Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 208 – Crazed Merchants

Chapter 207 – The Feisuo Planes Magic

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When Yang Feng returned to his bedroom, he saw two women, one big and one small, sitting next to his large bed. The big one was stunningly beautiful, the small one was delicate and adorable, very eye-catching. It was the pair of mother and daughter pureblood elves he purchased in the slave market.

After she saw Yang Feng enter the room, the peerlessly beautifully mother elf got up and stood in front of her daughter. Her beautiful eyes were filled with fear as she watched Yang Feng with great vigilance.

Human aristocrats purchased beautiful female elves for practically the same thing.

Yang Feng asked: “What are your names?”

The mother elf saluted Yang Feng according to the elven etiquette before pleading pitifully: “My name is Nancy, this is my daughter Nanni. Respected Sir Wizard, Ill obey your every order, would you please let my daughter off?”

Elves were ever proud, looking down upon humans. But for the sake of her daughter, the proud Nancy had to lower her head.

Yang Feng revealed a trace of curiosity, asking: “Was your daughter Nanni born from an Elven Mother Tree, or did you copulate with a male elf to birth her?”

The ancestors of the Feisuo Planes pureblood elves were another planes high elves. They were the annihilation squad of the high elves sent to the Feisuo Plane to eliminate the traitorous dark elves and the nefarious Goddess Lolth who corrupted the dark elves. Originally the annihilation squad wanted to eliminate the dark elves and the nefarious Goddess Lolth as soon as possible. However, Lolth was very cunning and immediately took refuge with the human Warlock Dynastys powerhouses, leaving this matter unsettled.

After a long time, the annihilation squads powerhouses sent by the high elves changed their thoughts, choosing to ignite their divine fire in the Feisuo Plane, ascend to godhood, and found the Feisuo Planes elven divine system.

As the descendants of high elves, pureblood elves possessed long lifespans, powerful martial prowess, and outstanding talent in magic and marksmanship. They also possessed the only weakness of high elves, they had a very low fertility. This was a common weakness of all powerful life forms.

The way dark elves overcame this weakness was by falling into promiscuity and copulating with all kinds of strange races. They captured males from other races and copulated with them, giving birth to the next generation. Although this approach maintained the continuation of their race. However, it also had their elven bloodline gradually eroded from mixing with other bloodlines, giving rise to countless freaks.

Pureblood elves were very devoted to love. Basically, when a couple of lovers established a relationship of love, it would never be broken. Even if their lover died, they would never look for another lover.

However, due to constantly fighting against enemies, male pureblood elves suffered heavy casualties. The ratio declined over the years and there were fewer and fewer elves naturally reproducing.

The Elven Mother Tree was a precious treasure of the pureblood elves. Once pureblood elves wanted a child, they could extract half of their blood essence and have it be absorbed by the Elven Mother Tree via a secret method. About four months later, the Elven Mother Tree would bear a fruit, from which a new born pureblood elf would be born.

The Elven Mother Tree was one of the most precious treasures of the elven empire and the root of the races reproduction. It was heavily treasured and therefore, was placed in the elven imperial court. Only pureblood elves could go to the imperial court to have a child.

Of course, paying half of their blood essence would damage their vigor, which might not even recover over a decade later. As a result, it wasnt that elves werent particularly fond of children or that they were restricted by the elven empire, but pureblood elves didnt had too many children born from the Elven Mother Tree.

Nancys pretty face was tinged with a blush, which made her look more beautiful. She said softly. “Respected Sir Wizard, Im amazed at your profound knowledge. Nanni is the child I got from the Elven Mother Tree. Therefore, Im still a virgin. Sir, please let my child off, Im willing to fully comply with your orders.”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “I think that you misunderstood my intentions! I purchased the both of you just out of sympathy, nothing else. In the future, if you want to return to the elven empire, I can send you back in person.”

The Red Earth Wasteland was a barren, forsaken place with only bugbears, goblins, and the like. However, Yang Feng was confident that he could turn that place prosperous. Therefore, the stance of the 4 empires was very important and making friends with the elven empire was also one of his objectives.

The elven empire all along had a poor opinion of humans. Nancy and her daughter might become the key factor for Yang Feng to establish a relationship with the elves, which was why he purchased the pair. Of course, them being quite attractive was also an important factor.

Nancy sighed slightly. A touch of disbelief flashed in the depths of her eyes, yet she still said with a smile: “Thank you so much, respected Sir Wizard!”

