicate myself to spread the mighty Weave Goddess Gargarstaves glory.”

Edo was very satisfied with Yang Fengs performance, and didnt suspect a thing.

Also, only a fanatic, who was only second to a saint, would spare no expenses and go to such a desolate place like the Red Earth Wasteland to build a city and preach.

Edo said: “Ill do a report to the headquarters first. After receiving a reply, Ill host your admission ceremony into the order.”

Yang Feng said somewhat awkwardly: “Bishop Edo, Im leaving for the Red Earth Wasteland tomorrow to build a city and disseminate the Goddess glory. There are still six months until winter. I may not have the time to come back once I leave.”

Edo said: “It doesnt matter! I now confer upon you the title of Titular Bishop, so you can build the temple of the Goddess in the Red Earth Wasteland yourself. As for the materials and design drawings for the construction of the temple, Ill have someone send them to you once you actually build the city.”

At this point, Yang Feng revealed his true purpose: “The Red Earth Wasteland is very dangerous. I hope to purchase some magic scrolls, divine scrolls, and holy water for self-defense.”

The Weave Goddess Gargarstave was the god in which many Wizards on this plane had faith in. Naturally, the temples of the Weave Goddess had the most magic scrolls and divine scrolls.

Although Yang Fengs strength of a level-2 Warlock was tyrannical, but in the Feisuo Plane, there was no such thing as excessive preparations. Even though his strength was formidable, but his spirit force was limited after all. These scrolls were very useful to enhance his endurance and fighting strength.

The temples holy water had the mystical power to purify evil, strengthen physical constitution, and treat some common and minor illnesses.

On the Feisuo Plane, the temples holy water was quite the universal, common medicine. Of course, holy water could only treat a great number of minor illnesses. Serious diseases, on the other hand, still required to be treated by a doctor.

Edo said: “Level-0 magic scrolls cost 50 gold coins, level-1 magic scrolls cost 3,000 gold coins, level-0 divine scrolls cost 50 gold coins, level-1 divine scrolls cost 2,000 gold coins, 1 liter of holy water cost 1,000 gold coins. How much do you want?”

Yang Feng said magnanimously: “How much do you have?”

Edo was shocked: “I still have 300 level-0 magic scrolls, 27 level-1 magic scrolls, 400 level-0 divine scrolls, 100 level-1 divine scrolls, and 20 liters of holy water, for a total of 336,000 gold coins!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly, flipped his hand, and a magic stone appeared in his hand, saying: “Can I pay with magic energy stones?”

Edo showed a smile on his face and replied: “You can, at an exchange rate of 600 gold coins per magic energy stone.”

Yang Feng said: “I still need a lot of food and weapons. The weapons are best to be standard military weapons. Of course, money is not an issue!”

Edo frowned slightly. Standard military weapons were all controlled items, they were not allowed to be traded by civilians. It was very difficult to have a hold of them without connections.

Edo pondered for a while before replying: “Thats not a problem. However, it will take 2 to 3 months.”

The Weave Church was one of the most powerful churches on the Feisuo Plane. And even though the Morrince Empire was controlled by the Zaliah divine systems gods, but it still had a huge hidden force in the empire.

If it was an ordinary person, Edo would ignore them. Even if he was given more gold coins, he still wouldnt care. Yang Feng, in his identity as Ian, on the other hand, was going to the Red Earth Wasteland to spread the Weave Goddess Gargarstaves faith and glory, which he couldnt ignore.

Yang Feng showed a smile after ironing out the details. Food and weapons were the foundation of a force and he didnt want his lifeline to be grasped by a single other force.

Although Yang Feng also had his own ideas and plans regarding food and weapons, but in the initial stages, he had to import large amounts of them from the outside.

Yang Fengs clone possessed black dragons bloodline and had fused with 3 divinities. If his clone trod the Warlock path, his evolution potential would be limited. However, there were no issues if he trod the path of gathering faith and becoming a god.

Establish a force, gather faith, ignite divine fire, and ascend to godhood, this was the trajectory on which Yang Feng had settled before coming to the Feisuo Plane.

After ironing out the details of the transaction, Yang Feng still purchased a lot of magic materials from the Weave Church before leaving.

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