Nanni, a loli who was perhaps quite a few times older than Yang Feng, looked shyly at Yang Feng from behind her mother. She looked very adorable.

Yang Feng said: “You are free to go wherever you want here. However, I have to remind you, people outside are not as kind as me. If you leave here, chances are that you will meet with a mishap. For your and your daughters safety, please be careful.”

Nancy said: “Alright! Sir, we understand!”

Yang Feng said: “Okay, you can go back!”

Nancy quickly took her daughters little hand and left Yang Fengs room.

Yang Feng took out the magic materials obtained from the Weave Church and began scanning them.

“These magic materials are worthless! Its just a bunch of rubbish!” After a while, Yang Feng threw those magic materials aside and sighed in disappointment.

The great Weave created by the Weave Goddess Gargarstave covered the entire Feisuo Plane.

The cultivation methods practiced by the Feisuo Planes Wizards were called meditation methods. By practicing a variety of meditation methods, Wizards could increase their spirit force.

A lot of the Feisuo Planes Wizards had very powerful spirit force, yet very frail fleshly bodies, which couldnt even compare with those of ordinary people.

Moreover, the Feisuo Planes Wizards were restricted by the Weave, and the number of spell slots they could use each day was limited. Wizards had to select their spell slots the day before. They had to meditate, connect to the Weave, pour their spirit force into the Weave, and record the spell models. The next day, they could use the spells they learned the day before to fight.

After each day, the Feisuo Planes Wizards would forget the spell models they learned the day before. They had to pour their spirit force into the Weave each day in order to learn the spell models anew.

Under such repeated torment, the Feisuo Planes Wizards were very few in numbers. As for Archwizard and Legend Wizard powerhouses, they were even fewer in numbers.

According to their god, each church had different divine authority and power, and the divine spells and divine grace they possessed were also different. The Weave Church possessed its own unique divine spells. Level-0 divine spells learned the day before wouldnt be forgotten, level-1 divine spells learned 3 days before wouldnt be forgotten, level-2 divine spells learned 7 days before wouldnt be forgotten. Being part of the Weave Church, a Wizards fighting strength would be greatly enhanced.

Moreover, the Weave Church still had divine grace, which Feisuo Planes Wizards coveted the most and thanks to which memorized spells would never be forgotten. For the sake of divine grace, countless powerful Wizards would reduce themselves to the Weave Churchs hired thugs and lackeys. The Weave Church was also the church with the largest number of Wizards in the Feisuo Plane.

In Yang Fengs view, the Weave Churchs spell models were mere castrated versions. These spell models couldnt be solidified in the spirit sea, they were worthless.

Yang Feng quickly reacted and picked up the magic materials he had thrown aside: “No, even rubbish has its use. These magic materials are actually good for nurturing some Apprentice Wizards or Wizards.”

If the knowledge Yang Feng learnt on the Turandot Subcontinent regarding Warlock cultivation was disseminated on the Feisuo Plane, it would attract countless people. Even many Wizards might change courts, and throw themselves into his court and tread the Warlock Path.

However, Yang Feng wouldnt dare to publicly spread knowledge regarding Warlock cultivation.

The Weave Goddess Gargarstave had poured her blood, sweat, and tears as well as a large amount of divine power to build the Weave in order to control the Feisuo Planes Wizards! If Yang Feng were to publicly spread knowledge regarding Warlock cultivation, he would severe the Weaves foundation of faith. That would be a capital offense regarding the powerful Weave Goddess. With such a deep hatred, the Weave Goddess Gargarstave wouldnt mind to personally descend and annihilate Yang Feng.

Before long, the news that a Wizard was about to go to the Red Earth Wasteland to build a city started to spread in the Rydgex City.

Upon hearing this news, the Rydgex Citys merchants became shocked before falling into a craze and madly inquiring about the Wizard.

Every official Wizard was a moving humanoid treasure, this was a truth recognized by everyone on the Feisuo Plane. A random thing a Wizard were to throw their way would be enough to feed merchants for quite a few years.

Upon hearing this news, Jims complexion changed greatly and he immediately mobilized his forces in Rydgex City in an attempt to suppress this news. Meanwhile, he also released a lot of rumors in an attempt to mislead the public and cover up the truth.

Jims actions were very effective. Facing the multitude of rumors, many merchants sank into confusion.

Just then, the Weave Churchs Bishop Edo came forward to announce that a Weave Churchs believer, Great Wizard Ian, in order to disseminate the Weave Goddess glory and faith, planed to go to the Red Earth Wasteland to build a city.

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